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    She had never waited too long for someone or something, may be nothing could ignite the lamp of her desires too long.
    The number of times you fail is directly related to the increase in the intensity of your desires. Red lines, yes red lines, which she hated to the core as a student because those red lines in the marksheet invited taunts from her parents and compelled her to re-appearing for the paper she didn't like.
    Time has taken her on a roller- coaster ride. It is the same girl who used to curse those red lines wishes to be blessed by them.
    Every month she buys a pregnancy kit, get herself tested and desires to get those two lines.
    It's been five years, it seems the red lines she used to curse then are too disappointed to visit her. She is still waiting, holding onto hopes firmly.

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    Wiping off his eyes every time the pearls dropped,
    Tried to calm himself but his tears couldn't be stopped,
    Damping the satin ribbon of the gold medal he won,
    He had bagged for topping the annual sports competition.

    That he could not produce before his freaking out mother,
    As she held his worrisome mark sheet in hands to bother,
    The maths paper suggested, 'tables' need to be fixed with a hammer,
    English pointed out that phonics need to be glued, attention needs the grammar.

    Exhausted his mother, tried all the possible ways to teach,
    But those 'tables' and 'spellings' never got within his reach,
    The feel of the examination hall made him forget all that he had learnt,
    Fetching marks and surviving the competition wasn't less than a stunt.

    All of a sudden, his mom knocked his bedroom door,
    He rushed to open, dropping his medal on the floor,
    She asked, "Did you have your tiffin in the school today?"
    "To which he replied, "yes mom I did, I do it everyday."

    "But the food was a bit spicy, you could have left it", she said,
    To which he replied, "But if the tiffin came back as it is, you would've felt bad",
    She was in tears and all of a sudden her eyes hit the floor,
    There lied a gold medal, seeking her attention, near the door.

    She lifted it up and enquired, " Why didn't you show this earlier?"
    He exclaimed, "You already had the mark sheet stating I couldn't clear!"
    Bursting into tears, she kissed the medal, knelt down to hug her tiny star,
    She wondered, "Why do parents set a bar when kids love them the way they are."

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    So, basically here i target the people of today, the stereotypes, the ones who on the stage speak all hypothetical and quoting "A single peice of paper cannot decide my future" and the soon as they get off the stage, they judge a person, a student by his marks.
    Why can't we just get out of this! This "marksheet-says-all-about-your-intelligence" world!

    Why cannot we stop blaming a marksheet for a handicapped future? We need to understand the true meaning of intelligence and make sure everyone does this.

    No one, not even a single person got the right to judge a person in intelligence on the basis of marks one got in schools and higher studies. Then how can you! Just give it a thought and you could understand what real intelligence is.
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    But the bitter truth is, intelligence is yet measured in marks.

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