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  • pie_pie 4m

    I know I can't delete everything
    But I can move on from them
    #past life

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    I have done many mistakes in my past
    I have fallen with the wrong person
    Now I am not going to let reminiscences hunt my future and present happiness

  • sonalipoeticstyle 1h

    I'm smitten with.....

    The rose petals in my journal have dried into shades of brown and your photographs in my drawers haven't tasted air for years now,
    all the quaint dresses of yours
    wreathed in sheets of old affection.
    The indelible memories closely cherished
    in tiny boxes replinishing the past moments.
    Whenever my mind stumbles, a modicum
    of force is just enough for my thoughts to penetrate deep into your heart.
    You don't know that you are enticing,
    each move of yours enthrall everyone's eyes !!
    I am totally smitten with your mellifluous voice❤️

  • fervent_writing 2h

    The rose petals in my journal
    Have dried into shades of brown
    And your photographs in my drawer
    Haven't tasted air for years now

    The petals lost its fragrance
    Yet the pain of love is aching my soul
    The rose that you gave me last
    Was only to bloom thorns in my heart

    Your photographs are unwinding in the drawer
    Because I concealed our enduring love
    All those beautiful memories are obvious
    But your photographs are now lifeless

    Writing is my only escape
    Your memories added beauty to my words
    Tangled my thoughts, unveiled my emotions
    And gives aesthetic expressions to my life


  • princess_diary 3h

    My Diary....❣️

    The rose petals in my journal have dried into shades of brown
    And your photographs in my drawer haven't tasted air for years now.....
    The old journal was lost and covered in dust....
    Yet it kept the memories fresh and safe
    It stil hold the fragrance of love and heartbreak
    Your photo with excited smile and loving eyes....
    Makes me smile.....
    Taking back in time when we meet for the first time.....
    Every chapter hold a memory
    The beautiful moments spent with You......
    And the nights i read and watched your photo for hour's.
    The things i never spoke
    Worte it with the rhyming rythm
    My love for you is so deep
    Its alive still in my heartbeat..
    You'll probably never read this.....?
    You'll probably never know....!
    Countless tear I've cried
    Trying to ignore my heart
    Locking all the feelings away
    You Still beat in my heart anyways....

  • wingedvagabond 3h

    You are that river which flows from my eyes when your memories come, unbidden. And all I want is to die drenched in your warm memories engulfing the dying embers of my cold heart.


  • tariqu 5h

    “अगर उलझा था हमसे...तो तुम उसे सुलझा भी सकते थे,

    तुम्हारे हाथ में भी हमारे रिश्ते का एक सिरा था।”


  • shreyashabd 15h

    ये रात भारी पड़ती है,
    जो गुजरती नहीं.
    ऊपर से उनके यादों के चक्कर ने,
    तो जीना बेहाल कर रखा है.

  • divshetty04 16h

    In The Attic

    Bored of my daily routine
    I walked secretly in the attic of my house,
    While exploring a new world there
    Found an old, dusty, untouched box kept by mother,
    My heart rushed to open it
    & what I found were old treasured memories,
    My class 2nd notebook with poems in it
    My favourite two little clouds poem, I still remember,
    My sister's & my doll though not a barbie those days
    But played with them a lot,
    Some clay toys we both had received
    As our birthday gifts from relatives,
    Mother's old accessories with a set of earrings & necklaces
    Those which were gifted to her on her wedding day,
    Father's wallet where he had kept
    Mother's photograph in it,
    Our family album with vintage photographs
    Where some of the photos were missing,
    A green pebble my grandmother had found on the shore
    Kept as a secret, wishes come true pebble,
    An old diary written by grandfather
    With stories of his younger days,
    All these made me nostalgic
    & I closed the box carrying memories in my heart,
    Left the attic & hugged mother tightly
    For all the things she had cherished in the attic.

  • thebhavnasaxena 18h

    # Inspired from an actual entry from my diary, written one evening when it was raining and I was half wondering, half remniscing about love had and lost
    All rights reserved #

    #temp post

    I borrowed a handful of blue sky from my past lover, to keep as a souvenir of the beautiful day we first met. But the sky became more. I would complain to it when my beloved hurt me, I would sing to it little sonnets of my own writing, whenever I overflowed with passsion and love like a goblet too full. That chunk of sky was my witness, my friend, the keeper of my emotions I dared not whisper to myself under the watchful rays of the sun, or the peeping stars.

    We talked. The sky and I. Of passion simmering in the clouds, of the love never fulfilled, the eternal romance between the sky and the earth, building up to something and then getting lost into a void of oblivion, over and over again.
    One day it was raining, and I was humming of two lovers meeting secretly in a garden, when the piece of sky, my friend asked me, why do you think the rain is such a symbol of love?

    I said, I don't know. Maybe it is the petrichor, maybe the flowers, or maybe the peacock that dances in the rain, calling for his mate, maybe they inspire us humans to think of rain as a symbol of love. And he said, the rain is a promise, a relationship, between two lovers unfulfilled, the earth and myself. We love each other since the beginning of the world but alas, I can't leave her a kiss, even feather soft, no matter how much i bow down, and she can't brush her fingertips across my face, no matter how much she tries to rise.

    And thus, when I see her parched heart, I send down the rain, the tiny raindrops my little messengers, who fill up the earth's bosom and whisper to her my sacred promise, there shall be flowers, and the leaves will glisten with joy. There shall be birds singing in their nests and happy children will race their paperboats, and in all those smiles, the earth shall find her smile too. And when do you smile, I ask the chunk of sky? When you see a rainbow, that's my heart breaking into colours because I can't contain my glee, said the sky.

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    Years passed, my love was lost too, but whenever it rains, I remember, the rain is a sacred promise, of a love that never reached its crescendo, of a love that still remains, of a love that is true and so I dance too, in the rain, not to call out to any lover, but because I remember, what the sky told me, and to be soaked in the promise of this love is enough for my parched heart, as it is for the earth.

  • sapna2019 1d


    I love those moments
    that had brought tears,
    For now
    those fading off
    memories teach me to
    be stronger


  • ashwininargundkm 1d

    Memories are a part of life
    Expect not for life
    Expect for the bad time
    Not life


  • ms_spring 1d


    I don't know if I am of any worth.

    I don't know if I am good at anything,
    But I know I have tried my best and have always try to help others along the journey.

    I never ever expected them to help me back but have always expected them to treat me a little better.

    I know I should not expect anything,
    But human nature is such that we expect and we fall after getting hurt.

    But still we do repeat these worthless mistakes.

    I know I shouldn't have trusted them.

    I know I shouldn't have expected anything from them, but its ok to sometimes get hurt as it will give you a reality check for yourself.

    I have always felt bad for many things not worth mentioning and still I am not used to it.

    People say that time heals everything and some even say that it doesn't heal but teach you to live with all the problems, bad memories and every damn thing that happened to you.

    But time made me strong and I try my best to overcome the things that someday hurted me and made me void of feelings.


  • vijivg1708 1d

    Not OK

    I am Not OK
    Without Your presence
    With your Memories

  • idreamofdaffodils 1d

    Some pains are like that
    When we get used to it
    It won't be felt as pain anymore...

    #Mirakee #Malayalam #memories #English

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    പൊരുത്തപ്പെട്ടു കഴിയുമ്പോൾ ചില
    വേദനകൾ, വേദനകൾ അല്ലാതായി മാറും
    © simikoottappillil

  • love_was_my_breath 1d

    Sometimes , it's harder the other way


  • ratnanshi 1d


    Ten years from now. You are cleaning your home and you come across a dusty box. You can't remember what it is. But you open it and suddenly memories crash upon you. You pick up the school dress, the one you wore for years and the blurred images in your mind suddenly clear. You remember life as it was before. Without a tension in the world. You pick up your class photograph and all those faces are as clear as they were before. The ones you still, sometimes, talk to along with the ones you are no longer in touch with. You remember the banter, the laughter, the fights, the fun, the love, the heart break and every thing in between. You hear a random song and you can't move because it reminds you of the days you wish you could go back to. You don't take a certain turn on the road because it was the way you and your friends used to go almost daily. You don't eat dark chocolate anymore because the colour reminds you too muchof someone's eyes. You remember the things you thought you forgot and the things that you still sometimes recall in the middle of a busy day and you wonder where the memory came from. You close the box for maybe another ten years. Nostalgia hits you and while you sit back you wonder why there are raindrops on your cheeks but then you realize that you are indoors.

  • guxzto 1d

    Ye baat bhi sahi hai, ki kal tumhe jana to hai
    Par ye mulakat,mere jeene ka bahana to hai

    Umar guzarti hai kisi kisi ki intezaar mai yun
    Tanha raton k liye mere pas, ek sirhana to hai


  • khamosh_alfaazz 2d


    मैं तुम्हारे साथ था, लेकिन तुम ना थे
    मैं तुमसे प्यार करता था, लेकिन तुमने ना किया
    मैंने बस तुम्हारे सपने देखे,
    लेकिन तुमने तो मेरा साथ भी ना चाहा
    मैंने तो सिर्फ़ तुम्हें ही था चाहा
    लेकिन तुमने कभी कुछ चाहा ही नहीं
    मैंने तुम्हारे लिए अपने छोड़े, सपने छोड़े
    छोटे बड़े सारे ख्वाब अपने तोड़े
    लेकिन तुम्हें बस तुम्हारे ख्वाबों का ख्याल रहा
    मेरे मन में क्या क्या था चलता
    तुमने कभी जानना ही ना चाहा
    तुम्हारे ख्याल, तुम्हारी बातें जहन से अभी भी जाती नहीं
    तुम ज़िन्दगी में आयी तो नहीं
    लेकिन फ़िर भी जाती क्यूँ नहीं

  • itsmaanvi 2d


    "Goodbye are not that hurts, but the memories that follows."

    -Maanvi Bisen

  • soultxt 60w

    A stroll down the memory of beach
    Started from the cry of seagulls ended with melody of waves
    The waves lapped against my feet as I stepped in
    My pulse started to tune to the waves
    It felt like the waves whispered
    "Joy comes like a tide leaving ripples of nostalgia behind"
    The water was indeed salty but it treated me sweetly
    Sharing all the positive energy as it absorbed all the negatives
    As I held the sand in my palm it slipped away
    Sometimes it flew in my pockets
    Sometimes it landed in my memories
    I may have called it a day but the night never left me
    I may have left the place but it calls me back
    Back to the place where each memory was engraved in the heart forever