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  • sarahrachelea 2w

    I can't lose people that I love anymore
    Will you help me?
    Please stay and never ever leave

    I can't lose you
    Wish I could say it now
    If only I had a chance

    I hope you can hear this
    Only you that I've missed
    Baby ♥

    I can't lose you
    'Cause I love you

    ~ Mermaid to Unicorn

  • poukii 4w

    Radiant lit face like a full moon,
    Eyes like mermaid of crystal blue ocean,
    Pure as water of pristine lake.
    Yet,they dipped you in unholy water.
    Let the ocean hold your tears.

  • terbell 14w

    Sirens Beauty

    Her scent is like the ocean breeze,
    Sweetly crisp and clean,
    Diamond like eyes,
    Gleaming glittery green,
    She was like fresh nature,
    Oozing out her beauty,
    No one could tame her
    She lives under seas,
    A magical place,
    You would crave to see.

  • carrie09 17w

    If I were the mermaid .....

    I swam in the sea
    I race with the wind
    Fishes are my friends
    Jellyfish my servants
    Dolphins are my guardians
    In my beautiful castle
    down ,down the ocean
    the sharks are the armies
    the strongest soldiers of the sea
    warning me over and over
    Of those creatures called human beings
    Never go near them they warned
    they are killers, they are heartless
    From afar I saw them , they are beautiful
    and brave , floating on their s ship
    But now and then I saw the sea swallowed them
    they gone down, but never come up
    then pains beat in my heart
    tears flow from my eyes
    So now and then I sat on my watch stone
    singing a siren song
    to watch for them and warn
    the becoming anger of the sea and storms
    Once in a thousands times
    they hear my song
    but thousands times they didn't
    they lost my song and drowned to death.
    Pic.credit to rightful owner

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    If I were a mermaid


  • go_win_the_hearts 17w


    Mermaid was I
    was lost in the glory under my sea
    smiled, romped and swam
    candidly whirled I.

    Mermaid was I
    an uncrowned empress
    stored all joys in oysters
    for others to Impress.

    Mermaid was I
    heir of Plutus, owner of all wealth!
    aureate frame - scales and fins
    radiated glint all my self.

    * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Mermaid was I
    became a colourful fish
    you held me strenuously
    in aquariums being selfish.

    Mermaid was I
    let me be the same
    let me caper in your gallery
    let me tread at my speed.

    14th December, 2020

    @writersnetwork @mirakee #pod #social_g

    Image credit to the rightful owner.

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    Mermaid's Yell


  • silent_killer2111 17w


    If I were a mermaid,
    I would love to explore humans,
    Their habits, their way of thinking, their world.
    If I were mermaid,
    I would love to play with jelly fishes all day.
    If I were mermaid,
    I would love to explore dreamfishes.
    If I were mermaid,
    I would love to make friends.

  • chongtie 17w


    If I were a mermaid
    I shall go on a daring adventure everyday
    With my friends of many arms.
    I'll swim oceans and be proud of my glister tails and my slim apperance.

    I shall not no humans
    Never know how it feels like.
    Rich in pearls
    As a mermaid girl.

    Oceanic goddess

  • fatema153 17w

    If I were a mermaid
    I would pick up
    Each shell of the word
    To form the ocean of poetries!!


  • artemiswrites 17w

    If I were a mermaid, I would realise that
    A clear sea that reflects the Sun perfectly
    is only a part of the war songs and
    sagas sung of our folk,
    If I were a mermaid, I would, in reality
    be living in a murky, toxic sea
    that grieves for the colour Blue.
    If I were a mermaid, I would be
    swimming amid plastic bags
    and fauna that parody Pisces
    in a cruel way,
    If I were a mermaid living in the seas of
    I wouldn't be a part of Happily ever fairytales
    nor would I be a part of a legends where
    I sink ships,
    I would, instead, be mourning the
    murder of my Home.

  • suechiiii 17w


    the moon is shining so bright
    i'm excited to swim up to the surface
    avoiding any light
    i know i'm living somewhere farther no one has ever been
    and my kingdom can be found on the depths under
    but still afraid for anyone to see me and bring danger to my shoal

    on the surface, there's a cave where the moons smiles brightly
    i used to go there, other herds will greet me
    then i will sing to them splendidly
    from dusk till dawn i will sing and play
    then go back to my kingdom under to lay

    i was admired by all because of such exquisite beauty
    always inspired to explore new things
    always full of curiosity
    but my most important role is to protect this home
    all creatures that can be found here big or small
    because of them i was never alone
    i always make sure no one shall perish under my care
    this duty will be outstanding as i live through all eternity


  • eniim_allo 17w

    Image credit: Rightful owner

    ɪғ ɪ ᴡᴇʀᴇ ᴀ ᴍᴇʀᴍᴀɪᴅ

    If I were a mermaid
    I would journey to the deepest sea
    And make friends with all the creatures
    I would build a community of harmony
    We all would dance and sing in the blue sea
    If I were a mermaid
    I would explore North, South, East and West.
    It would be a great adventure through out my life
    I would enjoy the rolling waves and fluffy clouds
    and embrace brightening blue sky
    If I were a mermaid
    I would kiss my moon and the twinkling little stars
    At the dawn and dusk I would visit the enormous surface of the land.
    And feel the warm of the mother Earth
    I would be ever happy to meet the other beings
    If I were a mermaid
    I would carry the tiny turtle on my back
    And participate the running race with the Dolphins
    I would skylark with the high tides on the full moon days, waves my curly golden hair and swirl my sparkling tail.
    What a wonderful and unforgettable experience it would be
    If I were a mermaid

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    If I were a Mermaid

  • monikakapur 17w


    If I were a mermaid
    My poetries will float in the sea
    My verses will swim with sharks
    The poet in me, surfing with glee
    I would often come out in night
    And watch the moon in sky
    Touching the course sand with hands
    Looking the humans with sigh
    Trying to stay alive on oceans
    Which they have destroyed
    Would write a plea wrapped in poetry
    On the coarse sands with all my might

  • seaweed 17w


    Fish out of water,
    in unfamiliar terrains.
    I die everyday.


  • neeru365 17w


    If I were a mermaid...
    I would try making peace
    with this guilt of killing my human lover.
    And go back to being the goddess,
    Because I, ATERGATIS,
    The chief goddess of northen syria
    can't ignonre my resposibility
    of protecting my people and city.

  • neha_020 17w

    ~If I was a mermaid~

    The blue emerald queen
    Admiring my own waves
    Switching my own lane to sun
    Dealing to the depthness of the dawn
    Fluently running my tail
    Dropping all the magical colours around
    Making the whole ocean dance
    With a wishing tornado found
    Whole filled with my salty tears
    Amending it with the thoughts of new
    And conquering the waves competing through
    An immortal loving soul
    Sailing in my own dreams of oceanic vibes
    Owning my crown with the pearls she lies
    And carrying all the darkness she cries
    Being in my own sense
    Attached to my own beneath world
    Miles away to the depthness deep
    As an water nymph kid..!


    @mirakee. @writersnetwork
    #WritingContest #creativearena #mermaid

    Thank u @writersnetwork for ur kind read����

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    If I were a mermaid...I had touched the water in conquering soul with a darkness alive..❤


  • bonitasarahbabu 17w

    If I were a mermaid,
    That would be a splendid life.
    I would go on adventures,
    The dolphins, the whales, and the flounders will be my friends.
    Together, we will discover sunken ships,
    Look for lost treasure, and hide from sharks.
    I would spend time picking seaweed
    And playing with the octopus.
    How I wish I was a mermaid!
    I believe that it would have been a story of a lifetime.

  • thesadteddy 17w


    If I were a mermaid, I'd have taken a deep plunge into an ocean where I'd be away from humans..
    Where I'd roam freely, where I'd be myself..

  • aj_snow 17w

    If I were a mermaid..

    I would sit on the bottom of the dark ocean floor, reminiscing of our love. Peacefully and quietly to me and my thoughts. The water caressing my body. My hair floating around me like a halo. I stare up and see light, as if a finger is pointing at me. I close my eyes and smile. I cannot cry because the ocean won't allow me.. it's too full already. I am forced only to remember the happy days. I race the fish to the top. I'm in a hurry to reach that light pointing at me. I get to there and crawl towards the sand..only to shed a golden tear in remembrance of the man, I cannot have. The sun and land will allow this, but only for a short time then home I must go. The waves are waiting..wading for me.

  • poetryly 17w


    Image credit/motto - Disney Pixar Dory character

    One of those writing flukes...I used the word dory in a recent post. Dory’s positive attitude was simplistically profound.

    When life engulfs you in waves....just keep swimming, especially if you a mermaid!

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    If I was a mermaid,

    I would copy Dory,
    keep swimming.
    End of story.

  • odysseus 17w

    A huge empire... far beneath the waves ... somewhere in the midst of mountains, canyons, plains and valleys

    A powerful tribe of aquatic creatures... their heads and upper bodies resembling those of humans,
    their tails and lower bodies similar to the tail of a fish
    HER team won the annual sports contest
    The emperor asked her what she wanted
    She wished to visit the surface of the ocean
    Only the males in the tribe did that once in a while and that too, as part of their security duty
    However, the emperor would never dishonour his commitment
    He kept his word and her team was permitted to go
    They left in a capsule similar to a small submarine, carrying provisions
    It had always been their dream to visit the ocean surface and now it was coming true
    They reached a shallow spot and the capsule was securely anchored
    The females - mermaids - as we call them - were allowed to go out and enjoy the waves
    The males would stay back
    The mermaids began to play with the waves
    It was fun...
    And then.... a high and mighty wave swept HER away ...
    She was stranded on the shore... all alone...
    She looked around and didn't find any of her friends...
    But she found a strange creature whose upper body was similar to that of the males of her own tribe though he had no tail...
    He saw her and came closer...
    Communicating with him wasn't easy but they used signs...
    His house was nearby
    Thankfully she could breathe on the surface, but walking was clearly beyond her purview
    He carried her to his house...
    She got accustomed to the conditions
    Everyday he would carry her to the shore
    They would take his small boat and look for her capsule
    Slowly, he taught her his language and she taught him her language...
    He was a loner and once a week he would visit the nearby town to buy whatever he needed, and he rarely had any visitors...
    And a few weeks later, she located her capsule...
    The guards - the males of her tribe saw her invariably at the same time...
    They carried her back to the capsule and... he was their guest of honour...
    They were warm, hospitable hosts
    He enjoyed the meal, it was sumptuous
    There were numerous dishes whose contents were all supplied by the ocean
    Then they showed him around...
    The strange engine room, the provisions store and finally ...their treasure
    Ohh.. Goodness...!!! gold and silver,
    Opal, sapphire, emerald, aquamarines, ruby, amazonstone, amethyst, pearls, rose quarts...
    you name it and it was there... actually heaps of them...
    Their glint and glitter blinded his vision and his conscience...
    The commander of the capsule gave him a bagful of stones as a token of appreciation...
    That would have been enough to make him a multimillionaire
    But he had other ideas...
    He told them that he wanted to give them a treat and they gladly accepted
    He visited the nearby town that evening and bought what he needed
    Next day, he prepared lavish meals in his own house and carried the containers to the capsule... along with his own separate tiffin
    The food was delicious, the magnanimous creatures loved it and praised it ... and then... all of them fell unconscious ...even the mermaid...
    He rose and checked everybody... he had to be sure that the drug had done its job...
    It was a powerful anaesthetic, the quantity added was large, and there was no way any of them could have survived...
    He went over to the treasure room, took out half a dozen gunny bags from his haversack and began to fill them with gems, crystals, gold and silver
    He filled the bags and closed their mouths
    They were heavy and with great difficulty he managed to carry them to the main hatch
    He tried to open the hatch but his attempts failed
    He kicked, knocked and banged hard...
    A veteran sailor, he knew a lot about hatches and doors
    He tried every possible trick... but the hatch remained closed...
    He began to suffocate...
    And then he heard a voice...
    It was my fault...I'm the culprit... I never thought a visit to the surface would have such disastrous consequences...

    The mermaid had regained consciousness, but she barely spoke a few words and stopped breathing...
    No one was going to rescue him from the capsule...
    He had killed over a dozen innocent souls...
    And now it was his turn to die
    He would die... with those bags full of precious stones, gold and silver in his lap...

    Image credit - Rightful owner

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