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  • porcupine 1d

    There you go

    There you go again in my thoughts
    If you only knew
    That it's alot

    There you go again across in my mind
    If you only knew
    It's quite often I find

    There you go again I think and say damn
    If you only knew
    That I'm still your fan

    There you go again and I stop to grin
    If you only knew
    This is how I've been

    There I go again remembering you
    If I could make it all real
    My dream would come true

  • light_ofthe_heart 1d

    Midnight Memories

    Drifting away in my slumber
    Only to wake up with painful memories of us
    How did we end up becoming this memory?
    I can't even remember why we chose this path
    But your memories always come back to hunt me
    They have become my nightmares
    And I can't even reach out to you
    You are my midnight memory
    That which I want to drift away in deep sleep to forget

  • subhamrizal 2d

    Borbourn whiskey

    With a borbourn whiskey
    I can speak love
    With a bourbon whiskey
    I can write; love and its bygone,
    How I loved more than she could
    And how she returned more
    Than and beyond my expectation
    With my borbourn whiskey
    She spoke love for the last
    Time and that was the
    Last I heard her barking
    Then with a borbourn whiskey
    I showed the gateway exit
    From my heart but
    Unfortunately not my mind
    And she didn't mind
    Haunting, with the borbourn whiskey
    Every beautiful night
    Every stanzas of poetry
    And every memory I could recall


  • jana_wali 2d

    My Memory

    I sit down and listen to my memory,
    It is loud but have a remarkable melody.

    Sometimes I get pleased when I hear my memory,
    And other times I feel angry and unsatisfactory.

    A moment can move on quickly and happily,
    But other times it can move on slowly and depressingly.

    We should try to forget the dull and Awful minutes,
    But always remember the cheerful & happy moments.

    Keep smiling ツ


  • simply_be_you 3d

    Hear me out, hear me out
    As you cried out in vain
    Apologies for our mistakes
    Not knowing, is a mistake
    Forgiveness is what we yearn
    While forgiving harden the vein
    Pumping blood to our frozen heart
    As numbness becomes the companion of our souls.


  • manjunath_s_murthy 5d


    I need
    a memory hole
    in my brain
    where I can
    drain all my
    unfathomable love
    to the cosmos.


  • anas_husain 1w

    Dekh kar aaina jab tum muskuraye
    Hichkiya gale pad gayi, haaye


  • rahul_govindan 1w

    "Love what you do ; Love yourself"

    It was during class 2 - the first conversation,
    between me and art.
    Her notebook had a Mickey Mouse as the label,
    "Can you give me that note?", I asked her with a cold feet.
    Those twenty to thirty minutes remain immortal till date.
    "It's nice ��", "Good work da" - first words of appreciation ❤️

    Years rolled by, and I joined drawing class,
    Amidst many other choices.
    Now, being a 17 year old lad, I stare at quite a few works,
    Which is almost four to five years old, those little ones,
    And all I do is 'smile' - reminiscing those delightful moments.

    I am that type of a person, who loves staring at realism,
    ( Making a piece of art realistic ), but hardly likes doing it.
    From nowhere, the arrival of Covid - 19, made me do this one.

    Every stroke was nothing but an experience,
    And sowed the seeds of self esteem.
    - G RAHUL.

    P.S :

    I knew - this isn't a platform to show,
    "What you're good at", but to show,
    "What your thoughts are capable of"

    A few asked me to show some of my artwork,
    And caption it. This post is specially for you guys ❤️

    With love - �� ����������. ��

    #art #paint #love #childhood #memory #reel #real
    #covid #mirakee #wod

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  • porcupine 1w

    I miss..

    I miss you so much
    I miss you a bunch
    I miss your touch
    I miss the rush
    You made me blush
    You turned me to mush
    I miss your love and stuff

  • jatinn09 1w


    I chose to drown in the souvenir of her love,
    Rather than overlook it and float,
    Her smile is like the raindrop,
    That rejoice me in the melancholy drought


  • passionate_prism 1w

    Childhood full of sorrow

    My best childhood memories are with Grandfather,
    When I was a kid I lost my Father.
    He daily used to help me board school bus,
    Carrying my heavy bag covered with dust.
    Also used to pick me up when I return,
    Closing his confectionery ignoring to earn.
    Cook lunch for me,
    After seeing me he miss dad may be.
    As Mom arrives home after job
    Gradpa returns to his shop.
    Grandma stayed sad for a long time,
    After dad.
    I faced everything alone,
    Which made my mind fully grown.
    I lost my childhood with Dad,
    Now nothing makes me glad.
    While reading this Don’t feel bad,
    As My childhood was very sad.

  • go_win_the_hearts 1w


    that childhood play
    don't know why
    remember I!
    Yours was bride
    my doll was groom all the way.

    Might be false
    was that match
    but so sweet were those days
    Yours was bride
    my doll was groom all the way.

    The dolls were our hearts
    why set all apart,
    why couldn't you see
    my ocean of love in eye!
    Yours was bride
    my doll was groom all the way.

    Forgot you o dear
    callow smile and tear!
    Was that story so lay??
    Yours was bride
    my doll was groom all the way!

    You're now
    a doll for other bride.
    That play is memory for me Oh, Doll!
    for you may be a play
    But mates intimate
    still ask me
    "Was that love or hearsay!"
    Yours was bride
    my doll was groom all the way.

    8th April, 2021

    #wod @writersnetwork @mirakee

    Image credit to the rightful owner.

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    My doll was groom all the way!


  • gaamir 1w

    Ishq or Yaari


    Jo bhulaya jaa sake wo Ishq kis baat ka
    Or Jo Yaad bhi naa Aaye wo Yaari kis baat ki

  • wings_happiness 1w

    Sometimes you don't miss the person,
    you miss the memories

  • porcupine 1w

    That guy (old friend ) edit

    He said damn you!
    I think it's him
    I know that voice
    And it's not Tim

    He wants some sugar
    But not from me
    Give him yours
    Soon you will see

    He carrys his milk
    And a candy bar too
    Just don't try to take them
    Because it's not very cool

    Any commercial
    He could recite
    Every word exactly
    Just ask and he might

    Playing the guitar
    He had a gift
    A natural knack for it
    I heard amazing riffs

    Family friends for years
    Our parents hung out
    Haven't seen him for awhile
    Over ten years I'd say about

    I hope he's doing well
    And everything is okay
    We had some great times
    I will never forget those days

  • ashwininargundkm 1w

    ಪ್ರೀತಿ ಒಂದು ಮರೆಯಾಗಿ,
    ಸ್ನೇಹ ಒಂದು ಮೌನ ತಾಳಿ,
    ಸವಿ ನೆನಪು; ನೆನೆಯಲಾರದಷ್ಟು ಕಹಿಯಾಗಿದೆ!


  • moonyblues 1w

    Forever Undone

    The remnants of yesterday's heart

    Make me hate what I wrote tomorrow 

    The rememberance of yesterday's start

    Make me await what I know to be sorrow 

    I shiver at the ignorance of my part

    And taste what I know to be hollow 

    But as these innocent scars fall apart and the twinkle in my eye falls to dark 

    I dare glance the gospels, I haven't forgotten Mark

    The shattered pieces scream and it's dire

    As they handle my demons while they're breathing in violence

    I hear every whisper every voice in the silence 

    I hear very distant and every noise when it's quiet 

    Blind to the eye won't you open up an eyelid 

    Why did you die won't you open up cuz I did


  • rahul_govindan 2w

    April 2, 2011 - an indelible day in the lives of many souls.

    India vs Srilanka - World Cup 2011 Finals at Wankhede.
    "The first ever ODI match in my life, which I watched fully"

    The commentary begun, and I was like,
    "Sorry, I didn't get you. Could you repeat it (more slowly)"��

    The first half of the match was more or less a,
    Non native movie - understanding nothing.
    Srilanka summed up a total of "274", and my childlike
    thoughts started analysing- "50 overs * 6= 300 balls"
    "Scoring 274 of 300 is as simple as possible ��"

    The skies turned out dark... Indian openers made their way...
    Curly haired man - that's how I used to mention him,
    In his very first over, bowled against "Viru's" leg,
    And all I saw was the umpire raising his hands...
    (Later I understood - it's LBW - Leg Before Wicket)

    My brother was mourning and I had no idea on how to react.
    It was then this man "Gambhir" entered the field.
    None of us knew that he is going to be the "saviour".
    (The match went on with boundaries here and there)
    Even after the "Master Blaster's" dismissal, the little champ,
    Virat Kohli and Gambhir sailed the team in the path of win.

    When Virat Kohli was dismissed, my brother said,
    "Next Yuvraj"- and this name was familiar for me,
    Scoring some huge runs in every innings.
    There came the twist, an ever cherishing moment,
    "Mahendra Singh Dhoni" entered the field.
    I don't have any idea on what made me fall for him.
    Wearing his helmet, with a straight forward head,
    Swinging the bat in the air, seemed to be the,
    Most perfect man for that moment.

    A delight watching them play and the team was nearing the victory... Gambhir departed for 97 when we danced down the ground, ending up being bowled out, missing his century.

    "4" runs to win from "11" deliveries - this equation would
    Stay in me, as long as I stay. It was him, MSD on strike,
    With Yuvi on the other side. I was having my dinner right at that moment. Kulasekara, Srilankan pacer bowled the second ball of his ninth over. We knew that it's going to be a win,
    but none of us expected the win to be in such a way.

    "Dhoni.. Finishes off in style. A magnificent strike into the crowd! India lift the world cup after 28 years!"- Ravi Shastri
    screamed with elation. No sooner India won, our neighbours started bursting crackers, screaming in joy. And me, a 7 years old kid was just staring at what was happening around me.

    Cricket wasn't an emotion until I witnessed this match.
    A few say, "Dhoni was the match winner"
    A few say, "Yuvraj and Gambhir and Raina were the winners"
    None realised that it was the effort of "MEN IN BLUE and their Coaches, including we people who supported them"

    Years passed by, bringing in many changes,
    And here I am, who still feel the same level of goosebumps,
    When I watch the same old match - "India vs Srilanka"

    --------- 10 years of this historical moment --------

    "Thanks for reading till the end" ��❤️ - G RAHUL.

    #memory #writersnetwork #childhood #sport
    @writersnetwork @i_am_an_unprofessional_writer @spoken___words____ @indianaviationinterviews @eniim_allo @writersbay @galvanizedthoughts @fairytales_ @jeelpatel @sanyaaaa

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  • porcupine 2w

    Picture 2

    I still look at your picture on my wall
    It's in my room at the end of the hall
    I wake up to see it every morning
    And that will never ever get boring

    I look at your picture and I remember
    We began dating the ninth of December
    We created an additional family member
    And then another which is the same gender
    Recalling those years
    I was the happiest so full of joy and splendor

  • porcupine 2w

    Side affects

    Amnesia could not take your
    Memory away from me
    Your image is embedded
    Deep within my mind
    Your voice has been
    Echoing in my ears
    Your scent has been etched
    Within my sense of smell
    Your someone whose presence
    Leaves a permanent mark