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  • teijojussila888 2w

    SUNDAY - Sun 1,8,15,27,28 - Dimanche
    MONDAY - Moon 2,9,16,21,29 - Lundi
    TUESDAY - Mars 3,10,17,22,30 - Mardi
    WEDNESDAY -Mercury⚪4,11,18,23,31 -Mercredi
    THURSDAY - Jupiter 5,12,19,24 - Jeudi
    FRIDAY - Venus 6,13,20,25 - Vendredi
    SATURDAY - Saturn 7,14,21,26 - Samedi

    Every month. First Monday is always starting between numbers 1th-7th. If first monday is 7th then last monday is always 28th. 1th then 29th. 2th then last is 23th or 30th. 3th then 24th or 31th. 4th then 25th. 5th then 26th

    After the sun is always moon.
    After the moon is mars. Mercury is
    Always before Jupiter and Venus
    Is after Jupiter. Saturn is always before
    SUN. Thats how your calender is done.
    When the month is gone. The other start
    So this order never broke. This is not a joke.

    Month first day is starting from new moon to other How long moon is taking time
    Around a world. Every new month first monday is starting from the new moon day

    T. @teijojussila888

  • ericajean 20w

    #craziness #poetry #NASA #mars #moon
    Do you feel as crazy as I do?

    In a world where the blade of
    Oppression is not the verbos
    And the fancy bioweaponry of
    Tomorrow cutting across your
    Spooky hearts and constitutions?
    It is the sneaky ways
    In which we subvert
    The truth
    Oppress those
    With underdog histories
    Yet use them for war
    And spacewalks
    Moonwalking the truth
    And know not the origin
    Of a disease that’s been let loose
    It is the exotic rhythm of the
    tongue when she
    Says it will be a cold one tonight
    And we look for the blanket’
    Of our childhood
    It is the NASA's Artemis Mission
    We'll hunt Luna again
    And from there
    It could be we’d meet the

    He is rust red and waiting
    But I don’t think he'll
    Welcome us to his

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    God of War

    We advance in technologies while our hearts are gripped with pincers of malice

  • tonie222 26w

    Sunshine In Mars

    The sun shines in Mars 

    A beautiful planet yet to discovered

    The beauty of red and how it contrasts so well within the atmosphere

    So delicate and yearning for more than just the sun. 

  • aidenalexander 45w

    Come to Mars with me to see the stars,
    We can dream together and mend our scars.


  • glove007 46w

    Puzzle Piece

    As far as telescopes eyes can see,
    no other planets have grass that's green,
    Or thirsty land that drinks from rain,
    yielding blooming flowers in early spring,
    beautiful mornings that make birds sing
    Nor starry nights where fireflies beam,
    Ants and beatles and creepy things,
    Small in size but big in claim,
    Doing instinctively with no blame
    And these are but only a few of what Earth has to view.
    Clouds of moisture that hold still in air,
    as the wind blow them everywhere,
    The perfect peace of land and Sea,
    and run for cover when they are mean
    Trees that tower like giants that be,
    start out only as a seed
    And by faith I have come to believe,
    that it all started with "Let It Be"
    The prefect land for humans to eat.
    No one is better because we all bleed.
    Respect is the banner and love is the Creed.
    Like a jigsaw puzzle fitting perfectly.
    So never think you just happen to be,
    Just know how to use your puzzle piece.


  • wakaranai 47w

    //When childhood dreams come true//

    It descended,
    one unit at a time,
    with everyone's eyes fixed
    over the miracle,
    that was about to shape the history,
    for centuries.

    Perhaps the winds,
    wouldn't need trees,
    to blow away things anymore.

    Perhaps the mountains,
    wouldn't need to be covered,
    in lush greens,
    to seem beautiful.

    Perhaps humans,
    wouldn't need to exist,
    to make sense of things,
    in a rational fashion.

    Perhaps the lakes,
    don't need to be flooded by waters,
    and can exist as craters,
    for rovers to land in peace.

    Perhaps the echoes,
    don't need empty spaces,
    to be created.

    the sound of happiness,
    can reverberate in a room,
    where everybody has killed their sleep,
    to turn impossible dreams,
    to possible realities.

    And perhaps,
    it doesn't yield an immediate return,
    despite bringing tears,
    in the eyes of millions,
    who've long persevered.

    Tonight, marks a historic moment for all of humanity. Milestone would be too feeble a word, to really give justice to the flag humanity has digged over the barren surface everybody had set their eyes on since the last couple of decades, seemingly centuries. I still remember how so many of us doubted humanity landing over the surface of our very own moon, and making various claims to prove it wrong. I know that a degenerate community of flat earthers still exists sharing the same air as us all.

    But today, everyone rests in peace, totally awe of the miracle that has taken place. Humanity carved a miracle out of an impossible dream yet again.

    We've finally descended on Mars, and it won't be long before we'll be descendants of our very own suns.

    It's moments like these that make me feel happy enough to exist, and experience such wonders even if my entire life amounts to nothing. Every tiny fragment of this, is worth it. And I hope humanity keeps moving forward always, conquering every milestone that comes it's way.

    PS: I legit teared up and wrote something so undeserving of what I'm feeling right now. I really urge everyone who've read this to read up on Perseverance Rover's Descent and touchdown on Mars on credible sources as well as YouTube. I could've spoiled a lot more but I won't, because It's. Freaking. Worth. It. Atleast watch the video in my bio if not anything else.

    The picture in this background is taken from the surface of Mars btw.

    PICTURE CREDITS: Perseverance Rover, NASA

    I feel proud to be alive today. Finally a day after weeks when I'll finally sleep in peace. Long live humanity!

    #pod #mars

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    We did it again.

    I can't do justice to everything within my reach,
    but humanity surely can.

  • above_and_about 48w

    Landing on Mars

    As the Rover lands on Mars
    your heartbeat is the loudest in the room
    we stand still waiting for the news:
    we’ve landed safely

    “There is no us”, you say,
    “we are just spectators,
    life makes progress for the specie not for individuals”

    I bring Edison into the conversation
    you turn off the light, it would have been another one, if not Thomas.
    Then you say Einstein brought the atomic bomb.
    i say “we were cruel long before”

    “Would you leave Earth with me for Pandora?”
    “Dear, i would leave Heaven for you”.
    “You already did”, i say
    and we remain two ignorant beings in a nest, like everybody else.

    Perseverance is busy.


  • da_badshah 48w

    How do I feel this evening?

    Like a rover on Mars, alone, stranded and slave to the commands of people far away.

    I can take pictures, I can show the world things which they are all eagerly waiting to know/learn.

    But when I look around there is no one there to see, to speak, to listen, to share information.

    I stay up at night to see the morning, but apart from few rays, mornings are same as nights.

    Quiet and lonely, I am eager to meet sm1 but my "Curiosity" is at the verge of being replaced.

    I wish to be found, loved and cherished one day, instead of dying on a strange place,

    A strange place which they have made me believe is my home, my destiny, my life.

    Tonight, tonight i feel like the Curiosity rover on Mars, alone, stranded, and about to get replaced.


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    Rover, Mars, Curiosity


  • 11maria 50w

    Even though I know a kitchen exist
    That's the same as knowing mars exist
    I always know they're there
    But to me very distant.

  • teijojussila888 52w

    SHE is like star chart. IN YOU can engross.
    Like in Galactic moment. Search some deepest guidelines about your beauty. A hours. Just been amazed about starry Sky in your smile. WHY I Would spend a hours just remembering You. Why your shadow not go in lost. OFCOURSE not cause Light is mirroring you into White screen for a film. Yeah! I MIGHT was been crazy about You. Maybe? I just guess so? ✨


  • amoghavarsha 56w

    Sitting In This Universe
    Without A Penny In The Purse

    We Get Hit By Curse
    From All Ends At Worse


    Still Writing This Verse

    To Reach Out To The Mars...

  • anush18 58w

    The lines in (//) are from @sangfroid_soul 's post.
    Ma'am, I wanna thank you for this, thank you for writing peace. That post is something I'll remember for a long time, that has my heart.

    P. S. - May your healing reveal who you are. May these scatter pieces of your soul turn into a mosaic beauty. May you be the happiest where ever you are.

    A • L E T T E R • T O • M Y • M A R S

    (I didn't want to add these lines in the post) #secretletters #inktrovert #rev(h)eal
    #creative_arena #sangfroidsoul #mars #neptune #destiny #writersnetwork #growthandchange #breakthepattern #youcango #itshardtoletyougo #wordsoffblessing #innerhealing #blessing #fix #healingwords @writersnetwork @daphnae @colourfulgreys @starrdust @writersbay

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    And today when you told me that the time of your departure is near, my nerves didn't have the ability to stop you because I know I can't. I didn't know if I should be happy to know that you shared your deepest feelings with me or I should be sad to hear that you are leaving. //Winters have arrived since past 5 weeks yet today is the first day I felt cold. // Yes, today is the first day when I felt cold, when my burning fingers got in contact with your cold fingers. I am numb right now, I want you by my side forever and I can give infinite reasons why I need you but they are pointless for it's hard to give you similes. And now I've conclusions for this storm in my head. I will try to be the same as I was yesterday, I'll try to enjoy every second I've with you. The only regret I have is that I would never ever tell you about my love for you but I know this will pass too. It won't be easy to let your memories be buried in the grave of my evergreen blues.

  • gutzwvw 58w

    Exploration of Space

    10...9...8.....1.Lift off!!!
    Directly through the atmosphere.
    There is no need to fear.
    They will be there when we get there.
    I can fell their hairs reaching out.
    The Moon Maidens from Mars.
    The Venictions may try to kill us.
    But do not fuss, the Maidens will revive us.
    With there weightless kiss.

  • james_taumas 70w


    Orange smudged sky
    Faraway sun
    War god's world
    Sand and rock
    Water gone millennia ago
    No friend to life
    Mechanical explorers rollon
    Treads in the sand
    Map it for us
    Human dreams
    Set foot one day.


  • niviee 82w

    The Blue Mother

    We aspire to live in Mars
    Which has no atmosphere
    Leaving mother earth behind
    Who now breaths polluted air
    There is no harm in dreaming big
    This imply you are growing
    But don't forget the blue planet
    It has created human being

  • rupaliwrites 85w

    The Fiery Aries

    The Numero Uno Sign of Zodiac,
    The Aries- The Fiery Sign of Zodiac.
    Early you rise,the better it is for all!
    After all, You are Energy!
    Just like the Ruler of You- The Mars!
    Unscramble ' Mars' , you get ' RAMS'!
    Ram is one of your symbolisms!
    What a mystical organism...
    The Majestic Sun is exalted in Aries,
    The triple fiery combination theories!
    Sun, Mars and Aries, just awesome threesome!
    The Strict Saturn would like to take a u-turn in Aries,
    Alas, he has to walk in your Sign someday,and Sigh! Oh no! I am debilitated for two and a half years!
    And his eyes are tearful!
    Fiery, Fiesty, Spunky, Frank and outspoken,
    You jump to Conclusions, without any observations,at times,
    Tech-Savvy, Sportslover, Athletic,
    Also ,Aries can be an astringent sarcastic!
    Such an adorable Aries deserves an applause!
    Without any Pause!
    -©️ Rupali Gore Lale

  • bazeela 88w

    I too lived in the greenary of nature,
    Lands bestowed with lakes and seas;
    Far till the eyes went,
    I could see waves all along;
    Waves of happiness,
    Waves of nature;
    We too had cover outside,
    The subtle boundary which long ago died;
    The rain brought pearls with it,
    Centuries have passed, and they no longer come;
    Sky was full of colours and fairies,
    Fairies roaming all along;
    The colour is no longer there,
    I can see only darkness around;
    The fairies, the bipiped, everyone is gone,
    It is empty all along;
    How is it, only I remain?
    Pinching myself, I feel no pain;
    Am I dead or am I alive,
    Then came a kindered hand, and I see light around;
    I live in greenary of nature,
    Land bestowed with lakes and seas;
    Far till the eyes went,
    I could see waves all along.

    Then came the angel and told me who I was,
    They called me Martian;
    The clay of Mars, they say,
    Feeble voices shouting 'Red Planet' all along;
    The angels took me along for a walk,
    Universe beaming in our path;
    Could see the children of Big Bang all along,
    Some dead and some still alive;
    There was my Mars,
    Hidden in the curtains of darkness;
    The surface looked drenched in grief,
    The heart burning red hot;
    As if it was struck by clouds of darkness,
    The vanward clouds of evil days;

    Is the universe empty?, I ask
    Had it been, they say;
    The Mother Mars even being destroyed,
    Turned to God and asked for help;
    Help not for her,
    For the human;
    Her eyes closed and head bowed,
    Listening to the wails in her burning heart;
    No force could have set her in motion,
    Then God accepted her notion;
    Earth was granted to the humans anew
    And she hid herself behind the queue;
    Happiness beaming in her burning heart,
    Seeing her children still alive;

    Then I tell them show me the Earth,
    A picture in my mind was shaken all along;
    She too was grieving,
    She too was weeping;
    The darkness engulfing her in its arms,
    She too was wailing all along.


    #poetry #poem #earth #saveearth #life #sadness #anger #fire #human #grief #nature #mars

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    I'm Martian

  • medic007 90w

    Scions of Promethean Flame

    Oh promethean flame
    Your scion the first polemicist
    To the divine supremacist 
    You are the iconoclasts claim

    In a world rotting and hollow 
    Humanity was still tending 
    To a fire never meant to be unending 
     in your dim light we wallow 

    We did worship the facade
    And forget its function
    And thus came to an injunction 
    In a world built on fraud

    For wisdom birthed tradition
    And tradition called innovation sin
    And darkness wormed its way in
    Through subtle seditions 

    Men as ever fear the void 
    And clung to the light 
    Refusing to face the night 
    Oh Jupiter’s Schadenfreude,

    Mar’s dismay, & Janus’s grief 
    As men began to build upwards  
    Instead of inwards and outwards 
    Minerva, alone, preserved the legacy of the thief 

    For in her tomes, bones, and chiseled stones 
    The fading fire lit its first lamp 
    And snuck out with the traders stamp 
    into the distant unknowns 

    Prometheus’s promiscuity paraded past 
    Jove’s judiciary   
    And none were even the wary 
    As from minerva’s lamp, wealth did amass 

    So dimmed further the promethean blaze 
    Though, not to the grim spectre of the shade 
    No, dwarfed by the thousand little lights it had made 
    Proud to die in their haze 

    And jupiter, roared in victory
    Never seeing he had been usurped 
    Till he too was just another one of history's excerpts 
    Irony that both thief and king vanished without valedictory  

    Their victory attributed to another for all to see 
    But only the thief knew the road to eternity 
    Lies in the legacy you leave 

  • teijojussila888 92w

    Q.O.D - Question of The Day? ��️
    Do I Believe Anymore ?✨
    I can reach The God
    Just with Connection ?
    Do I Believe Anymore ?
    I can Pray and get HIM online ��
    Do I really Believe ?
    I can reach The Connection
    thru The all galaxies, stars, planets,
    Moons. Thru The Mercury, Saturn, Mars,
    Jupiter - biggest planets. Uranus, Neptune.. Then Venus and Pluto too

    Like it is 149 600 000 km to The Sun
    From this world.
    How much is then really
    trip to the heaven ? Thru The solar system
    IT IS actually somewhere More More
    Longer in some other place and
    Maybe in some other dimension in
    Some other Universum ?

    Do I really Believe Anymore ?
    I can get this Galactic Connection
    To God just with Praying ?

    Well What I do ARE !
    I am amazed about all
    This system and mathematical
    Facts of distances and
    Massive Energys.
    I do Believe These kind
    Of Wise distances with
    World, planets, stars, gravity and
    Allkind of great Power in Space !

    I am amazed World is not burn
    Because of Right Mathematical
    distance of The Sun to all other
    Amazing Lights around it

    I am amazed about beauty of Moon.
    I am amazed about beauty of Northern Lights
    I am amazed about beauty of galaxies and stars. About beauty of planets and all
    Beauty of nature in this world. Sun and Moon
    In The sky and More and More all The Photos of Space and reality

    I am amazed about
    More better yechnology
    That is email connections !
    How amazing might be
    Spiritual Connection somewhere
    Outthere Just by praying. Just saying.
    And that Guy would hear all messages
    Of millions different whispers ?

    Well It's Supernatural or
    anything at all!

    And what do I think is IT
    space been forever Exist
    Or God Been forever Exist ?
    Time is been just something
    Over not existence ????

    By @yechnomusic Teijo Jussila 888

    Wash yr damn hands, clean ya teeth and face ppl. Listen to The medical facts about viruses. Be in save ! I am hope(ful) coronavirus stop working ��✨��

    #god #spirit #sky #space #forever #time #question #questionoftheday #doibelieve #philosophy #thoughts #writerofmirakee #writersofmirakee #yechnomusic @yechnomusic Teijo Jussila 888 #teijojussila #connections #outstanding #world #tellus #existence #supernatural #galaxies #mercury #jupiter #mars #venus #moon #sun #distances #stars #moons #planets #galaxy #solarsystem #gravity #online #offline #music #writings #wroters #wroterofmirakee #mirakeewriters #mirakeetext #texts #yechnology #technology #lights #great #beautiful #coloursofspace #nature #everyone #human #theearth #universum

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    Do ya Believe in Q.O.D?
    = ∆ Question of The Day? ️✨

    yechnomusic.com ☕
    by Teijo Jussila888 @yechnomusic

    Anyway! Clean your phonescreen