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  • wanderer_soul46 11w

    Captain Vikram Batra

    एक प्यार परिवार से होता है,
    एक प्यार अपने यार से होता है,
    पर सब से बड़ा प्यार तो वो है,
    जो देश के लिए कुर्बान होता है|
    जिसने सिखाया की रुको मत,
    जब तक कर न लो हासिल,
    उस मंजिल को, चलते चलो उसी और,
    याद रखना उस शेरशाह के शब्द,
    "यह दिल मांगे मोर"....

  • igautamji 20w

    Facing enemy
    The trench his bed
    He slept in peace

    of motherland's

    #war #worldwar #martyr #soldier #septolet

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    Facing enemy
    The trench his bed
    He slept in peace

    of motherland's


  • reshma_kausar_mohideen 36w

    S O L D I E R.

    S-Selfless, steel-souls on the courtyard of death securing the roots of their motherland.

    O-On duty endlessly vanishing the difference between the day and night.

    L- leveraging the safety of their countrymen by mortgaging their own family life.

    D-Discipline is their forte, sacrifice their dreams so that the citizens can fulfil their’s.

    I-India being the shoulders and they are like the five stars proudly resting on them.

    E-Epitome of patriotism, every painful roar echoes ‘BHARAT MATA KI JAY' on the Indian borders.

    R-Ride on the back of death with the shroud of martyrdom around their head & forehead marked with the pious sand of motherland.


    #countrymen #mirakeeworld #mirakee #writerscommunity #writerscommunity #wod #soldiers #martyr #patriotism #India

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  • lakshay1900 36w

    तो है आज वेलेंटाइन का दिन आया
    चलो उन्हें याद करले
    जिन्होंने अपने हिस्से की महोबत्त
    बखूबी निभाई
    जिनसे आखरी मुलाकात
    पुलवामा में हुई
    रखने के लिये वो हमें जिंदा
    खुदकी जान उन्होंने गवाई
    जरा याद करले
    जरा याद करले

    सभी शहीद सैनिकों को सत सत नमन

  • realmutahhar 37w

    #Martyr #fight #for #truth #justice #lost #life
    Remembering #Advocate #Shahid #Azmi of #Indian #city #bombay who got killed for the sake of chosen path to fight for the justice for the wrongly imprisoned people accused for terror attacks.

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    Kuch haq ki ladaaiyon ki raah pe chalne ki keemat haqparaston ki jaan se chukani padhti hai . . .

  • jmlbluishyellow 40w

    False Solace

    Love will make you bleed and yet it feels okay
    Love will torture you yet you'll feel healing
    Love is a drug that give false solace

  • vodka_lips 48w

    "I breathed out, pulling my fingers on album photos
    My eyes watered, shaky hands tuned to touch your letters
    Tear-striken pages, still making me cry
    And the promises paused there waiting for you
    I waited for the tears to stop
    But as always it disobeyed.
    I'm not sure how long I have been crying
    Weeks, months or years
    All I know, my soul is still mourning
    From the day, you stole my rights
    to dress up and wait for you
    You did fulfil your promise
    You came back
    But in a cascade, adorned with flag
    I stood still, feigning your proud stance
    Remaking my each broken parts.
    Everyday I woke up
    Gathered all my strengths
    And try to compensate your absence
    In the life of your son and parents.
    Pity in some eyes, lust in others
    A widow, I am, thriving in this cruel society, fighting further.
    Today I'm wearing your favorite saree
    Shrouding in your aura
    And look how your proud wife is glowing, in the light of diyas
    A promise to you
    To make my son, grow up
    Brave and fierce
    Just like you..."

    #martyr #widow #strong #woman
    @writersnetwork @mirakee @readwriteunite

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    Wife of a Martyr


  • normancrane 56w

    Opening of the Fifth Seal

    Wronged figures encircle the world. Saturn's
    rings of martyrdom expectant beseech
    God, The pain we suffered in your Name, return
    it from beyond our graves. With vengeance teach
    our torment to those who made us suffer!
    Impale their bodies on bolts of thunder,
    Black bones and roasted flesh, they are but slurs
    against Holiness. Tear them asunder!
    And for us, the white robes of salvation,
    And words of eternal comfort: Patience
    and faith in the Lord of all creation,
    whose rewards in Heaven will be immense.
    All the hurt you have borne shall be lifted,
    Through Him, foreverness is gifted.

  • eulogylover 65w


    Only if I could take the correct road,
    My poetry would become a proper ode.
    What if I am not able to write this well?
    As I preety well know that my words can never do justice to what I feel.
    We celebrate them only when they sacrifice their life,
    But they ensure our safety at every moment !
    They know no pain,
    They have no emotions,
    Because their relationships are forged by the feelings for their motherland!!
    I envy them with all might,
    As they are able to do the things that I can't or can never!
    They are those fortunate souls who have the ability to convert their jingoism into actions!
    They live with courage and spread warmth,
    They die with a smile by spreading pride!

    (My heart always reveres these great heroes who are the ultimate role model for anyone or everyone)

  • dipanshu_rautela 65w

    बदन से तुझे लिपटा लूँगा, ए निशान-ए-वतन।
    तू झुक जाए, ये मंजूर नही।।

  • abhi_saxena 65w

    #कारगिल_विजय_दिवस #जय_हिंद #जवान #तिरंगा #hindustan #army #kargilvijay #shayari #hindi #quotes #martyr #शहीद #mirakee

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    कारगिल विजय दिवस

    झंडे तो बहुत देखें पर ये तिरंगे की बात ही अलग हैं ,
    आशिक़ तो बहुत देखें
    पर जो तिरंगे को अपना कफ़न बना ले उनकी बात ही अलग है ।

  • devdoo 66w


    Gesticulating Are The Palisades Of Jhansi,Paniculating Are The Crusades Of The Freedom Odyssey,Emasculating The Camisades Of Plassey
    Bastions,Stallions,Pinions & Pillions,Even Tatterdemalions!Million?Billion?Trillion?Quadrillion?Quintiillion!No NoobZillions Are Blowing The Panchajanya Clarions
    Crème-De-La- Crème Is The Conch Manipuspak,Spewing The Halahal Is The Amaze-Amazon Manikanrnik
    Slavery Is Repudiated Of The Doers Of The Chicanery,We Aren't Connoisseurs Of Treachery
    Famous In Bundel Is Bikaner,Not Buccaneer
    Chikankari Is Loved In The Plateau,Not Chicanery/ChickenCurry,Hey Curry Favour
    The Vermillion Is The Sanctum Sanctorum Here,The Lioness Was Roaring In The Armageddon,I Swear
    Laxmi,Under The Guise Of Kali,Thunderbolts,
    Tambe,The Cuprumsmith,Wields The Catapults
    The Sword Would Savour,Devour & Manoeuvre The Barbarian,Famished Are The Arrow Of The Egalitarian
    Mace Is The Brace To Taste-Test The Ichor,The Chorus Of The Copper Gore'll Descend Into The Core More & More,O Azure Cadaver
    Durga,Under The Veil Of The Laxmi Goddess,Dastardly Are The Deeds Of The Fair Comrades
    The Javelins Sprintin Towards The Bosom Of The Queen,The Sovereign Isn't For The Mannequin☺☺

  • devdoo 67w


    After Writing So Much Literature,

    I Can't Understand Why ONLY CBSE Students'Ve Gotten 100 In English & Other Literature Subjects?

    If It Is Genuine,Then Their Literature Answer Copies Should Be Publicized

  • every_tym_i_etirw 67w

    The Immortal Souls!

    Chaos everywhere,
    Bloody shreds of cloths
    Some were screaming, some were aghast
    with eyes still wet,
    salty tears dried off on faces
    with all hopes dead
    Of bodies laying ahead
    to show a sign of life....

    Every nook and corner had a corpse,
    And there laid the one of him
    who assumed to be the brave one,
    Because he led to all ,
    and now lay there lifeless,
    With an awful sense of pride...

    Here and there were people storming
    Trying to save the lives stuck at peril,
    Some were lovers and some were kin,
    While some were strangers to those helpless ones...
    The unspoken heroes they were,
    Who became unknown over time...!

    Risking their lives amidst these blasts ,
    Saved by them were countless lives..
    Even when some sacrificed their own,
    Dedicated to those Unsung Heroes are these words :

    "Divine are those golden wombs who bore you...
    Glorified is the soil you belong,
    Heaven awaits to embrace you lionhearts,
    While earth would reminisce your presence forever!
    Grateful we are... for all your sacrifices
    And May Your souls rest in everlasting peace...!"


  • shivi04 69w


    Time did pause,
    when you slept off,
    forever in the shroud,
    days were the same,
    nothing did change,
    but I will ask you,
    "Why did you give it your all?",
    "Didn't I deserve a bit of you too?!"
    but you called me a selfish soul,
    to ask a bit of you from you,
    the melancholy hangs around,
    all seems to back on track,
    except the time on my watch,
    it grieves for your loss,
    Oh! Yes time did pause.


  • _harsingar_ 70w

    आप ना आए संदेसा आया,
    रण भूमि में लड़ते हुए आपने
    मौत को गले लगाया था
    कर्तव्य निभाया देश भक्ति का
    दुश्मन को सबक सिखाया था
    सब सम्बन्धों से ऊपर उठ कर,
    आपने मातृ भूमि को चुना था।
    पापा आपके आने का
    इक इक दिन मैंने गिना था।

    मैं तो खुद को समझा लूंगा
    इस दिल पे पत्थर रख लूंगा
    पर छुटकी को क्या बतलाऊंगा?
    जो पगडंडी राह देखती
    उसको क्या समझाऊंगा।
    उस सपने को कहां छुपाऊं
    मेरी आंखों ने जो बुना था,
    पापा आपके आने का
    इक इक दिन मैंने गिना था।

    मां को भी में बहला लूंगा,
    पर उन सतरंगी आंखों के
    सपने क्या मैं सच कर पाऊंगा?
    और फिर इस आंगन के
    पेड़ की छांव की
    वो शाम कहां से लाऊंगा,
    आग लगे उस दुश्मन के घर
    जिसने ये सब छीना था,
    पापा आपके आने का
    इक इक दिन मैंने गिना था

    हम साथ पतंग उड़ाते थे
    उस दिन मैं कितना रोया था
    जब पतंग को मैंने खोया था,
    कांधे पे मेरे रख कर हाथ
    बहुत आपने समझाया था,
    पतंग दुबारा अा जाएगी
    ऐसा मुझे बताया था,
    उस कांधे को आज
    अब कौन समझाएगा,
    चले गए जो आप
    कौन दुबारा लाएगा।
    चला गया जो इस दुनिया से
    कभी नहीं वह आता है
    यह भी मैंने सुना था,
    पापा आपके आने का
    इक इक दिन मैंने गिना था

    सबने कहा शहीद हुए हो
    शहीद अमर हो जाते हैं,
    भाग्यवान हैं वह सैनिक
    जो लिपट तिरंगे में आते हैं,
    वैसे भी इस दुनिया से
    इक दिन सबको जाना है,
    शहीद बन कर अब तो
    लिपट तिरंगे में ही आना है।

    डॉ सीमा अधिकारी

    #Soldier #bravehearts #patroitism #martyr #tricolour #hindikavita #mirakee #writers network @flame_

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    शहीद (भाग २)


  • _harsingar_ 70w

    शहीद मात्र एक शब्द नहीं है ये बहुत सारी भावनाओं से मिल कर बना है या यूं कह लो शहीद सुन कर हमारे भीतर कई तरह के जस्बात उमड़ पड़ते हैं, पर मेरे ज़हन में ( हो सकता है कई लोगों की नजर में ये गलत हो) सबसे पहले एक करुणा का भाव आता है और शहीद के घर वालों का विचार मन को विह्वल कर देता है उसके बाद रोष और अन्य विचार। एक शहीद के बच्चे के मन के उद्गार कविता में उतारने की कोशिश की है बच्चे को हर जगह अपने पापा याद अा रहे हैैं किन्तु वो अपने को समझाने कि कोशिश कर रहा है कि वो तो बहादुर है पर ये पगडंडी और पेड़ की छांव पापा को याद कर रहे हैैं।

    #Soldier #bravehearts #patroitism #martyr #tricolour #hindikavita #mirakee #writers network @flame_

    वीर बहुत थे आप
    मैंने सबसे सुना था,
    पापा आपके आने का
    इक इक दिन मैंने गिना था।
    हाथ आपका थामे रात भर
    छुटकी उस दिन सोई थी,
    चले गए सुबह आप जब
    ज़ार ज़ार वह रोई थी।
    बहुत उसे समझाया था,
    जल्दी ही आप अा जाओगे
    ऐसा उसे बताया था।
    राह आपकी देखी उसने
    दूर पहाड़ी पर तब जाके,
    ऐसा लगता था मानो जैसे
    उस संग राहें भी रस्ता ताकें।
    घाटी में फिर हुआ था हमला
    जहां आपकी तैनाती थी
    मां का दिल था फिर से दहला
    पल पल वो डर जाती थी।
    कई जांबाज़ शहीद हुए तब
    मैंने सब से सुना था
    पापा आपके आने का
    इक इक दिन मैंने गिना था।

    डॉ सीमा अधिकारी


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    शहीद ( भाग १ )


  • poetic_parade 71w


    The whiter the air
    The higher the spirits
    Its our Army's flair
    won't let them hit it!

    Heart wrenching's the loss
    He's a martyr for a bigger cause
    If its our It will remain so
    won't take something of yours or go low
    we have morals
    dont take it for granted
    we have our honour
    For truth is enchanted
    Put the bitterness away for you raise your hand
    We won't hesitate to take our stand
    Hold my beer,
    honorary neighbor
    Its your misunderstanding that we fear
    For 'maybe' we're braver
    Stop your timid acts
    cause we have steel spine and back!

    #galwan_ghati #salute #martyr #realhero

    Thanks for stopping by ����

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  • _soulstirring_tales_ 75w

    Perhaps the acute case of Delirium it was .
    The only thing I remember ,I went to bed last night after browsing through the newsfeed .
    Ohh Wow ! I haven't seen a brighter place than this ; The azure ,virdescent ,scarlet & orange tuned to maximum of the brightness in all shades . Serenic waterfalls of ambrosia ;The dense dark woods ; The sound of the birds chirping out loud...Everything like a flowing river it was ;
    Deities like I saw on television ,yes Lords with crowns ; rode with their respective flaming chariots to their workplaces .
    Seeing the magnanimous scene ,I tumbled down the wheel of the Chariot & got injured . The ecstatic creature got down from the chariot & asked me how could I help you ; Spellbound ,I thought he would do some magic & cure me without asking .
    As he asked ,I took that opportunity & said ;
    I want to ask you three questions LORD ;then after you can heal me & send me back where I was.
    Ohh Sure ,dear child .Ask if the answers to all is one then you must go back.

    All ready with my first question ,heart was beating out louder ,but still got the courage & spoke ;
    " Lord Do you diffuse out the golden streaks of yours equally ?
    I saw him smiling ,Back again I was to ask the next question , " Whether the sunshine means hope ? "
    If yes ,Dear Lord " Why did you punish the poors with a life full of sunshine ? "

    Hey lazy ,get up .See there's a brighter Sun today ,Mom said the nextdoor .

    *** I wish these questions were answered.
    I wish it wasn't a dream.
    I wish the poors wouldn't have to live a life completely of hope ,of fear & of denudation atlast. I wish they weren't the succumbed victms to all pandemics & apocalypses...
    I wish Sunshine distributed equally !


  • _soulstirring_tales_ 75w

    Someone once asked , Won't you remember me forever ; Like we understand each other so well.
    A straight No ,from my side. Though I am bit shy to talk to people but I remember I wasalways poetic when I exchanged words.
    I said , " Are you asking me if you are eternal ?

    Umm Sorry But I haven't found anything much serenading than my mom's lullaby ; I haven't found anything much sacred than my mom's devotion to my father.I haven't found music much rhythmic without her pulse that I felt i haven't came across a creature that can beat even the Mother Earth in her selflessness...

    He smiled.,Said , you know why every writer is successful ,Perhaps they write their heart out .

    Ahh ,No I retorted ; That's not true .Perhaps One is successful when it imitates & inculcates the essence and attributes in each drop of milk it sucked from thy mother.

    We aren't successful ,Mothers are .
    You aren't eternal , Motherhood is.
    A bow to all mothers !.