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  • bonitasarahbabu 5w

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    One day, what was once important,
    It will never exist.
    Relationships, be it biological or not,
    Those will cease to exist.
    The life we once lived,
    It will disappear as well.
    We all will return,
    Return to where we came from.
    Ashes to ashes, dust to dust,
    One day we will be all gone.
    Are we leaving a legency?
    Or is it a mess we are leaving?
    Did we stand up for ourselves
    Or did we just cower from the abuse that would come forth?
    What matters is our freedom,
    Freedom from control and fear.
    Loving ourselves and sharing that love,
    That matters.
    Advocating for ourselves, that is important,
    For there is only one of us,
    And we need to protect ourselves.

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    Advocating for ourselves, that is important,
    For there is only one of us,
    And we need to protect ourselves.

  • khamosh_alfaazz 6w

    I love you with alll my heart
    Or you hurt me with all what you can do
    What matters
    I want you in every possible way
    Or you used me as your need
    What matters
    I give my everything in our relationship
    And you used me as your desire
    What matters
    My love,my feelings, my patience
    or our relationship
    Over what you want, what you need what your expectations
    Some time it matters how one feels for you how much he/she love you, to prove their love one moment is enough over the entire life
    Understanding each other is beyond anything in a relationship...

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    What matters

  • beast09 6w

    Me time

    What matters the most is 'me'.
    Tired of saying 'yes', when the answer should be 'no'.
    It's ok to have moodswings, don't have to fake it anymore.
    Shutting down the world around me,when inner peace matters the most.
    Admiring the way I look, instead of staring at those imperfections.
    Self-love is such a power rather than expecting from others.
    It doesn't matters anymore being greedy to grab on those extra minutes for 'yourself'.
    ©beast09 - sahithya

  • shabz_felix 6w

    What matters to me

    Lord have mercy on my soul
    I am trying to reach that healing pool
    I just can't make it on my own in this dying world
    Without you I am no longer the same , sweet soul

    Helpless, I feel forsaken
    As if my life don't matter to me ,i am mistaken
    Cripple ,I chain to circumstances of sinful sickness
    Save me from distressing and give me complete blessings

    In you there is healing powers
    That I am so much yearning for, I am as a flower
    Here today and gone tomorrow
    Embracing your loving breath I borrow

    Wash me whiter than the snow
    Gracefully your love bestow
    Surround with songs of deliverance
    As I embrace your grace for endurance

    Since shortly freedom taken from man
    Help us to you remain faithful sane
    Deny me of my old bed ,so with grace I walk patiently
    As I behold the things in life that maters to me gratefully

  • blackdot 6w

    'Nothing' maybe

    'What matters most?' they ask Like it's just that
    A question to be answered Just a little fact
    If you don't like my answers Don't feel attacked
    My priorities  are not like cards To be kept In a stack
    Sometimes  the world matters, Sometimes they don't
    Sometimes  to me I matter,Sometimes  I won't
    Sometimes  I wish that life was Just as two toned
    To be kept for choosing To be Put to  vote
    But that's not reality ,I hope you can see
    It's constant crumbling chaos It was it won't be
    So to answer your question What matters to me
    Even I don't know ,My guess..'nothing'  maybe

  • prakashinin 6w

    Sun rise brings a new day.To hope ,dream,or achieve as per our wish or against our wish.
    We get immersed in various emotional states of mind.
    Human beings are with a characteristic of sharing .In this globalised community our every actions are reflected in the society.
    Human population is passing through a very
    Pathetic condition of a pandemic known as COVID 19 spreading
    World wide which was errupted in china. Now a new variant of the same is on its spreading.We had to Limit our life in the four walls of our sweet homes . We learnt a lot .We had lost many of our loved ones. In that situation all of us realised that a loving and caring nature towards our fellow beings matter above all other wordly pocessions.

  • pink_berry 6w

    What matters?

    // LOVE matters the most. Love is like the showers of bliss on the barren land of heart which beats pain.//

    // TRUST is like the falling of autumn leaves which warms the heart. And once it's crushed under your feet , it never comes back.//

    // RESPECT is the empty sky without moon. Even stars of love can't compensate it's absence.//

  • nehahemaraj 6w


    All that counts,
    Are the pristine kisses,
    Imprinted on the length of my body ,
    Beneath the amethyst starlet welkins.

    All that counts,
    Is the synergized euphony,
    Of our fervent hearts,
    That reverberated in every atom.

    All that counts,
    Is the warmth of the yellow tulips,
    Betwixt the pages of eld red hardcover,
    Delineation of our amaranthine love.

    All the counts,
    Is the obfuscation of milieu,
    As our flesh, mind and soul,
    Amalgamated to form a masterpiece.

    But, all that honestly counted,
    Is the cold touch of your goodbye,
    Mabbled in the white fabric,
    Embodying all the remnants of our love,
    Out of blue,
    All that can be counted metamorphosed into all that cannot be counted.


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  • rayhannahere 6w

    #matter #matters #wod #pod @writersnetwork @miraquill

    मज़ा ढूंढते-ढूंढते, सूकून कहा रह गया, पता न चला।
    सिरफिरा, निखरी चीज़ों में, खूबसूरती मुक़ामता चला।

    {In search of pleasures, peace got left somewhere behind..
    Silly(me), in shiny objects, tried to find status of beauty..}

    So now,
    "Can we skip to the Good Part?"���� (AJR)

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    I What matters.. I What not.. I
    I Priorities I Acquisitive I
    I Happy Life I Happening Life I
    I You (& Loved Ones) I People I
    I Boons I Burden I
    I One's Decision l Other's Opinions I
    I Trust I Possessive I
    I Positivity I Pessimism I
    I Hope I Haunts I
    I Loyal I Faux I
    I Self Confidence I Self Depreciation I
    I Love I Loathe I


  • kingdomdelight 6w

    What Matters?

    To be in God's perfect will ...the only ,safe, place to be
    To be in God's perfect will ... everything LINES up perfectly to be

    What matters?
    Lay down your own will and opinions of others
    Lay down to be lain down, in a bed of eternal green pastures of His amazing grace


  • mariateresa 6w

    All life is a moment by moment experience of interactions with ourselves and one another. How much love we share with one another is truly all that matters. Keeping the heart open to perform as the magnet it is, pulling in and receiving love and giving and sharing it I return is the greatest part of life. I often muse on the power of love to heal all. I believe love is the greatest untapped superpower there is. Shine love my friends, from the inside out!

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    What matters

    What is life and what does it all mean?
    Giggles of laughter mixed with pain in between
    Not the material pleasures, though they are nice
    What matters truly is how open is your heart
    Finding happiness in simple pleasures
    Sunrises and sunsets
    The butterflies of anticipation while kissing your sweetheart's neck
    The way someone made you feel when you needed a hand to hold
    Showing love to one another is more priceless than gold
    In the end that's what truly matters in life
    Forget the strife....show, share, give and grow with love

  • akku31 6w


    You may fail today
    You may pass
    What matters most
    Will be the experience
    That will long last..
    Time may be with you
    Or may not be
    What matters most is
    That you do better
    Than your past

  • arrayofletters_soumi 6w

    All that mattered,changed with your going.

    All that mattered are no more important,
    since you left, everything has changed,
    my life is now a shadow of your love,
    I have let you go,only to realise,
    nothing mattered more than your life to me,
    now,thus I choose to live in perpetual grief.

  • heart_spills 6w

    What Matters

    Maybe telling someone that it's a mirage where there's only free horizon matters
    Maybe holding hands so strong that one can understand the presence when losing every sense does
    Maybe just sitting besides someone who is overwhelming on their emotions without speaking or judging does
    Maybe showing what you mean or what they mean to you in actions more than words does
    What matters is that you are aligned with your soul, your inner-self, what you aspire and sticking with the same does

  • lollipop71 6w

    What Matters?

    What Matters
    - is to not die alone
    - to be true to myself
    - to always put my needs
    Before others
    - to always, always remember not
    Everyone is my friend

    What Matters


  • i_shukriya 6w

    What matters that he is gone today,
    & I, I still left alone, but this what happens..

    What matters that he left all our memoir
    & I, I still holding it, but this what happens..

    What matters that today he didn't ask for morning pic
    & I, I still collecting my pics, but this what happens..

    What matters that today he won't tell to go safely on road
    & I, I still feeling that words, but this what happens

    What matters that today he won't say good night,
    & I, my night were not good so long, but this what happens..

    What matters that today he won't ask for letter
    & I, I still writing for him, but this what happens..

    What matters that may be today he won't remember me
    & I, I never forget him, but this what happens..

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    #miraquillpost #miraquillchallenge

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    What matters..??

    What matters that today he won't ask for letter,
    & I, I still writing for him, this what happens yarr...


  • shimmery_vibe 31w

    Will you share??

    The love is blind,
    and a dreadful crime,
    It has no limits
    But has a scornful life,
    Its boundaries are ancient,
    As ancient as a sun
    But they aren't delicate,
    As my heart inherent.
    Do you atleast feel that certain light?
    It can't be dull, tell me how is it like..
    I know how it looks, someone had told,
    Give me more info, so I can flash it cold.

  • raman_writes 31w


    अब कोई तकलीफ़ कोई उम्मीद नहीं है फ़क़त इश्क़ है ।

    तेरे फ़ैसलों पर नाराज़ होने का हक़ हरगिज़ नहीं मुझे ।।


  • sooya_ 36w

    When life changes to HARDER,
    Change yourself to more STRONGER.

  • blossomwrites 37w


    Amidst all the chaos there she rises marking her territory
    She breaks the monotonous spine of patriarchy
    She is the one who bedazzles her thrown with all her mighty powers
    Hoping her existence matters...
    But will it?