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  • rizla_rizla 77w

    Oh dear sky !
    Where are you now?
    I miss the way you made me feel...
    Hot and Cold..!

    "We could start a thing...
    Put your lips on mine..."
    I see you when I hear it
    Because you asked me the same...

    We have drifted apart, Haven't we?
    I know you stare at the sky and think of me
    Because once we were each others sky!

    What happened to us?
    Will we have another moment like our past?

    Now we hide under fake smiles and greetings
    And I hate it ...
    When I ask you of honesty..
    You tell me to don't do this to you...
    My hands are tied!

    I want to be Selfish
    I want things to be what they were once!
    But I know then I will lose you forever...

    So dear here i am
    Playing the game in your rules
    Because if I made the move
    I don't think you could take the blow...

    Its ok to feel sad
    After taking a decision
    Even if you loose...
    The smile will be worthy!

    But ours will be always a bittersweet one,
    Wouldn't it?