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  • distinctively_raw 104w

    The line "you raise the blade, you make the change"
    is from the song 'Brain Damage' by Roger Waters.

    You raise the blade, you make the change
    The change, irrevocable, stains the blood
    over your bloodstained arm,
    Your dreams flow like crooked patterns,
    down your arm, the roadmap of your fortuity.

    You raise the blade, you make the change,
    The change, the peace of the graveyard,
    foisted on your body by your soul,
    A momentary piece of peace for you,
    and years of brooding eyes thenceforth!

    You raise the blade, you make the change
    The change, to escape your present,
    to forget your past, an unknown future
    alike for all, yesterday you were here
    and today you’re gone, who is to be blamed for all?

    You raise the blade, you make the change
    The sole change the dead could think of,
    which other dead now repent,
    Lying deep inside the earth, in a coffin 6 feet long,
    you have only bugs and filth to befriend.

    You raise the blade, you make the change
    The change, unforeseen by those around,
    maybe an exchange of words could have changed your thought,
    Or maybe not,
    Cause how many people actually address mental health issues before someone meets a fate like yours?


    #mentalhealth #nosuicide
    #mentalhealthissues #nosuicidalthoughts

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    The change, irrevocable, stains the blood over your bloodstained arm..

  • dearagony15 154w

    Can I?

    Can I pass today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow?
    God, help me.
    I'm counting my last breath on you.
    While everyone was suffering too.

    - Vivian Lin

  • sumaaaziz 179w

    This is something i wanted to tell people for a long time. I want to raise awareness about mental health issues. If any of your friends or relatives are going through this phase of their life be sure to be with them. Some of the symptoms of mental health issues are hopelessness, suicidal thoughts and not interested in doing things that you actually like to do. Everyone needs to remember that this does not make you different from others. You just need a little push from someone who cares about you. Know that this can be treated. If someone is not in the mood to do things or showing aggressive behaviour, don't react the same way to them. Be calm and try to understand the situation that person is in. Only way we can help people with mental health issues are by letting them know that this may not show wounds on the outside but it sure does hurt on the inside. PLEASE SHARE THIS POST TO LET EVERYONE KNOW HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO KNOW ABOUT MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES.
    #mentalhealthissues #awareness #anxietydepression #likeandshare

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    Mental health

    They just need a little help
    Just a little push

  • tiny_one 190w

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    Tank was convinced that I'm hiding something and that I'm not as innocent as I try to seem. So, I told him the secret that I've never told ANYONE - and for many reasons Tank and I have a few things in common, one of the most important being that we're both the strong friends. However, I'm scared that I'm forming an emotional attachment with him and he'll leave. Or that my problems will make him not want to talk to me or help me anymore. I feel like the song "Monsters" by Katie Sky applies to my friendship with Tank - he sees my "monsters" and pain. Talking to him helps me feel better, but tonight I cried while talking to him, and it just made me want to talk more - especially when he offered exactly what I need" a bear hug and the security that comes with it. It shows me that he knows what I'm going through and he wants to help. Even the crying helps, just not the way I want it to. Maybe one day, I won't need the help, or maybe I'll have it, but constantly. I just hope the help won't come in a bottle of pills.

    (The stigma around mental health and getting help is so strong and overwhelming today. And it was like that over a year ago, too. I was so scared to start going to therapy a year ago, I didn't want people to see me any differently than they already did. It was too much to accept that I needed help in that time, but now I'm so glad that I started getting help. And I took a break from getting help for a few months, but now I'm getting help again and I think it might be helping more now than it did then, and I'm glad. I'm still uncomfortable with the idea of being medicated for my issues, because I don't want to become dependent on medication. But my current boyfriend, Photos, made a good point: I won't be dependent on it, my body just isn't making enough of the hormones it needs for my brain to be balanced in a way that it needs to be. So if anyone out there needs someone to talk to, don't be the strong friend. Reach out to me, I want to help others.)

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    "The Strong Ones" (20/08/17)

    Why is it
    that no one checks
    on the strong ones?

    Are we too strong,
    Too “happy”,
    Too “innocent”,
    To have problems?

    Only the strong ones
    know how to hide
    the pain, the fear,
    the aching sadness.

    The strong ones are
    Too scared to show everyone.
    Or too strong to let anyone
    know the struggle.

    We don't need
    a doctor to tell
    us what we already
    know and give us
    medication we don't need.


  • iamstillwriting 193w

    Anxiety strikes at 12

    The wheezing sound of the air passing through my nostrils filling my plastic bag lungs wakes me. The cold is on my feet and brushing my cheeks. Its 12:48 am.

    I didn't over sleep. I didn't over eat or did nothing. Still my chest feels hollow and my heart, tender and heavy, is ready to burst.

    I count the tic's and the toc's.
    Tic-toc, tic-toc, tic-toc.. Toc.. Toc... Talk..
    I count the talks that we did not have.
    I count the listens I didn't attempt to do.
    I count for the tears that still filling my ears.
    Ear.. Hear.. Here.. I fear.
    Tic-toc, tic-toc... Where to go? Who knows?


  • sauvik_acharjee 200w

    An Anxiety Attack

    Slowly it glides over my spine,
    I heard it whispering into my ears.
    And with each word it whispers to me,
    I feel this darting pain in my head.

    It ceases me and my movement,
    And slowly slithers from my head to heart.
    I hang my head low,
    Unable to decide where to go.

    Heartbeat begin to race,
    My lungs trapped without air.
    Nausea takes over my head,
    My lungs shout for air.

    This pain's excruciating, enigmatic and sudden,
    I don't know how long will it last.
    I scream for help! I scratch my self until I bleed,
    My head started to spin.

    I scream - go away!
    I don't want you in!
    It laughs and fastens its grip over me,
    I am now a part of you - it tells me.
    I scream - help me!

    My body trembles and hands shake,
    My legs get weaker with each breath
    The pain is insufferable and makes me helpless,
    I am scared and feel wilted,
    I pray fervently,"hope no one sees me".

    I hang my head low,
    Unable to decide where to go.

    This enigmatic pain is an anxiety attack,
    I try to explain it to the people I know.

  • fromydiary 203w

    All I need is a kiss
    The touch of your soft lips
    To save my soul
    From the demons
    I adore .


  • mynightprayerwords 206w

    I'm sorry

    I'm sorry for blaming you,
    For everything I just couldn't do,
    And I hate myself by hurting you,
    Feeling this hurt embrace me so beautiful,
    I'm sorry for blaming you,
    For everything I just couldn't do,
    And I hate myself by hurting you,
    And you always forgive me thousand times,
    Silent,freezing, teardrops,
    I'm sorry for blaming you,
    For everything I just couldn't do,
    And I hate myself by hurting you,
    I'm sorry for blaming you.

    Selly A