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  • kikilove 29w


    He asked me
    Why do you write poetry
    What makes you think people
    People will read it
    Why not mope around
    Why not create a mess

    To the boy I said
    Can you not see
    Can you not imagine
    I have made a mess
    Only I can see

    Poetry is a form of aggression
    It releases stress
    Gets rid of depression
    It keeps you from drowning
    And from being vanilla
    Words are weapons

    I go to war with words
    Not with my fists
    Yes I am young in age
    But I know the secret
    To win a war use your words
    Words have won battles
    And wars

  • night_reader 30w

    Loneliness is such a tiring thing.. It eats you away on the inside. People who have not experienced it will never understand. They will try to be understanding, but they can never truly ever understand it. Staring into empty space, each day feels like a chore, I want to do so many things, yet I don't want to do anything. Sometimes it feels like mind just goes into that offline mode n stops working. You feel Soo stressed but don't know what you are stressed about.. you feel Soo much yet you feel empty... You want to scream out loud frustrated, yet you just don't find the voice. Does it happen to you too... Or is it just me losing it?

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    Staring into empty space,
    Each day feels like a chore,
    You want to do so many things,
    yet you don't feel like to getting up.
    You feel Soo stressed
    But you don't know why
    You feel Soo much yet you feel empty
    You want to scream out loud frustrated,
    yet you just don't find the voice.
    Does it happen to you too...
    Or is it just me losing it?

  • shadowsoul 30w

    Fix own damn mess, for once!!


  • shivu14 32w


    My sister once told me, "It is my mess and I do not want to drag someone else into all of these. If they are willing to stay it is their goodness but I have no right to drag people into it to be there for me. I deal with this everyday and it is not other people's duty to help me get through it. It is better if I clear my mess on my own and not let people suffer because of me" And I haven't heard a better word ever!

  • rimmi24 32w

    Be a #mess

    I think sometimes it's good to become a mess for your own sake.♡
    All you have to do then is...
    sit, take a deep breath, have a glass of drink and just focus on the ones who're trying to untangle your mess wholeheartedly to make you feel better and the ones too who fed up so easily and instead of trying a little bit more they chose to quit.
    Your misconceptions about some people will go away, for sure.


  • letmespeaktosouls 33w

    Life is simple until we pack our stuff to find it's meaning

  • marlven 33w


    Sometimes sudden thoughts make us to think
    about current life position...
    i.e. with which we are surrounded
    and then we realize that life is complete mess!!
    and efforts required to sort it out are like hell!!

    Comparing "what we are doing?" with "what we can do?" i.e. to compare actual things with own capacity, we might feel embarrassed for ownself only...
    Then we try to find reasons for same and we come to know so many reasons because of which we are lacking...

    The reason is somewhere in the mess of life...
    And mess created is only reason of our past situations, some adverse happenings, sometimes our nature, people we are surrounded with, and too many factors affecting us!!

    When there is different views between heart and mind, i.e. heart sees the feelings but mind thinks practicality, it becomes hard for us to take any decision and not able to take our actual efforts to the capacity....

    Too many things affect us and stop us from achieving what we want ....
    A way to come out from it is to become stronger than problems and think calmly and reaching to peak of knowing ownself greatly and just follow it...

    When u start to follow your own thinking to make yourself happy and satisfied keeping other areas in mind at the same time, some problems will be automatically deactivated from your life, and u will feel your life very sorted and satisfied!!

    and start to script your own desires and think positively about the same without doubt and have faith on it...
    You can Menifest, whatever u want!!!

    So just relax and focus!!��

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  • pnair87 35w

    A girl, she once was

    The light in her eyes

    Enough for a million stars to sparkle

    Heart of her was of love and warmth

    The flow of life gifted her

    The good , the bad and the ugly

    It turned her into a Betelgeuse !


  • why_cho_serious 35w

    Vaaila sanni nu sumava sonanga ���� #Sanni #mess #sad #learn

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    VaaIla SANNI

    There is ONE thing I've learned about myself so far,

    Sometimes there is no need for anyone to get me into mess,

    I, me, myself could do it better than anyone can.

  • dreamer_rahat_ 36w

    The year 2020 and 2021 till now have been nothing but years wherein I lost people, people I cared about and maybe still do.... People who raised me, backed me through my tough times and celebrated with me in the good ones, people who added a tinge of happiness even in the most messed up times, people I can't really forget....

    Life now is just a haunted road and I've no option but to walk on it.


  • shadowieshades 37w

    My heart said

    Don't look there.....
    You know he is looking at you and
    If you looked at him.....
    Your eyes will make a contact n it will become mess here.....

  • grazie 37w


  • jenniverglo 37w

    Words aren't my forte;
    Mere spilled ink;
    On this paper
    Without a writer


  • aish6565 38w


    I am confused,
    which path to take,
    What if things may turn wrong,
    What if things go right,
    I am confused

    Should I listen to him or her
    Everything seems like an error,
    It will be perfect or a mess,
    My mind can't take that stress,
    I am confused

    All I want is clarity,
    To take the right decision,
    But my mind is still bemused,
    All I am saying is,
    I am confused

  • mequreshi 38w

    And she forgot to love in her mess..

  • why_cho_serious 40w

    Their HEARTS were CRUMBLED�� #Hearts #Crumble #mess #love #hate

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    They are the mess in each others life,

    But He is matured enough to understand the reality and she can never get to understand him really,

    When the time she started to say things from her perspective and he can never get to understand her,

    Both of their HEARTS were CRUMBLED with the hope of Understand each other, to Know each other, to Love each other, to Hate each other but most of all they Wanted to be Together by the END!.

  • mrspectacular 41w


    This is beginning to look like an insult.
    I mean the way my mind does, to very vital issues, some great assault
    Causing them flee from him before the day I will need to consult.
    I have thought to look at it as something that is in default
    But the more I try, the more it looks like a great fault.

    I take a thought, one second
    And in the next, we lose our bond.
    That is regardless of how I was, of such memory, fond,
    It gets lost in Oblivion's pond.

    I have queried the top echelon
    On the reason for this fact that is not at all bon
    But without a response has my query gone.

    Only left, feeling aggravated
    In this relationship that feels really complicated.



  • __midnightsolace___ 41w

    Life likes to mess things up. When you think you are all sorted out and nothing can go wrong BOOM something or the other happens and messes up everything. Ya life is shit like that, but never lose hope, because there is a morning after every night. You may face a bad scenario right now but in the future you will have your good days. Be stong and fight through all the odds.


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    Life is funny isn't it? Just when you think you've got it all figured out, just when you finally begin to plan something, get excited about it and feel like you know what direction you’re heading in, the paths change, the signs change, the wind blows the other way, north is suddenly south, and east is west, and you’re lost. It is so easy to lose your way, to lose direction.

    - Cecelia Ahern

  • just_jotruth 41w

    My Feelings Lied To Me

    Maybe she only cared about me
    And I caught feelings.
    I'm now messed up
    Cos its hard to move on.
    So I pour down my pain
    With words
    On this empty wall.

  • kosatli 42w


    Restrict your thoughts not to enter your peace zone