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  • nocturnal_enigma 2w

    * 21.11.2021; 12.54 A.M (Malaysia)

    #routine #wod @miraquill

    #treadmill #meal #mile #smile

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    Untitle 91 ~

    I've been running on the treadmill.
    Dieting? No. I doesn't skip a meal.

    How long is the distance? A mile?
    Sweaty and thirsty. But, I smile.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • sonu99 27w

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    Savoury starter
    stimulates our
    before meal.

    Sweet dessert
    satiates our pleasure
    after meal.

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    Starter and Dessert

    Savoury starter
    stimulates our
    before meal.

    Sweet dessert
    satiates our pleasure
    after meal.

  • kidsarol129 27w

    Painted Mirror with a twist of ‘Where the Walls Meet’ & ‘Home Cooked Verse’. [ A Meal’s Prompt]

    Sometimes parables come,
    to the relish of the abundance of food,
    of a fervid viand in a fastfood:
    It’ll pass in the form
    of a filthy kid,
    whose teeny-tiny fingers
    and wretched palms will be adherent
    to the refulgence and chasteness of crystal cleared window,
    and to his departure,
    because of your indifference
    indicated by the aversion of your gaze,
    the terms will be left
    as sticking dirt on the glass,
    until removed, polished with scourer’s abstertions,
    rub with white capped liquid,
    shipshape detergent and a streamy sponge
    in conjunction with wiping the perspiring hand on the sweaty brow.

    Sometimes parables come
    in the midst of profound serene of slumber:
    To startle you one dawn,
    in the darkest hour of night
    before the first rays of light came,
    was a tacit mystical woman
    harkening to the impulse; awakening her minds eyes
    body rise, went to the dinette,
    asked herself, “How’s the verse cooked?”
    Little did she knew;
    behold at the memory of an trivet archaistic yesterday,
    she cooked it on the rig of spiciness from bittersweet aches,
    the sweetness caused by his makeshift love.
    From failures, she squeeze the bitterness
    and blend it with the acerbities of poison.
    Now, the flavor that springs from it
    In the intensity of rage, she boiled it.

    Before she serve the latent cooked verse,
    she mollified it first with the cooked of delight,
    and when the spirit of table is set,
    she share the dish prepared!


    #meal #wod #pod

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    A Meal’s Prompt

  • yours_fortune 27w


    Let's order something :- Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra

    Let me make something delicious :- Virgo, Cancer, Pisces

    Oops I created a mess in kitchen :- Aries, Scorpio, Aquarius

    "Well would love to eat something cooked by you, I won't be doing anything" :- Taurus, Leo, Capricorn

  • heyoka_warrior 28w

    Prayer is essential
    Just when you wake up,
    Before you eat your meals,
    After you eat your meals,
    In everything you do,
    And everywhere you go,
    Anytime of the day,
    And before you sleep at night;
    Prayer is essential;
    Prayer is a meal;
    Prayers for everyday;
    Prayers for everyone.


  • thepoetessph 29w


    the lady hast a big appetite
    she doth not skip meals
    his words were her favorite dish
    yond did make her satisfied
    but these savory words wast junk deals
    harmful yet she couldst not resist


  • msushil 29w

    Oh! My supper,
    you wait for me;
    Your Presence is ephemeral,
    But the aroma is soul satisfying.
    Day's turmoil,
    Duty's tension,
    Mind's unrest all you control.
    Yes, you leave
    To fill the starving stomach
    And eyes become a nonfunctional clock
    So unaware that
    time will gallop
    to bring the next day's emotions.

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    Oh! My supper,
    you wait for me;
    Your Presence is ephemeral,
    But the aroma is soul satisfying.
    Day's turmoil,
    Duty's tension,
    Mind's unrest all you control.
    Yes, you leave
    To fill the starving stomach
    And eyes become a nonfunctional clock
    So unaware that
    time will gallop
    to bring the next day's emotions.

  • saif5alam 29w

    Lately, I realized
    that everything
    Everything "We have"
    becomes "we had",
    Times changes
    so do people,
    It's important to
    Know your value
    In their life before
    Making them your life,
    It's so important to
    Make yourself your
    Prior before making
    anyone else,
    It's important to
    Fall in love with yourself
    Than with someone else,
    People you love will
    Love someone else,
    People you care will care
    Someone else,
    And that's not what
    you're worthy of.
    Leave someone who treats
    You like the rest in their life.
    Because not every moon
    Belongs to your sky.

  • leena_afsha_ishrot 29w

    #meal #leena_unsaidwords #pod #wod #letter #ceesreposts

    Mind stuff ��


    Read at your own risk!

    A letter to a mother, asking for not to force her to get marry soon

    A long piece

    20-5-21 1:16 a.m.

    I ain't ready to marry, mummy
    Don't let me to marry by force
    He doesn't fall in category of human, mummy
    He is just attracted to my bodily appearance
    He never tried to listen what I need
    Mummy, please I beg you
    Don't let me to tie knot by force
    I deserve someone better, but not him
    Mummy! Mummy!
    Whom will you choose?
    Your daughter or will you listen to that astrologer?
    Who said you "she should marry before the age of twenty-fifth years of her life?"
    Why mummy?
    Am I not capable to buy clothes for me?
    As I not worthy to fulfill my basic needs?
    Why mummy, you hand over me to an unknown place?
    Mummy! I beg you I ain't ready to marry
    Society is made of us, you, me and them
    Is my voice not able to break the barriers of shackles of my life?

    Every night he peeled off my skin
    As if I am a delicious dish in his dinner plate
    Why mummy, you let me in to marry?
    I weep, oppose from the initial time
    Why do you have to always listen to that astrologer?
    Why mummy?
    Is that astrologer more important than my life?

    This. is no less than a marital rape
    He wants a chicks in his dinner plate everyday
    Without any emotions involved from my side
    He polluted the sacred term "marriage"
    Those slaps, odour of wine, marks on face, hand
    Sometimes pulling me by holding my hair in a tight grip
    Why mummy you force me to marry?

    If I share about my relationship
    People called me vulgar
    "Look! How one can be ungrateful towards own husband?"

    Mummy, do I deserve this
    I bear everything
    But this time I quit
    I choose to hang myself
    I know you and Baba gave my every things that I asked for
    But this time, I beg you to give me to live freely
    But you and Baba believed in those superstitions
    Which lead to this consequences
    I am sorry mummy
    We will meet again after this life
    Where there is a peaceful world
    Where a voice of girl is not unheard
    Where superstitions doesn't exist
    Pollution free world
    Mummy, this is not the relationship
    That you and Baba have
    You, and Baba have a serenity in your bond
    Unfortunately not in mine

    I quit to live, mummy
    I did everything what always you all want me to do, mummy
    But this time I spoke to live freely, independently
    Yet you choose to select the stranger instead of me

    Mental health!
    What does it defines?
    Who cares about mental health?
    It's more dangerous than you think, mummy
    It's more dangerous than death'

    Your lovely daughter

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  • hoorbanu98 29w

    Precious meal from GOD♥

    Oh my Allah,
    do not ever let your servants go hungry,
    I know you haven't done this
    And never will

  • sproutedseeds 29w

    Donation of a meal is the bestest donation
    which gives full satisfaction to both the donor and the receiver.
    "The capacity of one's stomach has its limits."
    We cannot overload with more and more for the greed of food.

    Donation of any other form other than "food"
    increases the greed to have more.


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    The sacred offering of food
    gives pleasure in
    satisfying hungry stomach
    with a meal
    is the highest form of
    donation by the
    mankind to the mankind.


  • _siddhitaa 29w

    Are you really having a meal?

    I remember starving myself just to get in shape. I remember how much I hated the food that my mom cooked for me with love. I remember trying to follow a diet even when there was no need. I remember falling sick more often because of the inadequacy of nutrients in my body. I remember being in oblivion when it came to the meals that I barely had. I remember doing all of this just to 'fit in' the beauty standards. But at what stake? If only someone had told me that it's not only about looking good but also about feeling good. As times changed, I realized the importance of the daily meals. Mindful eating is something that I embrace alot now. I have realized that it's okay to choose milkshakes over green tea when you feel low, cheesecake over protein bar when you want to reward yourself. Isn't it fascinating how your platter can actually change your mood or sometimes your mood can change your platter? Now that I am aware of what I am eating and how much is needed for my body, I feel more connected to my soul and it gives me a feeling of having control over my life.

  • landscape 29w


    Dinner was the
    last served meal
    I had before
    this catastrophe.
    The meal was hope
    served with the
    aura of echoing prayers.
    It had the mellow of
    sandalwood and
    catalyst rendering
    fainting of riots.

    Freedom was the epitaph
    on grey walls of custody,
    the dullness being the custodian
    promised a reality.
    The epitaph murmured
    a narrative,
    a part of the unheard melodies.
    The fountain water was tired
    of flowing, the flow made her
    eyes drown deep inside
    the chasm of limitations.

    The bowl of advices,
    The realm of happiness,
    Stood bare feet
    looking at the mirror
    day and night
    and backyard of achievements
    stood aside, watching faces.

    They were watching faces.
    They were watching faces which
    do not match with their own,
    the faces were lying in run over
    corners of happiness,
    they are still not served even
    with the breakfast.
    They are served with poverty
    prior to empty bowls.

    Dinner was the last meal
    before our conversation
    that brought us the
    satisfaction of our day,
    the eulogy to appetite
    but see how these
    empty bowls are
    still vagabonds
    with their masters.

    - coral


    Thank you so much team. @writersnetwork

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    Impoverished ones run one step ahead of time but unfortunately, they do not get their bowls filled at 9 o'clock.

    - Clock

  • absynth 29w


    Dear Breakfast-
    My morning date.
    Thy fruits are fulfilling
    And thy buttered toast
    Adds grace to my grumpy face
    While triggering my appetite
    For a new day flavored in fresh sun rays.

    Dear Lunch-
    My friendly fiesta.
    You give freely of yourself
    And mellow down my senses
    Letting me drift into a siesta.
    In your company I can laze
    And never hear you complain.
    It's your luscious leniency
    That makes me come back to you again.

    Dear Tea Time-
    You are really kind
    To let me savor a cookie or two
    To keep the taste on my tongue alive
    And dissolve sweetness in my life.
    You are the closest friend of night
    And help me rejuvenate
    Before the lunatic moon
    Appears in the sky.

    Dear Dinner-
    You are my baby sitter
    When the darkness takes over.
    Not to sleep on an empty stomach
    Is what you always advise
    While kissing my lips goodnight
    Then satiating my insides.
    Thanks for making my dreamlands fertile
    With your gastronomic delights.


  • _minnaa_ 29w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

    This is just another rainy night. As everybody else in my house is occupied in the rooms, I am not left with a calm space to introspect. It is like that always, I need my dose of solitude. So here I am, sitting in our porch, on a cane chair, sipping a cup of masala chai, listening to old Hindi classics, trying to pen down what exactly I am doing. My pet cats are definitely trying hard to grab my undivided attention ( which of course they know will get denied).
    I can hear the sound of rain as rounds of applause ( I say continuous ones). The winds are giving me rush of thoughts, but I am just relaxed and not thinking much. I am not scared of the darkness around, for I feel liberated when I am writing.
    These are little things I have learned to savour. I say we need regular meals like these. Especially in times as tough as what we all are facing, it is of utmost importance. It will be the food for your soul. It will heal wounds sooner, it will uplift your energy levels, even to the point of fighting depression ( commonality nowadays!). I personally cannot find a better combination to stay afloat, to stay sane, to stay connected with my real (always dreamy) self.
    Just talking about an antidote to remain in touch with your actual selves.

    PS - The photograph is portraying the surroundings of our writer. Due credit given.

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    Dose of Solitude

  • nikkimira90 29w


    To me food is sacred,
    Food is a blessing
    And food isn’t something that should be wasted.

    The biggest pain I’ve felt is seeing how little humans help each other


    It breaks my heart when people waste food, that’s why I made a point to always finish mine and be grateful.

    We will never understand the worth of food until we starve.

    People see those on the streets as filth, they don’t see them as humans and they ignore their cries for help. Food tastes better when you share it with people.

    I might not know what it feels like to go for days without food or what it feels like to starve with no hope but I hate the fact that’s the reality that some people live in, I hate the fact that every time I look at my full plate someone else’s plate is empty.

    I hate the fact that those people don’t know what it’s like to eat three times, twice or even once in a day.

    They deserve more they deserve a relationship with food, everyone deserves a relationship with food.

    Everyone deserves the joy that comes with every meal.
    I pray that in the days to come they will eat to their hearts content.

  • hoorbanu98 29w

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #hoorbanu98 #meal #hoor #herlunchbox
    Here HER is my school bestie @NafeesaKhatoon ��������

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    Her school lunch box♥

    To say there was a tiffin box
    But what a special time it was
    When we girl's with tiffin box
    There used to be special food too in that
    Oh delicious, chapati and jam
    You were both too special that
    Like a round patli chapati someone
    Painted in red with more peace and love ....

    《 19-05-2021 》

  • sundarcvc 29w

    Bon Appetit

    Always carries that special,drooling feel,
    From following a strict diet on that fitness deal,
    To the candle lit Romantic date,
    Who's heart you wanna steal.
    Suprising us all with it's deep emotional appeal.
    Stop consuming that,
    It has high calorie,
    You don't wanna be called fat,
    Cause that ain't funny.
    Afraid of not being anyone's honey,
    A bowl of broccoli with a juice made of celery,
    Than being called fat,I prefer total flattery.
    Flag Bearer Of An Ideal Imagery,
    Being Desired,Makes me feel complete and happy.
    So all these are totally worth the money.

    Can't help it,
    As I can see and feel the irony.
    Careful and mindful of the things you eat,
    But careless and senseless of the behaviours you repeat.
    Very concious of the food and place you dined.
    Unconcious of the perceptions and its authenticity,
    That been constantly feed to your mind.
    Making us to forget being empathetic and kind.
    Releasing all our frustrations combined,
    Always ready to kick someone from behind,
    Just to feel better and unwind.
    Towards the cry for help we turn blind.

    To satisfy this hunger is the reason we grind.
    Pushing towards our answers we ought to find.
    For the search of meaning too is deeply entwined.
    Everything has it's time,
    A day consisting of 3 square meal,
    But it comes with a price,
    Happiness doesn't cost dime,
    But Hunger makes one commit crime,
    For one meal a day some steal,
    And pleeds to god to forgive,
    Towards his child's hungry wails he had to kneel.

    The one you called names,
    He's trying to heal,
    Eating,for the wounds within he's trying to conceal.
    This is the time we have ourselves to remind,
    Bullying And Humor are so fine lined.
    You never know what on in people's lives,
    Words can be sharper than knives,
    One powerful blow,enough to shatter his drives,
    Unknowingly contributing to a life that deprives.
    Who just doing his best to survive.

    Not against being fit and healthy,
    But just trying to feed in some empathy.
    Around us are many false ideals and misconceptions.
    But it's totally our decision,
    Not to give into the mass deception,
    But to think and make,
    Our own beliefs and perceptions.
    For self improvement is what we want after all,
    Be careful about which wolf you feed within, that's all.

    Bon Appetit!!!


  • howling_athena 57w

    Beauty of food : feasting or fasting ️????

    Food is such a strong expression of nourishment , nurturing , care , fulfillment of hunger and pure stance of Honor .

    Food engages all the senses
    1. SENSORY such as celebration, abundance, patriotism, and much more
    2. EMOTIVE such as love , romance , desires, gratitude, containment, maternal nurturing , seasonal food depicts change in season and what not
    3. ANALOGOUS such as its texture, flavour, nutrients, color .
    It depicts ethnicity, nationality, relationships, gestures, events, rituals, religion, regions and what not not .

    Food is such an omnipotent sovereign ✨️that it satisfies physical need of hunger as well as psychological needs . And hence powerfully , exotically and beautifully embedded in feasting and fasting .

    Feasting symobolizes festives , joyfulness, merriness , celebrations , conviviality, abundance, recreation, social status Here exotic , delicious foods combined with sweetness , savoury , spiced , tangy flavours and poached, marinated, roasted, glazed , fried , broiled with love and texture of crispness , honeyed , blackened , and velvety such as dhokla, patra , khandvi , samosa , kachori , bhel , Golgappe and various chaats dal batti churma, rajma chaval , baingan bharta , undhiyo sabji , Hyderabadi biryani , dosas, idlis , appam , aromatic sambars and rasaam ❤️, malai kofta, kababs ,Butter chicken , mutton rogan josh , aloo sabjis , variety of paneer sabji ♥️Rotla, chapati , tandoori roti, naan kulcha , litti chokha , chole bhature palak paneer , pizzas, pasta , burgers, Manchurian , turkey , sizzlers , lassi , gajar halwa , gulab jamun , kulfi , malpua , cakes , pastries, chocolates , besan laddo , karanjis , wines , various soups , rice dishes and the list never ends

    And than comes fasting , Fasting symbolizes abstinence from selfish and carnal desires . It connects you with divine and controls your mind and senses , detoxifies your body and mind and also depicts unconditional love for your beloveds (karwachauth , teej , solah somvar) Here healthy food which is absolutely delicious with flavours comes into picture such as sabudana khichdi , sabudana wada , sweet kachori, fruits, dryfruits , kuttu paratha , dates , malai khaja✨, phenia , rajgira laddo meethi mathri , potato chips , sabudana chips, sweet potato halwa puri , vermicelli kheer , phirni , sheer korma and the list goes on during fasts , navratri, ramadan, karwachauth and many more festivals

    Food is not just till feeding your stomach and satisfying your hunger but blend of many emotions and feelings and profusely embedded in our daily as well as celebratory life and so in our feasting and fasting days ️

    And hence it is rightly said that food is the ingredient that binds people together and foundation of pure happiness and bliss and the best way to nourish your soul and body ✨.

  • sumana_chakraborty 29w

    Sweet showers of mistique dawn
    Far stretching rusted autumn lawn
    Beguiling azure welkins
    Ocean and horizon's surreal union
    Rainfed viriscent foliage
    Feeding canopies
    As well as imaginations
    Of bard's bleeding boisterous quill
    An appetizer for reader's indeed.