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  • hidden_soul__ 6w


    After all these years, I now understood why Indian children leave their families and go abroad once they grew up !!!

  • anupriyachauhan18 9w


    What is anger? Is it a timid emotion of a heart trying to beat away its pain? or is it a sincere emotion?
    I fail to choose everytime I try to define it.
    For anger is an emotion which gets triggered easily in me nowadays because I dont wanna get hurt ever again and in order to protect myself I use my anger as a shield. Maybe its the wrong thing to do but I do it for myself, for I have gone through every rough phase in my life alone like most of us have. And next time I wanna make sure I dont put myself in such a situation.
    Waiting for the day when this pain will go away , when I will wake up and everything will feel okay, I will enjoy the day as it will unfold. All these worries and sadness will vanish, I look forward to that day.

  • anupriyachauhan18 15w


    Thoughts either ruin your day or make them. It is a bliss if you dont get thoughts that neither let you sleep nor eat.
    If you have that bliss dont take that lightly ever!
    I took a stable mindset and mental peace so lightly and it fucked me up big time.
    I used to flex when nobody and nothing used to affect my mental peace. Cause I had that thing where no matter how disturbing things would get, I knew how to leave that behind me and sleep peacefully. But I guess that is the price you pay when you invest every bit of yours into someone or something. Be it a dream or a person, if you invest with each and every cell of your body into it, it will take you places, now it depends on situations whether it can take you to places that feel like heaven or places that are so dark that being there just makes you feel afraid of its mere existence. Each and everything that you give your whole heart to , consumes you , to the extent it almost feels like you start questioning your existence.

  • anupriyachauhan18 15w


    Felt so detached from myself lately, felt so worthless, felt so dizzy all the time ,then, I sat down to write today from morning till late evening. I penned down each and every emotion I was feeling and I literally felt like some mother figure was caressing me telling me each and everything will be fine and better days are ahead. I was picking myself up from all the guilt and melancholy I put myself into. And it was then when I realised how much writing does help me to fight my demons. It is a blessing in disguise, it makes me want to look in my own eyes and tell myself that "I am proud of you" even on days I hate myself.

  • anupriyachauhan18 20w


    Do you ever wonder why a criminal after committing a crime would surrender, accepting his offence?
    It is because living guilt-free is a bliss. Most of us may underestimate a guilt-free life but guilt is the most suffocating feeling of all. It creeps right into your mind and soul and all you can think of is about your guilt so much so that you realize that apologizing for your fault/crime or even serving a punishment for the same would be any day better than living with this guilt.

    - Anupriya Chauhan

  • wordsoftheetwilight 22w

    Lies make you lose interest in everything cause they are
    Reared upon selfish needs
    Justified for self interest
    And the ones who believe in them(lies),are priced possession for them(liars).
    And idiot and self disdained creatures who always be lost in trap that's laid.

    So next time you see someone lost ,believe me they are trapped in consoling their heart of the hurt and simultaneously hating oneself for the fools they tend to have become


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    A Liar will justify it's lies rather than understanding the hurt it has engraved in the person he has lied to.
    Yet he'll be all great and applauded,
    Cause Lying itself is a milestone in the world that's fiercely competitive without any humanitarian ground.


  • anupriyachauhan18 22w

    Proud of you

    Some things really hurt and break you from the inside , the aftermath of it being no appetite for days , no urge to work , you feel tired eventhough you did nothing the whole day.
    Even after going through all of this if you wake up everday to face the day as it comes , if you still push yourself to work , if you still eat eventhough you are not hungry at all , I am proud of you.
    I am proud of you for not giving in to the sinking feeling no matter how much it drains you from the inside.
    I am proud of you if you still see the positive side to things and don't let your bad experiences get the better of you.
    I am proud of you if you realise that happiness is short lived but so is sadness , after sadness even a little bit of hope brings loads of sunshine into your life.
    I am proud of you if you are still thriving hard to reach the height of success you always dreamt of.

    - Anupriya Chauhan

  • anupriyachauhan18 22w


    I don't know who needs to hear this but you are not your mistakes , you are not your guilt , you are not your anger , you are not your regrets , you are not the choices that you make. Undoubtedly all these things determine half of your life and where it will be leading to but at the end of the day what matters is how you see yourself.
    If you are all the time thinking about your mistakes, anger, guilt, regrets , choices then maybe its time to give yourself a break and cherish all the good that you have in yourself which makes people crave for you or want you.
    You need to appreciate all that you do for yourself which makes people fall in love with their life because you are present in it.
    Prioritize yourself and see the magic!

    - Anupriya Chauhan


  • anupriyachauhan18 23w

    Wounding Words

    The person listens and wonders
    How could someone say those things
    When not a one is true ;
    Shook by the horrible trauma that it brings
    Looking at those words on that screen
    Making one to hate themselves
    When the person couldn’t be more clean.

    Cyber bullying is not a joke
    Yet no one does a thing
    They let it happen constantly;
    And someone else bears the sting.

    Panic, worry, darkness closing in around.
    These are some of the words the person uses to describe his anxiety, but no one to hear him ;
    Nothing he can say could speak of its entirety,
    as he cries internally thinking he has lost his sanity.

    - Anupriya Chauhan

  • crudemotions 23w

    Does sharing always means caring?

    Sometimes in fit of rage, sometimes in bad mood and sometimes in physical / mental/ emotional pain, we share words

    Words that might transform into swords inflicting pain and damage

    Words that might transform into panacea rendering comfort and closeness

    Does this kind of sharing always transform into caring?

    Whether shared in the form of sword or panacea, these words might be reflection of ones actual state of mind or ones perception about self or ones silent scream for help

    Do we still think sharing is caring? May be but not always


  • anupriyachauhan18 23w

    Enough Pain

    How much pain is enough pain?
    Me and my thoughts often hold this discussion right in the middle of the night when I struggle through sleep.
    Is struggling through sleep enough pain? For you to tell it to your loved ones? Will you be termed as an attention seeker who doesn't know how to tackle life's hurdles as it comes? Even if people dont term you that will you not hold an opinion of yourself to be someone incompetent or weak?
    How much pain is enough pain? After which you may have a breakdown?

    You keep reminding yourself that you are strong! But are you teaching yourself to be strong everytime you face something or do you just decide to turn it off ? You just decide that a particular thing need not bother you but is that being strong or are you just pushing your boundaries?
    Maybe being strong is the capacity to accept that something is bothering you? But you know you are incapable of doing that because you are too scared for that kind of acceptance in your life.

    You know both the sides of the coin still you always choose the one which serves your comfort zone . Why ? But why is it that way? You ask yourself but each and everytime you get lost between the lines that you never reach to the conclusion , and again, in the middle of the night you ask yourself , how much pain is enough pain?

    - Anupriya Chauhan

  • yashhh 28w

    Happy Place

    As soon as I reached the beach at around 8 pm, i sat down I stared up at the night's sky,
    gazing the stars,
    watching planes fly by,
    I didn't realise it then, but i was breathing out my anxiety.
    I couldn't help but notice the waves coming and going away.
    It felt to me as if those waves are coming to me, and when they go back they take away my rumination bit by bit every single time.
    I didn't move, I didn't eat, I was all alone
    It was an hour past midnight when I realised that its too late and I should head back to my place,
    when I stood up to leave, I dont know why but I smiled.
    I felt as if all my worries were flushed away with the waves.
    It was probably the first time I smiled after so long.
    that day I found my happy place.

  • masterdquotes 31w

    Rest, my sweet child. Rest those weary shoulders, for you have been Atlas far too long.
    Too long have mortals walked over you, unaware of your existence.
    It's okay to risk the annihilation of those to whom you are invisible.
    Be selfish, my sweet child, for too long they have drained you.
    Sleep tonight. A deep slumber. Your demons singing you a sweet lullaby.
    Rejuvenate for tomorrow. Come dawn and it's back to the fight!

  • shabd__yogi 32w


    Meri baraabari karne vaalo ko, aksar ye shikaayat rehti hai..

    Mein akela bhi khush rehta hu, unhe mehfil ki zaroorat padti hai...


  • shwetachauhan 32w


    There are days when you don’t want to get up ,
    There are days when things are not going smooth,
    There are days when everything seems to be wrong ,
    But believing in yourself at this time ,
    Gives courage..
    Sounds tough but when you have some friends even in your tough time..
    Some things do work out..
    This is just a phase & it is going to paas..
    The other side is brighter & maybe a lil dull..
    But you wouldn’t know until you get through today…
    Everyone has some good days & bad one ..
    The one who is consistent stays & surpasses the barriers..

  • ariel_15 33w

    Aching heart

    It's hard sometimes,
    To convince yourself that everything's gonna be okay.
    All my heart wants is to let it out,
    My eyes denies saying just work it out.
    My mind stuck nothing can i feel or sense,
    Regrets and guilts surrounding my presence.
    Can't see a single ray of hope,
    But I know tomorrow it will get easy to cope!

  • sanketspeaks 39w


    Sometimes the only way to mental peace is to take a step back and let the world pass on you, that's the only way to let go of toxic people, one-sided relationships, and the people who do nothing but exploit you in their needs. That's the only way to find out who reaches to you and lend a hand to move forward together.

    Always being there is righteous no doubt and it also gives you peace of mind in one way but trading it for your self-dignity and self-worth will never have any charm in the long term.

    And don't worry if no one reaches out to you, it's always better to cut the stretched ropes before someone else cut them and they leap back to hurt you.

    But in doing so do not ever lose your character and your conscience, because it's better to be alone than losing yourself while finding someone to hold hands. How will you devote yourself to someone else if you don't even recognize yourself?


  • ashu8800 46w

    stuck between,
    being an animal and being quiet,
    At times you can be both.
    Either way you have to feed off from the vain.
    To be poised at socio mental level chain.


  • irsabaloch 54w

    Sometimes, it could be so hard to move forward and leave the things behind that meant the world to you. And sometimes things might not end up the way we want them to. But i wish for you to be strong enough to lift up your steps and start moving forward with whatever pace suitable. And remember not to be hard on yourself because you know yourself and you know the hardships that you are facing right at the moment. Know that it will take time but someday you will reach there eventually. Don't lose hope and faith in yourself.

  • ananda_k 65w

    Nothing is more important that your family and yourself

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    Mental peace is expensive
    If you find it,
    Keep it