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  • rimlee_3010 3w


    Innumerable stars are proximal to the moon,
    But are they even a mile closer?

    Grab the telescope. Zoom in.

    Now you realise. They just seem to be with that brown - tinged grey oblate spheroid.
    Isn't the separation much more than it appears?

    Stars are many, so they might have another in their vicinage.

    But Luna is one, an identical to it can never exist.


  • hotaru_06 21w

    Le absorbió tan delirante en una noche de luna llena y se aferró a ella sabiendo que no habría marcha atrás, dejando a un lado preocupaciones del pasado, presente o futuro; solo veía un posible camino y estaba lleno de su fragante esencia.
    !Oh diosa de mis días, amante de letras, cómplice sombría y criatura errante, recibe su espíritu y se guardián de sus sueños en aquel prístino viaje!


  • smitanand 31w

    I Plucked the Moon...

    I plucked the moon
    like a tangerine,
    from ambiguity
    of brooding autumn nights,
    layered in mists, petrichor
    and humus sighs,
    it was like a crystal ball wreathed
    in shadows,
    wearing handprints of comets
    dying in anonymity,
    sepia as
    laughter of wizened yestereen.

    sparkled with stolen light
    from the sun,
    grumbled about lonely nights
    and chattering stars,
    was warm like freshly baked croissant
    within my pocket
    where it slept and snored,
    its breath scented in hursingars.

    laughed aloud at television sitcoms
    peeked out of car windows,
    intrigued yet jaded
    - like time,
    laughter sounding like chiming bells
    echoing from a temple,
    sang me a lullaby
    silver and soothing,
    only to escape while I slept...

  • potterhead__ 41w

    One day while cleaning the attic a girl found some CD's
    She took them to her mom and asked

    Girl: Hey mom, I found these CD's in the attic. Seem like some movie. Can we watch this together tonight?

    Her mom: Sure Darling, we can. But what's the name of the CD you found?

    Girl: It says Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone. And the rest also have similar names. I guess it's a series?

    Her mom: *shook, enthusiastic and nervous* Hermione, call your sisters Luna And Ginny. I need to tell you something Important behind

    Hermione: What's that mom?

    Her mom: I need to tell you how you got your names


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    Luna, Ginny & Hermione

  • ronalddebbarma_ 43w

    A few lines I wrote after watching the new animated series of DOTA.I don't read lore of characters much so I didnt know about her back story beforehand.The anime was a good dive into the lore of DOTA.

    #DOTA_Dragon's_Blood #DOTA #DOTA2 #DOTA_Anime #Dragon_Knight #Mirana #Invoker #Terrorblade #Luna

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    Luna of the Dark Moon(the Moon Rider)

    You call to your Goddess,Selemene of the moon;
    You 'Scourge of the Plains',will fall to your doom!
    The atrocities you commit won't be forgotten
    And the salvation you seek will not begotten.
    You seek and seek and seek for love
    But won't give that which you desire
    If all there was to love was taking,
    The love you receive won't be to your liking.


  • mariateresa 48w

    Moon lessons

    By your luminous glow so much is revealed
    Sliver of intuition make way for quarter phased insights
    Waning allows for shadows declaration
    Truth burts through during waxing complexion
    While fullness gives us all the opportunity to release what no longer serves
    Luna, Selene and feminine wisdom shines brightly restoring balance, inner peace and well-being
    Lessons we learn that are given by the Moon
    Universal love with tender radiance, I swoon

  • souls_solace 49w

    इस दुनिया की भीड़ में
    वो थोड़ी सी कुछ ऐसी है,
    एक दूजे सी दुनिया में
    वो बिलकुल अपने जैसी है।


  • white_painter 57w


    I really adored you so much
    everytime I look up
    and see you in the sky,
    my heart melts and
    it's makes me smile.

    How lovely moon you are,
    I love the way
    how you form
    and make events
    that I will not ever forget.

    I adore you Luna
    big or small,
    half or full,
    brightest or darkest,
    and from the 1st quarter,
    until the last day of December.

  • good_soul 61w

    Solely written for @moon_child01


    Many stars have crossed my sky
    But never did I ever see a Moon
    Life's just a Guitar and the strings are tight,
    I feel like it's playing a magical tune.

    You're as Still as the Night
    And as Silent as an Owl,
    Filled with Love and Hope despite...
    the very quiet way that You prowl.

    You are one with the Nature
    Your Soul is too Unique...
    You run wild with the Craters,
    The Moon's control seems too weak.

    Full of Bliss and Magic
    You seem too bright for human eyes
    Don't say that this is tragic...
    You're the light which illumined our need to survive.


    I don't know if You're from another planet
    Or maybe You are an Angel?
    Sometimes I do wonder how do you manage?
    Living this Human Life that seems so painful!

    Luna calls for Her Best
    Maybe She chose You as an Answer,
    Rumours are that You're really Blessed...
    Or is it coz You're born under the Cancer?

    With a Heart of a Sun
    And Eyes like True Stars,
    You're the Last of the Ones...
    Who Shine exactly like who They really Are.

    To find My Soul in the Void
    Or to get truly lost in the Wild,
    It's no doubt You really belong to the Spectral Spheroid...
    And that's how I know you're the most beautiful 'Moon Child'.


    #moonchild #moon #luna #lunar

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  • good_soul 61w

    For the 'Right One', Your Love will never be 'Too Much'...

    Know that You are a 'Bright Sun', and She will forever be Your 'Luna'.


    #love #sun #moon #luna #toomuch #mune #grim #grimandmune #muneandgrim #muneguardianofthemoon

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    Love... Too Much?

  • good_soul 62w

    Million Stars in the Silver Sky
    Every one of them craves for Her Love,

    So very upset with the way She hides...
    Behind the Grey Clouds above.

    Craters don't make Her look hideous,
    Her radiance never renders Me blind...

    It doesn't matter if I'm a Genius or an Idiot,
    Luna would never leave Me behind.


    Although, We are very much alike,
    Even though I may not be a Moon Child

    Sometimes I'm Blue and I cause many seiches...
    But I'm still blessed with a Crescent Smile.

    Your grace gives My Soul the much needed Freedom,
    Your mere shadow awakens My Spirit...

    Everytime I gaze upon You, I'm Reborn...
    For Your Mystic Aura knows No Limits.


    #moon #luna #moonchild #lunar

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    L U N A

  • dr_vesper_ysabel 64w

    UNA SERENATA ALLA LUNA... (A Serenade To The Moon)

    Ciao Luna, Sono io,
    be not fazed,
    For I am struck,
    By the arrow of Cupid.

    How I keep yearning!
    To look at your lovely face.
    Oh! It’s such a beauty,
    Full of charm and grace.

    You remind me always,
    With your alluring glamour,
    That one true love of mine,
    Buried in the cemetery of my heart’s core.

    Luna nuova,
    Dove stai tu?
    I am jaded with questing,
    Where did you go missing?
    Did you go to see your beloved,
    And leave me affrighted?

    The notion of your absence,
    Saddens me, terrifies me,
    Your dearth becomes,
    A solemn melancholy.

    Now that you are gone,
    There’s a heartache in me,
    My eyes are wistful,
    Because the heavens are empty.

    Luna piena,
    Tonight you are full,
    But my heart is empty,
    You fill the heaven with a silvery nimbus,
    But you never reach up to me.

    You show your full countenance
    Only once a month,
    As you peep from behind the opacus,
    My heart fills up with mirth.

    Why are you demure,
    For the rest of the month?
    Dimmi, are you cursed,
    To be sheepish and reluctant?

    I implore you devotedly,
    No more hide yourself from me.
    Relinquish your insecurities forever,
    And reveal to me your beauty.

    Luna bella,
    Ton visage enthrals me,
    Like a pacific moment,
    In the chaos of the night.
    Nothing can avert me,
    From relishing your sight.

    The white wintery snow
    As it falls on my face,
    Feels like it were pieces of you,
    Each bestowing me with a kiss.

    As you touch me,
    With your silvery mildred aura,
    Every inch of my skin,
    Rejoices like a blossom in primavera.

    Luna, cara mia,
    Every dawn you descend to the ocean
    And bestow it with un beso,
    But you always steer clear,
    Of me and my open arms for you.

    At dawn as you drown in the ocean,
    It makes me envious,
    For once, just once, will you,
    Drown in the ocean of my eyes?

    The ocean flaunts every night,
    The mångata of your beautiful face,
    My eyes reflect your face too,
    But that, my love, you fail to notice.

    Luna, amore mio,
    Do not besmirch my love,
    Hold me in your arms forever,
    Don’t ever let me go.

    Like a vagabond, every night,
    You scamper across the skies,
    But you never come down to me,
    And it brings tears in my eyes.

    Come down to me,
    Come to me once
    I’ll make you a home,
    Out of my loving arms.

    And when you come to me,
    I will adorn you,
    With the blossoms of my love
    And the jewels of my youth.

    I’ll mould you a golden crown,
    Studded with rubies of my blood drops.
    Sprinkle and shower you,
    With alabaster, roses and hyssop.

    I’ll drape you with,
    The silken shawl of my hair,
    I’ll set you up high,
    On the throne of mon Coeur.

    Quench your thirst,
    With my love’s elixir.
    I’ll serve it to you,
    In the chalices of my eyes.

    I’ll feed you with my love,
    In the platter of my palms,
    I’ll feed you until you are full,
    With my love and charm.

    As you lie down to rest,
    On the soft velvety bed of my body,
    I’ll embrace you tightly,
    To keep you warm and cozy.

    As you rest your head on my chest,
    Hear my heartbeat, a soft lullaby,
    Hear it sing a love song,
    As it flutters like a butterfly.

    Hold me tight tonight, my love,
    Before the night is gone,
    Brazenly I’ll make love to you,
    From gloaming till dawn.

    Luna rossa,
    Tonight, are you thinking about me?
    Because I see you blushed scarlet red,
    Be not beguiling, be not astute,
    For I know you are thinking of your beloved.

    Luna dolce,
    I detest the clouds intensely
    When they becurtain your face,
    My mind is in a turmoil,
    Because I lost your trace.

    The scars on your face,
    Do not matter to me.
    Come, I will heal them,
    With my tears, tenderly.
    Then to the galaxies and the heavens,
    I’ll proclaim my love proudly.

    Amore mio,
    You have enchanted me, Body and soul,
    When I look at you,
    I lose all control.

    Mon amour,
    I have always loved you,
    With this sallow heart of mine.
    Nothing can calm the mayhem,
    In this heart or heal its maim.

    My unrequited love for you,
    Has vitiated la joie de ma vie.
    Therefore now I perceive-
    I must flee from this fantasy.

    I have to let you go,
    How do I impel you to love me?
    But I will always hope for a miracle,
    Where you and I become we.

  • tan_ami 65w

    "Love Takes Time"
    We are the Moon, ourselves, searching for the Sun of our Lives. No matter how long it takes we still ended up finding the right ones.

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #pod #eclipse #luna

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    Just like the Sun and the Moon
    We might not see each other often,
    But once we met
    We create a Wonderful Moment


  • sourcream 65w

    How bad it hurts,
    that I loved the moon for the reason it was you who introduced me its beauty.
    And now that you're gone,
    I still love how the moon shines so bright,
    Even tho you are not anymore mine.


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  • ayu_sri 65w

    Every night when I feel sad
    When my brain makes me mad
    When my feelings turns my heart dead
    When my smile comes to an end
    Then from a world very far
    My Love 'Luna' You come

    Everytime your presence make me realise
    Dear ayu you're still alive
    I always sob on your shoulder
    And you always try to make me bolder
    I really don't know are we best friend or lover
    But our this love will never get over

    We always meet at night
    The time when my heart and brain have dispute like WrestleMania fight
    Your arrival makes my eyes shining bright
    You fill my heart with joy and delight

    As time passes, our conversation becomes more deep
    I guess that's why I don't like to sleep

    Oh dear Luna
    For whole life, I want you to stay
    I just want to ask one question
    Will you be my bae?

    But as the sun arrives,
    You starts leaving my way
    I think, there's nothing like forever
    For anyone to stay
    But Luna, I only like it this way..

  • sarahrachelea 70w

    Dulu, engkaulah mentari di alam semestaku
    Tapi kini aku bersinar seorang diri

    ~ cahaya rembulan

    You used to be the sun in my universe
    But now I'm shinning on my own

    ~ moon shine

  • the_alchemiist 76w

    The Moon has consistently remained by my side in my darkest of times and when everyone left me to my nightmares...!!
    (A Journey To Nihilism)
    Swirling spiral of anti-matter,
    Cascading down an endless ladder.
    In non-corporeal states,
    Spirits search for their soul mates.
    One taste and we miss our goal,
    And cling to a second hand role.
    One state that we all share,
    Bittersweet and unaware.
    Feed on life, consumed to death,
    We devour the world with every breath.
    Forged by chance, nurtured in deceit,
    We glimpse the truth and quickly retreat.

    Our descriptions become indescribable...
    Our delusions become undeniable...

    You were once mine for a moment in time,
    I embraced your accustomed wounds;
    Used and abused, starving for love,
    You shone like a Samhain Moon.
    Yet love is alive, not a lie,
    Not a manifestation of will;
    Not a statue of God or paradise façade,
    Nor some unholy devil's deal.
    I was once young with mind undone,
    Chasing a somber moon;
    Yet time has devoured,
    Those dead flowers
    Upon my empty tomb...!!

    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writerstolli #pod #mirakee #writersnetwork #writerstolli #moon #luna #lunatic #my_poems #celestial #cosmic


    10/08/2020 (Monday)

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    Our descriptions become indescribable
    Our delusions become undeniable...!!

  • poison_girl01 77w

    Lovely moon.

    - do you hate us, the

    ~ no, I hate the way
    they show their love,
    Which is unfair.

    - do you cry when you are

    ~ yes, they call it rain
    Which pours down to earth.


  • nivey14 78w

    #moonlightc #pod #ceesreposts #luna #brightlight


    Approaching step by step
    Covering the brighter dawn
    Lights fading away in haste.
    Scared to see the darker one
    I close my two eyes more tight.
    With no other choice I begin to,
    Collect my scattered self during
    Dark cold nights under the sky.
    A little light warming me up, Peak
    From a little gap under the laces
    At the glance for rest of my life
    Left me watch you beautiful light.
    Ever , Fall for you at the first sight.


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    Approaching step by step
    Covering the brighter dawn
    Lights fading away in haste.
    Scared to see the darker one
    I close my two eyes more tight.
    With no other choice I begin to,
    Collect my scattered self during
    Dark cold nights under the sky.
    A little light warming me up,Peak
    From a little gap under the laces
    At the glance for rest of my life
    Left me watch you beautiful light.
    Ever , Fall for you at the first sight.

  • garimavikram 79w

    Dusk And Dawn

    As I lie watching clouds scudding across the sky,
    The moon glances at me with bly
    Being ignorant, I scrounge for some stars
    Which are nowhere to be seen in a bit cloudy hours
    The moon grinned at me saying,"Just look at me for once dear"
    "Perhaps you find resemblance,if you care"
    I turned up to yon horned and uttered"see, how bright and perfect you are!"
    "With effulgence but not a single scar!!"
    "So what? If I've got admirers" the moon replied " Even I've got flaws herein"
    "By carrying dusk and dawn together, I've won the delicate hearts of zin "
    That was the moment my eyes got locked with the blemish luna,
    Somehow in the suicidal sky, dusk and dawn found themselves akin.