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    Wrote this a year ago, thought to post it now..
    PS- not all words are mine there are some quotes I saw on google and tried them to bind up together along with my words and write something beautiful:-) and it went like this, hope you'll like it ❤️ Jai Hind����
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    आज तुम लड़ते हो हिंदू या मुसलमान पर, वह देते हैं बलिदान देश के नाम
    पर जब पूरा हिंदुस्तान सोता है, तब भी किसी घर का बेटा सरहद पर
    अपनी जान खोता है। तुम क्या समझोगे उस पिता के दर्द को जिसका बेटा
    सरहद पर होता है।
    तू शहीद हुआ ए जवान
    तो न जाने कैसे तेरी माँ सोई होगी,
    पर एक बात तो तय है तुझे लगने वाली गोली भी सौ बार रोई होगी।
    कई बच्चों के सिर से उठ गया पिता का साया,
    वह पत्नी राह देखती रह गई, पर उसका पति लौटकर न आया। वह बहन
    भी क्या बोले जनाब जिसका भाई रखी से पहले ही राख होकर आया ।
    अब नहीं जगोगे,
    तो फिर से आज़ादी की भीक मांगोगे ।
    न जाने कितने ही दिल हताहत हो गए,
    वे अपनी आंखों में हिन्द के जज़्बात दिखा कर सदा के लिए सो गए।
    निहारिका सिंह तोमर

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    #martyrs day...an effort to pay reverence to our great freedom fighters.

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    Mighty Martyrs

    Their sacrifice freed the Nation
    For our bright future, they Laid the foundation
    We can't render tribute by mere salutation
    Each of us must feel the same dedication
    For we are gifted by them this liberation.

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    सूख गई फूलों की लाली
    को अश्रु से सिंचित क्यूँ
    आभूषण है सहनशीलता
    तो आघातों से चिंतित क्यों
    अरे बांकुरों की चिता की
    शपथ न झूठी होने दो
    गिरा एक अश्रु तो शत्रु को
    हर पल हर क्षण रोने दो
    कायरता नस नस में उसकी
    जिसकी गिद्धों की प्रजाति है
    इतिहास गवाह है इस धरती पर
    कायर की कब्र बनाई जाती है
    आवाज़ दबे न क्षण भर को
    गूंजे दिल्ली से घाटी तक
    याद दिलाओ सीमाओं की
    सौगंध, फटे अगर छाती तब
    न कलम रुके, तलवार रुके न
    जब तक लहू का पान न हो
    त्याग दो नश्वरता का चोला
    जिस छाती में अभिमान न हो
    एक एक सरकारी अक्षर
    उनके मंसूबो पर भारी हो
    हर दिन काल का मंज़र उनपे
    ऐसी अपनी तैयारी हो

    मनु मिश्रा

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    #Independence day special #Indian fighters #Martyrs

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    The Martyrs

    It's 2021, but still we can't forget those every single torturous day
    Once our country face
    The days where people had only one aim
    Just to set our country free

    The days when our mother were bound in shackles ,
    Millions of her children were tortured viciously .
    When there were no hope of light
    When her children saw her mother ,
    Crying in pain , trembling and growning in pain

    It seemed impossible to everyone ,
    People questioned themselves that ,
    What are there next step ?
    Still they tried and died .
    Millions died just because they tried to save our mother .

    There was a spark of hope , trust lied in their soul
    All it needed was a fuel ,
    Which would help it turn into a dengerous burning fire
    Which could destroy everything .

    Like every single day ,
    they lived inside a cave of darkness
    Searching for a way out
    They knew outside the cave there is a light
    They kept searching for it even
    When few rocks fell on them , one got sick ,
    Snake biten their feet , sharp pointy rocks pearcing them ,
    They were injured , there feet were disabled ,
    There energy was about to get exhausted
    There were no food ,not even a drop of water
    Still they crawled to find out the way out

    Still people can not forget
    Those days
    When old people were not allowed to take rest ,
    When children were not allowed to grow
    When people were not allowed to speak .
    People wanted to scream
    there mouth were forcefully covered with hands , they were strangled
    Still they didn't lose that little flame burning in them

    Now we can forgive those torturers but we can never forget their deeds .
    The list of trillions of people they killed
    can never be repaired nor can be forgiven by anyone of us

    Now those trillions of people we call are Martyrs
    But beside it we can call them heroes too
    Because they may not be the leading once
    But they sacrificed to set our mother free
    They came forward holding their life on their hands

    They lost everything and yet nothing to lose
    But what they created are still serving billions of people
    Even after so many years

    It's miserable to think that we actually lost those people
    If we still had them
    God knows what else we could create

    I beg to the God to give them enough peace where ever they are
    When they were here they did a lot to save us

    Now we are standing in our own house
    We are sleeping peacefully
    We are not going to bed in fear
    Of what going to happen tomorrow

    Just because them ,
    Their blood , sacrifice , effort and lives
    We still have many such people
    Who are now in armies
    Protecting our country and us .

    I am greatfull to those people
    Who have already did for us and people who are now doing for us .
    I am proud to be an indian .
    I feel proud to talk about our warriors , Martyrs , armies
    I feel proud to talk about their deeds .

    A great salute to our Martyrs , freedom fighters and armies
    God may listen to our pray

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    Kahne ko to aaj ghr pe diwali manayi jaani thi
    Dekh bete ka shav maa roti bilakhti
    Khti mere bete ko hi kyu seene pe goli khaani thi
    Garv to bht hai us maa ko apne bete pe
    Lekin khti is baali umar me kyu bete ko kurbaani deni thi
    Phone pe bola beta is baar milke diwali manayenge
    Phir vaada poora kiye bina kyu maut gale lganii thi
    Maa khti kese rhungi tere bina, tu chala gya
    Tu chala gya, is baar to mere liye ek bahurani laani thi
    Kahne ko to aaj ghr pe diwali manayi jaani thi


  • normancrane 62w

    Opening of the Fifth Seal

    Wronged figures encircle the world. Saturn's
    rings of martyrdom expectant beseech
    God, The pain we suffered in your Name, return
    it from beyond our graves. With vengeance teach
    our torment to those who made us suffer!
    Impale their bodies on bolts of thunder,
    Black bones and roasted flesh, they are but slurs
    against Holiness. Tear them asunder!
    And for us, the white robes of salvation,
    And words of eternal comfort: Patience
    and faith in the Lord of all creation,
    whose rewards in Heaven will be immense.
    All the hurt you have borne shall be lifted,
    Through Him, foreverness is gifted.

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    1 post unke bhi naam jo hmesa hmari raksha karte hai aur khushi-khushi apni jaan kurbaan kar dete hai���� Wishing all my dear Indians a very Happy Independence Day!! ��
    Salute to our Martyrs who laid their lives for us!���������������� Jai Hind!! Jai Jawaan!!

    #pod #Martyrs #ArmyOfficers #HappyIndependenceDay #DeshKeRakshak #writersnetwork #readwriteunite #mirakee
    @beautiful_feelings @shaiz_fs @sanskar16

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    Happy Independence Day

    Not just remembering today but always the innumerable and priceless sacrifices made by our dear soldiers which remain alive in our hearts forever...
    The inspiration to work and lay our lives for our country is the most valuable thing we learn from them.
    I just want to thank them from the bottom of my heart and show them lots of gratitude. Lots of love and respect to them!!
    Salute to our Martyrs who laid their lives for us! Jai Hind!! Jai Jawaan!!

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    The blood of our martyrs
    gave birth to
    And it constantly keeps giving birth to a country
    Where every religion is accepted
    Every creed is respected
    Every creature is valued
    And, every human understood.
    The indefatigable efforts
    of our soldiers
    Have helped to fly this spirit of
    Our tricolour high with pride.

  • penman_andy 76w

    Not all superheroes wear capes,
    Some are at border protecting us;
    From enemies hidden behind the lines.


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    तिरंगे की चाहत

    उसकी, तिरंगे को ताउम्र ऊँचा रखने की चाहत देखकर,
    तिरंगा भी मजबूर हो उठा उसके बदन से लिपटने पर।।

  • monicathepoet 76w

    Clash of the Titans

    Rugged mountains , rugged terrain
    Guarding our borders are our great army personnel
    For the past forty days braving the enemy and the cold
    While we watch on our TV's the saga unfold

    An agreement signed between the two nations
    Of not using any weapons at the borders
    The nations will have talks and discussions
    Not fire any bullets or mortars

    One night when our soldiers were on patrol
    Treachery by the Chinese in Galwan
    Martyred twenty of our Soldiers
    They hit them with clubs and threw at them small & big stones and boulders

    Our valiant soldiers gave a fitting reply
    Though they were unarmed
    They made the Chinese cry
    Casualties were double on the Chinese side
    A breach of trust for us and a blow to Chinese pride

    The nation salutes these brave soldiers
    Who for their country gave a supreme sacrifice
    Some of them had just joined the army
    The people of India Mr. Modi don't want any compromise

    RIP The Valiant Soldiers.

    Monica 18.6.20

  • marianotsaint 80w

    In this petty political war
    Casualties are called '"Martyrs"

  • xoyawani_xv 80w

    The Land of Martyrs

    With her eyes moist, sheer knackered
    Heart fragmented and soul shattered
    While tears were welling up in her eyes
    Her parched up lips whimpered

    Stalwartness of my brothers has snuffed them out
    a hundred times prior to their death !
    Although about their fable success they can rout
    But reality is dure for them to endure

    Just to strike down two lions
    There was a cowardice of curs
    And they call it their victory !?
    While it is nothing but savagery

    They can make mincemeat of our houses
    But they can never blot out our courage
    They can rip off our possessions
    But they can never abscond with our faith

    Hypocrites think that they bluffed my brothers out
    But indeed they are faking their own selves out
    Humiliation is their destiny in both worlds
    Not even a single deed of their will remain unfurled

    My brothers attained martyrdom
    for which they were longing
    and triumphed in both worlds
    For which every believer is aspiring

    We are indebted to them for sure
    They are elevated, their souls are pure
    And the message that they fure
    I consider it to be the only cure


  • yoyowrites_ 82w


    Where home lies far and war so near,
    She stands between the two border ends-
    Of life and death, She sees no dread.
    She vows to protect, sacrificing her breath!
    Sustaining peace in peace unfound,
    Where inflicted souls lie too many to count,
    Across the barren land, in hills and valleys,
    She stands guard in mighty chivalry.
    Tears of love too precious to shed,
    Kisses of the beloved she deeply cared.
    Each new day, a new hope came
    From a photo tucked sweetly in her wallet frame.
    Days marred by unsolicited violence,
    Submerged in conflicts, she prayed awake.
    Forbidden emotions overwhelmed her sight
    Yet, she shouldered to relieve her people's plight
    Off she flew and vanished into yonder!
    Unable to receive her reward for valour.
    Leaving behind hopes of victory,
    Now she became the pillar of bravery!


  • s_aurabh 83w

    Dear brave Martyrs,

    We are late with confirmation of a terrible news in India. 5 Army personells have sacrificed their lives in 18 hours long fight with terrorists in Handwara in J&K yesterday. Two militants were also killed in the operation. The deceased senior Army officers were identified as Colonel Ashutosh Sharma, Major Anuj Sood and Naik Rajesh and Dinesh, besides sub-Inspector Mohammad Sagier Qazi of J&K Police’s Special Operation Group (SOG).
    “A team comprising five Army and one police personnel entered the target area occupied by the terrorists to evacuate the civilians. They successfully extricated the civilians. However, during the process, the team was subjected to heavy volume of fire by the terrorists,” said the Army.
    Let's take a moment to pray for their families and dedicate our tributes to the brave martyrs.

  • keshav_00 83w


    वतन का फिर नुकसान हुआ हैं।
    सरहद पर कोई कुर्बान हुआ हैं।
    नहीं चुका पाएंगे ये एहसान कभी ,
    सेना का कर्जदार हिंदुस्तान हुआ हैं।

  • allstaryo123 84w


    A Genocide where many people lost their lives,
    These lives can't be returned as a life.
    A Genocide where many people lost their loved ones,
    These loved one's can't be returned as a life.
    A Genocide where deaths turned into ashes,
    These ashes can't be returned as a life.
    A Genocide where people been murdered for a decade,
    These murdered lives can't be returned as a life.
    A Genocide which needs to be recognized by the world,
    So these martyrs will never be forgotten for life.

  • draw_with_words 85w

    Paramedics, nurses and doctors who have died in this outbreak did not lose their soul to virus.
    They are Martyrs in war.

  • ankitj 94w


    Why did I bow before every remembrance corner for Pulwama martyrs created by different political parties portraying their mindset ?

    Because, you donate alms to fakirs, pandits, missionaries but the purpose is God !