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  • runewolf77 149w

    The ME

    Some say that it's a Mandela effect
    Some say that our memories lie
    But when you double check
    The Mandela effect can be hard to deny

    Is it barenstain or barenstein?
    Was "Hello Clarisse" said in silence of the lambs?
    Or did people really misremember that scene?
    How can anyone deny this with so many whams?

    It's harder to deny the ME when it changes our history
    But yet some people can still deny it
    What is causing the ME?
    Will these changes ever quit?

    Why are there so many mispellings?
    Even the pros get it wrong
    Sometimes people find new dwellings
    And it doesn't stay in existence very long

    Will this mystery ever be solved?
    Is it a sign of the end?
    Is CERN involved?
    Is the answer possible to comprehend?

    ©Anna Beth Hansen