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    what I have to say, what you have to listen is the best paradox, I have to live with violet horizon.


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    Trust me or not...

    But I feel like "I am Sorry" is more of a magical and powerful word than "I Love You".


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    The Underground Soldiers

    Chapter V

    The day has passed, with the news I received today it felt like time stood still. I went for dinner, thanked Mrs. MacMillan and went straight to bed. I start rolling around in bed with questions flooding my brain. Is it true that my family could be alive or is the Mad King trying to mess with my head? Are they hurt? Mid thought I stopped myself. I can't let my emotions control me too much. Otherwise I won't have any control over my actions. *closes eyes tightly* Dammit! My goal is to kill the fat bastard and give him a little bit of his own medicine. But one little step at a time. There is no point in rushing things. *turns around, open his eyes and looks out the barn window* If they are alive. I hope they are doing okay. *closes eyes* Hopefully I can get some rest now.

    I open my eyes and by surprise it is still dark. Hmm. This is strange. The moon is still high and bright. I feel like I'm not in control of my body. I'm not even in the barn any more. "Where am I?" I stand up and open the door. There's a long hallway lit by candles. I hear screaming from the end of the hallway. It sounds like the person is screaming my name. "Could it be? Aelia!?" I can hear the screams getting louder. I run to the door where I hear the screaming. I open the door and see her laying there, in a pool of her own blood. She's naked. I run over to her and fall down on my knees and take her into my arms. As I turn her around to face me I can see that her breasts are no longer there. Her chest if full of blood and I can see her breast tissue hanging down her stomach. Her legs are full of blood as well. I look down for the first time only to see that her bottom half is just as ruined as the top half. "Who did this to you?" I ask trying to make the situation better, knowing that there's nothing I can do. "He did it!" She shouts and points to something or rather someone behind me. I turn my head around only to see the Mad King. "Ready for round two princess?" he smells of blood. "You bastard!" I jump up and try to tackle him to the ground. Only to fail miserably. It's like I flew right through him. I stand up yet again from the ground and try to put him in a choke hold from the back, but I can't seem to get a grip. I can't seem to do anything to him. He pulls down his trousers and bends down to where Aelia laid. "Get away from her!" I tried to pull him off of her but again I failed. I fall back onto the ground and hit my head. opens eyes I look down to see Aelia's body beneath me. Thrusting in her tiny body. Her blood getting everywhere. I can hear her screams and I see her eyes turning blood red because of the pain. I try to pull myself away, but I'm frozen. I look around and just to see myself laying on the ground. The horrific screams beneath me getting louder. The thrusting only getting harder and the pool of blood getting bigger. I once again tried to pull myself away, but its too late her lifeless body is laying on the ground. Her body is so tortured and somehow I ended up doing the torturing.

    "Lad wake up!" I opened my eyes and saw Mister MacMillan over my bed with a candle. "Ye was screamin blue murder. Are ye alright?" He asks handing me a glass of water. I sit up trying to get my breathing under control. "Yes, thank you Mister MacMillan. Sorry for waking you." I take a sip of water and lay back down trying to process my dream. "Al- alright lad, ye try and get some shut eye, now okay?" He takes the candle and walks back to the house. I don't even know if I want to fall asleep again. I'd rather not want to continue the dream I just had. The next morning I felt like a bag of garbage. It is the second night in a row I haven't slept. Unlike other mornings Mister MacMillan came into the barn and asked with a very gentle voice "Ye up lad? Breakfast is ready." He turned around and limped away through the garden to the house. Strange. Mister MacMillan has never woken me up so calmly nor did he ever invite me to breakfast. I think the events of last night terrified him as well. I mean imagine getting rudely awaken by a screaming man that lives in your barn. I wouldn't be very impressed either. I head up to the house. The two German Shepherds, Ollie and Mollie, greet me at the front door. Mrs. MacMillan, like always, is busy making breakfast. Her red curly hair is up into a weird little bun to keep it out of her face. *baby starts crying* "Oh dear." She looks down at her hands that are full of dough. "Darlin, can I please ask ye to go check on the bairn. I know you ken them well. Just see if the poor thing is alright." She smiles at me and waits for my response. "Yes of course Mrs. MacMillan." I smile back and head up the stairs. "Second door to the right dear." I hear her screaming from the kitchen.

    As I enter the room I see the small little body moving around in her crib. "Shh-shh" I walk closer, pick her up and snuggle her into my chest. It feels peculiar holing a baby this small. The last time I held a baby was when Cecilia was still small. I can feel the small body starting to relax. She has red hair just like her mum. The poor thing was probably just a little lonely. "It's okay sweet baby, I also get lonely sometimes, but at least I'm here now." I snuggle her into me once more. I wish I spent more time with Cecilia when she was a baby, but I was too busy working and trying to keep my family afloat that I didn't even realise how quickly she grew up. *knock on the door* "Aw look at ye with the bairn. I must say Scott I never pictured ye with a bairn, but yer quite good at it." Mrs. MacMillan walks over to me and takes the baby from my arms. "It's best ye go lad, breakfast is ready, don't want ye to eat cold food." She starts to undo her corset to feed the baby. "Yes Mrs. MacMillan." I head downstairs. I ate the breakfast Mrs. MacMillan had prepared and headed to the location Mister MacMillan had told me about yesterday. The training grounds I suppose. A Few minutes later I arrived at the location on my horse. Mister MacMillan's horse is roaming the open field. I climb off my horse and allow him to join the other horses. Mister MacMillan is standing outside. The building looks just as dreadful as the workshop. Mister MacMillan really has a talent for choosing old, horrendous buildings and turning them into things. "Ah I see ye finally decided to show." He laughs and opens the door behind him. "Come on lad, move yer arse."

    I picked up my slow pace and did as Mister MacMillan asked. I followed him through the door into and empty building. "Eh Mister MacMillan?" This? This is the training grounds he was talking about? I mean really there's nothing here. "Now lad, don't start judgin too early, she might be old-" *pause * "-and bloody empty." I add. He looks at me with a death stare and I quickly remove the grin from my face. "but she's done me well with the trainin, so if ye would please shut yer mouth. I would like to start traininyer sorry arse." He limps away and stops in the middle of the building. I follow him. In the blink of an eye he swung his fist at me and hit me right in the face. "Fu- ouch!" I fall down onto the ground. "I've been waitin forever to hit ye in yer stupid face." He starts laughing and helps me up. "Ye see lad, if ye want to fight ye need to be quick and watch their every move. Ye can't just stand there with yer dick in yer hand, ye need to react as soon as they make a move." After a long day of training, or should I rather say Mister MacMillan beating the shit out of me, we arrived home to Mrs. MacMillan's roast, a good meal is all I need right now. "Scott! Darlin are ye okay? Lord Akir look at the lad?!" She shouts as she looks at my wounds ."Ay the lad will survive." He laughs and he pats me on the back and gives Mrs. MacMillan a kiss on the cheek. After dinner I went to the barn, cleaned up and hoped that I would finally get some rest.

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    7 stanzas of a beautiful open eyed dream
    #angel #dream #illusion #beautiful #magical #words #magic #mermaids

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    In that moonlit night standing in the abaft,
    Watching the towed flaccid wooden raft,
    I thought that I saw an angel resting,
    Lying exhausted there in that craft.

    I call the girl out unbeknownst of her kind name,
    "Hey young lady!!" to which she didn't much respond,
    She looked up towards me once in anguish & collapsed,
    I spot desperation in amber eyes & resolve to help her.

    The crewmen had now been doing the paddles after resting,
    I summon my captain & ask, "Do you see that girl in the raft?"
    The captain now smiles to say, "Commodore, better get married,"
    I look so clueless to which he simply replies, "There is no girl."

    True he was as she had simply disappeared,
    I started thinking of my sleep needs that day,
    I looked around again in a hope to find the girl,
    I had compromised my routine as the commodore.

    Then I immediately realized it was my wild phantasm,
    Now this was just a plain illusion of a tired sailor's mind,
    No mermaids could have ever existed in reality & were fake,
    I turned towards the deck to go back to my bunk for sleeping.

    As I climbed down the stairs to enter my room amazed & dazed,
    I saw her standing and waiting for me by the side of my bunk,
    I accepted that delusion of my mind & started to lie down,
    She said, "I'm as real as your thoughts, don't fear me."

    She & I-me & her, had the best time that night,
    In the morning she was gone & was just gone,
    Disappeared into thin air while I was asleep,
    Each day I so dearly long for her to return.

    ©Atul Kaushal

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    Penning down the soul via words is a means to express ❣️

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #words #feelings #magical #love ❣️

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    Magical Words

    ...the irony is that the words are so magical that it expresses those deep feelings what the lips can't

    ©pink_blue ️

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    Initially I used to think that there are only two things in the world, the universe is comprised of only two things, one is life and the other is love.
    Without life you are not Alive and without love your life is not worthy of living, I still don't know whether I think is it the only universal truth I believe in or whether I need to juggle up for finding peace in other things too!

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    Delivering u to DESTINY

    You will be delivered to your destiny via wings of
    Self Confidence
    Will power
    Love of family n friends
    Hard but smart work
    Wishes of well-wishers
    Self motivation

    And ofcource a cute smile!!!

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    I just remember my cheeks go red for the very first time I met him
    He looked breathtaking and worth every ounce of beauty
    He had a wonderful charisma that pulled me towards him even more by days passing by
    I still remember my first “hey” how magical I felt at that very moment
    I remember when my hand touched his with utmost love I felt his inner soul
    The first time our sparkling eyes met , our souls connected immediately
    This connection felt so real that every time I see him my love for him grows more than I ever imagined
    The way he looks at me makes me forget the world and run towards his warm arms
    Even when he isn’t around his voice echos in my mind like a sweet little melody
    Even though a lot of memories are vague his charming face is insanely clear in my mind
    His presence makes me complete !

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    #spectacle, #sea, #ocean, #magical, #miracle ,#whimsical, #spectacular ,#seascape, #life, #view, #pod,#wod,@writersnetwork,@writerstolli,@mirakee,@mirakeeworld
    A glimpse of the sea world is just magical,
    The life in the ocean is a miracle,
    The waves kissing the shoreline is just whimsical,
    The seascape is in itself captivating and spectacular.

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    A glimpse of the sea world is just magical,
    The life in the ocean is a miracle,
    The waves kissing the shoreline is just whimsical,
    The seascape is in itself captivating and spectacular.

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    Life is magic,
    If you believe in magic, you will enter into the new world,
    If you don't believe in magic, you will never find it,
    Magic is like an emotion,
    We can feel us like a butterfly flittering through the air,
    We can feel us like a frost on the grass,
    We can feel us like a stars in the sky,
    We treat pets as a people,
    Toys as a personalities,
    Fully fairies in our dreams,
    We are magical,
    We have no limits in our imagination,
    We have an exquisite feeling as had as children,
    Just feel it, even adults around children will experience a feeling like a cloudnine;
    And wonder you as a child,
    Its just a moment to realise it,
    Believe in magic ,
    Its just a invisible realm,
    If you find it, you can rock the world,
    Your dreams are as big as you,
    You wonder everyday with excitement,
    Nothing could ever thwart our joy, if magic is with you;
    I believe in magic,
    My life is wondrOus,inspired,and thrilled with adventures...!
    Come, let's enjoy the magic!!!!!!


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    Nights become magical when she kisses the moon with poetries
    And moon radiates love.

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    It's all a fairytale
    They told me
    Its all a fairytale
    Its a fairytale only
    I remember I had a king
    Who used to hold me
    In the prison he only used
    To control me
    A frog that would kiss me
    But didn't know me
    The prince to console me
    I remember before I was human,
    I'm a princess
    I wanted peace he wanted glory
    Queen in a castle full
    Of people watching closely


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    World Book Day

    Your imagination power is beyond your imagination...

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    I Believed

    I believed in many
    Things in this life time
    And maybe in the next
    Even in the past

    Things can be scary
    Hurtful and meaningful
    But in a way helpful
    I believed


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    sth i penned quickly
    under the rains rhapsodic embrace

    i am but a cluster of incoherent particles
    and knots of frail strands
    held together by some organic goo


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    i breath in stardust
    exhale the moonlight
    as my heart guides the cosmos
    through my veins
    i bleed scintillating stars
    and my tears
    resplendent like pearls
    trying to mimick selene in all her grandeur
    emanate from the great vastness
    that is my soul

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    Love, on one hand has the ability to make you the most vulnerable.
    While on the other it gives you a way to find strength in this vulnerability.
    Is that why it is so elusive, hard to believe in and rare to find?


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    Simplicity is beautiful❤

    Some love stories are just beautiful without any special reason.
    They don't have the love at first sight moments,
    They don't have the butterfly moments,
    They don't have the clicking moments,
    They don't have anything that we name as 'magical moments'.
    They are just simple life stories where, two people respect each other,
    Value each other,
    Understand each other,
    & most importantly,
    Both of them are loyal to each other.



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    The world
    The people
    But there's nothing
    as magical
    YOU .....

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    The Magical Tin

    My bag heavy on my shoulders
    The box resting in my arms
    I enjoyed the wind
    As i made my way across the farms
    I removed my shoes and socks
    For now no one could stop me
    All the way, I kept on picturing
    The small and awaiting tree.
    I couldn't contain my enthusiasm
    No more could i veil my eagerness
    So i started running as fast as i could
    Releasing all of the tension and stress
    The grass tickled my legs
    As i ran all the way
    This feeling
    i wanted to Experience all the day
    I stopped abruptly
    As i saw him sitting under the tree
    Waiting for me
    At the very sight of him, i felt so happy.
    I sat next to him
    And pulled out the magical tin
    Our gaze, stuck upon it's magnificent cover
    Together, we both gave an excited grin.
    His hand on the other side
    And mine on the other
    Our faces gleaming
    Could wait no further.
    Finally we opened it
    The delicious aroma, high up it rose
    It occupied all the space of the meadow
    And found its way to our nose.
    With bare hands,
    we picked up the potatoes
    With the tongue
    We licked the tomatoes
    Once we finished it
    Our Tummy felt enormous
    Although big belly was not pleasing
    Still the feeling was gorgeous
    We lied there
    The grass soft against our skin
    This happy
    I knew i had never been