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    किस बात का है अफसोस तुझे,
    जो बीत गया अब छोड़ उसे,
    वो वापस ना फिर आएगा,
    गुजरता हुआ ये वक्त तुझे,
    एक नई सीख दे जाएगा,
    तू सीख सके तो सीख जरा,
    ये वक्त का है मोल बड़ा,
    तू समझ जब ये जाएगा,
    फिर ये गलती ना दोहराए गा,
    पछताने में, शोक मनाने में,
    तू अपना वक्त ना गवाएगा,
    किस बात का है अफसोस तुझे,
    जो बीत गया अब छोड़ उसे।

    - रमन खोसला

    kis baat ka hai afsos tujhe,
    jo beet gaya ab chhod usse,
    woh vapas na phir aaega,
    gujarta hua yeh waqt tujhe,
    ek nai seekh de jaega,
    tu seekh sake toh seekh zara,
    yeh waqt ka hai mol bada,
    tu samajh jab yeh jaega,
    phir yeh galti na dhorahega,
    pachtane mein, shok manane mein,
    tu apna waqt na gavaaega,
    kis baat ka hai afsos tujhe,
    jo beet gaya ab chhod usse.

    - Raman Khosla

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    kis baat ka hai afsos tujhe,
    jo beet gaya ab chhod usse,
    woh vapas na phir aaega,
    gujarta hua yeh waqt tujhe,
    ek nai seekh de jaega,
    tu seekh sake toh seekh zara,
    yeh waqt ka hai mol bada,
    tu samajh jab yeh jaega,
    phir yeh galti na dhorahega,
    pachtane mein, shok manane mein,
    tu apna waqt na gavaaega,
    kis baat ka hai afsos tujhe,
    jo beet gaya ab chhod usse.

    - Raman Khosla

  • agaram 1d

    #காதல் #கண்கள் #love #agaram #thamizh #அகரம் #தமிழ் #eyes #lust #looks @writersnetwork @tamilwriters

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    கொற்ற வில்

    கொற்ற வில் இரண்டு, அம்பினை சாரை சாரையாக எய்தது,
    மார்பில் கொத்திய அம்புகள் மனதை கொன்றது.

    உற்று பார்த்தேன் அம்பின் திசையை, வில் இரண்டும் அவள் கண்கள் ஆகின,
    மார்பில் கொத்திய அம்புகள் யாவும் அவள் பார்த்த பார்வை ஆகின.


  • kaach_ka_panchi 2d

    She turns on the red night bulb,
    She says I'm in the mood, aren't you?
    Oh, is that so!
    Yes, a little.

    She lifted her head and closed her eyes.
    She started teasing me, pleasing my eyes, seductively she makes me happy and a little lusty.

    She dropped her bra down like a nuclear bomb drops.
    She lay naked in the midnight and that red night bulb reflects her naked beauty.
    She jerking her legs and biting her lips.

    When we both lay together in each other's arms.
    I rubbed everything from her forehead to her navel.
    She closed her eyes and breathed out loud.
    She grabbed me by my feet and locked me in her body position.

    For the first time, it was her who was the last.

    After that I felt her fast breaths coming to me,
    Her entire body temperature was high,
    Her cold hands, her husky voice,
    Her shiny hair that was uprooted,
    She said, Yes please.
    I want more.

    She wanted me to make her sit on her knees.
    She said to tie the handcuffs in my hand and tie the strap in my leg.
    Tie a black bandage over my eyes and pulled it with a hard force to stretch my hair.
    Make me scream.

    At that moment our fingerprints were on our back. Her soft skin is visually red and I see dark spots on her soft breast,
    She mourned for more.

    My tongue moved and pulled her mouth,
    Her nipple was as hard as ever.
    She says test me..tempt me.
    Make me feel pain.

    Possibly the whole night was great in our red night bulb.
    Yeah, that red bulb and its reflection of the room was fucking awesome.. a bloody mood maker.

    It was so hardcore.
    Yeah but It was not a threat of lust that we had, but a Promise of a touch that cures both of us.
    Ohh! A curse.

    Yes, perhaps that lust became our curse.
    Perhaps lust is our healer.


    ( P.s. The whole thing was written by an anonymous writer earlier. Right now I have tried to write this whole idea here in my own way and considering red night bulb with few lines)
    #kaachkapanchi #erotica #lust #orgasm #sex #bdsm
    #mirakee #writers #poet #she #her #couple #poetry

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    Red night bulb


  • anas_husain 2d

    "Lust is an endless rush."


  • devilfish 2d

    One Gasp

    Two separate waves
    Collide when they
    Are unified
    Combines in 2 equal lines
    At the center of a divide
    No need to think twice
    Tonight feeling it will suffice
    You heard me right
    Believe me this is urgent
    I have you in my sight
    I'll awaken you to fight
    Sleep with my insight
    Like smoke stay woke
    I compelled you
    I spelled you like sentence
    I expelled you
    Here I sentence you to sentiments and
    Feed the earth and free the herd
    Of ignorance
    Here's the crown from my garden
    Turned to stone
    I harden
    I'm hungry
    I am starving
    I am catharsis
    I'm burning I am incense
    That will condense
    My prophecies won't invent words where
    They are not needed
    Figure me out
    Read me like you read the thesis
    A religion that oozes into my speechless
    Purpose that It is so evident you could time it
    Put me on private
    Put my phone on silent my lack of lacking
    Is so inviting
    Smiling with a face brightened
    So enticement is exactly what you thought
    I can read your silence in between your coy
    Feel my eros in scorpio
    The serpent's eyes that peer into violence
    And make it out to the other side of
    Poseidon's Trident
    An environment out of control
    Thwarted justice with corruption
    He knew what he's inciting
    But forget all the choices
    I'm exactly who you invited
    When you fuse a muse with an experiential perfume
    An allure
    This is not a copy
    I aim
    I'm viscous when I'm forced to
    Skip off into verse after verse when
    I ripped my shirt off and carved into
    It words so the night of summer could obscure I can't stop their is no cure
    But I feel myself and transform my pain with burnt disdain I seethe hate
    I find it dirty and perverse
    The moral thing to do is now obscured
    Have i just transformed or metamorphosis
    from light to dark
    You can set me apart
    Met me at the memory of a melody
    Fleeting like a bumblebee
    It's honey is not sweet enough
    To stop me with trust
    You can't drop me while you drop dust
    You're the light at the point of It's
    Exalting time to move us with a rush
    A whisper of a touch
    I move my body like I tattooed it with the congruence in my movement when I do it
    I am moving fusing fuming parasitic service that threatens you and murders you with lust and diamond dust
    Intoxicated by your drums
    Heartbeats that thump like the urging of wanting one convergence
    Not insurgency
    At the peak of my streets echo in my sirens
    Leak insight out of my third iris

  • wifey_suicide 3d


    Give me Adam and I'll show you Eve
    Deciding where I want to fiend
    The garden is filled with prey
    Smile at me and I'll smile back
    Like goldfish we'll swim all day
    In our own waters
    You look really pretty today
    If I told you I wasn't a virgin
    The tree would go away
    And only leave the serpent to play
    But this lust got me going crazy
    Can't you see it in my eyes
    That maybe it's okay to sacrifice and die
    Take away the tree, let the roots rot
    The devil knows I just got caught
    I know, I know I should've tied the knot
    A temptation of fun time is worth to rot

  • filthymind_2 3d

    Vagina ❤

    With the power to mesmerize you, most men would love a glance, they'll offer you the moon and stars, just to get the chance

    As pretty as the softest Rose, with petals wrapped up tight, she would blossom for you, if you treat her right

    Her juices are like pure heaven, she has the sweetest taste, her lover would savour every drop, none would go to waste

    Her lips are soft like Velvet, they would give the softest kiss, to feel her warmth against your skin, could only be pue bliss

    If you are very lucky, you may get a picture on your phone, sent to keep you mesmerized, when you're on your own

    The gift of her warm embrace, she softly holds you in her sexual charms, her juices run over you, she brings a loving calm

    Slowly spread her petals, you will find inside her little bud, full of fire and passion, she's engorged by desires blood

    The wonders of a Vagina it has the power to give love and life, but they can make a man lose his mind, she can fill his life with strife

    God gave it to woman, its their's and their's alone, if he had gave it to man, he'd never leave his home

  • nerdnotreally 4d


    Maybe you're a Lion in love with ur food
    Try as you might not to be rude
    Can't help it though when you're hungry
    You've just got to be true
    To the sex you exude

    Sexualising possibilities
    Fantasising promiscuities
    Wanting to pursue at least two of these
    But shhh don't tell anyone
    It's our secret to keep
    Even from ourselves
    Don't let even yourself know
    you want it deep

    Wanting one thing
    The rest is just following our lines
    because the show must go on even though our heads are humming with the promise of cumming to the beat of our excited drumming hearts

    We just want that curtain draw with no applause for an encore so we can gorge on our desired shores

    Teeth pinched lips to keep it in
    Waiting to stop acting and wanting to act on instinct more raw than a lion's prey before it's finished the ultimate game that must be played

    It's hard to remember your lines
    When you yearn for the press and you suck the flesh in your entwined minds
    With a slapping grip at your naked front and behind

    Our bodies climb into our minds and our minds into our shy smirks, the one we do to tell each other we both know

    We keep talking, I don't want you to go and you want to stay

    I hope, I hope I see you again


  • agaram 5d

    #தமிழ் #அகரம் #காதல் #மோகம் #பெண் #தெரிவை #அரிவை #love #tamil #lust

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    கொஞ்சிய தமிழ்

    ழகரம் விட்டு அகரம் பேசும் பதுமையின் பேச்சை சுவைக்க செவியில் நா அரும்பு கொண்டேன்.
    அவள் கொஞ்சி பேசிய தமிழில்,
    பிழை திருத்த மனமில்லை.

    அரிவை என்னை புன்னகையால் ஆட்கொண்டாள்.
    தெரிவை ஆன பின்பும்,
    என் அறிவை,
    அவள் கைப்பிடியில்


  • everdeen_qua 5d

    Touch of spark

    Meet my eyes from afar and tell me to come to that dark store room aside.
    Walk with me to shut the door behind and tell me I look so desirable at sight.

    Brush my arms and untie my hair and tell me why do I make you come back for more.
    Hold my waist and smell my scent and tell me without my touch, everything's just a bore.

    Undress my top and hear me chime in lust and tell me how that turns you on.
    Run your fingers down my thighs and tell me how raunchy that night we shared has gone.

    Kiss my neck and go salaciously slow and tell me how you crave my body on top of you.
    Bite my lips and play with my tongue and don't say a word because I can taste your blue.

    Kiss me till we rivet back to where we are and tell me how late you are for that damn meeting.
    Dress me and undo the mess that you made and tell me how the time has been fleeting.

    Wrap your hands around me holding tight and tell me how every wrong seems to be right.
    Open the door and kiss me goodbye and tell me what should I be wearing tonight.

  • tuggu_ 5d


    A nibble on her earlobe, swift kiss on her neck.
    Caressing her curves,swiftly move your hands
    Be careful to slurp,bite and kiss her mild.
    Whisper in her ears and make her go wild.


  • saikiranetha 1w

    Love lust

    Live in a world where you find love over lust

  • shayanaaaaa 1w

    Is it love or is it just lust?

    We were just friends (maybe with benefits),
    Holding hands, kissing on the lips were normal,
    But when someone use to ask us what were we,
    We use to smile and say “just friends”.
    I swear even I use to feel that we were in love,
    We use to spend all day with each other,
    He use to take care of me,
    He use to feed me and also trust me with everything.
    One day we made a plan of going out for night out(just him and me),
    I told my parents I’m going for a sleepover they didn’t question me twice.
    It was rainy outside I was on his arms,
    He was holding me tight, he didn’t want me to leave his arms even for a second,
    Yet I forced him because I wanted to drink wine,
    He insisted me but I didn’t listen,
    I made him drink with me,
    After sometime we were both drunk,
    I’ve a bad habit of laughing extra every time when I get drunk,
    Slowly we came close,
    My lips and his lips were touching finally,
    I was on his lap,
    We were slowly undressing one another,
    Our body touched,
    Everything felt special,
    My body was slowly taking his scent,
    The sensation was very pleasing,
    That day I wanted to be his more than I wanted to mine.
    We both were in love with one another’s body,
    That was indeed the first time when I felt someone was special for me.
    Although from that day after returning to our own houses we’ve never contacted one another.
    The bond is no more.
    So is it love or is it just lust?


  • onlywarrior 2w

    That gradual lips movement between us
    Suddenly aggressive tongues slip through it
    Breath deepens
    Stomach inwards
    Curves became stiff
    Your light movements of hands
    I dont know why
    But I moaned little bit

    Lost a little conscious
    It's like I drink a lots of wine
    That exchange of wordless thought
    I dont know what it is
    But I can listen it loudly in my mind
    And feel it from every pore of cutis of mine.

    Simultaneously getting goosebumps
    Rapidly it's like lost into another world
    It's like we stopped time
    Several breakthroughs of mine
    Touching each others horizons
    And forgetting what is black and white

    Roaming into the our grey time
    I know sooner or later I will be in sleeping beauty version of mine .
    But I love these scroll down's
    Can we plz keep doing it every night
    Okkk ......Thats it
    Now it just your chest
    And above it my head is lying
    Yessss ,U r mine ��

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #love #lust #lovelife #life
    Cutis -skin

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    Between us


  • rapunzel17 2w

    If you love her.. Then make her moan as loud as you can.

  • rapunzel17 2w

    He slowly coming towards her..
    Making her stick to the wall and holding her hands tightly.
    She said :
    “I want to taste myself on your fingers.”

    And..That's how their love story started.

  • poetrys_night 3w


    I like when she take a charge,
    And that when I enjoy ,
    Watching my innocent angel,
    Getting wild as hell.

  • meraki_world__ 3w

    Strange Time

    "You have met me At a very strange time of my life"

    He said this with so ease
    As he is maintaining his peace
    I want to know some things
    What will the future brings?
    Was that the answer for me?
    Or there are lots of fish in sea?
    I don't understand what's this
    Sometimes I still reminisce
    Of the things I did before
    Let's go to the dance floor
    And forget about it until
    We are at the top of a hill
    Your arms around my waist
    You want to know how I taste?
    Or what's going in my mind
    I'm not like the rest of my kind
    All I really want to know Is You
    Show me the world from your point of view


  • bisola_ajayi 3w

    Could not
    Say 'no'
    I loved him
    Could not
    Say 'no'
    He duped me


  • iamtheashutosh 3w


    Deep down in the darks of nights,
    When they lay restless,
    Tangled and comfier,
    Her slender arms rest on his,
    With him caressing her cheeks and lips,
    The locked eyes and controlled breath,

    "Bon Appetit" by Katy Perry playing in the background,
    The breaths getting warmer and,
    The distance getting lesser,
    When caressing is turning to grasping,
    Parched and insatiable like an wolf,
    Both of them thirsty and hungry,

    Those, those brown and tender lips,
    Acting like starters before the full course,
    Music getting milder and soothing,
    Restlessness coming to an end,
    Eyes were no longer locked,
    It was finally the turn of the lips!