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  • dnswords 22w

    सच्ची mohabaat वो हे की,

    प्यार ठुकराने के बाद...... उनको आझाद छोड दे

    Force बिलकुल ना करे ...!

    और अंत तक freindship निभाते रहे.... निस्वार्थ भाव से ❤️

  • dinakarreddy 28w


    I know your heart, but I am from a different medium.


  • landoflitdiaries 55w

    Medium of Expression

    Language is the medium which connects two different people. Words are the source of explaining your feelings and your state of mind.
    But Eyes?
    They just express anything and everything. They don't need any source or medium to express what they feel or think. Just a look in someone's eyes and you know their state of mind.
    There's a reason why they're the most sensitive and expressive. Honest and comforting. Beyond any source or medium which connects two humans stronger than anything.

  • anunknownwriter 61w

    so actually

    The Real/GOD


    actually that jizabel ass
    with did that molested those
    children you gave her to molest
    she calls herself GACE in the church

  • peedeedeshpande 62w

    मराठी शाळा

    इंग्रजी भाषेतून शालेय शिक्षण घेऊन पुढील आयुष्यात उच्च प्रगतीची आशा आपल्या मुलाकडून बाळगणे हे अजून गाडी नीट न शिकलेल्या ड्रायव्हरने लांब पल्ला कमीत कमी वेळेत आणि अपघात न करता पूर्ण करावा अशी अपेक्षा ठेवण्यासारखे आहे. लहान वयात संकल्पना आणि संबोध मातृभाषेतून अधिक चांगले समजून येतात.


  • mariaaspiros 65w

    Her named is Pilar

    She got a long black hair
    A skin that matches fair
    Have the prettiest smile
    That last for a little, little while
    Her eyes were tantalizing
    That is so appetizing

    A voice that is soft and gentle
    That takes her to another level
    A charming face that can't defy
    I could never deny
    Dressed with a class
    And no one will dare to give a sass

    She have a heart of gold
    That is brave and bold
    Hands that are squishy
    But not fishy
    She thinks like a man
    That not everyone can


  • mariaaspiros 66w


    I am Aspi they so called "THE CLASSIC"
    I wonder what would it be like if I were not
    I hear people grumbling at me
    I see myself beyond what they see
    I want to be special
    I am Aspi the only one

    I pretend I am a great pretender
    I feel am surrounded by angels
    I touched the starry nights
    I worry about my loved ones
    I cry over friends
    I am Aspi "THE PRIMA"

    I understand no one understand me
    I say what I mean and mean what I say
    I dream to be someone else
    I try to control my wrath
    I hope for the best in everything
    I am Aspi "THE GANGSTER"


  • mariaaspiros 66w

    Confessions Of A Whacko

    So many voices in my brain
    Here, there and everywhere
    Oh girl, this is insane
    I would assume am in despair
    And nobody really care

    Thoughts are screaming
    Lips are silent, heart's leaden
    While rain is weeping
    Anticipating the anguish is lessen
    I have experience in this agonized depression

    All I ever wanted is a compassion
    Go for miles away with me
    Without single hesitation
    Please don't let me fall free
    But if I be, just let it be


  • mariaaspiros 66w

    Bleeding Scars

    One fine Monday afternoon
    Rushing to bathroom
    Never leave a moment to soon
    Scars open and starts to bleed
    A new heart is what I need

    Took some blood and tears
    From a curst of cold war
    Fighting for years
    I do not have to go far
    To know where you are

    It will be marked as tattooed
    Like a visible ink on a paper
    You think I will chase you dude
    Even after twenty years later
    That gave me airs


  • mariaaspiros 66w

    A Idiosyncratic Bond

    It isn't the red ribbon that binds us together
    Nor not the mighty bond super glue either
    The connection we had unifies us one
    That none can describe us we are done
    This bond knows no genetic it just began

    Entangled souls that destined to meet
    Only then that was based on self-conceit
    Concealed thoughts caused me bosom tear
    The only friend I hold dear
    You know I will not deny

    A nourishing friendship is like a weed
    No matter the season and time of the day
    But one day it will be freed
    When the bond is no longer in need
    Such are the feelings of a friendship


  • mariaaspiros 66w

    Bittersweet Goodbye

    Knocked once, you pressed me twice
    A cold-hearted person with a dice
    Sweet girl that is in love with a price
    Cut me through with just one slice
    Since you were so nice

    Listened to their advice
    Sacrificed won't suffice
    Acting as cold as ice
    Am over the edge of paradise
    Fooling myself with all the lies

    All she believes are her eyes
    That only sees the darkest skies
    Didn't notice the angel in disguise
    The great door open flies
    Just like the love defies

    When the memory dies
    Still the writer cries
    And softly sighs
    In distance will arise.
    Just barely staying alive


  • mariaaspiros 66w


    Night and day I feel trouble
    In a sigh came in double
    I ran into my bed
    Racing thoughts in my head
    Trying to keep calm instead

    You did asked me how I feel
    And if my love is real
    So hence you appeal
    That the broken me
    Is made of stainless steel

    People say that life is just a wheel
    And take things slow and let it heal
    A part of me wants to believed
    That everything can be deceived
    Because am young and so naive


  • mariaaspiros 66w

    Monster In Your Eyes

    As she grows up faster
    Did not wish to be stronger
    She fear inside the monster
    That brings terrible disaster
    Hoping someone stops her

    Needing the help of a doctor
    Who played like an actor
    Mastered the game soccer
    Expected to act proper
    Just like a behave daughter

    Followed by a stalker
    Trying to hide in a locker
    Hang on you are a goner
    That is all that matter
    Nothing to be seen but water


  • mariaaspiros 66w

    Souvenir De Toi

    Your smells linger are you aware
    As the wind blows your green hair
    Didn't I, didn't I try to care
    Not ashamed to been seen
    With you anywhere

    Seen the soul behind your eyes
    Trying hard to recognize
    Ain't looking for nothing
    In anything lies
    If you seen one
    It is a blessing in disguise

    Eversince I saw your smile
    Wouldn't thought I will cry for a while
    Untouchable flawless white skin
    A beautiful young woman dream within
    Caught myself to be in


  • mariaaspiros 66w

    The Mask

    I loved to wear a mask
    Different occasion, different task
    People wonder the face behind
    All they know is nowhere to find
    Until they stopped to mind

    A fascinating mystery
    With so much history
    Brings joy and misery
    Called for contradictory
    Claimed all the victory

    I do admit
    Master of two-faced hypocrite
    Enjoyed bit by bit
    Made a promised to commit
    Never thinking to quit

  • mariaaspiros 66w

    A Doleful Clown

    Happy outside but cracked inside
    Puts on a make up with a fake smile
    Hiding the feelings always been denied
    Dressing in fashion with a style

    Curtains dropped and the light clicks
    Cheeks were like a rose, nose like a cherry
    Facing the crowd with a bag of tricks
    Feeling everyone blissful and merry

    Under the smooth white skin
    Neither picture a case of skeleton within
    Applauded by many for the mad skills
    Fill the pocket with a dollar bills


  • mariaaspiros 66w

    7 Short Months

    It was a on and off closeness
    Three months getting to know
    All we had was lightness
    Until that day I made a blow
    Kept the friendship below

    Alas woke up with the reality
    Blinded by a lucid delusion
    Lived 7 months of fantasy
    Confirms my conclusion
    That indeed a one sided friendship

    What an awful way to end
    From friends to strangers
    I can no longer pretend
    That the world around me changes
    Ignoring all the danger
    I will stay the same through the ages


  • your_self 79w

    Is Communication important in our lives and why is that so, if at all it's been indulged with the self !

    Here is a fundamental scripture of words flowing across you're activities, signs, mails, memes, posts, texts and lot more to one other or a group of people. There are certain ways in expressing out you're message, simultaneously the potion making sense because of enthusiasms, anxiety, excitements, anger, happiness take you along with the moments carrying you with feels making it.

    Dependingly when you're current situation - is out of track you may sight the attention with anger, sorrow.., If the same situation is carrying it's path in a peaceful manner, you would be definetly enjoying, joyous lot more.., So you're actions are taking place and reacting in forming up a relationship with any being in it's way.

    Most of the being's in this beautifying globe is found with many species interacting with their mediums and having lots of things in common, which would be differing with expressions, looks, sighs, movements, verbal, non-verbal speaks etc..,

    Terminology in understanding the concern towards every being creates some feeling, lots of emotions carrying it and maintaining the standards with you're humbleness, ability to listen, reach your message without harming, genuineness, responsibilities, patience, confidence.

    Adding some things which lack upon any conversation recreates the presence and absence for the reality wherein that absence of you're presence remains until you're next arrival with the words and quality to you're feelings in expressing out some point of view actually matters.

    Best reward out of it creates a satisfaction in progressing with the quality of being to reality. Understanding emotions and carrying the feel of speak to it's actual peak in reacting depends upon you completely.

    Uniqueness of talk which make you walk along with the words in reaching to a certain destination is been decided by you, so beware of you're being because the lost second couldn't be returned back to it's original form. Broken glass could never be the same but after creating it with a new version, that speaks with the presence of handling cautiously.

    Lot of seconds awaiting for you to make your being for this reality and I hope the best to come out of you in the process of gaining successful victories for being you're path of all the parts of life in a successful and significant.

    Be successful in flourishing with the control towards you're words.


  • jessejamz 80w

    Why do I write

    I write because it brings me peace.
    I write because I get to do as I please.
    I write because it is a great release.
    I write because I can do it with ease.

    I write because it helps me process what I think and how I feel.
    I write when there is Nobody to listen and I need to go on a spiel.
    I write for progress and change when I'm standing still.
    I write for truth and the mystical, trying to find peace surreal.

    I write in hopes to bring out the beauty of my pain.
    I write hoping that my someone feels the same.
    I write because I'm
    depressed, full of disdain.
    I write in hopes to understand realitys' cosmic game.

    I write mostly because I am alone.
    I write because I feel I do not belong.
    I write when I need to bicker and moan.
    I write hoping to know the unknown.

    I write as a medium to get out my most raw and sincere expressions.
    I write to fight the demons and devils advocating malign transgressions.
    I write because I am far too often stressing.
    I write to remind myself to count my blessings.

  • nleroy8 94w

    I am not a price, but a prize if you treat me right. ♥️

    #love #heart #hands #man #money #candy #happy #medium #mirakee @writersnetwork

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    happy medium

    If I put my heart into ones hands
    How would it be handled? Would it
    Be dangled like a dollar to a child?
    Knowing it could fall on the ground
    For it to go pop? Or into another's grasp
    With their unwashed fingers? I hear them
    Sing notes about you which may be a sign
    Of my heart being treated like a dime
    Something precious of mine.
    I am not a price, but a prize if you
    Treat me right, flipping me on the wrong side
    Gets you a sigh of not relief but of me
    Just leaving.
    I need someone to care for my heart
    Daintly, I want it played and played fair
    Not with too much pressure.
    I want my heart talked to like a level four
    I can't be squeezed to slip from a clutch
    That pleases no one, I want a latch of
    Candy coating and man handling
    A happy medium.