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    Knowing when something has run it's course is the hardest truth to swallow. This is the most agonizing decision I have ever had to make yet it seems there's no other choice. I must turn inward for the answers ��

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    I don't want to anymore

    No more pain and no more sorrow
    No more wishing for tomorrow
    No more times I let it go
    No more of your poison left to swallow
    No more can I sit back and abide
    This whole inside of me has grown too wide
    Eaten up, swallowed by your darkness
    Just a by stander to all of your harshness
    Work up the courage to walk out
    Knowing I must decide to take a different route
    Love is what keeps me from slamming that door
    As my heart lay in pieces on the floor
    Another night turns into day
    For me to have peace there is no other way.