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  • supasesh 7w

    i need a hand to hold
    i need a mill in the bank
    no cards but i refuse to fold
    a shark in this goldfish tank

    i need something money doesnt buy
    i need some money just to get by
    flawless in everything that you try
    flawed everytime that i try

    i need a heart plus mine
    i need a all gold diamond grill
    Patience is key until its time
    days lost in this tiny blue pill

    i need love thats not myself
    i need to learn to love myself
    when you're tired put me back on the shelf
    im actually starting to worry about my health

    #rhyme#no structure #makeitrhyme ;)

    I wanna die rich and happy, so far I'm only on track for 1/3 of those things

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    I locked the door then asked why the door is locked

  • supasesh 14w

    I get confused,
    By your actions and your moods,

    Your tone tends to lead,
    That you don't want to be around me

    I'm confused by your texts,
    Telling me youre ready, but I've been in your driveway for 20 minutes

    I just took my pills,
    Shit I I just might fucking crash,
    And if this shit does kills,
    Know I loved your fucking ass,
    Forever in life and when they put me in that vase nothing but ash,
    Don't cry when you get news of the crash, bury me and that part of you in the past

    Watch me fuck up
    What's the safe word? I've had to much

    Imma jump off the boat,
    Drown with my hope,
    Battles to cope, using this depression as a moat,
    Tell me you sins and I'll do you dirty like the pope,
    You rock the boat, but I'll sink the fucking ship, I'll give you advice then I'll give you a different kind of tip, piece of shit, ugly but best believe I drip

    I lied If I ever said I was alone, my demons always with me chilling in my home,
    We was just texting, what did u lose your phone?
    #makeitrhyme #love #mental #health #relationship

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    Have you ever met a man whose already dead?

  • supasesh 14w

    A like and a republish would be greatly appreciated ❤️❤️ so much

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    sorry its been a sec,
    not out of words, they're just out of sense,
    but it would be a waste of time, trying to create the perfect sentence

    im no poet, i tend to just dabble in words,
    a no one, no where, doing nothing,
    just trying to make something with these nouns and these verbs

    i use to write,
    in a way,
    that others would like,
    till i realized,
    they couldnt care less about the sounds coming from my windpipe

    so i write, not them, not even for me,
    i simply write, fully aware, these words will blow along with the breeze; pollen and flys,
    gone from our view; our minds, yet remains hidden in the best part of our lives

  • music13guitar 130w


    I've put every dark thought into a box.
    It sits there silently,
    Nothing more than a few red rocks.
    Still, While it be,
    Silence talks.

    It resonates in my brain,
    My most frequent waste of time.
    It's a comforting gain,
    Watching everything unwind.

    But in a box all my dark thoughts sit.
    We're a foot or two apart,
    And I see for a voice it was always unfit.
    You're not made to be a counterpart.
    My real heart needs a jumpstart.


  • an_invisible_poet 131w

    happiness scheme

    i haven't written about her in a while
    and this is my fatal flaw
    for you see, the feelings gather in a pile
    until they force themselves out. they claw.
    memories of her surround me
    and often there is nothing left to do
    but say i'm okay, smile and pretend to be,
    and go home to cry in my room.
    but miserable as i seem,
    you might be surprised,
    i am getting help for my happiness scheme
    and my sadness isn't always disguised.
    i work toward acceptance of my feelings,
    an everlasting process of healing.