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  • distilled_thoughts 1d

    In the spring of youth,
    As life blooms from every nerve,
    How is it possible to not notice
    The magic of little things?
    How is it possible to keep my pen idle,
    When it sprouts verses?


  • akshay_vasu 2d

    Until the piece of infinity stays and thrives inside you, your soul will continue to explode whenever you hear about her and her magic.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • _sarcastic_ 3d

    What is magic?

    Magic is like an equation with infinite solution in mathematics, Like isotopes of carbon compounds in chemistry.Simply, people have created so many standards & criteria to describe a simple word magic.Sometimes looking to the stars and feel nothing is magic and another times crying for someone you can't afford the distance is also magic.Sometimes deep convo with best friend is magic,another times just an "angyaa" From crush is also magic.Sometimes hitting a six to your brother is magic another times questioning your existence is also magic.
    Sometimes the pride in your father eyes for you is magic,another times "how are you beta? " From mom is magic.
    Magic happens when you believe in magic.

  • iexist 1w

    A Paradox

    I hate myself,
    When i can only love me
    I love myself,
    When I can only hate me
    I let the tears fall
    So that I can calm down
    I let my whisper be turned into a scream
    So that I myself won't drown
    I slap myself hard on the face
    To forget all the inner pain
    I let my feelings overflow
    So that i can become strong again
    I am a complex person
    But really easy to understand
    If you'd sit with me
    And hold my pale hand

  • avaiswa 1w

    നിങ്ങളുടെ കണ്ണുകൾ എനിക്ക് പ്രിയമാണ്...
    അന്നൊരിക്കൽ ഇമ വെട്ടാതെ നിങ്ങൾ നോക്കിയത് ഞാനോർക്കുന്നു
    അറിഞ്ഞിട്ടും അറിയാത്തപ്പോൽ ഭാവിക്കാനും ഞാൻ പഠിച്ചു അന്ന് ,
    ആ ക്ഷണനേരത്തിൽ എനിക്ക് നിങ്ങളുടെ
    സ്നേഹവും നന്ദിയും വാത്സല്യവും എല്ലാം കാണാൻ സാധിച്ചു ആ കണ്ണിൽ...
    അതിലപ്പുറം എന്നെ ആകർഷിച്ചത് നിങ്ങളുടെ കണ്ണിലെ
    അത്ഭുതമായിരുന്നു....എന്നോടുള്ള നിങ്ങളുടെ അത്ഭുതം....


  • avaiswa 1w

    സ്നേഹമോ...അതോ ആവശ്യമോ...
    അറിയണ്ട എനിക്ക്...,
    നിനക്ക് തരാൻ വേണ്ടിയെന്നപ്പോൽ ചിലത്
    എന്നിൽ ഏല്പിച്ചിട്ടുണ്ട്...അത് ഞാൻ നൽകാം,
    ഏല്പിച്ചതത്രയും തന്നുതീരുന്ന മാത്രയിൽ
    എന്റെ മരണവും സംഭവിക്കുന്നു.....!

  • its_reshma_b 1w

    Everyday everyone is getting fooled - knowingly or unknowingly. That is the magic of 2021 !


  • queeniedoll1924 1w


    Balance the sighs of skies and sights you see
    With flights of phoenixes and fairies wings,
    The scattered dust fallen where the magic leaves blow tender
    kisses across the seas. Hold tightly to the falling star, and ride
    three wishes granted far. Soar high above so you can see the lands
    below you evergreen. Play your guitar upon the moon, and watch the notes dance off in colored tunes, and when you're done with this concert loud, go rest yourself upon a moonlit cloud. Sing softly in your angelic voice of whimsical love and dreams delight. Bring forth to you his love this night, for he will find you in this place of bliss... To end this night with his magic kiss.

  • jeetspeaks 1w

    Trust life

    Life is very strange. We don't know when miracle happens. It may take a turn anytime unpredictably. So, wait for that magic moment to come.

  • inkandfable670 1w


    I wish dancing words on rhythm of a poem
    Had some spell and charm
    Through which they captivate the souls,
    And could sing the tale they want ,
    I wish ,the brush, an artist holds
    The paper on which colours are poured
    Had the power to conjure
    That opens up the eyes of those,
    Who behold the art work with eyes closed,
    And tell them why the colours are bold,
    I wish, the tunes, a musician plays on
    Had little wings
    So, that they can enter in human beings
    And whisper the melody,
    The musician singing in him
    I wish,the gentle moves of ballerinas,
    Could create a euphoric world, which
    Invite the angels, fairies and nymphs
    To dance along with them;

    I wish, the pen could portray what the writers exactly feel,
    The brush could paint what the painter wants to reveal
    The tunes could sing the lyric of singer's escaped thoughts,
    The footsteps of ballerinas could express those pain sitting silently in their hearts;

    I wish, along with all its essential aspects, features and principles,
    I could add some touches of spells in every piece of arts and in every form of literature.


    Sorry for the errors...

    Hope you understand....


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  • zaarun 2w

    Nahi hona tha toh huva kyun hai
    jis pe nahi jaana tha uss pe dil gaya kyun hai !


  • elisebeth 2w

    She is magic

    She seldomly finds herself quiet and uninterrupted
    Left only with thoughts and emotions
    Waiting feverishly to be explored

    Sometimes her life gets so hectic
    That she forgets the magic her mind creates
    And that her spirit is most divine in its rawest form

    She is not easily ruffled
    The noise does not bother her
    She turns pain into her masterpiece
    And her passions become her lifestyle

    It's in these moments,
    Quiet and uninterrupted
    She is reminded
    That she is rooted, regardless of the season her life is in

    She is magic


  • drishty_das 2w


    All you saw was a normal person.
    If only you'd looked deeper into her eyes,
    that still holds the wonder of being lost in a snowy wood,
    has seen the valour of warriors,
    felt the fearlessness of a queen,
    wandered to worlds through a door,
    made friends on lands unknown,
    felt the thrill of meeting The One,
    cherished the moment between lovers,
    shed tears for some farewells,
    swayed to the tunes of the strings,
    slept on the grass under the starry sky,
    galloped around the valleys and towns,
    voyaged to the end of the world.
    If only you had looked deeper into her soul,
    you would know
    she is a wayfarer,
    just not of this mundane world.

  • moonlightpoetry 2w

    You are attractive & Loved

    Let someone love you the way you are - as flawed as you might be, as unattractive as you sometimes feel, and as unaccomplished as you think you are. To believe that you must hide all the parts of you that are broken, out of fear that someone else is incapable of loving what is less than perfect, is to believe that sunlight is incapable of entering a broken window and illuminating a dark room.

  • thoughts_404 2w

    And in the end, life is mysteriously magical in its own way....✨

  • sadar_ammar 2w


    Although we haven't obtain the magic we wish of and dream of
    What we between is greater, no?

  • sylvia_aurora 3w

    When you are sad magic shop do visit ,
    Bring out all your problems and tears ,then with a smile retreat ,
    For u will surely find a solution there ,
    Because the magic shop is you yourself where all problems disappear ,
    Trust the magic shop , trust in you ,
    For not everyone has the patience and the kindnes to visit it , only a few.

  • rhythmic_beats 3w

    After a long tiring day in the college, in a hurry I headed towards parking ground. Just 2-3 vehicles parked and rest it was vacant. I started walking slowly as I could see many birds singing and flying towards eachother. How lovingly they were playing with eachother when the whole background was falling down to yellow, orange, crimson and red. I was standing still as if time was paused! One side the sun was painting the canvas magically and each second was filled with sparkles of life's colour which I failed to see in the crowd of this busy life.

    Sometimes, not sometimes but every day we should pause this busy life which is bombarding stress and admire the beauty of silence and see the heart dancing to the rhythm of silences. This invisible soul needs silence as an ornament to smile daily looking in the mirror of nature! You will be surprised to see that how birds, animals and insects become soothing orchestra and play the best of best music from nature's playlist.

    Aah! I was feeling like God is saying that oh my child why don't you rest for a while and drench in this sunset's hues which rises your smile like sun rise when one by one the enchanting flowers started to shower like the first rain drops in the summer. See how kind the nature is; the sun is falling down and in turn rising our smile so bright like sunrise. The only thing nature constantly saying to us is to love and listen to the beauty of silence to erase the unsettled crowding voice just like the way a poet weaves silence in the form of poetry which the heart wears as a warming attire to feel the warmth from those freezing emotions!

    You maybe living between the crowded high rise buildings but you can still find the glimpses of nature silently falling on the windows as if nature is wearing the twinkling red gown like a beautiful bride.

    © rhythmic_beats

    #silence #nature #beauty #love #life #magic
    #muses #silenttales #sunset #colours #radioscript
    #rhythmic_beats #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    Silence is losing its beauty
    Between those crowded voices
    Just like sun's scattered
    Red beams on the
    Windows of high rise buildings.

  • aashiq 3w

    My magical friend

    Born of simplicity and a tale of woe
    Her thoughts had a beautiful flow

    She claims she loves potter
    She was indeed a true literary daughter.

    A magical friend, yes
    But she was certainly a lot more.


  • aaqib_bin_ashraf 3w

    What Ya Did

    I was lost in the deep darks of my life and you came like an angel of enlightenment to made it bright, again ;

    You pulled me out of all the darkness, encouraged me, collected all my broken parts and fixed them again ;

    You fixed my heart and made it as same as it was before ;

    Obviously, some cracks are still left but I didn't feel the same pain again, once I was suffering from ;

    You made me forget about all the mishappenings of my past and built a new hope of living inside me, again ;

    You made me understand that life is not about regretting the past but it is about to subsist with all your worse , with a pretty smile on one’s face ;

    You are becoming more and more important with each passing second, without ya the world seems of no worth, even the full moon nights seem dull and in vain ;

    You are faded in my mind, in my soul, in my body and I'm not able to find any replacement for ya ;

    All the glories of world seems dull and not of any value if ya are not there by my side to take part in them ;

    My eyes always keep seeking your way only and are always in search of your one glad look ;

    My heart only beats for you, my every breath is saying your name with its each inhalation and each exhalation ;

    I want to take the rest of my breaths beneath the shades of your body, holding your hand till our hairs turn grey, wrinkles cover the face and the whole body ashen ;

    I wanna hold your hand and never letting you to go away from me, not for a single second ;

    All the time I want is only You and Me, beneath an open dark sky with a moon shining so calm and bright and we talking about the stars, trying to count them, wishing for each other on suddenly seeing a star falling from the skies and praying for the dawn to never come ;