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  • takkiwolfmoon 161w

    You're eyes is enough
    to make me go wild, wet and thirsty.


  • aniket_kantale 233w

    The two hours in local

    8.45 am local and taking the window seat.
    Now 2 hours to go before i will meet you,
    Looking out in nature and thinking of what we'll do.
    15 minutes have passed i check my phone and see you.
    A bit of time after that excitement increases of thinking how pretty you will look.
    that your message arrives you have got ready and taking time.
    This time the rush in train increases there's no place to keep the foot and still IAM lost in you.
    destination is near and you call arrives saying you are on the way and so do I,
    10 minutes are remaining and train slow down those 10 minutes are the toughest to go.
    Its 10:34 and station arrives and I get off board with a sign of relief and searching for you suddenly i see you passing by I hold your hand and pull you closer to me and the eyes that look at me with so deep feelings,all the travel of 56 miles gets accomplished by seeing your smile