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  • peterspoetry 228w


    Tinnitus. Don’t you just love it, the noises in your head
    I ‘spose I’m just stuck with it, until the day I’m dead

    If I’d known then, what I know now
    I’d have covered my ears, when off to plough

    For reasons unknown, again it’s so loud
    Can’t hear a thing, when in a crowd

    Best stay at home
    Can’t use the phone

    Lets hope it passes soon
    Then I can hear a better tune!

    Vertigo. Feeling dizzy, don’t be silly, take a deeper breath
    Stand up straight, take a step, why do I feel like death

    Been healthy most my life, but this is just a pain
    Though everything is spinning round, I treat it with disdain

    Like the noises in my head, perhaps this too will pass
    If I don’t step out care-fully, I’ll end up on my ass

    Bilious. Oh that feeling, rising in your throat
    It’s at it again. Doesn’t it just get your goat

    Take a pill and hope it goes
    Have I got it right, God knows

    It’s fading now, we are a team
    Me and my Beta-hist-ine

    © peterspoetry