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  • inc_thoughts 6w

    a thought came to me
    at a time when all thoughts were unwelcome, unwanted
    but it came nonetheless
    it was a simple thought really
    a basic form of an idea
    a tiny sapling that would grow its roots into my heart
    and its branches would invade my mind, shattering what little sanity remained
    this thought, this...thing. i would later come to view as a spectre and as a ghoul because it haunted me
    it dogged me for so long
    for too long
    perhaps that was the beginning or maybe the end...
    the query is always did i grow into this madness or from it.
    this malady
    but i suppose it matters little
    if one can't tell the difference
    after all darkness to me;
    is only water to the sea



    care to guess the thought?

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    if you can't tell the difference
    does it matter.
    after all darkness to me;
    is only water to the sea

  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 6w

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    1 Sep 2021 6.12 pm

    | To the melody who calms the chaos
    Happy Birthday JK / this one is for you |

    Omgush POD ������ for This one ���� ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
    Finalllyyy @miraquill I don't know how to thank you, this is a part of my purple heart ���� Thank you so much for sharing this. I'm beyond overwhelmed ���� Today is���� @writersnetwork Thank you so much ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

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    An Artist in Love

    Love is not magic but a  m a n g a t a 
    Of soul, which is 
    A potpourri of reverberating  m e l o d i e s
    A pale silhouette gleams in silver glitters
    Unbeknownst to themselves

    Amidst the stygian blues and unfolding blacks
    You are the only star that  s i n g s
    In a rhythm, melliflous to mutuals
    You've pushed yourself 
    To move, to mend, to motivate
    Make way to the skies of forlorn
    You're hope with  w i n g s 

    Mayhaps even the dawn isn't deemed
    Worthy to witness the glow 
    as you  b e g i n  to tread a path 
    Thorns awaiting to prick and pierce
    Fangs hiding behind the  f o g 
    Prying to hurt you, blurring to veil you 

    Oh but darling you're a  m o o n b o w  to mist  
    A sparkle of mirabilia, that blessed your wings
    Letting universe etch you 
    As a  d e c a l c o m a n i a  of delight
    Your aura waves to form a fogdog 
    On cloudy palettes of  p a i n t 

    You're an abandoned art of neon light 
    No time could pull curtains of  d e j a  v u
    While each moment with you 
    Is a new  h e a r t b e a t  of love

    But alas, you don't know
    How many hearts your voice has  t o u c h e d 
    If only you could count the drops in an ocean
    To eternize the hourglass of  your  t i m e 
    If only the madness could retract itself
    To become the melody unearthed
    If only the noices could nullify
    To raise the  e u p h o r i a  of calm

    If only this dowie doldrums could cease 
    I'd hope to soak a gleam of your love 
    To enwrap my  p a s s i o n 

    An art that has neither rhyme nor rhythm 
    Only love and love to  g l o w 


  • _mathematics 7w

    Champagne spread over the rug hiding the bloodstains in its hue with an odour that spill all truths of segregation one by one as they are parts of the maze, with a visible reach of invisible scars.

    As long as I could learn the fault rather I fell for more deceits that put me behind bars of the walls, I called the room.

    The Dreamer, believing fantasies I have withstood.
    The Dreamer, do I even look like one?
    The Dreamer, half-dead during midnight.
    ~ the caption I mixed up with the sketchy fantasies.

    The fan on the ceiling alarms every day as the bed shifted to its neighbour, the surfaces are far away as much as she. I attempt to reach there but the invisible hopes deteriorate the destiny collecting numerous wishes.

    I sometimes make situations appear confusing to hide what I wanted to confess.
    Does this make me mentally unstable? Maybe little scared to say what I learnt in the recent past times when patterns over curtains in the drawing-room were satisfying as art and now a threaded view of parts nowhere linked to each other.

    This my madness in books or thirst in cry yearning bright stars at night of the full moon with you by my side even it's six feet apart or more than that still you by my side.

    An artist in love or sailor in the mid of dead life, throbbing within its corpse parted in varied speeches some reported to her way and some indirectly plunged to the clogged blood dripping into the pipe connected to the hand, tried to escape the ink of words with hefty unconditional rules of pain teasing love.

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    #romanticizec #anaphora #nightc


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    TO-LET you know
    the title is NO-MORE

    diversions oddly
    getting soaked under the shed
    built with ironies
    defining ruined letters
    floating inside the ocean

    with the unknown gulf
    held by the anxiety
    separated from
    the self-love jailed within folds
    masked ink longing from past

  • raika_ 7w

    #madnessc #windc #recipe Been months.

    (very sad right now cause my feed is partially grey �� please let the old backgrounds stay ����)

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    Stirring poetry in a pot

    Wash the pot, before you begin;
    wash off all the remnants
    of the dinner from last night
    and of the memories of Eighteen moons

    Add three cups of water,
    and with each, a drop of agony.
    a bunch of dandelion seeds
    you caught in the wind,
    oh! the stories they carry

    Stick with your heart
    and with your madness
    and see where it takes you
    cause questions and
    uncertainties may lead you
    to sunsets and seashores
    where you'll find
    the the special ingredient-
    a spice of your own,
    hidden between
    the infinite hues of the sky
    or in the shells, the wave brings
    from unknown depths
    which will make you hold your breath

    Add a pinch of your home
    and another of all the roads
    that stretch through the globe
    on a journey of the soul

    Stir the pot on light flame,
    and remember!
    Don't listen to the call of the void
    because if you let Mr.void
    walk into your home
    and stir the pot

    all your poems will be incomplete
    and words will never be enough
    to cook poetries anymore

    You'll end up running from store to store
    looking for a way to end it all
    but the missing pieces
    will somehow never be found
    and the hollowness in the verses
    will give it a new taste
    not sweet nor sour
    but something peculiar and strange

    Until you abandon
    the pot
    and the home
    and yourself
    and run away
    into the forests
    where darkness is the only thing
    that prevails

    But hey, poet
    don't lose all hope
    for on a cold night in November
    when you make a campfire
    and shed off some distress
    words will find their way back to you
    and you'll write yourself a poem
    about lost souls and fallen stars
    and you'll learn

    Cooking poetry is a delicate art
    something so precious yet so dangerous
    that it'll leave you
    vulnerable and in harmony
    at the same time

    //of the poems that won't let me sleep
    and of songs that sing me to peace

    - raika // not much of a cook or a poet/ a wanderer


  • wilmaneels1 8w

    It's crazy
    How she gives so much of herself
    Like there is a faucet that continues to flow
    It will dry up
    She will get tired
    Until she can't anymore
    It's difficult to witness the madness
    Of constantly denying yourself to please others
    She calls it love
    I hope they will be there to help her fill her cup when she runs on empty

  • bubbly_blueberry 8w

    Good morrrrning������������with madness of enthusiastic love ❤❤and fire����!!!
    24 August 2021������
    8:36 A.M. ����

    Love you Atticus-(When it comes to art,its important not to hide the madness.)����

    Hence,this madness would let me win back and acquire everything with happy endings!

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    I will write my stories;so successful framework
    What mine blunders had lost in the time!

  • aryaa_anand 8w

    if that's madness

    dancing to my favorite tunes
    humming my most loved melodies
    licking the wrapper of a chocolate
    jumping around playing hopscotch
    roaming around in a tee and shorts
    with a bun and some hanging hair strands
    wandering with ear plugs on
    standing in the midst of the road with balloons in one hand
    candy floss and corn rings in the other
    spreading happiness around
    loving and pampering strangers
    making them smile their heart out
    that's what's my day is all about
    and they call me mad.
    if that's madness,
    I'm happily insane and insanely happy.

  • tuiethetweety 8w


    If you never feel any kind of madness
    or possessiveness regarding your loved
    one,if there's no obsession in your mind
    about them or the relationship you've with
    them,then just know that you haven't fallen
    in love with them,as love always comes
    with some or other kind of madness.
    For me,love is all about madness and thus
    madness is also mostly happens for love.

  • _fallen_angel_ 8w


    When all I require,
    Is a little more time with you.
    I know there's madness in my methods.
    But please note, the madness is only for you.


  • my_tiny_chapter 8w

    @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersbay
    #madnessc #wod

    Obscured Passion

    He walks like a dream
    at night.
    veiled, young and shy.
    Alluring, intoxicating,
    fulfilling and emptying,
    all at the same time.
    But, so quickly,
    He vanished like the wind
    that blows white dandelions
    in the air.
    In front of me,
    my love is flaunted.
    I realize
    that I never really mattered.
    I know
    I'm supposed to depend
    on myself only, 
    but how can I do that
    when I feel whole
    when I'm with him?
    This long,
    I shipped a thousand feelings, 
    only to watch them sink.
    There is no rain to chase.
    There is no time to be retained
    There is no gaining back
    what's gone.
    I pass my way into dreamland
    A train down memory lane
    A nice comfy padded room
    For the bits that went insane.
    Those dreams
    still revolve around him
    and my stomach
    feels like cherry stems
    tied loosely together,
    and even though
    the words that leave my lips
    scream no, not anymore,
    the empty feeling in my heart
    feels like a snared drum
    of contradiction.
    In silence I loved him,
    yet lost him.
    In silence
    I've longed for his hand,
    And met emptiness. 
    In silence
    I fell,
    And heard my own heart breaking.
    In silence,
    He swayed my heart
    and danced with it -
    only to see it fall.
    The face of disappointment
    strikes straight through my heart
    it takes away my energy
    and tore my hope apart
    Now, I can’t seem to find
    a bandage big enough
    to heal the hole
    he left in my dying heart.
    memories are fading,
    But there's nothing I can do,
    The damage has been done,
    And What's gone, is gone.
    Things will never be the same again.
    Expecting miracle is useless
    in this messed up madness. 
    Since, nothing will fix
    this once upon a time fairytale.
    This devotion
    will only be remembered
    as a romance with
    no happily ever after -
    The one I pen down
    as eulogy ~
    a scribbled journal, 
    a prescription for madness
    I paraded around as love,
    Where the dreams unfulfilled
    Vanished without warning
    Soaking my heart
    in distrust and mourning
    Creating in the center of my mind
    an emptiness so still.
    I may wake up tomorrow
    to realise it was just a nightmare,
    As I plunged
    in the sea of madness...

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    Obscured Passion

    Give me
    a little scrap of paper 
    to pen down my eulogy ~
    a scribbled journal, 
    a prescription for madness
    I paraded around as love.

  • fizahfiz_ 8w


    keep yourself from the nature of anger, because it begins with madness,
    and ends with regrets.


  • rekhuu 8w


    #temp ����

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    You are that madness
    that I mistook for love


  • seapen 8w


    Loving you deeply, blinded my eyes, fooled my heart, believing your lies, you made it all about me, like it's all my fault that I fell inlove, all that happened, all the mess, was madness... as there's no direction for this love anymore, I gotta move on, in time, I will be over you, over from being mad about you soon.

  • sumanaa_ 8w

    In the madness of this life
    In this chaos to survive
    We’re fighting to stay alive
    While making it worth while

    We’re rushing towards the end
    In this race so intense
    Footsteps faltering but never stopping
    Running all day, night to morning

    We’re chasing lights
    In our darkest nights
    We’re keeping up our fights
    All goals in sight
    We’re kindling fire
    To our hearty desires
    We’re aiming higher
    To be admired

    In the midst of our heated quests
    We neglect our need for rest
    We never come back to our nests
    Afraid of not being the best

    But it’s okay to just stand still
    To listen to your heart’s will
    To “take a chill pill”
    To stop and simply, feel.


    #madnessc #wod #sumanascribble #writersbay
    @writersnetwork @writersbay

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  • beleza_ 8w

    Pursue life with
    such madness

    that life should believe
    till the last breath

    You are the
    true lover of life


  • pallavi4 8w


    Some call it a kind of mental sickness
    When you aren’t like others around you
    When your thoughts and actions do not reflect
    What others perceive to be true
    When your actions are simply deemed weird
    And you’re treated differently in the lieu
    Of being the bearer of divergence
    Posing a threat to the world view
    When you’re unable to understand
    How into a weed instead of a flower you grew
    And a collection of stones begins to form around
    Due to them being thrown constantly at you
    Because the wiring inside of your head simply
    Isn’t like anyone you ever knew
    Sometimes even you are convinced that
    You are a part of the “mad” few

    In a perfect world, without stigma
    Where a spark of uniqueness is celebrated
    Being a little crazy is a good thing and
    Being normal is considered over rated
    When a society chooses to embrace all its
    People and they live their lives integrated
    Then the few who are different feel
    Accepted and not deliberately segregated
    The ability to be receptive towards others
    Is often overlooked and underestimated
    With understanding and embracing our differences
    We learn to not create the differentiated
    Folk with a creative bend who seem “mad”
    Who are with a different wiring created
    Are given a platform to be themselves and bring a
    Unique take on things to become the appreciated


    23rd of August, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    Thank you for EC @miraquill !

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  • snehalv 8w

    A writers madness is in doing magic with his words but cautious as some may used to precipitate feuds & some to promote harmony & camaraderie.

  • snehalv 8w

    A painters madness is in sheer geniuses to paint the unimaginable with palette of bold colours.

  • bohemian_ballerina 8w


    A hazy state of mind,
    Shabby looks that compliment the even more shabby behavior,
    Complete scepticism about their existence,
    And even of the Reality or the World.


    A beautiful trance transgressing into Imagination,
    An exemplary living for the Artists,
    A state of complete independence,
    Fully aware of the Reality,
    But willing to ignore it for the sake of Sanity.


  • beleza_ 8w



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    After breakup, some people live under the pretense of madness and their perspective of understanding life changes so much that they feel that their suffering is infinite & if they get a chance, they should register themselves in the Guinness Book of World Records & declare themselves as international victims.