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  • majesty_ 1w


    You say I'll never understand
    And that makes me feel worse
    Cause what I carry I shouldn't stand
    And that feels like a curse
    There's always someone who's been where you have
    But that doesn't mean I don't cry ever
    Deep were the cuts wounds
    That never healed but scabbed over
    Scars that have never faded
    Cause they keep opening up with people's mentions
    Of the past that burns like holy water on a sinner
    But that doesn't matter; go live your life in ignorance
    Believing that your pain is superior to ours
    But again, nobody cares, so we, in turn, fade
    Hoping to escape the trauma of when we stayed


  • majesty_ 3w

    Things I've learned being an adult sucks though I wouldn't get paid to go back, and being gay and being myself hurts people, so why then why keep writing and living? I think it's because I'm too weak to end it. #life #pride #metoo #mylife #problems #thisisme #unashamed #feels #cry #deep #dark #FR #why #writingcontest #creativearena #wot #love #2021 @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @readwriteunite

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    Feeling stressed and constantly tired
    They said it got better; Yeah, they're liars
    Feeling strange and alone
    Anxiety wearing down my bones
    Thinking how long have I worn this mask
    How did I get so detached
    Lying in my bed with the lights off
    Hearing what people say has me pissed off
    But what do I do when I feel dead
    I don't believe that it's my fault when I feel dread
    Though I don't care what kind of life I've led
    No matter how many tears I've shed
    But for now, I'm consumed by the shadows of my darkest mind's eye
    And in the crystallis of doubt and fear, I reside
    And in my mind, I hide cause the emotions have the better of me
    I'm rotting inside my misery
    I don't think I'll ever be happy
    No matter what problems drugs claim they can solve internally

  • majesty_ 3w


    A void is what I feel in my chest, alright
    And I'm ashamed that I do cry at night
    I bottle up emotions, so I feel dead inside
    So it looks like I'm not guilty or remorseful outside
    But then I hide and I'm scared
    Cause I think that I'm going to lose what I cared about
    And if I expect that, then it won't come as a surprise
    But the void will always grow in size
    I forget if my life is even real
    I don't think I'll feel good again

  • majesty_ 3w

    Hi im majesty hru I'm good just bottling up my feelings and then writing them down�� (does contain suicide)#life #pride #metoo #mylife #problems #thisisme #unashamed #feels #cry #deep #dark #FR #why  #writingcontest #creativearena #wot #love #2021  @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @readwriteunite

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    Drunken Rambling

    As the star shine falls
    Empty writing on the walls
    Hallucinations call
    Demons of the past own it all
    But what keeps you stranded
    What keeps you alive
    Who is that somebody that makes you try
    The person you want to expose the wounds you sewed
    Though as she walks the vacant roads
    She knows nothing but the dive
    The high, the urge, the reason to cry
    That lonely journey she has to drive
    Oh alas, the pain she has to carry
    It is far greater than the flight of the Canary
    The winds will howl
    like the wolf on the prowl
    But nothing is close to ending at all
    So as she drives by her lonesome
    The rush of Adrenaline of not going home
    And she giggles
    Insanity seeps through her hand
    HAHAHA are you really what fate holds in their hand
    HA! These are the word of a drunken man
    But that doesn't mean they don't make sense ma'am
    Would you have left me
    (I would have left me)
    But they wouldn't have cared
    With all the sins I have to bear
    With all the hurt
    That I have shared
    It hurts me to say
    That If I pulled the trigger
    It wouldn't hurt me
    Well, just a little
    Am I rambling
    For all the things I've done, there's no stopping
    The pain I've caused
    Mama stop crying
    I will return home when it's calling
    Me to come home
    Stop, please quite your sobbing
    I'm okay
    Cause she is driving
    Destiny has her way
    Come on, stop worrying
    I'll find one day to come home
    Have peace be calm
    These aren't my last words
    Would you please save them
    If they are worth anything
    Show some love
    hope for the best then
    And pray I'm in a better place
    Cause this is coming from a drunken pen
    The pain I feel the void I have the mistakes I've made I need help please help me


  • majesty_ 4w

    Misguided love

    Your voice trembles when you lie
    The way you look me in the eye
    The thought of you like a butterfly
    Cause you made me feel like I wanted to try
    So many plans I had for us
    But what was missing was the trust
    And all you cared about was U
    Now here I sit on the edge
    Of the building where we made our pledge
    Ignoring my phone, the sound of the ring
    What does it mean to me now?
    It's just a rock; it's meaningless now
    all the years we had together
    it will bring the tormented screams
    of my brain as my heart dies away
    The touch of unforgiving metal
    on my chin that’s exposed
    And then my head explodes
    Like a blooming flower
    That’s hard to extinguish
    What you started
    I will finish
    Skin to bone
    fly through the air
    on the way down
    A piece of my skull
    It lands in a boys hair
    He thinks it’s pretty
    It feels great to be pretty
    He keeps it, polishes it
    And makes it his own
    Even if he finds the “one.”
    Cupid, you’ll be there
    He’ll give her a piece of me
    So she could cherish it
    So she won’t be alone
    But she will make him despire
    Cause the love she gave was little
    So he went to the building where I reside
    to complete the circle
    “OH GOD, WHY?”
    And what “I” started will continue forever
    But I was the first 
    A lost soul
    to walk the earth
    But what can I say?
    She’s here too; she regrates what she did
    But Karma went after her thirst
    And though she doesn’t talk much, she went up on her perch
    Talking to herself all-day
    Acting crazy
    But now she hangs here
    With her head down
    Sad little corpse
    I tried to get her down
    Honest I tried
    But I watched her swing
    And realized how much she meant to me
    I watched her like this
    Cause on the earth I stay
    Until she, too, like me
    Rotted away
    Now here I sit on the edge
    Waiting for the next poor saps to make that pledge....

  • majesty_ 6w


    Anonymous: Are you ok?
    Me : I used to be.

  • majesty_ 6w

    So yeah I NEED OPINIONS PLEASE this is literally the first happy poem I have Well there is one but ugh that was stupid but please I need input thins might go into my book and idk
    #life #pride #metoo #mylife #problems #thisisme #unashamed #feels #cry #deep #dark #FR #why #writingcontest #creativearena #wot #love #2021 @writersnetwork @mirakee @readwriteunite

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    Love Bound

    Love is what I'm bound to find
    In time
    I've found it I'm sure of it
    Or maybe it found me
    Sunrise to sunset
    An open book I have not read yet
    Though love seems to be one of those books
    The pages haven't even been touched
    Well, my chapters just starting
    He holds me by the hand
    He's a respectful man
    It Looks like the author got carried away
    Cause this sounds like a fairy tale
    One might say
    But like all fairy tales, there's a villain
    But this ones my demon
    Of insecurities
    Cause some days I'm ready
    And others I'm not
    But he calls me down softly
    When I'm about to jump
    I listen to what he has to discuss
    Cause he's sweet like honey
    Sweet like a rose
    But the most precious thing of all
    Is when he kisses me on the nose
    I remember when he found me distraught
    On the floor, I didn't realize he was always there
    When I feel like breaking apart
    It isn't fate, though. It might be
    I walk, and if I'll have to climb
    Cause love is what I'm bound to find
    In time
    And I've found it, I swear
    Or maybe he found me

  • broken_glass_words 9w


    She can't breathe at night
    When she's all alone
    She can't see past the tears
    Thinking she should've known
    She can't sleep at night
    Closing her eyes to horrible words
    Hearing herself tell him no
    Watching him hear yes
    She can't stay still at night
    Tossing and turning a million times
    Knowing she can't turn back time

  • majesty_ 9w


    We only go to sleep, have a good dream, and wake up
    The sun only rises on a great day just to set
    That's why I'm scared to be happy, knowing it will fade
    Loving memories only to be foreshadowed by the bad
    A newborn child, a graduation day, promotion from all the hard work you've made
    The excitement, the thrill of getting something you've never had
    I'm happy, and I hope that won't end, and if it will, I hope it ends slowly
    Even if it leaves a big hole in me


  • broken_glass_words 9w


    The disgust in your eyes
    Felt like knives to my soul
    The menace in your glance
    Hit like a storm to my home
    The way you blamed it on me,
    Were disgusted by me,
    Claimed it was all an attention play
    Makes me believe it was my fault
    Was it all my fault?
    Maybe I'll never know.

  • majesty_ 13w

    Dark soul

    Here he stands
    Alone but not when
    Where does he go
    Into the hearts of men
    Fear it's hunger
    He laughs in delight
    For he was just a stranger
    Now he's your best friend at night

  • majesty_ 13w

    The U.r.g.e

    The urge
    Is that what its called
    The urge to follow
    The urge to trust
    The urge to wallow
    The urge to discuss
    The urge to be good
    It's in God's hands
    But my urge to speak out
    Is What's pulling me towards revenge
    Knocked out of character
    Look what I made myself do
    the urge to get even
    Bright like morning dew
    That's why I'm leaving
    And that's on you
    The urge to get angry
    It was high on my list
    But was only there a memory
    Now festering within this dead heart of mine
    Breaking the rules, I thought I could cheat
    They say revenge is best served cold
    My revenge is so cold you'll register it as heat

  • broken_glass_words 14w

    Jagged Rocks

    Am I a soldier if I'm always fighting
    To keep it together?
    Am I a hero if the only life I'm saving
    Is my own?
    Am I a survivor if I'm dead inside?
    Am I really a warrior if the only war
    I'm battling is in my own mind?

  • majesty_ 15w

    Growing up I was afraid of ghosts, but now grown up I realize I'm treated like one

  • majesty_ 15w

    Empty cage

    Empty cage
    Is it my rib cage
    Where's my heart gone
    It flew off the torn page
    Like a dead stage
    Show stopper
    Heart breaker
    Empty cage
    That's my rib cage

  • majesty_ 16w

    Lessons in life

    Sometimes people pretend you're a bad person so they don't feel guilty about the things they did To you

  • majesty_ 16w

    When you keep trying and you keep pushing the limits then realize the person you did it all for..... doesn't want you anymore

  • majesty_ 16w

    The reason I try to fix people is because I can't fix myself

  • majesty_ 16w

    I tell myself that I don't need anyone but the truth is nobody needs me

  • unsung_seagull 16w

    Around 8 in the morning Nitya woke up and came down running from the stairs. The young teen, full of grace, looked jovial. But as soon as she stepped down the final step, she froze.

    Her gaze fell down, head stooped and her pace changed. Something triggered her state of mind. Her head froze and she gasped for breath. In a jiffy, she was down the lane of excruciating flashbacks.

    As she tiptoed her way through the hall towards kitchen in disgust. A voice thumped her ears for no good. "Nitya..how are you?" Said the figure she had recognised from the corner of her eyes.

    She couldn't muster courage to raise her voice or properly make an eye contact. As the image of that man monstorously veiled her mind. An instinctive retort of "I'm fine" came out of her mouth as she rushed to the bathroom, instead of the kitchen.

    Flashbacks, flashbacks and more flashbacks with a topsy-turvy rush of pain. Not that she hadn't had these flashbacks earlier. She did, but she was too naive and young to understand things. Now maybe it's because of age and awareness, everything seemed to fall in place.

    His face rubbing on her tender cheeks. Hand on things. Uncomfortable tickle on the belly, grip on her butt, and touch all over her chest. The hazy flashbacks rushed through like a slash of a knife.

    This man, who's the brother of her mother took a satanic form in her head and stomped all over. As the train of thoughts drove her mad, she reached for the brush and brushing her teeth, got lost in the same swing of thoughts.

    A strong stroke of disgust ran through her veins. In the background of a simulation of good-touch and bad-touch she had recently learnt about, the childhood trauma intensified. But somewhere down her mind, a question mocked her. That what's she gonna do about it?

    She was enraged. Her eyes seemed to wanna vent fire and tears at the same time. The gut-clenching, unsettling feeling turned into infuriating anger. It was evident from how fiercely she brushed her teeth.

    Her mother's voice from the kitchen broke her chain of thoughts. She felt the dampness of the bathroom floor and the ashy taste of blood that oozed from her gums. She mechanically splashed water on her face, washed her mouth, and walked into the kitchen.

    'Give tea to mama' said her mother with a grin and pointed her towards the tea that was brewing on the stove. Her mother's happy face over arrival of her brother, made her insides burn. She thought of screaming, crying, and wailing. Put up a show pointing at that culprit and call for help. But she kept her calm and poured the tea in a glass.

    She was a girl of action and she wanted to take charge of her helplessness. She knew, that some battles are not worth only tears and self pity. That some battles are fought alone, even if they're not won. They're fought only to make a point. They're just fought to stand for oneself and become awoke.

    And as the hot tea got into the glass, she swept everything under her pretentious smile and stepped into the hall. The man in the hall received her advent with yet another wide smile. Nitya held her head up, made eye contact, and asked him when did he come.

    As she stretched her arm to offer him tea, he said "an hour ago..with a loud shriek of painful aaahhhh''. The glass fell on the ground with a clink. Hot tea all over his groin.

    Nitya looked at him unapologetically and said sorry with a smile. The point was made and she pretty much thought he got the hint. Her mother's rant in the background didn't matter. She just walked away to help herself with a cup of tea.

    #wod #pod #setting @writersnetwork @miraquill #metoo #feminism

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    The day she stood up