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  • beautifulanomaly31 1d

    Maybe, It's Me

    You say you love me, but when we're together you say, don't touch me, instead you use me to satisfy your needs, and satisfactions from my pleas, Can you see my misery?, Can you see the hurt you're causing me?, Am I invisible to you?, Am I only good enough to take care of your child and your needs?, When you come home don't notice me?, Like everyone in my life, my life isn't as important as the child I birthed, left in pain alone to care after this, feed her, burp her, change her, soothe her, all while I was hurting, and they say, you say, I'm not supposed to complain, because I'm a mother its my job, but isn't that a shame, Postpartum is my struggle, being alone and unloved, Who do I run to?, Who will I turn to?, Who won't shame me for being human?,  You say, you, I say, who?, Because every time I tried to speak, you dismiss me, like I'm a waste of your time, So I ask you again, Who do I turn to?, In my dark days, Who will be there?, or must I continue to hide and cry, I never thought family could make you feel this way, or maybe, just maybe, it's me

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    Mujhe watermelon khana hai

    Acha pehale tere phone ka password dedo


  • jan_balan 2d


    Someone asked me, “What ‘Life’ gives?”

    I just said that person, it gives answers to a bunch of curious questions at a different stage of life. After that, I looked at that person’s life. I sensed that puzzle. The puzzle to know what those questions are. I just said those questions.

    Is it boy or girl??
    Which school are they???
    How many arrears??
    How much is the salary??
    When is your marriage??
    How many kids??
    What happened to your health??
    Does s/he die?

    Yes, Life is this simple, when we answer them.


  • thetruthpusher 4d

    Divorce is not a death sentence, but a rebirth, a renewing, a reconfiguration...an opportunity to re-present oneself to the world as a stronger, wiser, more whole and enlightened being.


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  • shubham_20 1w

    Bhai shaadi ke baat kya hota hai

    Uske side effects dekhne ko milta hai


  • shubham_20 1w

    Excuse me Husbandji aapke phone ka password kya hai

    Sorry didi kya main aapko jaanta hui


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    Papa aapne mommy ko kaha dekha hai

    Maat punch beta mere paas words nahi hai express karne ke liye


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  • anushairfan 1w

    Right things happen when the right person walks into your life and loves you unconditionally.

    Thank you for making my life amazing by loving me like you do and by always being by my side.

    You mean the world to me babe.

  • shubham_20 1w

    Bare ho kar aap kya banoge

    Idea nahi?par shaadi zarur karunga!


  • oorjanidhi 1w


    Wen U get married..
    U buy yourself loads of responsibility, mood swings, whims and fancies, inflated ego deflated enthusiasm, tantrums , taunts, avoidable arguments, bearing overbearing attitude, killing hobbies, at the disposal of the better half(so called) scattered dreams, bleak eyes empty heart of course with occasional outbursts of love being hurled as an obligation...
    ... and you thought marriage is a fairytale...
    Wake up....

  • _enchanted_rose_ 2w

    Marriage & Homesickness

    This very feeling of homesickness after marriage is unswerving. I knew from the beginning that marriage has room for all the happiest and best moments of one's life but it has room for the sad parts of your life as well. A kind of sadness that grips like a solid mass in your throat which refuses to go away, that makes your chest twinge and eyes moist whenever you see an old photograph or feel nostalgic about certain things, that wrenches your stomach upside down, that makes your heart race, like experiencing a jumpscare out of a horror movie, a deep throbbing sadness which makes you miss your home, even more, it lets you realize what home is.
    I was always a person who struggled a lot to adjust, make friends and change my routines. But marriage taught me how and why to adjust - compromise - settle, and adapt for the things which were particularly new to me.
    I feel like a part of my home, stays with me yet it's lost somewhere completely. I miss lazing around in Pajamas with a hell of messy hair carefree, binge-watching my favorite TV shows, spending my whole time keeping my nose buried in my most favorite books, listening to my mom's soothing voice while I talk to her and my dad's pleasant voice while he sings, always seeing my two guardian angels before my eyes in their most beautiful appearance. Being the only child makes it more difficult after marriage to spend the days of your life staying away from your parents. I can't pass my day without thinking about all these things, about my parents, about their health and well being, about the food my mom made, about the secrets and laughter I shared with my parents, the movie nights I spent watching with them, the places I once visited with them, the journeys I have ever covered, the gossips I had, the meals I cooked for them, the days of shopping, the nights of feasts, the times of festivals, the birthdays and anniversaries, my first day of school and college when they came to pick and drop me, the therapeutic sessions I had when I felt like I had no friends, the lessons I learned from their experiences when I went astray, the morning wake-up call from mom by switching off the fan of my bedroom, the sound of my father's vehicle when he comes back home from work, the praise and appreciation when I win something at my college, the motivational speeches I got over times when I needed it the most.
    As a married woman, I miss all of this, those days I spent without realizing that I will one day recall it from the folder of my memories. I grieve my childhood and the lost days. I grieve the days spent with my family, I grieve the good old days when I lived life to the fullest.
    Though I have been married into a very loving, supportive, respected, and decent family, homesickness never fades away. I can't thank the Almighty enough for blessing me with such an amazing husband, who understands and supports me for who and what I am, who encourages me all the time, who never lets me down, who never fails to keep me happy, but homesickness has its roots connected deep down in the heart which can't be cut or broken.
    Over the years...will it ever get easier??

  • shubham_20 2w

    Bhai log kyun divorce karte hai

    Kyun ki woh sochte the ki shaadi bahut mazedar hai


  • preeti_writes 2w

    The story of a warrior unsung

    Let me narrate you a story pals,
    Of a girl who was caged in a judgemental society's cell.

    She was innocent and lovely,
    But her life was quite ugly.

    Even before her birth,
    All she ever did was; suffered.

    She was taunted ,
    Her dreams were haunted.

    Right when she came on earth,
    Her presence was considered of zero worth.

    During her initial years,
    She had only seen her mother shedding tears.

    As passed her adolescence,
    She was told not to cross the fence.

    She was confused,
    But didn't dared to refuse.

    Her nightmares were coming true,
    With each passing day as she grew.

    She was forced to choose kurti over jeans,
    Gradually, she was now getting clear to the worldly means.

    The long uncomfortable, dirty stares,
    Now became her biggest fear.

    Her pillow which always remained tear stained,
    Was also a way to keep the folks entertained.

    She was judged on her looks; misinterpreted,
    Many limitations and boundaries were created.

    She had been taught to keep numb,
    The voice of her opinion was reduced to that of a crumb.

    They shattered her dreams,
    And surpressed her screams.

    She was married off,
    Life's never been so tough.

    A new challenge was thrown on her way,
    When she had to work night and day.

    Expensive gifts or jewelries, she did never desire,
    All she ever wanted was a clear open space, to respire.

    She was never valued,
    Her eyes wet from the salty fluid.

    She was herself second on her list of priorities,
    No one ever did praised her bravery.

    Her freedom was captured while she was still young,
    Off she died like a warrior unsung.


  • whitegazelle 2w


    The little girl who ran past the houses yelling and laughing had grown up....everyone says so ..yet she feels as if she's standing at the same point where everything had drastically changed....she believed she was different..In a society where girls are married at early age, she was a hero in other's eyes,who fought against odds and stood heads high...Her biggest strength was her father ,who believed girls should be given wings.... when all her friends got married and enjoyed marital bliss and all ,she was cramming through the medical books, writing case histories ,taking up patients and all...yet she was happy....at the age of 24 ,she was still happy,single and a student....but now the eyes that adored her looks at her with pity....the eyes who dreamt to give wings to her became sad so much that it never ceased shedding tears....as of now the society had called her expired.....well for her reaching at this stage and doing her studies was normal but in others eyes she should be married at this age...no before this age....now when new marriage proposals comes and when they hear she's 24....they act as if she's 60......and that's how a brave wall crumpled ....She never felt bad for herself ..but for her parents who cherish her with their everything...people calling their princess as a expired girl is heartbreaking....So I sincerely pray for that girl to find her soulmate as fast as possible before this society crumples her soul....

  • shubham_20 2w

    Kal kya planning hai

    Main beach jaa raha hui aur tum invited nahi ho


  • geethunandhuzzzz 2w


    Dear stranger,
    My parents taught me,that I should not talk with a unknown person,I should not mingle with them and I should not be friendly with them. But, now I'm in need to marry a person whose name is also unknown for me.


  • shubham_20 2w

    Log jab naye shaadi karte hai toh woh ROSY ROSY hote hai phir baat main wahi purane daal chaaval


  • nehaazeem 2w

    I don't understand why it's so normal between couples or anyone to insult, fight, disrespect, taunt, blame each other and then call it love? Fight happens where there is most love ? That's a joke. Absolutely against the fitrah/heart, the nature of human being. I don't watch Pakistani dramas because it's nothing except time waste, they show nothing real but all the foolishness and evil that I mentioned above and call it love. I don't know about you but I have never felt love with any negativity. People watch these dramas and behave the same their partners. Not cute at all. No ethics no morality. No love.

    True love is beautiful, Merciful, justice, peaceful and balance. It's not accepting "everything" but being soft in your ways. Discussing matters in a calm way. Showing how much you matter to each other.

    I said this years ago and I'd like to mention again that the world can normalise evil but that doesn't mean we obey the crowd. If we are real we choose to follow our heart. True morality. #wakeup ��
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