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  • geekysapien 6w

    Being Human

    God created us as "Human Beings" but are we living so ?
    Or just surviving like animals?

    Even if we are living, are we living with love and radiating positivity?

    Or just moving in a rat race of hatred on a way to achieve more ego and create more foes.

    Achieving success is good but achieving hate along with it is not.

    Don't create many haters that they wait for your failures and become more than happy and contented when you FAIL

  • realnotreel 18w

    To live content with small means;
    to seek elegance rather than luxury,
    and refinement rather than fashion,
    to be worthy, not respectable,
    and wealthy, not rich;
    to study hard, think quietly,
    talk gently, act frankly,
    to listen to stars and birds,
    to babes and sages,
    with open heart,
    to bear all cheerfully,
    to all bravely await occasions,
    hurry never.
    In a word, to let the spiritual unbidden
    and unconscious grow up through the common.
    This is to be my symphony.


  • barbad 24w

    "टोबा टेक सिंह"

    #luxury story

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    बहरहाल, सोच सन्नाटें में है
    धमाका करेगी आज की रात

  • siddhu_writes 28w

    What is success?

    So, what is success?

    Luxurious lifestyle?
    6 digit salary? ‍
    Exotic trips?
    Expensive dinners?


    My happiness is my success
    What's the use of having all the above, yet be sad in life?
    When you are happy with something, you have succeeded
    Don't just blindly go behind money
    Go behind happiness
    It can be even found in small things


  • mannatchawla 31w

    You can't force them to love you or want you,
    All you can do is take yourself to that level,
    So they realise and can regret what they lose ...


  • writerpratik 31w

    Being able to waste time without diminishing financial value is New Luxury.

  • writerpratik 31w

    Having time to think Slow and Broad is Luxury.

  • shiekh_aasif 37w


    How Generous He Is
    For he has gifted me a Bouquet of Flowers
    The Flowers plucked of my own Park
    So what, if he Deserted my Beautiful Garden

    How Generous He Is
    For he cares for my Beautiful Future
    The Future with all the Elite Luxury Elements
    So what, if he Snatched my Identity

    How Generous He Is
    For he wants me to be in Environment of Peace
    The Peace where there is no Fear at all
    So what, if he Silenced my Inner Voice & Emotions

    How Generous He Is
    For he has given ample of Jobs
    The jobs of being Obedient Slave to him
    So what, if it costed me the Rivers of Blood


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    How Generous He Is
    For he has gifted me a Bouquet of Flowers
    The Flowers plucked of my own Park
    So what, if he Deserted my Beautiful Garden

    How Generous He Is
    For he cares for my Beautiful Future
    The Future with all the Elite Luxury Elements
    So what, if he Snatched my Identity

    How Generous He Is
    For he wants me to be in Environment of Peace
    The Peace where there is no Fear at all
    So what, if he Silenced my Inner Voice & Emotions

    How Generous He Is
    For he has given ample of Jobs
    The jobs of being Obedient Slave to him
    So what, if it costed me the Rivers of Blood


  • sarahrachelea 49w

    Offline is the new luxury
    Inner peace is the new success


  • sakshi_saxena 50w


    Workhard and smart so that luxury should be your lifestyle and improving other's people's life in terms of donations or sponsoring the education of the needy one's should raise the bars of your standards of humanity and kindness ofcourse with love in it.


  • arya_ballal 55w


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    The princess in the palace,
    Dreams of a normal life,
    The worker, victim of malice,
    Dreams of a royal life,
    The flower in the garden bed,
    Wants to move like the squirrel,
    The squirrel with a unique tread,
    Wants to fly like the bird on the barrel,
    The bird wishes to explore the sea,
    The fish wants to be on land and breathe normally,
    There are also some unique wishes of the tree,
    It also wants to explore the universe's tranquility,
    The man in the village wants the city,
    The man in the city wants the village's serenity,
    The man with the most wants to be free,
    The man with the least wishes for luxury,
    They all accused each other for their life's insecurities,
    The one who wants, loses the value of what he has,
    The one who needs, forgets the value of what he wants, whereas,
    The one with everything wants to lose something,
    And the one who has lost, wants everything,
    Nobody is spared from this vicious cycle of desire,
    The one who comes out of it, the ultimate state of bliss he will acquire.


  • s_a_r_g_a_m 62w

    The Earth

    She who bears the burden of our sins,

    She who cherishes the tears of the clouds.

    She who nurtures the dry lands,

    She who wears the moon,

    And spins in her own air.

    She who dances around the sun,

    And is envied by her twin

    I bow to thee, my Goddess.


  • scribbled_stories_06 66w

    Slavery was abolished before many decades.But still we are slaves.
    Slaves of luxuries... Slaves of castes.....
    Slaves of politicians...Slaves of money...
    Slaves of heart....Slaves of dreams..


  • jihyunieneve 67w


    Always rushing, fighting, running,
    To the end;
    To the end of something we don't know.

    Always studying, perfecting, stressing,
    Over the end;
    Over an end we can't predict.

    Never resting, playing, walking,
    Taking our time;
    Taking our time seems like a luxury.

    Never breezing, wanting, relaxing,
    Passing by;
    Passing by time, not worrying about the end is a luxury.

  • ppghose 67w

    My mind flutters excessively to people who are on a different path ,I compare myself with them and feel hurt,then I tell myself ,hey your path is different, focus there alone,So I focus.....#excellence #motivation #love #success #inspiration #design #leadership #education #passion #business #instagood #beauty #growth #fitness #community #quality #creative #luxury #integrity #realestate #happy #service #fashion #style #covid #entrepreneur #goals #learning #lifestyle #bhfyp #godisgood #daddysgirl #love #passion #dontgiveup #enterpreneur101

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    The Same Boat

    Always get inspired by people,
    Who are on the same path ahead of you.
    Always look around to people ,
    Who are in the same boat as you.
    Always walk with people,
    Who feel the same as you.
    Always talk to people,
    Who respect your emotions.
    Always relate to people,
    Who know, how to keep secrets
    Always Love everybody,
    But never entrust your self to anyone.
    For all people have weakness,
    And no one except God, can save everyone.

  • amjad_bin_nujumudheen 68w


    There was always something new to be seen in the unchanging night sky

  • loftydreams101 69w

    Prayers of the Overthrown

    Royalty slipped through their fingers
    Like coursing sand
    Dispersed among the dunes
    In the fleeting days past

    There are smoke columns rising
    From the wires in their minds
    All frayed and alight
    Chasing reveries from shadow

    Now they yearn to climb,
    And dream to reel back time
    As they pace for a cure
    Or a signal to revolt

    © 2020 William Wright, Jr.

  • ceejayyyy 74w


    Not all luxury is bliss!

  • _aesthetics_ 74w

    Paints and brushes

    Wondering to once again design a forum in your memory,
    How do I say, you are like the greenery and my poetry , a nursery!

    Even if I try, I fail to aggregate all your greens.
    Just the way my eye fails to express what it means.

    My poetries unbox colours of emotions and my words paint your picture,
    Just how purity and divinity paint the scripture.

    This place, it's sunshine, breeze and dew
    Reminds me of you.

    In a world of dingy sumptuous luxury,
    All, I wonder,is to design a forum in your memory.


  • queenofhearts1491 79w

    A Perfect Lie

    "I thought there was more to you!"
    "You're the greatest liar I've ever met!"
    "Go to hell, you fake!"
    The messages added salt to her wounds, but still she needed to read them over and over again. Her mind was still struggeling to put the pieces together of everything that had happened last night. Turning 30 ... It was supposed to be the best birthday she had ever had, but instead it turned into a nightmare. Why did he have to show up on her doorstep on this special day?

    He, that was her father, who had been an alcoholic for as long as she could remember. Growing up as an only child in a very poor and cold surrounding. Her father jobless, her mother struggeling with a severe clinical depression that made her try to commit suicide at least twice a year, but still no one had helped her. Nobody was supposed to know about them. She was too ashamed and didn't want to be stigmatized.
    So she started to make up her own family just in case any of her friends would ask about them. Her father was an engineer working for a big company, her mother a doctor in a famous hospital, both very successful of course. She became popular quite fast, everybody liked her for her open and warm personality, her charm and her cheerfulness, so she kept up the facade.
    Middle school, highschool, college ... everything passed by without anyone noticing her true family background. She became an expert about making up excuses why no one could visit her home or why her parents wouldn't pick her up from school or never showed up at any of her theatre performances. She would just say they had guests over at their place or they were too busy with their jobs. No one doubted her for a second. They didn't know she maintained three jobs at once to earn enough money to keep up with a wealthy teenager's lifestyle or that her bruises weren't caused by a bicycle accident, but by her father's hand.
    Starting university, it was her chance to get out and as far away as possible from her family. Finally, she thought, she wouldn't have to make up stories and excuses anymore. But of course her new friends also asked about her family, so she went back to her old habits.

    The years passed, she was part of a very wealthy, yet superficial, group of friends which was really stuck-up and would look down on anyone who was less successful than them. Glamorous parties, luxurious clothes, expensive cars, all this became the center of her lifestyle. She felt like she had finally found her place, that she belonged somewhere, that she was so much better than her parents. Who would have thought that a woman with her background could ever make it this far?
    So for her big birthday she wanted to throw an extraordinary party, she deserved it after all. A famous DJ, a cool location, delicious food, everything was set up perfectly at its place. All her friends were around, dancing, drinking, having a lot of fun ...
    Until the door opened and a small man with greyish hair and ragged clothes entered the room. He looked like a homeless, clearly drunk, observing the room like a maniac. And then he found her, holding her gaze with so much hatred in his eyes ... It was her father. "So this is what you have made of yourself? Fleeing home, abandoning your parents for a bunch of rich ass-kissers? You are a disgrace to our family! We have always been hard-working people and no snobby assholes! It's good that you left!", he shouted across the room. Then he stumbled, grabbed hold of a table and turned it upside down, the glasses clashing and breaking on the floor. Everything fell silent. All of her friends were watching the scene, some shocked, some puzzled. Then suddenly her father turned around and left the room as fast as he had entered it, leaving an unpleasant tension all over the place. She didn't know how he found her. All this time she had thought that she had hidden her traces very well.
    "So this was your father? He didn't look like a doctor!", one of her friends laughed, but she couldn't answer, she was paralized, in shock. "I can't believe it! You have lied to us all those years? Screw you, I am out of here!". And one by one they left. She didn't even try to stop them, there was no way. She couldn't speak or move a muscle. The rest of the evening was kind of a blur, she couldn't remember much about it anymore. After a while she took a taxi to get back home and went straight to bed, just wanting to forget about everything that happened and she sank into an uneasy sleep.

    When she woke up the next morning, she was still wearing her golden Prada dress, yet she felt like she didn't belong in it anymore. It felt like a piece from another life. Her true self had been exposed, her life was scattered like a house of cards.
    After a while she managed to get up and looked into the mirror. There she was, a fragile mess with dark shadows under her eyes. Who was this stranger staring at her? She couldn't tell anymore.
    Then she walked over to her warderobe full of clothes that still had their tags on. She had never worn them because deep down she didn't care about all this luxury. Everything that mattered to her was having a place where she belonged, something she had been looking for all her life. But she was afraid to attract people like her father, the only person in this world that she never wanted to see again, if she was being honest about her family background. She was aiming for a better life, not considering money, this was never important to her. Security, trust, understanding, honesty, those were the values she was truly looking for.

    There she was with her empty suitcase full of memories, memories of the lie she had lived for so many years. Reconsidering everything that had happened yesterday, she didn't want to go back there. If her friends were giving up on her just because she didn't belong to a wealthy family, they probably never were true allies anyway. Maybe it was time for a new beginning, accepting her roots and being proud of who she had become. She was still an intelligent, determined and successful woman after all.
    With a smile she opened her suitcase to release her old memories and create some space for her new ones ...