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  • jaya___ 65w

    My second collaboration on Mirakee. So glad to have done it with the inquisitive and humourous Joker alonwith the talented and lovely @sunenasharma :)
    The first part is of @kehta_hai_joker the second is Sunena's and the last is mine. This is about meteors in real and the ones in our minds :)

    The Persieds rocks were just about
    descending in the Earth's atmosphere
    It was a good life they had; no doubt
    But they would burn,so there was some fear.

    They found the time, right to reminisce
    about zooming past the vast universe
    Going alone with pace and peace
    They had many memories so diverse.

    They heard collapsing black holes hum and sing
    In all their glory they were a deadly thing
    They saw the furious Jupiter red spot
    And also stared at Saturn's ring.
    Overwhelmed by these mega things!

    But eventually the fear of burning was no more seen
    Afterall what a journey it had been//
    Witnessing lives in their minute form,
    Far away, seeming it to be a colourful spree,
    Fastening up the pace, to enjoy the same,
    But Suddenly facing trepidation of being so free.

    Humanity may not have been living it's best,
    Still fear for an end is being sensed,
    Making a difference is still a hope to let it prevent,
    As echoed from those speculating the event.
    Yet the meteor's fall is an excited rise
    Of wishes in the eyes of a child
    Ecstatic to pray to almighty this way
    A shooting star it is they say!

    A fall is not the end learnt the meteor
    Lessons hide in each mistake galore
    Shining brighter with an ignited fire
    Life is an adventure and no consequences dire
    Many had said that he's a rock and not a star
    Today he proved that all their talk is just a farce!

    Copyright Jaya Harfkaar, Sunena Sharma, Anonymous bro. September 3,2020

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    @writersnetwork @writersbay #meteorc @mirakee #pod

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  • kin_jo 65w


    A pillow
    Soft and fluffy
    Filled with nothingness
    But a confidante and a confessor to me
    For he knows, my deepest secret,
    And my darkest fears
    My distressed dreams
    And resonates my silent screams
    For days, when you abandoned me
    And shun me out of your life
    He embraces me like my mom
    And put me to sleep
    Showering meteors of love
    Soaking himself in my tears
    Not letting my demons consume me
    Taking my anguish
    With a non judgemental face
    A loyal companion
    My best friend
    Holding back my secret stories
    Obscuring my inner hysteria
    Only person who would
    Never betray

    #meteorc #furniture #pod

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    Soft and fluffy
    Filled with nothingness
    But a confidante and a confessor to me


  • _mathematics 65w

    a dusky and serene sky
    Hiatus with no glimmering stars
    Skeptical gazes imploring perplexity
    seeming to appear soon at the aura

    giggling around ebony clouds
    coating it with a thundering sound
    suddenly it starts Tumbling
    as the drizzle soon going to drop.

    Gazing towards the moon
    I discovered the small part
    of stone-like object
    falling once a period
    grinning in its own
    initiating the fall in the
    young and beautiful
    Night of summer
    we experienced once as all.

    #meteorc @writersbay

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    Shower of blessings and hopes, come down after an epoch of days to heal some unspoken flaws with a delightful view

  • pallavi4 65w

    Meteor Shower

    In the dry, dusty and warm night
    You shone like a plethora of lights
    Gazing at you I wondered what a sight
    You were, like a fiery rainfall of a firework bright
    Lit from within , aflame and white
    Around you, the glimmering stars looked slight
    Mesmerising all , shinning with all your might
    You left me dazed , dazzled and dight


    2nd of September, 2020

    Pic credit: picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • sumanaa_ 65w

    If wishing on stars would work,
    If 11:11 wishes would ever come true,
    If my prayers ever got an answer,
    It would all be you,
    My constant in this dynamism,
    My unwavering hope,
    My unfaltering yearning.
    I'd wish upon a meteor shower,
    If one star wasn't enough,
    I'd make every hour about you,
    I'd take all the risks for you,
    My dear,
    I'd work my way around every obstacle,
    Persevere through rains,
    Take thousand trains,
    If it meant I could be with you.
    I'd take it all for you,
    I'd do it all for you.


  • wild_aish 65w

    #doubt #mellifluousc #starc #meteorc #mirakee
    #TriedDoingJusticeToAllThreeChallenges #IkIruinedIt :(

    "What is it that you hide in that journal and sit smiling at, for hours?! "
    And I don't have an answer. As I sit by the window, still, caressing the dead rose that lies buried in those half burnt pages, we once exchanged, that had engraved in them, the tales of our promising future, half burnt secrets, half burnt lies and a plethora of unsung love songs.
    My fingers went numb, as I traced each of it's petals, down the sepals, until they reached the thorns, that pricked them, and in an instant, I was brought back to the reality. I sat there staring into the vastness of the blank sky, at the endless horizon,with a tinge of purple lines, blushing in pink clouds. Whilst the sangria sunlight caressed the scars you painted on my face.
    Do you remember that night we got high on the terrace? And we lay there, holding hands, with glazed eyes, gaping at the interim meteors. Each time one crossed the skylength, your eyes sparkled a bit. And every time that they did, my heart skipped a beat. It was an amorous summer night,
    A night, one of it's kind. Amidst the dead silence,
    The mellifluous psithurism and your beautiful lies,
    was the only music known to my ears.
    And resting my head upon your shoulders, I took a dive into a deep slumber, and woke up only to realise... You were long gone.
    I remember the way you used to wrap me gently in your arms, as if I came with a "handle with care" warning. But you didn't even spare a second to think about this warning, when you left, dropping me and my little hopes to the ground with a thud so loud, they remain shattered even today. The pieces of which, lie scattered across the room. And I'm just too tired....To gather them all by myself.
    So can I ask for a little favour?
    Can I ask you to fix the heart
    You left broken.
    For the one last talk
    And for the one last time
    While we sip on the bitter wine
    Your lips once tasted of....?


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    Mellifluous Lies.


  • the_speccy_outsider 65w

    A book
    For me
    Is not just
    An inanimate object
    I rather consider it
    As a companion
    Imparting wisdom
    Through the stories
    Of Women and Men
    Revelatory, glorious, fiesty
    Or vulnerable, volatile, anarchic

    Helping me
    To escape reality
    And open doors
    To unknown locations
    Showering meteors
    Of poetic verses
    Teaching me magic or fighting
    Providing me clandestine insights
    In order to decipher
    The meaning
    Not of the words
    But those blanks or spaces
    In between them
    For those are the primary notions
    An author wants
    The reader
    To feel


    #PoetryWednesday #meteorc

    Edit: @miraquill Thank you so very much for the kind repost! First POD! ����

    @writersnetwork Thank you so very much for the kind repost! ��

    #PODsOfTSO #WNRepostsOfTSO

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    A book
    For me
    Is not just
    An inanimate object
    I rather consider it
    As a companion

  • go_win_the_hearts 65w

    My first wish...

    Gaiety was that dating
    Unarranged a meeting
    You stood lone on roof
    Far stood goofy I aloof
    You inched tacitly cool
    Sweltered too I that fool
    You scented like flower
    Tempted me talk hours
    Timid was my poor heart
    Couldn't go for quick start
    You simpered so sweetly
    I plucked up heart tightly
    You put hand on mine
    Soothing it was all fine
    I pulled you towards me
    You drew a nigh in glee
    We prated long all odds
    I spoke up all your lauds
    You showed me a meteor
    That witnessed we lovers
    You coaxed me for a wish
    I asked you closing eyes
    It was myth a false dream
    Broke my heart did a trim
    Now teases broken star
    Why left me gone so far!

    2nd September, 2020

  • outofleague 65w

    #scratching #star #meteorc
    Picture Courtesy : Lamna The Shark / Unsplash

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  • taetae_ 65w

    I don't know what it is! But I wrote....

    Dear Autumn, Find me.

    I'm lying. Waiting for the demons to consume me. Tired of praying, I'm lost. Please just find me. Before I pass out, I beg you to find me.

    After all those rains, I'm still in left in flames,
    Why there isn't an answer?
    After all the stabbings are over, the pain is just same,
    Why can't I feel numb for a while???
    Old scars and tear stains are set afresh now.I write to find peace, while flying in hurricanes, I send hope notes. But, I'm tired now. I'm tired of breathing, existing, smiling just for no reason. While I hide from the storms, and secretly pray, the stars know 'when and why' of my each and every tear. The stars fall down in a group.

    /The meteor shower, on the summer nights, passing straight through my soul, winds up my scars altogether and make them pain all at once. All of my wounds burn now, at the same time.
    *What a wonderful world!*/

    I play those songs and begin writing, when the song stops, I'm pulled into another scenery. A place to which I've never been. A dazed state which resumes everytime the song playing stops. Again reality hits and gets my soul back from the unknown space when the song continues to play. Just like that my sentences, remain incomplete. Like phrases trying to give an image of hope, but aren't actually hopenotes. Spell hope and I create magic. Writing different parables filled with aesthetic versions of hope. Adding pink glitters to the grey-ed writes, I painted an oenomal mirage of optimistic synonyms. Many unusual positive and encouraging similes turned out to cure my burning spirit. But, the core matter that was visible to me set up the ashes of the wounds of my burnt soul like wines.

    /I'm a flower.
    Yearning for rains I leave,
    Yearning for sunshines I cry.
    But nothing comes to me, except storms.
    And still, I gonna bloom on my own. /

    Hovering in the clouds, I wait for some day, where the breeze doesn't graze my fresh wounds anymore. No insomnia has entered into the frame yet, but I sleep more and more and more to escape from realities. The worse part of sleeping is, dreaming about running in the same place. Like if it's a marathon, for no reason running in an unknown domain like crazy. Tears are like hearth, holding fire in my soul. Still, when people describe and designated tears as to something that's extremely weak, as of some faint hearted's melancholy, ɪ ʟᴀᴜɢʜ.


    WRITTEN AND POSTED ON SEP_2_2020, 3:06p.m.��

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #pod #meteorc

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  • jaya___ 65w


    I wriggle through tears every time I see my friends and a part of me cry. And commit suicide. Or survive another failed suicide attempt. for the only reason that they can't look like the cis people. That they can't say they are male or female. That transition is a word they refer to in a astronomically different way than you use. That they don't feel that they belong-- to their body and to the society. That they are something and not someone.
    My body may be of a man. But my soul is a woman. And I can't be anything else. I think of Lily Elbe. Born a man called Eignar Wegener. I think how she was always trapped in a man's body. How she gagged in a suit all her life as a man. And her suppressed only desire to be a mother. How she died in trying to become one.
    I am effiminate and I can't pretend any more. I am not a man. I am a woman and all of you thinking that I'm not doesn't mean anything to me now. You tell me that I am acting strange and that therapy will cure me. What will you cure me of? I am who I am. And it's not a disease.
    I like to wear corsets. I can't wear a tie anymore, to please you. To become a part of your parties. To be what I am is above what I look like and what you want me to be.
    I am. Just me.
    Not a moon. Not a sun. Just millions of meteors falling together and burning ablaze.

    I am a bird fluttering in the sky
    Suffocating in open air
    This sky a cage for me
    An untransferable cage
    Immutable cage
    Widely loved, beautiful cage
    A bird always meant to fly
    A bird always adorns the sky
    Yet I gag
    Lightning ripping my soul
    Demented, squealing, writhing
    I fly with my feathers sore
    The water shining catches my eyes
    A fish I am escapes my sighs
    Laughable, devilish, ridiculous
    My thoughts against the will of nature
    Hunted by other birds
    Pecked till I bled and died
    The world was kind, the world had lied.
    -- I a Trans woman

    Copyright Jaya Harfkaar 2-9-2020

    Check out posts On my LGBTQIA life at #J_for_lgbtqia

    #poetrywednesday #pod #meteorc @writersnetwork @mirakee @writersbay #lgbtqa+ #trans #pride

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  • joybirdpoetry 65w

    Mapping the stars

    We camped out that night
    surprisingly cool for summer
    swags rolled out
    in the back paddock
    a thermos of coffee
    and a transistor radio
    to stop us from surrendering
    to slumber
    laughing each time
    I yawned out loudly
    to the night sky
    the sound carrying
    across the valley
    and down to the line
    of red river gums
    a century old or more
    down by the waterline.
    Lying on our backs
    hands behind our heads
    we discussed
    astronomy and astrology
    physics and psychics
    and the conspiracy theories
    surrounding the moon landing,
    that great space race.
    You pointed out the astrological signs
    and worried about how much
    space junk was polluting
    the Milky Way
    and marvelled at the great minds
    of men like Galiano
    mapping new worlds
    by the stars.
    I drifted in and out
    to the steady rhythm
    of your deep molasses voice
    fighting to keep my eyes open
    until finally the urge to sleep won
    and the meteor shower
    I had so longed to see
    dazzled the vast expanse
    of night sky
    for you alone.


  • writersbay 65w

    September 2, 2020.

    "That day when the stars came falling. It’s almost as if a scene from a dream. Nothing more, nothing less than a beautiful view." — Kimi no Na wa.

    "The night is falling down around us. Meteors rain like fireworks, quick rips in the seam of the dark...Every second, another streak of silver glows: parentheses, exclamation points, commas - a whole grammar made of light, for words too hard to speak." — Jodi Picoult


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