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  • mighty_are_the_fallen 23w

    Static on my tongue
    Sweet euphoria
    Make it hurt
    Making a rash choice
    Cut yourself open
    It's something else
    It's the open doors
    Pounds so loud
    Open the doors
    Carve it out
    Make it stop
    Rushing past my ears
    Jitterbug sounds
    Cicada screams
    I don't wanna be looked at
    Don't look at me
    Don't look at me
    Don't look at me
    I want it to stop
    I want it to be quiet
    No more knocking
    No more screams
    No more shaking
    It's so sweet
    Tastes too good
    It's like a dream
    A nightmare
    I wanna be awake

    #mania #manic #depression #depressed #trauma

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  • evolymenyar 28w


    Emotions carving
    Through my daily life
    More easily than a river
    Through the landscape
    I've no more control
    Than the rocks being
    Beaten by the torrents
    Of raging water
    Grinding them down
    Against thier will
    Hopefully there will
    Be more left of me
    Than just pebbles and sand

  • writeendlessly 30w

    New Start

    Maybe it's the manic rage
    Or the spark of a phase.
    I know it won't be easy,
    But I just want to be me.
    It's time to start believing
    And believing is seeing
    It's time to change who I am
    Into who I want to be.

  • dreamersneverlearn 33w

    Surround me with your love

    This broken mind sometimes goes astray
    Adrenaline and drugs lead me the wrong way
    I spin for days, never looking back
    I give you away looking for change
    The adrenaline fades and my mind becomes clear
    All that I've lost , all my fear
    This broken mind never seems to win
    But you see my flaws and still let me in
    Your face is my home
    Your words brings me life
    Ill forever be in debt to your undying love
    Ill make you smile when youre low
    Give you a home in my heart when there's no where else to go
    Compared to the rest youre far above
    You dumbfound me with your boundless love

  • dreamersneverlearn 36w

    Chaos over simplicity?

    Now the war is over
    debris has cleared.
    Ive apologized till blue in the face. Swore to myself i wont fuck up again.
    Im back to being me
    That dull mundane feeling returns
    and my smile begins to fade
    My reward for a tedious ,mistake free life.
    When drowning in the ocean, i screamed for home
    Now that im home I scream for adventure

  • a_gentilischi 37w

    @writersnetwork Thank you for the Repost! You guys are the best ��


    Shining silver
    Crystal clear
    Like untouched snow
    At the end of the year

    Gleaming in darkness
    Shadowing my step
    The mirror craves my reflection
    And all my depth

    I told it 'no'
    But the glass said 'yes'
    It trapped me in mercury
    Under cold duress

    I'm not Dorian Gray
    Whose soul was trapped within
    I exist at once in two places
    Both dead and still living

    People approach the mirror
    And peer inside
    Breaths fogging the surface
    I ride their shadow's tide

    Am I a real person?
    Have I ever been loved or kissed?
    Or am I the dusty reflection?
    Whose passing is never missed?

    Sometimes I can't tell
    Who I am, and who I was
    I fear what I will be
    Would I turn to something worse?

    What scares me the most
    Is that there are two parts of me
    Inside the mirror and outside
    Which is real? I just can't see!

    2021.03. 14
    Written rights : ©a_gentilischi

    #fear #wod #pod
    #mirakee #writersnetwork
    @mirakee @writersnetwork
    #thoughts #life #death #manic #forget
    #time #trapped #shadows #wnreagent

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  • a_gentilischi 40w

    I've been writing sweet words these few days, and now it's too much.�� Here's a little darkness for the finer palate.����

    -From Achlys-

    In those ancient and long forgotten times
    Before the existence of verses and rhymes
    Before you mortals and your petty crimes
    I was queen of poison and dust and grimes

    Eternal night before chaos is mine
    The burnished chalice holding poisoned wine
    Wounded creature caught in hunter's line
    Men at the cliff edge, fate is broke twine
    Hopeless fools looking for the divine sign
    When I'm the one who was never benign

    You choose not to see me, pretend you're blind
    Self righteous hypocrites, you act so kind
    Money and fame are what you crave to find
    Thus, to my cause, all of you I shall bind

    Go on, look away, turn off the lights
    Leave corpses and carnage beneath the nights
    Enjoy your masquerade balls, money's mights
    Women forced to kneel with your lustful bites
    Your stolen throne reaches gluttony's heights

    I'll smile up at you from crystals of meth
    I'll be the blooms on your funeral wreath
    When a brother's blade meets you with no sheath
    The Shield of Heracles reeks mist of death

    Let us count your sins once you leave this earth
    All the ways you betrayed your home and hearth
    We'll sit side by side on Asphodel's face
    Whilst you drink the poison of fallen grace

    Achlys: a Greek goddess who is known to represent both misery and sadness. She is also the goddess of deadly poisons. It is said that her likeness was engraved on the shield of Heracles, so as to scare away his enemies.
    Asphodel: the Asphodel Meadows is a section of the ancient Greek underworld, where souls were sent to live after death

    Written rights : ©a_gentilischi

    @mirakee @writersnetwork
    #mirakee #writersnetwork
    #thoughts #poison #dust
    #thoughts #life #death #manic
    #greekmyth #stories

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  • blue_cascades 40w

    Glass heart, transparent and brittle ; see through when you're closer a little.
    Thought I won't curse you, if only you could mend the wreckage of my mind.
    But now, I carry sins painted on my skin with no sorrow or guilt.
    Insensitive and careless, the high walls I've built.
    Don't want to be vulnerable again, don't want to cry again.
    The insecurities that you gave, bled out of my body and it didn't ache.
    I might be broken but my heart is still untamed.
    Not friends, not enemies; just strangers with memories.
    And you're a fool if you see love in my cynical eyes.
    I should see the bright side but I'd rather stay in this eclipse.
    Am I travelling through the seven gates of hell?
    The dark and the light; problems and pride.
    Juliet turned into a manic, so I can't write about happy endings.
    Fallen angel with wounded wings and yet she's transcending.


    #poetrycommunity #manic #loveyourself #love #storiestotell

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Juliet turned into a manic


  • ylviia 42w

    I want to be able to let myself go
    I want to act like a maniac
    I want to scream out loud
    Throw my stuff away and break them
    I want to cut off all of my hair while laughing hysterically
    I want to destroy a mirror just so I can pick up the pieces and cut myself with it
    I want to drink away my life till I pass out
    I want to run off into the forest in the night
    Just to scare the shit outta myself
    I want to punch the wall till my knuckles bleed
    But I can't
    Knowing the consequences I just stay silent
    While the battle in my head has begun
    Afraid of being judged and called a maniac
    I surpress these desires because I want to keep my sanity
    That's the only thing keeping me from becoming insane
    And sometimes even though that's selfish, stupid and so damn wrong
    I wish to be insane
    To feel no remorse
    And to just not care
    Because maybe I wouldn't be in such pain
    Maybe I wouldn't think so much because I simply don't care
    But that's a wish so inconsiderate and false
    That it goes right outta my brain
    And instead I imagine myself doing all of these things to at least keep me from actually consider doing it

  • a_gentilischi 43w

    Unlike the last post, this isn't based on any particular experience.
    But I think we've all been here... At the place where our own thoughts scare us.

    Also, I've kinda tried out the iambic pentameter within these lines, but even though the syllable counts are right the unstressed-stressed pattern is a little glitched.
    Corrections and constructive criticism more than welcome.

    Kind of fished this idea out of an old @writersbay prompt. So thanks out to them.

    Written rights : ©a_gentilischi
    PC : Pinterest

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #pod
    #madnessc #writersbay
    #thoughts #life #death #manic #madness

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    Do you see the raging madness inside me?
    Lassitude beneath my darkened eyes, sunken
    Spasms, paroxysms of thousand thoughts too fast
    Too fast to catch in these clumsy hands of mine

    Gossamer threads, soft silk of spider webs
    Over my eyes, my arms, my legs, my head, Argh!
    Beggar of words turned quintessential muse
    A prisoner of my own manic thoughts

    And such thoughts too! Surely, they would scare you
    Not just because they are rather crazy
    Or outlandish, desperate, or cruel
    But because you've had them in your head too

    Pray tell, is the madness inside you too?

  • preet_pens 59w

    #carpediem #manic life # mirakee

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    My Dear Life,

    Whenever I will fall down
    and this body turns numb
    Do not wait for help, just move on
    carry me far away with your flow.

    When this soul will shiver
    under the harsh-furry blanky
    Do not expect pleasure of warmth
    wrap me in your cold arms.

    When those crimson tears
    will flood my eyes
    Do not wipe them with your flow
    let them drip through your turns.

    When the burden of work will push
    me to quit,
    remind of those starving days
    Shake my fears,
    and fill me with your rush.

    When I go into deep slumber
    and dream
    of the prince to kiss away my pain
    Shake me hard pull me out from
    the bad dreams.

    What are you chasing my life?
    Am I not rushing to be with you?


  • poetrydelivery 74w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #poetry #love #you
    #manic Monday #sunnydriday #sweetlady

    When you give meaning to my words with your thoughts

    You create a misunderstanding that creates a conflict just to end with us understanding.

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    When you give meaning to my words with your thoughts

    You create a misunderstanding that creates a conflict just to end with us understanding.

  • darkworlds2511 75w

    Bloody hands are his favorite
    He licks them in front of his victim
    Finding pleasure in the pained screams
    even the darkness is petrified
    The demons bow to him.
    Hmm that's the manic

  • pathways_of_words 83w

    A system overload of the human mind.
    Where the thoughts race madly as panic sets in.
    Recycled confusion, anger, peace, rewind.
    Not knowing where the sane starts, insane begins.

    Calm the storms that are loosened from within you.
    Fooled by the blindsided bewilderments known.
    All in your head there is a menacing crew.
    Disorganized chaos seems to grow and grow.

    To some, the manic is there, though can't be helped.
    It could be harmless if it's used with caution.
    Or else the scars will leave painful whelps.
    Use for good the raw pieces known for destruction.

    I'll leave you with these calming thoughts of ease.
    With an angel that's good, grace can't fail you.
    Do not tease what you don't want attached.
    Freedom will ring or with your deception, your through.

    #ceesreposts #writersnetwork #manic

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  • mighty_are_the_fallen 89w

    Midnight Lover

    Mania my sweet midnight lover,
    Let me rest tonight.

    A headache,
    A long day,

    What will keep you out of my bed tonight.

    I know the price well,
    But every night I'm willing to pay.

    I'll wake missing the spark,
    Walk with a tilt.

    Leave me the night and I'll give you the day,
    Only if you wanted it.

    Only coming to me at the dullest of hours,
    When no one can see us.

    My midnight lover,
    Postponed till the witching hour,
    Still to early.

    I'll wake sicker then sin,
    All because of the greediness,
    Of wanting a nights rest.

  • ilfiore_ 92w

    My mind is fucked up by my family and I don't have any way of letting them out so I'm writing them out, spilling my guts out
    #Halsey #manic #musicalinspiration #music #sad #betray #angerissues #angermanagement

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    My Hysteria

    Standing now in the mirror that I built myself
    And I can't remember why the decision wasn't mine
    But it seems I'm only clinging to an idea now
    Took my heart and sold it out
    To a vision that I wrote myself
    And I don't want to be somebody in your world
    Just fighting the hysteria
    I only wanna die someday
    Someday, someday
    In my mind, with my peace,
    Of my tired soul

  • borderlinebee 112w

    Bouncing legs

    It's starting,
    The icy tingles,
    Tingles that spread,
    From my chest to my spine.

    I'm getting hyper,
    My legs are bouncing,
    Head is spinning,
    I'm crawling up the walls!

    Is this me?
    Is this my medication?
    I dont know where I start,
    And it begins,

    But I guess really,
    I never knew who I was to begin with.

  • sinfully 112w


    I wish you believed me when I was sad and didn't know why...
    I wanted you to hold me and just let me cry...
    but you kept asking and asking..why...
    I dont know
    I honestly don't know..


  • kristynnn 129w

    Soul and Sinew

    i. To wander out of my body suggests my soul and sinew are not attached.

    ii. It's a painful process to creep back into the recesses of my aching bones.

    iii. I've stood in the corner while my corpse rotted across parties and homes.

    iv. I've heard my jaw crack out wretched words to bite down on those whom I love.

    v. I've had to rip my skin and bash my skull to make room for myself in my body.

    vi. I am fuelled by manic poison that corrodes my insides and slowly kills me.


  • emilycogswelt 132w


    I feel like I am drowning in a tornado--this beast is swallowing whole.  
    The water surrounding me traps all intentions of escape. 
    All I can do is tread, my feet cannot reach below. 
    I gasp for life--
    it belongs to the beast. 
    We fear what we do not know, and I fear what is below. 
    I kick and scream, fearing what is beneath. 
    Its shadow is casting underneath me. 
    I am scared of my own shadow. 
    Irrational me, I fear me.
    As the wave grows, so does the dark outline of myself. 
    I continue to cower in the storm--
    An excuse to not cower with the ever growing beast within me.