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  • divya_patel 21h

    Main Mr Stark hu bhi nahi.. fir bhi. ��

    Any Marvelite here?
    #marvel #shewrites

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    I'm living in that world where I wait for Spiderman to come to me and say, "We Won Mr Stark"


  • inchoate_ananta_upadhaya 11w

    Father and Son

    Tell me he yelled in agony
    Am I cursed

    Tell me who am I
    You are my son Father replied

    Tell me why you took me
    You were small to be giant's son

    You were left in footsteps of temple
    To die in suffering Father replied

    Tell me why you really took me
    I thought one day we can unite

    Our kigdoms and bring a
    Permanent peace in the realms

    Tell me I am one of your Stolen Relic
    Locked up until you have use of me

    Tell me I am the monster, parents
    Tell there child about at night

    You could have told me about this
    Please don't twist my words Father replied.

    Tell me no matter how much
    You claim to love me

    You never wanted a frost giant
    To sit in the throne of Asgard.


    This conversation between All Father and Loki was one of the most emotional moments in the marvel universe.

    I always followed Loki throughout his pave noticing his life.
    I was so heartbroken by his life full of agony and misunderstanding.

    He is one of best shown character and remain my favorite.

    #tell #pod #wod #loki #marvel

    Credits to marvel

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    Father and Son!

    Tell me I am the monster, parents
    Tell there child about at night.


  • inchoate_ananta_upadhaya 13w

    Time old ruthless foe
    Never stop to say hello.

    So i tried to stop it
    To go back, relive.

    But it started branching
    Steep in all all direction.

    Multiple realities blending
    To each other making chaos.

    I messed with time
    So time messed back.

    Oh I just created
    Elflock of time.
    #oldenglish #marvel #avengers #loki #time #pod #wod #miraquill @miraquill @writersnetwork
    Inspired from theory of marvel.

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    Elflock Of Time



  • om_nik 14w


    I am kind of person jo
    ke bjay
    AVENGERS : ENDGAME (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack ),
    KK ko
    loop pe sunta rehta hai.


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    #hindiwriting #thinking #people #speak #talk #marvel #starlord #pain #failures #own #selfishness #perspective #writersnetwork @writersnetwork #guardiansofthegalaxy #avengers

    लोग क्या कहेंगे, इंस्टा पर कितने अमीर लोग है,
    लोग कितने बेकार है, हम कितने डिप्रेस्ड है
    वगैरा वगैरा सोचने में, दुनिया को अपने एक ही बक्से में बंद
    नजरिए से देखने में हम इतने मसरूफ हो चुके है,
    कि हम अपनी बातों पर और हम क्या सोचते है उसपर गौर करना भूल चुके है ।
    हालातों में हल्का सा बदलाव हमारी बातों को
    या सोच को कितना बदल देता है, ये बात हम समझना भी नही चाहते ।
    हम सोचते है की हम सौ चीजें करे और फिर एक गलती करे तो दुनिया बुरा बना देती है हमें ।
    लेकिन हम कहा कुछ अलग करते है ?
    कभी न कभी, कही न कही
    हम भी वही बोलते है या करते है ।
    बस बाकियोंका हमें पता चल जाता है लेकिन खुद का नही ।

    और इसी बात का एग्जांपल है
    Guardians of the galaxy का लीडर
    Peter Quill aka Starlord
    उसकी एक गलती के लिए सबने उसे नफरत करना शुरू कर दिया ।
    बिना उसके अतीत,अकेलेपन, मजाक के पीछे छुपे दर्द के बारे सोचे और समझे बगैर ।

    माना वो कैरेक्टर मूवीज में का है,
    लेकिन सच ये भी है कि मूवीज और फैंटसीज reality से ही बनती है और उनका असर reality में हमेशा दिखता रहता है ।

    इसलिए पहले खुद में झांकना जरूरी है ।
    जरूरी है हम क्या सोचते, बोलते और समझते है ।
    और उस सोच और जुबान पर कितने टिके रहते हैं।

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    दुनिया की बातों और
    सोच को लेकर
    एक बक्से में बंद सी
    अपनी खुद की सोच
    बनाने से पहले ये जरूरी है
    कि हम अपनी खुद की बातों
    और सोच की राह ,
    और स्टेबिलिटी पर
    ज्यादा ध्यान दे ।


  • the_boy_who_overthinks 24w

    Corona Rant

    During these troubled time,
    Be a little kind ; show a bit of empathy.
    Loved ones fall all around like
    Dandelions in the wind.

    Laugh a bit more,
    Hug a bit tighter,
    Kiss a little softer,
    Tomorrows ain't promised.

    Keep aside ill feelings,
    Enjoy the present and
    Create more memories
    Cuz we can't after we depart.

    I feel somewhere Thanos snapped,
    Slowly people are fading into distance.
    And hope our Avengers save us.
    We can do our part. STAY SAFE

    -The Boy Who Overthinks

  • cydrah 26w

    #rainbow #human #marvel #wonder
    #اردو #اردوسطر #اردوادب #اردوشاعری #اردوسطر #شاعری #شاعرہ #اردو_پوسٹ
    #writer #igwriters #igquotes #mirakee #mirakeeworld #writersnetwork #quotes

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    نہیں جانتا کوئی آج ہمیں مگر
    اک دن،
    حرف ہمارے زبانِ زدِعام ہوں گے

  • sarahrachelea 27w

    If I'm Scarlet Witch
    Then you must be my Vision
    Fire with the flame
    Flame with the fire
    You are my fire stone
    And I am your magic flame

    ~ My Vision ~

  • seraiah_smiles 32w


    The sun may shine, and the stars may go well with each other at night; but YOURS is the light that never goes out, never grows dim, and YOURS is the marvel most beautiful even among all the wonders of the earth, universe, and heavens above.

  • seraiah_smiles 32w


    The sun may shine, and the stars may go well with each other at night; but Yours is the light that never goes out, never grows dim, and Yours is the marvel that is more beautiful than all of the wonders of the earth and universe combined.

  • premjadhav 36w


    Baato se vaar kare
    Aankho se chalaye goli
    Uske liye sikh raha hoo
    Hariyanavi boli

  • pacifierpunch 39w

    You are a marvel!

    As the tiger roars
    his robustness and grandeur,
    I realized how nature
    intricately weaved
    awe and inspiration
    in this standalone creation;
    taking my restless breath away
    to dispel every bout of dismay,
    for each one of us is a marvel
    who seldom needs a honorary medal!


  • ashwini_sana 54w

    "I am Groot"

    I am Groot
    I am always mute
    All I have are roots
    They say 'I am cute'
    I am a guardian
    Always there to save you
    " I am Groot "

  • dakshgoel 56w

    I tend to run towards my problems, rather than away from them. Because that is what heroes do.

    -Thor Odinson

  • _lilyscribbles_ 57w

    I have learned one thing from
    Marvel that Avengers are
    Not Born to be Heroes,
    They're made to be ONE.


  • harsh77 60w

    T'Challa is crowned king of Wakanda following his father's death, but his sovereignty is challenged by an adversary who plans to abandon the country's isolationist policies and begin a global revolution.
    @solivagant7 @anonymous1102 @tengoku @aniket8732 @gelukzoeker

    #love #respect #armour #marvel #films #master #nature #travel #hollywood #boss #like #repost #write #read #claws #flaws #betrayed #

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    Chadwick boseman

    Rest In Power ❤️ You will beil missed

    After his father's death, T'Challa returns home to Wakanda to inherit his throne. However, a powerful enemy related to his family threatens to attack his nation.

    Chadwick boseman death by cancer real hero in movie and real hero in reality also❤️
    Toughman i hope that WAKANDA can save you and you are still alive in our heart ❤️

  • sanatabassum 60w

    Words fail to praise your
    immense contribution to MCU...
    You'll surely be remembered
    for your sheer performances...
    an artist with immeasurable talent...
    goon too soon....

    King T'Challa will forever rule our hearts



  • thesmallestmercy 60w

    BLACK PANTHER (Chadwick Aaron Boseman) is gone.
    Rest in peace my hero


  • ciara1 71w

    Fantasy World

      Does Heroes Shape Our Reality?            

    Why do we live in a fantasy world of television? Well, Americans are so drawn to sci-fi, fantasy, action, and superheroes. Predominantly, there are young adults, ages 8-29, who are enthusiastic about superhero films. Teenagers, preteens, and young adults are fascinated by superhero shows on TV as well. Do not get me wrong, I know a lot of elderly people who are crazy about their superhero movies and superhero shows too.
    Regarding young adults, teens, and preteens are more fascinated and are deeply drawn to the idea of superheroes. That is because a superhero can be a reflection of someone's life experience. A hero can be a sentimental aspect of someone's childhood of wanting to become a hero of what they encountered. For example, bullies, rapists, robberies, and murderers. Those are reflections of someone's life experience of wanting to protect that individual from harm, or someone wanting to stand up from a bully. That individual can be drawn into a fantasy world of creating their villains and heroes into a comic book or reading a comic book novel. Some children grow up wanting to be a police officer, firefighter, nurse, doctor, therapist, and preacher for the greater good. It can be a sentimental aspect of what they had been through in their childhood, or they just want to do the right thing. 
     Myself, I love Sci-fi, fantasy, and superhero films. Sci-fi, fantasy, and superhero films are America's escape from reality. Heroic and Sci-fi movies are my escape from the real world as well. I am so drawn to watching superhero films and TV shows such as The Dark Knight, Supergirl, Batwoman, Black Lightning, Legends of Tomorrow, and The Flash. Those shows and movies are relatable to me. Superhero movies are a reflection of my life experience of dealing with bullies and standing up to them. When I watch a superhero movie I get a glimpse of my past bullies. The villains that would hurt me and me being the victim of wanting someone to stand up for me; or me wanting to stand up for myself. That is why I tend to create comic books and write a lot about bullies and victims. That is another reason why I love to write poetry and informative poems to help others with their problems. I get the good out of writing poetry and through my comic books and artworks as well. As a woman of God, God is always my hero. Everybody is not religious and I understand that.  Everyone has their inspiration for who their hero is that they look up to.
     American culture is so rationalized that we do need movies to remystify life for us. Movies speak to us in the sense. Meaning, we as the audience look at the good in films. Movies bring us hope and escape from what is going on around us. Remorse and empathy is the key in films, and that brings out the heart of the film. We use movies as a projection of ourselves, and we gain comfort knowing that we are not alone in our emotions, struggles, and conflict. Even if a movie is fictitious, a film is for every kind of mood. For happy occasions, we want to watch a comedy or stand up. We all have been through a messy break-up that we would go into watching a drama romance, or a chick flick. The audience chooses what genre of a film to watch, based on their own emotions at that moment. 
    Going back to superheroes. The beauty and the concept of a superhero are aspirational. At the same time, heroes relieve the pressure of becoming a superhero. That is why most children like reading comics or watching it on screen.
      The ideological vagueness in superhero movies, is that it prepares us for the actual world of how to face danger. It can be towards our cowardice of facing the dangers that would come. 
    I think the dark vision of Batman is so much more popular than the brighter vision of Superman since the 1980s. That is because Batman is so much more complex than Superman. To society, Superman is just a more simple man wearing a cape that is flying and saving the day. Batman does so much more with his enemies than just fighting and dealing with them. Batman is dark and psycho. He does not put on the happy image as Superman does. American society responds to darkness because people can relate to it and it always brings out the good. The world is darker than happier, and most people can relate to that in superhero films.