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  • epimetheus 17w

    Everybody says be you, be real. Nobody knows what exactly does "real" mean! It's just their perception of real and when their expectations are not reached, you'll be labelled as fake!

  • _g_cabulary 22w

    @_vedika let the guessing game begin! ����

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    A home to let.

    I went for pen and paper
    to distant myself from you,
    just like warmth runs away
    on discovering the morning dew,

    Little did I know that it was a maze
    of memories, not letting me forget,
    for I was writing poetry
    but simply giving you a home to let.


  • heartscribbles 32w


    The maze of emotions,
    Where will they lead me?
    I am still wandering.

  • kichu_parameswaran 40w

    എല്ലാമറിഞ്ഞ് വച്ചുകൊണ്ട് ഈ ചോദ്യമുണ്ടല്ലോ
    തനിക്കെന്താ പറ്റിയെന്ന്... ?
    അത് ചോദിക്കുമ്പോ തനിക്ക് അറില്ലേർന്നോ ഉത്തരമുണ്ടാകില്ല എന്ന്..
    പിന്നേം എന്തിനാ

  • shayne366 56w

    Ghetto Theory

    Was reality meant for me
    As I'm seeing stuff crumble
    My face was shedding tears
    From all those dramatic troubles
    Somehow and someway
    We're stuck inside a maze
    We don't receive any help
    So they leave us to starve and stray

  • manisha_rameshbabu 58w


    Trapped in this
    World of criticism
    Is a lost soul
    Figuring her way out
    Before it's too late.
    Will following her heart
    Help her
    Reach her destiny?
    Or will she be
    Marooned forever?


  • dodgerzm 60w

    Maze of life

    Life can be crazy
    You never know until you face it
    I know I'm different I search for truth
    I look for answers
    This maze is huge
    To find the exit, first learn loose
    It's hard to do so
    Don't get confused
    The truth is out there
    for us to look
    The maze has exits
    To find the right one
    It's all on you

  • pallavi4 61w


    Winding , whistling , turning lanes
    Passages to the mind cage ,
    Twirling , swinging , circular trails
    Some cherry red, some soulful sage

    Ideas to iron out wrinkled thoughts
    Commit to ways confined ,
    Cages left open to set free
    From bonds of the creases of time

    Sometimes settling, sometimes wary
    Can someone ever contain ?
    Some fleeting , some endearing
    Some unsettling and some insane

    A mind , the most complex web
    Of trains of thoughts combined ,
    Few distract , few inspire
    Things of great detailed design

    Complicated grains of ideas connect
    Dots through space and time ,
    How do you find your way out of this labyrinth
    Made of borrowed thoughts and mine ?

    The mind can play games too
    So many tricks are up its sleeve ,
    Some pearly , pristine and white
    Some dark, sinful and unclean

    To stop that speeding racing brain
    That makes it hard to sleep ,
    Find freedom from the swirling thoughts
    Lock them up and throw away the key


    3rd of October, 2020

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • pallavi4 61w


    To whom do our thoughts belong to?

    Where do the thoughts that we think come from ? Are they ours, do they originate and reside within us ? Are they really original and germinate and get nurtured in our minds ?
    Or are they someone else’s and simply get absorbed by us ?

    The mind is such a complex maze of so many thoughts that move at such speeds that we cannot begin to comprehend the beginning and end of the process.

    Alternatively , the birth of an idea may completely not come from our own minds and just simply be the amalgamated sum total of what we see, observe and are told by others.
    Does this not complicate the origin of the same ?

    And in that case whose thoughts are our thoughts ? Ours because we thought of them inspite of being told of something by someone else . Or others, since they thought of them and spoke of the same. This is a never ending, unbroken chain where the origination of a thought is very difficult to trace.

    Who does a thought belong to ? Does it really belong to anyone ? Does every maker of every table owe they thought process to the thoughts of the man who made the first table ? Or do the changes in the design then mean that the new thought is an original one ?

    The very idea of being able to trace this complex web of exchanges and hence thought processes is both tedious and often irksome.

    Thoughts do not belong to anyone - they neither adhere to any rules nor follow any fixed patterns so as to be able to trace their origins .
    Wouldn’t it be great if we would only think of new things all the time and not be affected by what others were saying ? If only that were possible .

    Just like we do not belong to anyone in totality, cannot belong to anyone in totality- similarly thoughts too cannot truly, completely belong to anyone.... making them both unique and interesting at the same time .


    3rd of October, 2020

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- Laura H Rubin

    #belong #thoughts #maze #philosophy #philosophical_questions #questions #mind_games @writersnetwork #writerstolli #writersnetwork #mirakee #mirakeeworld #readwriteunite #thepoetrycommunity #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @mirakee

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  • akshay_vasu 64w

    I picked up those pieces of myself that I was searching for so long and threw them down from the labyrinth to collect them once I escaped from it. But once I escaped and returned to collect those pieces, each piece that I had thrown had fallen into different labyrinths.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • palaka 65w

    What will one day turn into?
    What if one day turns into two?
    What if one way turns into more?
    What if two turns turn into four?

    Where will we walk in this maze called life?
    Where will we go from these paths of lore?
    What will we do when we stumble and fall?
    What if life turns into something more?

    More than you and me
    More than everybody
    More than every thing
    More than songs we sing

    If life is a road of endless destinations,
    And every step we take leads somewhere,
    Are we truly lost?
    Or are we taking a detour?

    In this maze called life, is their only one way?
    In this maze called life, is their only one path?
    What if life turns into two, and two turns into four?
    What if this maze called life has multiple exit doors?

    Why must we walk on the necessary?
    Why can't we circle around and enjoy freely?
    What if life is more than everything?
    What if life is more than you and me?

    In this maze called life
    With multiple entrances and exits
    Are we truly lost?
    Or are we walking towards a different ending?

    Are we truly lost?
    Or are we simply walking aimlessly?
    Are we truly lost?
    Or will our paths turn from one, to two, to three

    By the frog who leaped

    #astray #life #maze #thoughts #paths

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    If life is a road of endless destinations,
    And every step we take leads somewhere,
    Are we truly lost?
    Or are we taking a detour?

  • akshay_vasu 66w

    When you want to live the life of others, others want to live yours. This whole damn thing is a labyrinth, my friend. In the end, you meet yourself no matter what. Is it out of the maze or inside it? It all depends on how many of yourself you created, in the hustle of escaping something you never really understood.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • _princypriya_ 67w

    Trapped in the maze of emotions whose routes are closed forever and ever.
    #mirakee #spillink #thoughts #emotions #maze


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    Yeh jaazbaton ka jo bhool bhulaiya hain woh kabhi kyu khatam nahi hote?

    Itna ghume aur hum usmein?

    Aisa lagta hain ki raasta mil chuka hain aur ussi ke taraf bhagtey hain...par woh bhi bandh hota hain!

    Kaaid ho gaye hain isme hamesha ke liye, bas bachane wala jo ek tha woh bhi ghum ho chuka.

    Bas phas gaye hum yaha

  • aswatha_victor 68w


    Sacrifices mislay when it comes to you,
    Written to fade away onto the tip of the
    Artist's paintbrush, and get lost in the
    Art of Abstracts.
    Changing whole self into a fictional character,
    In your daily day dream and wander by those,
    rivers in the midst of nowhere leading my path in maze.
    While mind and soul synchronizing, with the cool breeze,
    From the withered leaves and fallen blossoms,
    With eyes full of thoughts rushing from the small
    strand of hair flowing like a trail.
    Which leaves a salty memoir in your canvas,
    And stay in front of your eyes as a sketch
    From your own imagination whom you,
    Never understood.....

  • mute_my_mind 68w

    You can never be saved from the maze
    If you're too afraid to get lost in it

  • magaan_10 68w

    Behind the eyes and Into the maze;
    Too many ways in the race;
    In the search for light with little hope;
    Ran so fast to go behind the gate;
    Only to find an infinite loop.

  • untold_diaries_story 69w

    Are you a maze ?
    Because everytime I get lost in you!

  • manahilkhann 69w


    A confused person never gets his destination
    He wastes his time to choose the path
    Not to play the game

  • in_fragments 70w

    "Life is a maze
    through which we run and run,
    turning every corner so frantically
    trying to match the speed of light.
    Between hedges and shrub walls
    we dash with eyes unswervingly forward,
    into the unknown bliss of a future
    that doesn't exist-
    and we miss
    the untapped intimacy of
    the present,
    moments that blend in, forced
    to squander themselves-
    because they suffocate
    when we can't stop moving.

    And then, when we arrive at the end,
    we realize the whole thing
    was an illusion.

    There was never any urgency,
    no need to rush.
    We've been busy constantly covering
    as much ground as we can
    for someone else-
    and what for?
    To get to the other side
    and find you've overlooked it all-
    the details of the leaves
    and how the sun peaks through their veins,
    the sparkling gardens, hidden and fleeting
    that take a bit more patience to uncover,
    the soaring clouds of majesty
    and floating waterfalls that shroud
    caves of deep
    and reverberant inner splendor.
    The beauty of this maze
    is truly temporary,
    and there are no corporeal prizes,
    despite all the fickle material
    the ego must attach itself to-
    you can't take anything back
    with you.

    Once you realize
    that there's no reason to run,
    it becomes easier to navigate
    the torrential twists and turns.
    What was once primal now shifts
    to enlightenment,
    a leisurely stroll with eyes wide open,
    taking in everything
    you were always meant to see.

    The maze is beautiful and it is yours
    to neglect or relish as you wish-
    and in the end it won't matter anyway...
    so why not turn
    your corners carefully?"

    Don't fail yourself and wait until the last laps to see everything.
    #pod #poem #maze #life #thoughts #mirakee #writerstoll @writersnetwork

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    Maze (Corners Carefully)

    Life is a maze
    through which we run and run...
    yours to neglect or relish as you wish...

  • mute_my_mind 124w

    #riddle #maze #end #puzzle #solve #survive #life #reality @mirakee @writersnetwork @twt_official @zenithee @art_by_nuttiness @the_chocodips
    Tq to the writers n readers for the support on my expressed words...����

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    At somepoint we get riddled into a maze
    And end up either solving or surviving it