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    Innocent, chaste, lowly
    Didn't succumb to the praises
    men and gods offered to her beauty.
    Heart as pure as fine gold
    Blessed with glorious hair which was the most wonderful of her charms.
    Born an angel from a loin that created monsters.
    Mortal amongst immortals
    Surrendered herself to the service and worship of Athena

    Mortal men instigated Athena's jealousy
    Poseidon stole her virtue and chastity
    Betrayed and cursed by the very one she ran to for refuge
    Her gaze which once sparked the hearts of men
    Now left all men who stared on it petrified.
    She who was light in darkness
    Became the greatest darkness of all.
    Men, gods, mortals, and immortals alike
    sort for ways to end her.
    But none could conquer a heart that bled like hers did.
    Until Perseus!

    With Hermes'winged sandals
    Hades'helmet of invisibility
    Athena's shield and
    A sword that could cut through anything.
    Perseus ended Medusa
    Her head ripped from her neck.
    But even in her death her magic lived on
    In a Kybisis did Perseus keep her head
    Used in battle to defeat his enemies.
    For her stone gaze neither died nor dwindle in it's strength
    Her blood used to take lives and raise from the dead
    The lock of her snake hair used as an amulet to chase out demons

    In birth Medusa was an angelic guardian to all men
    And in death, an evil to repel evil.

    © Blackdee

  • thebhavnasaxena 14w

    In the masquerade I am lost,
    My fingers scratch at their
    Artificial faces, wearing my
    Solitude like an ancient curse
    In my skin, I am the one in
    This carnival of lust and passion,
    With no mask hiding my face,
    Save for the elflock that sits
    Atop my head like a vicious crown,
    Clasping in its tangles a drop of
    My blood, from the day my heart
    Was broken, I cannot see, I cannot
    Look, the debris of my fragile heart
    Clouds my eyes like a blindfold of ice,
    Of stone, in a masquerade I am blind,
    Hoping to find, the one with gentle fingers,
    To undo the tangles in my soul, yearning
    To drink from his lips the elixir to make
    My heart whole again, I know not what
    Name to call out, in a masquerade I am
    Lost, I am blind, stumbling from one
    Person to another, their fingers cruel
    On my flesh, they feast on me, as if I
    Were an exotic fruit, till I succumb

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    To my fate, I surrender, I whisper,
    My voice tasting like gravel in my mouth,
    I collapse to the ground, and wait to be
    Trampled upon, till I feel my elflock grow
    Like vine, slither down my arms like snake,
    In the masquerade I was reborn, and
    Those who feasted upon me, now tremble
    At my shadow, they don't dare to look
    Me in the eye, my name is legend,
    Whispered in hushed voices,
    I was a lost girl,
    I am a monster,
    I am Medusa.

  • jayhuntermaddox 14w

    Medusa Spell

    I look at you and see why your name is Medusa
    For your beauty had cast a spell on me
    When I look at you i freeze
    Just wondering can she be
    The one I've been looking for
    From my dream
    I am stun
    Seeing your eyes how beautiful they are i can not look away
    And hearing your laugh make my heart ache
    When we hugs it take my breath away
    I don't know if this is real or not
    For i want you in my arms
    And I in yours
    Can't stop thinking on what we can become
    For it's truly a blessing
    When we spend time together
    I know some things will get in our way
    But that will never stop me
    For I think I'm caught in....

  • thebhavnasaxena 18w


    In the book of life,
    She had meant to write
    A story of a conquering
    Warrior queen, but instead
    She turns the pages to find, the tale
    Of a wicked queen, holding onto
    Her crown even as her fingers bleed
    And her throne is adorned with the
    Bones of countless innocents.
    She tears up the pages,
    Her book stained crimson.

    In the masquerade of life,
    She wished, nay, longed to be the Venus,
    All beauty, all grace, all charm, and
    The power of a goddess, at midnight,
    The masks come off, and the mirror
    On the wall shows her a Medusa, her own
    Gaze turning her to stone, cold, unfeeling,
    She hates the mirror, let it shatter
    Beneath her feet.

    Let her bleed, drain her out,
    She carries vile blood in her veins
    And vendettas poison her heart,
    How did this happen, she tries to
    Recall, but statues just are, their
    Memories frozen in some pocket
    Of oblivion, statues do not bleed,
    So if this be the curse she put upon
    Herself, let her fall from the mountain
    Of her vanity and let her break.

  • enleightonment 22w


    There are things I dare not touch,
    Mirrors I dare not gaze into.
    I've since survived Medusa's cold stare,
    but the hissing continues to brew.

  • biancaquinn21 23w

    Medusa curse

    What is this, that's in my life everyone , everything Turns to Stone, watch you might just turn , Medusa in the making our beauty being our curse, why is it that our Beauty brings so much pain are we cursed for our Beauty? sometimes bringing more pain than Joy for those around us , is it our ignorance that Blinds our whole thinking; or are we just toxic . Be careful that you do not succumb to our charms do not get to close for our touch , looks ;intelligence Turns all to Stone .

  • questioning_life 29w

    Woven strands of golden thread delicately brush agisnt the green,
    Flashes of silver make a warning cry that can be heard from a distance,
    Ashes are spread in the air like perfume and their heads are cut off in a line,
    The brown and wilted are frozen in time as if they looked into Medusa's eyes,
    Droplets of sorrow cascade from the hearts of the ones they never got to say goodbye to,
    Unkownly aiding the roots of the shadows plastered with beauty.


  • aliyaazeez 47w


    Mystical Lady!
    You are Beauty Synonymous
    The only Mortal Gorgon.
    Everything seemed Perfect!
    Until Your Pretty Cheeks
    Transformed into a
    Dreadful Image!
    Locks into Deadly Serpents
    Hissed and Venomed!
    And your Stare
    Turned everyone to Stone.
    A Misfortune you thought.

    Fierce and Tough!
    A Winged Female
    Persona of Intoxication...
    Yet an Alluring Attention.
    Deep Eyed Medusa,
    Why weren't you Happy
    With the Change?
    Though having the Power to Petrify.
    Why didn't you
    Consider Yourself Strong?
    But a Powerless, Vulnerable Girl
    Ready to be Tamed for Anything.

    Ain't you the Sole Sufferer?
    If so,
    What was your Fault?
    To be a Victim of Rape
    Or have an Exceptional Beauty
    To Seduce even
    The God of Sea.
    And Own an Awful Fate!
    Complete Subjugation...
    Raped, Damned and Killed!

    You think,
    Athena must have been Jealous,
    Wrath of Suspicion...
    That she gave you such
    An Ill Fate...
    Well, I think
    She Protected you
    From the Cruel Heinous Creatures...
    Indeed! She Punished You!
    For You were so Gullible.
    She taught you Strength,
    Your Gaze turned Men to Stone!
    Don't you think
    Every Girl should Possess such
    An Extraordinary Power
    When one Dares to Look at Her.

    O My Mystical Lady!
    Don't Pity Yourself
    For the Curse
    Was a Blessing!
    You carried a Power Sting with You!
    Nothing was a Torture
    You Endured!
    Rather a
    Definite Revenge.
    A Boon.. to Cast a Harsh
    Gaze at Immoralities!

    Every Girl should be Medusa.
    For she is the
    Flawless Paradigm
    To Face Monstrous Mortals
    With One Stare through
    And Strangle the Predators
    With the Dreadlocks!

    #mirakee #writersnetwork
    #medusa #medusemystique

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    Mystical Lady!

  • aivsairandhri 48w

    #medusa #cees_tp_chall #battle #past

    The worst battle is when you wage it against your own self and your past.
    Here, 'medusa' is the haunting past.

    Medusa slithers around
    Hissing the scaly past
    Turning present to stones
    And smashing them to scintillas
    Such 'eyeopeners',
    Their pity crash the ears.
    They giggle at the blindness
    And mock the escape plan.

    You had sworn to kill her
    But you are no perseus.
    You have no thunderbolt,
    No pegasus will fly to you
    You lost before the battle,
    You think and sigh.
    Then the puzzle gets solved
    The light at the end of the tunnel
    Has grown.
    Looking at Medusa
    You saw the marble tears.

    Its upto oneself whether to slay or to embrace their demons.

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  • eden_with_eve 59w

    A snakes tongue behind her teeth.
    Polished in perfection, her pearls gleam.
    Gorgeous is this gorgon as she gorges in her garden.
    Beauty in bountiful harvest, but the world calls her heartless.
    A shame a heretic should have such lovely lips.
    A mouth lined with poison kiss cuts to the quick.
    The world swears she is careless, made of chaos, too cutthroat for cultivated conversation.
    They have no idea how careful she is, God forbid she ever be so fickle as to truly be unkind, for the world would never know her only as Medusa.
    Instead they would fear her as the Mother of Monsters, Queen of Devils, Bringer of Battles, Goddess of Ghouls, Snake Whisperer...
    How gracious of her to give you gossip alone because rumors won't rend you in two.
    Take your words and worship warriors who couldn't stop her should she truly wish to wreak her vengeance.
    In her garden she leaves you alone, she allows the veil of mystery to grow, a true monsters mistress would maul you leaving no words for whining mouths.

  • clearer_than_the_sparkles 77w

    [Medusa, Girlhood, Beauty♀, Female Rage]

    Immediately I recall Caravaggio's painting of Medusa, feared by the male heroes of Greek Mythology. I remember being sixteen, standing in an art gallery, marble floors shining and my breath echoing around the room:
    Medusa has her mouth open in bloody hysterical scream, her head decapitated; it is silenced by the glass separating the painting from me. It reflects my face over her own- a mirror.
    I'm eighteen now and I want to scream. Rage. Cry. We are told not to. My head firmly attached to my neck, writhes with snakes of questions about this. I've no snakes for hair, yet my own contentious relationship with the concepts of beauty and ugliness seems to explain my having some sharp edges.
    When girls are weighed on the scales of beauty, of worth- am I not allowed to simply exist? -the scale places rage on the negative end. Medusa is given trauma, has it forced down her throat and into her lungs; Medusa is given a blade to her neck for daring to be mad about it. Girls are given trauma and they are given no place to put it down.


    →image credits to the rightful owner.

    #Medusa #Femalerage #beauty #society #Greekmythology #mythology #pod #mirakee #miraquill

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  • thataviguy 83w

    I wished to get her out of my head.
    Had my heart become a stone!
    Like I had Medusa in my bed.

  • painful_truth 91w

    I prided myself for being able to seduce a god...
    But fate took an unfortunate twist...
    I may be a villian , but only because you made me one...
    Laugh and mock me all you want
    But remember...
    Be careful, for that will be the last thing you do...

  • amethyst_flame 107w

    Look at me
    Look at me and see;
    What those forsaken Gods did to me.
    I am the mortal Gorgon, a known myth
    In this story that I exist.
    I crawl from the ground, to a cave of trees
    I look in horror as my hair made a hiss
    Athena, my God cursed me.
    Cursed because of the God of the sea.
    Touched my cherished body.
    And was never even sorry.
    Into dizzying chaos, men and women shout and moan.
    Behold thy power– dare to look and you'll be stone.

  • abhishekkamble 110w

    Wicked shadow

    A wicked shadow saw my eyes,
    I ran to escape this haunting
    Nothing could get me closer even after tries
    Was it medusa ? It left me daunting,


  • imloki 112w

    "A Cupid's Mistake"

    The world was once embraced with love and happiness. There is no such thing as sadness and hatreds for there was a lone God living in the highest part of the heaven. His name is Cupid, the God of love and happiness. He was having a good physique and a charming face with a golden yet curly hair, and a pair of arrow and a bow tied at his back.

    One night, he went down from the sky to see how beautiful the world is. He keeps on venturing around while maintaining its levitation. No one could see him, as he is only visible to those people who is in need of love and happiness. He went into a forest where he suddenly heard a cry from a woman.

    "Why are you crying beautiful lady?" he asked the woman and was idled at that moment when he finally saw her face.

    "I need someone who will love me." she said.

    "I can help you, you'll be love and happy." the lady rejoiced after hearing those.

    Sooner, they decided to meet up frequently. Cupid felt the love and affection towards her. They shared a lot of memories and been happy together until one day, Cupid was so exhausted and fell asleep after helping other beings with his divine power. The lady suddenly appeared next to the sleeping God and unveiled her true form. A snake-headed lady, Medusa.

    "There is no way that I will love you Cupid, everything is fake, all I need are your wings that will free me from this curse, I—will be beautiful and my dear Poseidon will love me again." she whispered to the God before she cuts the both feathered-wings of his. Tears raced into his cheeks as he witnessed how the girl she love deceived her.

    The God was left alone, helpless and unable to fly. He became weak as he can't stay any longer in the land. He can no longer embraced the world with his power. The world was in chaos, suicides and war took a massive part after. Cupid became a mortal. Sooner, he died.

    The world was fallen, so as the God who made a mistake.
    #greek #mythology #cupid #love #romance #sad #gods #medusa #sings

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    "A Cupid's Mistake"


  • sarahrachelea 115w

    Medusa Mama

    She's a daughter of Heaven and Earth
    A sister of the Moon and the Stars
    She made a friend with dragon and so was rain

    As you can see
    In her stone gaze eyes, lays a very deepest sea

    Rainbow bridges is her lashes
    With her silky snakey hair that as grey as the ashes

    Risen up from the dark paradise
    The love she felt, can't be compromised

    Doom of Medusa
    She's the bride and the gloom

    It was never a fairytale
    She fell in love with the Damned Hell
    Brings her enormous suffering pain
    And teardrops that's only you can tell


  • sky_full_of_stars 116w


    If you observe closely, medusa is the greatest metaphor for mental illness. By this, I mean not the cause of her curse, but her curse itself, the very act of turning every living thing she sets her eyes on to stone.

    Imagine a punishment this severe, imagine a burden so unfair, that the simple act of looking at what you love takes the life out of it. I wonder how many of us truly feel like her, that the fear of admiring and cherishing what we love and then destroying it in the process has eventually stopped us from truly noticing it all.


  • nonilaores 117w


    In greek mythology Medusa was a monster, a Gorgon, generally described as a winged human female. She had living venomous snake on her head in place of hair and those who gazed upon her face would turn to stone.

    So Medusa, can be a not so nice character in Greek mythology. There are many variation on her character, we read many, we interpret many.
    Here today I have a short poem on her.

    "The stony essence and hissing poise,
    Made her a symbol of fear.
    The beauty, of her pretending face, lured men to her...
    The long snake headed, Medusa holed a grudge in her heart...
    She condemned all those, who came to her...
    Hating them with power and anger.
    The snake headed Medusa, holed the world."

  • bemboo 121w


    Arms are sore at the sight of a prickly rose.
    Those arms are the longing for the blue veins.

    Veins on the arms are reciting.

    Our green color is Once those thorn of roses,
    The red color of our heart is Once those flowers of roses.

    We didn't know all the beautiful and
    hurtful things would only turn into bodies!

    Serpents, express your sympathy 
    for the face of this body!