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  • omjangid_ 6w

    Backbone of our Journey

    You will be scolded by them for the little mistakes committed by you
    You will be punished by them in the test results
    You will be mentored by them to your path in life
    they will shower the words of wisdom for empowering you
    They will be the reason for your happiness
    You will be motivated by them to reach the pinnacles

    And in this way you will be the kind of person you want to be in the journey of life

  • himanshuchaturvedi 12w

    वंदे गुरू चरणम्
    छत्रम् गुरू शरणम्

    "Guru" one of the auspicious person in the Indian culture

    Guru is the one who change our life
    Guide us..show us the path of right and wrong..
    Makes us capable and independent
    There's a difference between Teacher and a Guru
    Teacher teach us..and Guru Guide us
    Teacher teach us knowledge..and Guru teach us life and wisdom
    Since from the ancient time to till today they are irreplaceable
    Yes sometimes it's hard to follow their words sometimes they're strict sometimes they're very discplined
    But when we start following them and became consistent
    We can achieve everything what we wish for or even more than that
    And the best thing is irrespective of their physical presence in our life they can help us just we need full faith in them
    Because he's not just a person.. he's a thought which we can apply in our life..and in that way he always lives with us
    And there's a very well known example of Eklavya and Dronacharya from Mahabharata.. we'll know it
    And there's no return for the wisdom and experience they share with us even the God too says this.

    And to all the People who're Gurus even for a single person
    They're so lucky to have that auspicious place.
    They got a chance to make the life of people

    Because (in my view) there're only two people in one's life who can make their life and guide them...first is Parents specially Mother and those Mentors or Gurus

    My heartfull bow in your feet's❤️


  • gunsandroses 17w


    The one whose care and love for us is hidden,
    The one whose tears and fears are unseen,
    The one who can't be replaceable,
    The one who is strict but softhearted as well,
    The one whose smile makes me feel adore is you dad , with a bunch of proud, love, care, happiness and blessings....!!

    *HaPpY FAtHeR's DaY DAD*

  • _butul_ 18w

    Dear Innoovatum,

    You gave me a trust
    When I approached you for first
    Unfortunately I lost your connection
    And then when I came to know your intention
    You where really a miracle
    That happens in this era of struggle
    My journey with you started
    By your first ever free workshop
    That has hit me so bad that so many ideas
    Within me where popped
    Experiences I felt, to explain is vast
    Your concerns & appreciations makes us grow fast
    You gave lonely hours of lockdown to work
    Assignments with an interesting deadline to overwork
    You taught me winners are not the one who gets displayed
    But each one of it who sincerely learns & puts efforts
    To complete the given tasks of work
    You even supports us when we are nothing
    Heading up our head you say!
    Each one of us on this earth is made for something
    When we express our success journey
    With you standing beside us
    Our emotions just runs

    Yes! You win the hearts of all
    With a clear vision not to fall
    You are really unstoppable
    As you say everything is possible

    Thank you,
    You are always remembered

    Your hardworking,

  • abhipriyashrivastaw 58w

    मैं व्यक्ति ! तू व्यक्तित्व मेरा।
    मेरी भक्ति! तू अस्तित्व मेरा।।

    Dedicated to my Mommy, Daddy, Big Bro, my all Mentors and great Teacher's....

    Wish you all a very Happy Teacher's Day !!

    �� शत् शत् नमन् ��

    #teachers #1stteacher #mother #family #mentors #greatteachers #happyteachersday #gratitude

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    मेरा रब

    तेरे होने से मैं हूँ, तेरे होने से रब है।
    मैं तुझसे ही शुरू, मेरा तुझसे ही सब है।।

    मेरी दृष्टी भी तू ही, मेरा मार्गदर्शक भी तू है।
    मेरी शक्ति भी तू ही, मेरा रक्षक भी तू है।।

    मेरी लड़नें की ताकत, मेरी तलवार भी तू है।
    मेरी हर परिस्थिति की, पहरेदार भी तू है।

    मेरी बोली भी तू ही, मेरी भाषा भी तू है।
    मेरी आस भी तू ही, मेरी आशा भी तू है।।

    मेरी विद्या भी तू ही, मेरा ज्ञान भी तू है।
    मेरा मंदिर भी तू ही, भगवान भी तू है।।

    तू फूल है, तू चंदन है।
    मेरी पूजा, मेरा वंदन है।।


  • qawi_khan 58w

    Our Mentors Creed

    The chapter of life which ends never you read
    Apogee of which ruling is the mentors creed
    Facade the faces in disguise who betray us
    You taught to disclose the masks who blush,
    Puerile my blunders are of which I regret
    Ofcourse so neat are you to forgive my brats,
    Ambrosia filled in the goblet we consume
    Is made with sweat of the mentors we dream.

    Hackneyed we learn, we see, we percept
    Ardent their life motive is, vanishes when swept
    Our reprobate habits that spoil us so weak
    Soothing the work their is so obscure and oblique
    If the life doesn't give you a stance to stand
    Let's recall the lease upon you for strengths
    The chapter of life which ends never you read
    Apogee of which ruling is the mentors creed.

    You never hailed to unjust, who taught you?
    You never failed the just, who brought you?
    They nurtured you as their heaven children
    Little they ask to give the world less burns.
    Oh no we are aware of the today's reality
    The distance it lost has lost its pure sanity
    Still not leaning but getting better up high
    I'm talking the guardians who put their sighs.

    A lot to learn, a plethora to return if so indeed
    it's always the space there to fill the needs.
    The chapter of life which ends never you read
    Apogee of which ruling is the mentors creed.

  • seganda 121w

    To our #mentors and #parents and all that really wish us well and are #happy when we gain #success
    #ceesreposts #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    In honour of those among us that walked before we did,
    those that imagined the life we now live
    In honour of them that still believe in us and all we do,
    them that have shaped out our lives.
    Whose sole happiness is our success

  • ruby_naga 128w

    With all the anomalies occuring,
    I sometimes regret at my choice of brainery.
    However, considering that I have the best Mentors, I cannot help but feel contented and beholden.


  • arvind123 144w

    Reject. Regret. Recreated

    Reject by many even, by the lovely People.
    Regret own Self at my Days and Nights.
    Recreated own self to reach at my DESTINATION.

  • the_voyager_soul 144w

    Sometimes Chapters Of Life Becomes Very Hard To Study,It's Very Important To Turn The Page To Grow.


  • flowerchild___ 150w


    School is a hub of knowledge and experience of good and bad situation. Teachers are mentor who taught us many things differently. We went school at the age of 4-5 when we are unaware of maturity and cleverness. As we grew we learned a lot of things in those precious years as it taught us to deal with problems,egos and attitudes. We live in school and it is an essential phase of everyone's lives which they missed later with tears in their eyes by missing those cherish moments with friends and teachers. School is a temple of blessings and lessons which helps us throughout life.

  • juniflrz 159w

    Role Model

    A reason people exist for others are role models to lead and to guide the way so knowledge does not become obsolete.


  • writerpratik 159w

    Mentoring is for crafting maps.

    You can be a better and efficient driver. But you can be at right place at the right time without perfect navigation.

    Mentoring is all about implying right mindset for right thing to do. It’s more about mental rewiring than physical orientation.

  • renee_d_gross 171w


    Our World is HUMONGOUS...
    Among Us......MUCH Transpires HIGHER*

  • ___aqs___ 176w

    "Teacher-An Amalgam"

    Sometimes I wonder,
    Why God has created a teacher.
    Then I realise,
    That he is so wise.

    The almighty wanted that in life we excel,
    So he showered on us his precious jewels.

    More or less
    You are a simile of living life dutifully.
    You are an alliteration of all the words like determination.
    You are an irony sometimes loving sometimes angry.
    You are a synecdoche of this world represented by your words.

    You always taught us that accepting changes should be our motto.
    It would be with us wherever we go.
    Would never forget the badge "I AM OPPOSED TO CHANGE".
    It was the only thing that actually brought the change.

    You are an amalgamation of all the figure of speech.
    Always love whenever you teach.

  • diksha_verma 214w


    माँ तो दुनिया में लाती हैं,
    मगर शिक्षक जीवन सजाता हैं।
    चलना पिता सिखाते हैं
    मगर रास्ता शिक्षक दिखाता हैं।

    आवाज का तोहफा ,
    तो मिला हर किसी को है इस जग में,
    लेकिन अक्षर माला से भाषा का संगीत बुन
    लोगों का दिल छू जाना ,
    एक शिक्षक ही सिखाता हैं।

    स्कूल पहले एक अनजान जगह,
    फिर एक घर बन मंदिर में तब्दील हो जाता हैं,
    हाथ जोड़ आराधना करना तुम हो सिखाते,
    और धीरे-धीरे
    यह मेरे सपनों का दर बन जाता है।

    यही शुरू होती है सीढी वोह ,
    जो आसमानों तक ले जाती है।
    कामयाबी का ताज चाहे हो सर पर
    ज़मीन से जुड़े रहना सिखाती है।

    यह शरीर तो एक छलावा है
    तुम तो मेरी रूह को छूकर, मुझे
    इंसान बनाते हो,
    शत-शत प्रणाम है आप सभी को
    जो मेरी इस कहानी को,
    एक यादगार सफर बनाते हों।

    सब कहते हैं गुरु वो है ,
    जो ईश्वर की बनाई इस अँधेरी दुनिया में रोशनी फैलाता है ,
    मगर मैं कहती हूं ,
    गुरु तो कुदरत का वो तोहफा है ,
    जो ईश्वर से भी ऊपर कहलाता है।


  • stutibhamri_bnk 215w

    We owe it all to the teachers,
    Each teacher who stood by us,
    Be it our parents, our grandparents,
    Or the loving mentors at schools;
    They are the ones who have given us the wings,
    To dream and to be,
    To achieve and to aspire,
    To reach that pinnacle of success,
    And to find in this quest our true selves...

    #pod #teachersday #mentors #guides #respect #mouldingfutures @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @mirakeeworld @mirakee @anjana @letsrepost @dailyrepost @writers_paradise #writersnest

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    For Those Who Mould Us.

    Over the rolling wide meadows,
    And the fertile yellow lands;
    She traversed the paths,
    Of thistles and thorns,
    And of roses and blooms;
    Yet she treated all those
    Imposters just the same.

    She sailed across the chartered seas,
    And over those what they call the routine;
    She stormed across that trajectory,
    And over it all, she left an indelible mark supreme.

    Nurturing the young uns,
    And moulding the bright futures;
    That mundane, she made it glitter and shine like a diamond.
    She was brave and she was strong,
    With her sagacious words she enthralled throngs.

    Her altruistic nature encompassed the lots,
    Apartheid and perfidy, she fought them all;
    Never did she waiver as she walked the chosen path,
    And with her chalks and her words, salvaged many a soul.

    She made them question,
    And she made them wonder;
    She let them fumble and err,
    While at the fringes she stood,
    Ready to grab all those who tumbled.

    She was the inspiration and the motivation,
    To many a dreams as they flew courting destiny;
    And across generations she kept that torch burning alive,
    As with her headstrong nature she stood brave and mighty;
    Nestling amidst that robust exterior,
    A heart so simple and pure...

    With the little things she found pleasures innumerable,
    A thankyou from her students,
    And a smile from her colleagues;
    A hug from her loved ones,
    And a laugh shared with her children,
    Gave her bliss and felicity unparalleled.

    Her heart brimmed with all the love,
    And her lips echoed the melodies of a much-loved song;
    And her hands sifted through the pages of a well-thumbed book,
    While she lay back in peace, sated,
    With the lives that she had with hope and ardor carved...


  • inspirational_tao 224w


    There very else this kind of people I called them life mentors. What you called them?


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    There are some people in our life who never consider our results,
    Just consider our performance and support us at every stage of our life.


  • marcellemae 226w

    To the light holders
    and the healing hands;
    responding with love,
    to harms endless demands.
    You are stars to navigate
    through the dark night's sky.
    Giving hope to our suffering,
    that we can still fly.
    To the warriors
    at the forefront of humanity;
    fighting to protect the earth's sanity.
    You pull survivors out of
    the war-torn terrain.
    You keep the demons at bay,
    and the empaths sane.
    To the alchemists
    creating peace from pain,
    the energy you empower
    is never in vain.
    Go forth into the darkness and inspire;
    the people are warmed
    and reborn by your fire.

    love and light. marcellemae