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  • _faded 70w

    Hey dear stranger!,

    I know I'm a stranger to you so I won't and I even can't ask you some personal questions but I saw you crying my friend..

    It's a winter night but may be..may be your heart is gelidier than this frosty night..but you don't feel your self alone ever! I know I'm unknown to you and you can't trust any unknown person but my friend it's always easy to spill our heart out in front of unknown!!

    And I'm not telling you to tell me about your darkness but you can ping me if you needed to tell..this is my number..(* number*)

    I know I can't remove bad days from your calendar but by listening to you I can surely give warm shelter to your thoughts..

    And I'm ansuring you and nothing stays forever..not even our scars dear!

    Your stranger friend,
    Warm hug

    (Gelid- extremely cold
    Frosty- cold)- for my reference bro!! *-*

    #Ltstrangerc #feblattersbycharm

    17 February 2021

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  • sadaf786 71w

    To : A stranger I saw crying one winter night....

    Neither had I saw you before, nor did I knew you existed until I've seen you screaming and drenched in tears at the opposite of the road, where you've covered your tears and your red face with your bare hands facing the corner of the wall and shaking severely...

    I've seen you the other day carrying your sick mother and crying out for help. No one had shown up, neither did I had the courage to help being a 17 year old and new to a city girl, I couldn't had felt more helpless than this and somewhere the guilt for being a girl arouse expecting to help if were a boy and that day I came to know you had a small brother too....

    This life might be completely unfair to you and now that a boy of age around 16 - 17 had a responsibility of his young brother of age 8-9 too... You've made me reflect on myself, everyone of us were probably demanding for a phone or new pair of shoes to our parents at that age and I've seen you searching for a reason to survive....

    And the most pathetic part was that you were completely shy.... You couldn't ask for help, maybe you were that introvert types who've been stuck to his principles and responsibilities and now that everything shattered you were left with the screams and a bleading heart questioning yourself "why me" and "what wrong did I do??"

    I wish I had went downstairs opposite to the road and had asked your side of story but again this "being a girl" thing stuck with the suggestion that it's not safe to console some random stranger at night made a little more sense....

    Even if I had a chance to speak to you then probably i would stand dumb and curse life for being so unfair and miserable to you... But the thing is, life always gives a chance to heal and an opportunity to survive.... Having some more patience is the only option left for you my dear stranger and I wish that you are crawling yourself with the disputes of life brought upon you...

    How irony is it that I always feel more peace and ease with my life whenever I think of yours....
    Or maybe all our lives are more fair to us giving suggestions to live at our lows where others are struggling to find a reason to live even in their woe's ....

    From an unknown observer....
    To: The struggling stranger I wish I had spoke....

  • sneha91 71w

    To, A stranger I saw crying one winter night.

    Dear, Stranger a week ago I meet you accidentally when I am passing on the road by my bike your painful cries strike in my ears.I saw you are trembling with severe cold. I stop my bike and come to you for asking,Why you are crying ? You told me with squeaking voice ' I am hungry and it is not easy to sleep without blanket with empty stomach when the temperature is only 4°'. I feel very bad by hearing your sad story, I give you my sweater and give you breads and jam for you from nearby shop.

    It was Frist time in my life I have help someone.I ask you if have any address of your home you told me you are homeless only you migrates From one place to another to survive life.

    After I came back home I can't sleep properly that whole night your sady face dances in my eyes like a image and from that day.Are you really connect to my heart ? Unable to know you came in my dreams in every night.l lost my mother last year now I decided to take you with me to my home to make you as my mother to blessed my life with motherly love.

  • bclark2681 71w

    Dear Stranger;

    Upon further inspection, leaving this letter upon this park bench that you earned last night may seem strange, bit I needed to be sure you were feeling a bit more enchanted today after last evening.
    You see, upon noticing your tears cascading down your quivering cheeks in the freezing winters evening and me offering my counsel to you after gathering courage to offer my sympathy, I needed to be sure you would be okay enough to carry on. So, that is why I stayed with you.
    I never asked your name, just listened to your story, to your troubles and offered my best advise and comforting abilities. I have no regrets sitting with you in the chilly February air for those hours and am so glad I got to be blessed with your presence.
    Again, I hope your day has begun in much better spirits today and with any luck, your face will grace my eyes once again in the future.

    A good listener

    Credit for picture goes to original owner
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    Winter Evening Tears

    Upon this chilly winter's evening, I
    Notice tears cascading down your
    Quivering cheeks as you occupy
    Your park bench and with sympathy,
    I ask and you chronicle your upsets
    Of this evening as I offer my counsel,
    Assisting you through your process

  • erics_girl 71w

    Dear Stranger...

    Dear Stranger,

    I needed to apologize,
    Because I didn't realize,
    the tears falling from your
    Eyes were desperate cries
    For help. I'm feeling bad
    that I ignored, how sad
    You must have felt.
    I sit here, losing sleep
    at night, wondering are
    you alright?
    I was minding my own
    business, on that cold
    dark winters night, now
    I regret it. Though at the
    time I thought so, I see
    now it wasn't right.
    I was wrong to walk on
    passed! You must have
    hoped I'd stop to ask?
    I'm so sorry I went by,
    Even as I saw you cry
    I was trying not to pry,
    Now I see the reason,
    why, I can't seem to
    get you off my mind..
    It plays in my head again
    from the start & conviction
    Is weighing upon my heart.
    I can't escape my captive
    thoughts, they're telling
    me I should have stopped.
    The whisper of a still small
    Voice tells my conscience
    I made the wrong choice.
    God purposed our paths
    to cross, at the same place
    & same time. I was suppose
    to be there, You were meant
    for me to find.
    I was supposed to help
    You somehow, I did not
    See it then but I do see it
    Can you ever forgive me
    for letting you down?
    I wish I stayed with you, I
    should have prayed with
    you, I should've held your
    hand. I should have showed
    you how to kneel down, when
    your life was just too hard to
    I'm truly sorry, though it
    doesn't help. I wrote this
    to express just how badly
    I felt.My apology is sincere
    & heartfelt. Hopefully you
    forgive me, so I can begin
    to forgive myself.
    I don't know where you
    Are but I hope you're ok
    & I hope I will see you
    again someday, In the
    meantime, I will continue
    to pray, that you received
    God, so that from now on,
    You will always be ok.
    From a stranger with



  • pen_to_paper 71w

    To: A stranger I saw crying, one winter night

    It's the toughest season I think, the other three are easy to come by but winter, winter takes hold of you like an angry dog that has a grip on you and will not let you go until it decides to.
    (Or so it feels).

    The streets were empty. Smoke was rising up from the chimneys, laughter could be heard from outside the sweaty windows. And right there next to the black rubbish bin I saw you huddled together like a baby in the foetus position shivering barely able to control your body from the strange movements it was making. I could hear a faint sob almost like a final cry, a final call, a final plead.

    Life to you was a bag of rotten potatoes useless with a few spuds that could be thrown back into the ground to sprout again but other than that just useless.

    You held a little lifeless body in your arms, frozen to death by winter. It was the most unimaginable thing I have ever seen and to this day I still have sleepless nights of you and her and winter.

    I promise you that night I ran, I ran as fast as my legs could carry me two blocks and I was home. I picked up the telephone and dialled the emergency services. They promised me they would hurry. I made them promise me.

    Now you have been admitted with pneumonia. Your little girl you have just laid to rest. They said you have no family orphaned at nine. You fell in love but winter took him away too. He sits in alley ways thinking of ways to get high.

    So I sit here writing this letter to you. Wondering whether you would consider my offer. You see I am lonely too. Winter has also had a go at me. I can feel your pain. I have cried your tears. I have many nights prayed for darkness to come over me too.

    Could we share our pain? Could we ask winter to go? I would love for you to come share my home. My heart would not be so blue if you would agree to come stay with me.

    Just like seasons change everything changes too and just like a seed grows with sunshine and water so can our minds grow with what we feed it.

    And just like all the other seasons come and go. So too will winter, the snow, the sorrow and we will see the sun shine and a better tomorrow.

    A stranger with a broken heart who saw another stranger crying one winters night

    #Ltstrangerc @writersbay #bluehearts

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    A stranger with a broken heart who saw another stranger crying one winters night

  • wordsofsh 71w

    Dear someone I have never met,

    "Did you hear that?" It was loud and clear, that beating of my heart. The nerves swelling, the follicles on my freezing white arm raising, that wasn't because of the cold, don't you think that. That was the warmth I felt seeing you. I wish my gaze could travel to you and whisper my desires in your ears. Your hands full with snow and blood reaching for your hands to keep them warm. Those perfect white teeth that I was seeing like heartbeats in between tangles of your hair.. it was charismatic!

    I never believed in love at first sight before I saw you.. and soon, the proud stars of wintery night shadowed you under their sparkle. Those stars that never gave heed to even the seekers were euphoric seeing you play and slay all at once.. the white snow on a whithering tree above you is suddenly craving for spring. For it wants to adorn a flower like you with its green hues. You who had nature at her toes, not only humans..

    Falling in love,
    An admirer who has you etched in his heart for life..

  • we_elude 71w

    To : the stranger

    Hola stranger ��

    How strange is that ......I m calling you a stranger .....it feels as if earth is calling moon as stranger even after knowing that both are the closest celestia to eachother......but what to say now ....today you were a stranger to me .

    My day was fine today with random bubbling until I saw you .....rather say .....until I saw
    Your eyes (literally..).......YOU WERE A STRANGER to me you were someone I never saw .....you were someone today that couldn't be constructed even in my imagination . Your eyes ...It was Cloudy( literally ...blurring your retinal vision) ........filled with gloomy thoughts yet with bolting thunder of optimism.
    And when you spoke me to formally of the word 'cloud' ....it burst all my bubbles of being alive .....I could foresee the biological end of the one that gifted me its part in my very biome .

    You must be thinking that I m overthinking ....maybe I m .......but I m sorry to say but that 'cloud' has now rained as tears .......building waves of facts , analysis, rage and hope .....O my dear lord !!! ....so much that my quarter kilogramme of heart couldn't contain.

    O stranger!!
    How drifted you were today ......away from the past and present ....you were into future .
    You were seeing something .....that eyes ....that soul of yours was reflecting an ache .... an strange ache into mine .

    Some strange 'ache' ...that I never imagined I will experience this soon ..... something that was out of my intellectual and emotional understanding.
    I tried to introduce 'optimism' that you tried to bring in my rendering .....but this time it failed . My mind was conjuring everything that could and couldn't be prevented .....but the soul......
    Ah.!!!.....it felt your ache .....the ache

    Your silence intertwined with mine .....both were comfortable with eachother holding tornadoes that time will tell. But my voice prevented itself from being called 'sensitive' ......as silence held its pride ...my voice wouldn't be able to hide its sensitivity...

    Today I felt as if the whole world is trying to pretend .....that they are going to be here forever .With all the stubborness and power we humans have collected in our journey.....will we ever be able to live .....? How strange is the world where we forget to consider and expresss what we actually feel whether is pain of existence and fear of death ?

    Enough of my chaotic mind....today ....
    You must be thinking I need a serious mental checkup

    To be honest I m better now ....writing this to you.....(my rollercoaster of emotions is back ....I guess....
    Writing ....does this to you)

    Tomorrow and many infinite (relative) days
    I m going to meet you......I don't know what the future holds ...... between the continuous cycle of birth and death .....what will you be chosen for .....and I don't know how I m going react to all those ....maybe I ll write another letter to you.....or I'll never write
    I know one thing for sure .....that I m never going to see you again...as I saw you today ...........that STRANGER ....is now a forever captured in my memory lane.

    Maybe we have reached to a point(hypothetically) between earth and moon ....where there is no GRAVITATIONAL PULL from eachother .At such point today ...I concealed you as STRANGER forever in my little continuum.

    The winter's fading with the ��(today )....it needs to �� then to ��....the ultimate continuum

    Scattered as always
    No complaints ....it's life ��
    A lot expressed ...that may not be spoken out ever again
    And a lot of uncertainty !!

    From the soul that ached as yours ��
    Thanks for reading !!!

    For the personal hastag its #letteread

    #Ltstrangerc @writersbay @writersnetwork #writersbay #mirakee #letteread
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    I m calling you a stranger .....
    it feels as if earth is calling moon as stranger even after knowing that both are the closest celestia to eachother

  • bliss__ 71w

    Cold winter night

    As I was walking down the streets of Paris
    The fragrance of love just lingered around
    The smiles of those lovely couples
    Both young and old
    Illuminating the cold winter night
    The warmth of their embrace
    Was all over the place...
    As I took a turn around the corner
    I got into a dark place!
    Where are the smiles of those couples Illuminating the place? I wonder...
    There I saw you, silently sobbing
    How could someone be sad at this beautiful place, especially in Paris?!
    So I came close to you, but you didn't notice
    You just got up and left
    So I followed you home
    Just to write you a letter..
    Dear friend,
    I don't know what you are going through right now but I want to tell you no matter what you are going through or what you have been through, it's all part of God's master plan.
    It's okay to cry, it's okay to let it all out.. no one can judge you. Just know your tears will soon turn to joy, your frown will turn upside down. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.. Grab a drink, after all life is just, an eye blink. Here now gone the next. Enjoy it while you still have the chance, wear your favorite clothes comon and dance..
    I'm sending you all the love through this letter hoping to put a smile on that pretty face of yours..
    Yours lovingly
    Miss Rat

    P.S POV of a rat.

  • writerwithin 71w

    15.02.2021: Day 1: Write a letter to a random stranger you saw crying on a winter night✉️
    #Ltstrangerc #lettersfromwithin
    @mirakee @writersbay @writersnetwork

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    ::A Random Letter::

    Dear Stranger,
    Hello! You might find it weird to receive this letter from a passerby. But believe me, I mean well.
    It has been a long and chilly night. The whether seems to reflect your inner turmoil. I dont know what is tormenting you and causing those silent harrowing tears but I know one thing for sure. 'Life isn't easy.' To each their own.
    Sorrows maybe limitless, but so are the everyday joys. I won't ask you to stop crying. Crying actually is healthy as it reduces the stress induced during hard times. Cry out and relieve the toxicity filled inside you. But once done, look at the positivity in life. Every problem has a solution and I am sure you will get yours. And if you don't get a solution, it's perfectly alright. Start anew, because no trouble is worth getting depressed forever.
    I may not be in your shoes, I may sound philosopical to you and you may hate me for this letter. It's quite okay. Just remember, tough times make us tough and so face every situation whether good or bad with the age old saying...'This too shall pass'.
    Take care.
    A well-wisher.

  • a_gentilischi 71w

    Many thanks out to @writersbay for this delightful challenge.

    2021.02. 15
    Written rights : ©a_gentilischi

    #Ltstrangerc #letters
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #writersbay
    @writersnetwork @writersbay
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    -The first letter, which was left on a park bench-

    Dear Stranger,

    I don't know if you remember me. But I remember you so very clearly.

    We met a few days ago, in the park. Right now, I'm looking at the bench where we sat together, from my apartment's balcony, as I write.
    It's snowing again tonight. Not as much as the day we met though.
    But still, I'm used to the cold.

    You asked me how I could stand the cold. No one has ever asked me that before. Why was it that the most important question of my life was shown to me by a mere stranger? It terrified me, so I gave a non committal answer, but you were persistent.
    And, so you made me ponder one of the biggest questions of my life that night.

    The truth is, I couldn't bring myself to talk to you. It was hard enough to look straight in your eyes that treasured kindness. I was a parched desert, to your oasis.
    You were so beautiful.

    The snowflakes that caught on the dark strands of your hair, were like a thousand stars on a moonless night. You were a queen, crowned in starlight. Your cheeks were painted crimson from the cold, and I couldn't keep my eyes off you, no matter how hard I tried.
    And your eyes…they were a deep brown, and they held such secrets in their depths. To look in to them was to see earth embracing creation.

    You looked as if you knew me, the real ME. Not this pathetic effigy that I've showcased for public consumption. Because that's all that people know how to do…consume.
    But you were different.

    "How do you stand the cold?"

    Breathless silence. Then, unbidden, the answer tripped out of my freezing lips.
    "You get used to it after a while"

    That was when you started to cry, hot tears running down your cheeks. And then, I was crying too.
    You touched my hands, and your warmth was like a brand of fire upon my palms.

    "Never get used to the cold". That was your fervent whisper, as you walked away. It is echoing through me, even now.

    Who are you?
    I don't even know an address to send this letter over to, so I'm going to leave it on the bench we sat.

    I want to see you again. I want you to ask me your questions, one at a time. I promise I won't flinch from your eyes next time.

    With love,
    The stranger who cried next to you, on a winter night.


  • _create_23 71w

    Dear stranger,

    Yesterday night, when the snow was falling on the dark streets covering the land with white sheath and my parted lips were letting out tiny water vapours, appearing as fog while exhaling, I saw you. Yes, you!
    In that parky cold weather, I caught a glimpse of you silently staring at your phone screen as if you were waiting for something. The brightness of the screen had lit up your face and the street lights were spotting on you as if you were the star of the evening.
    You had expectations in your eyes and warmth in your sleeves, your eyes were twinkling brighter than the moon in the dark sky. I could hear your heavy breaths from a distance. I was standing near the footpath and leaned myself on the wall to see you better.
    You walked from one corner to the other, pacing up as if you were awaiting a great news.
    Your fists were tight as if you had locked magical ecstasy within them, your legs were not shivering even in this weather as if something was warming you up from within and you kept staring at your phone screen.

    After noticing you for quite sometime, I didn't feel like leaving you there. I wanted to know how this anticipation will end, I had started linking your desires and expectations with mine. I started feeling the same by just glaring at you in a few moments, that's how strong your excitement felt like.
    I guess you felt for a second that I was watching you but I turned myself then and started to check my phone.
    I stole glimpses of you, I was your human camera that night clicking probably one of the most beautiful moments of your life, unaware of all circumstances around you.

    Suddenly, your phone vibrated and the silent winter allowed me to hear it. Bizzarely, adrenaline rushed into me too, curiousity ran over me, I couldn't wait for your reaction and I saw tears in your eyes as you saw the phone screen. Those twinkling eyes were still shining and those tears must have blurred your vision but the view I saw couldn't have been clearer. You looked like that the dreams you had sewn were finally taking shape in reality. Tears rolled down your cheek as your smile grew larger.

    Maybe your dear one survived, maybe your life climbed a ladder of success, maybe someone forgave you, maybe someone contacted you after so long or maybe your love confessed their feelings finally. I think I will treasure it more since I don't know what made you so.
    I don't know what the reason was behind that precious smile but for some strange reason, happiness swept over me and I felt like capturing you. And yes, I did, I captured you in my memories.
    I hope you don't mind but I will remember your face whenever hopelessness with will slide in my mind and sadness will sweep in. I hope you are okay with that.
    I felt refreshing and consoled. Yesterday, I didn't know that I wasn't craving for words but for an innocent heartfelt smile to please me strangely.
    Thank you.

    ~A stranger who was in despair that night


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    Dear stranger,

  • doshimeghana7 71w

    #Ltstrangerc #writersbay #mirakee #writersnetwork

    Letter Week Contest. Day 1 Letter to a Stranger who was crying on a Winter Night

    All Letters of the letter writing series at #megzyme

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    Letter to Stranger 15/02/2021

    Dear Stranger,

    I am calling you a stranger because I don't know your name. You might be unaware that yesterday i saw some precious tears roll down your cheeks. Just like how the clouds burst open when they can't hold the water anymore, it seemed your heart could not hold the grief anymore and the tears made an outlet through your eyes. It was a cold winter night. I could feel that your soul was freezed with pain and your face was shivering with untold agonized emotions.

    I just wanted to tell you that I am there for you. I might not know your problems. I might not be able to help you monetarily or in any other way that you might want me to. But i assure you that I can lend a hearing ear to your problem. I will patiently listen if you wish to pour your heart out. I will not judge you. I will try to provide some humble answers if you are at some crossroad over any issue. You might say who am i to tell you all this. True, we are not connected in any way. We are strangers. But we are Humans. A blanket of Humanity i can surely wrap around you and give you an Affectionate Warm Hug. A Bonfire of Compassion can Heal you from the coldness of this world and the aloofness of the people around. In times of scattered relations with known people, an unknown might just be around to help you. God is within each of us. If you wish to reach god, try extending your shivering hand to me. I will hold it till those tears turn into a SMILE...
    Hoping you will trust this stranger and contact me soon...

    Yours Truly,


    Meghana Doshi


  • barefoot 71w

    From one stranger to another,

    I read in a worn out newspaper article my mother had used to store the last piece of jaggery sent by my late grandmother that the probability of being born is about one in 400 trillion. That is a pretty big number I thought folding the paper back to cover the jaggery.

    And while two tiny ants made their way to devour the fallen pieces of jaggery , I wondered , why it is that we don't feel like a miracle then ? Why don't we feel so rare or beautiful or even alive?

    I mean think about it , you and me , we won the lottery , a lottery in which trillions of unborn souls participate , but just like the two ants walking away with the jaggery weighing heavy on their minuscule bodies we hold the sweet treasure of our miracle breath with the dry logic of duty and duty alone.

    Anyway , my sister was sewing tiny green birds onto my pillow the other night while I returned back home from walk and even though the picture of you sitting silently by yourself weeping stayed like a looping scene within my monosyllabic mind , I managed to ask my sister why she was bothering to sew birds onto a plain pillow that we use only for laying our tired heads on and she said with a smile, that she didn't want me to be lonely while I dream.

    She said she hoped her embroidered parrots will fly with me to the unknown destinations my sleeping body would take me to and never make me feel lost or alone. I didn't know whether to smile or cry, because in a world where birds were embroided to save each other from isolation , there were tears being shed too which no other heart could wipe off.

    It was then that I decided to write. To you.
    Not because I could be that ray of hope you are seeking dearly or a balm to soothe your unseen wounds. No. I wanted to write because I know. I know how the heart shrinks in on itself. I know how the noise overtakes the music of the world . I know how the bruises made by the war waging within look for the address of the light at the end of the tunnel. I know how feeling alone is not a feeling as much as the comma that keeps the story of self loathing alive. I know because the world hasn't been kind to me always . And neither have I been kind to the life within me always.
    But I know how it feels too when you see your sister sewing birds on your pillow and I know too that every one deserves to feel this.
    The feeling when you know that the loud desire of wanting to be heard and embraced even if for a little while has been heard and felt .

    You see , fellow stranger , I am not asking you to be brave. I am not asking you to be hopeful . I am not even asking you to wipe those tears off , what I am saying is that every little grief you are feeling is a sign that the burning miracle called life within you has not gone cold even on this dreary winter's night. The pain you are trying so hard to hide in the darkness of a winter night is what will one day fuel you to walk faster towards the warmth of life. You know why I know this cause we both won the lottery not only but accident , but also
    by a shared miracle
    and that miracle will only seem like one when we go through long nights of grief carrying the sweet life we cradle within like heavy burdens until
    We learn to look within and embroider that bird of hope onto our tired warrior hearts for our own tiny struggling miraculous selves.

    I have a feeling that this letter will reach you at the right time . Because
    After all
    Isn't all of this
    A miracle ?

    You and me and the whole rest of it.

    Warmest regards,
    A fellow traveler looking for hope too.

    p.s : Do me a favour. Listen to "Saturn" by sleeping at last and close this letter knowing you are
    What the world calls a miracle even on the darkest days (especially on your darkest days).

    @writersbay @writersnetwork @mirakee #Ltstrangerc

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  • daffodilpearlzz 71w

    Just like poet विनोद कुमार शुक्ल penned,

    "हताशा से एक व्यक्ति बैठ गया था"

    Meaning, a person was sitting in sadness. His name, identity, social status, financial status, address, family, background, circumstances, salary or not even the circumstances that caused pain, need not be known to identify a person sitting sadly. It will be clearly evident from their faces.

    Mon 15 Feb 2021
    #Ltstrangerc @writersbay

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  • bellemoon99 71w

    Dear stranger

    Her words were colder than the night, they stuck like ice shards on my heart. And then I saw you, your tears looked like tiny diamonds glowing under the moonlight.

    Your pain talked to mine silently, I didn't know what had hurt you, but my soul called to yours. Maybe I should have talked to you, offered you a warm smile that might melt the ice in both our hearts.

    But I didn't, the wind swallowed both your sobs and my voice. Still, as I returned home. I felt stronger, humbler, human...all thanks to your tears on a winter night.

  • _diyapatel_ 71w

    Am i a stranger ?

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    Late night

    I saw you there
    Chilled in the alley
    I startled , i want to know
    The world behind eyes
    The dilemma of tears
    But already, i was known
    Maybe, i was crying
    But then that stranger
    In the dark night
    Dont know ,is alone
    And a pillow under
    Is all she had.

  • the_sunset_girl 71w

    To the stranger I met on a Winter night,

    I saw you smile through the scars today, and thought I should take you to that old winter night when your eyes flooded with tears and heart shredded into pieces.

    That's where I met you.

    You were sunken and blue, and didn't notice me watching you. I saw that 24 year old young man, crying his heart out silently for love, support, and I still don't know what all were there in those eyes. He was craving for love, someone to hold on, a support to reach his dreams that people called 'insane'.

    Since I bear this Curse of an Empath, I've made myself walk through your footprints, tried to sense those tear and blood-soaked experiences, deceived days, dreadful nights and disowned dreams. It was beyond excruciating for a creative mind, who was misunderstood by everyone.

    I saw you building a cold wall to protect yourself. You trained your Rigor Samsa to be stronger than Zeus, yet wept beyond oceans under the hideout of dark nights.

    You carved a new YOU out of those scars; chased your dreams and rose as a Phoenix.

    Here, after nine years, I admire you than anything in this world, you became a kryptonite to my life, yet a total stranger.

    I still don't know the depth of your suffering even though I used all my powers to unveil it. The pain that turned a sweet stranger into a stone-hearted man.

    But, I do hold onto you. From a letter away, wishing you good luck and praying for all the best things that you deserve!

    You filled me with words; you invoke that long lost poet in me though we are still strangers.

    Thank you, for not giving up; for inspiring me; for showing me that silver lines are true; for making me believe in unicorns again!

    With love,

    A stranger!


  • pallavi4 71w

    Letter to a stranger

    Dear stranger ,
    I would like to start this letter by thanking you. Even though we don’t know each other, I know you know me from last night. I am the person who was standing next to you , as both of us breathed in the cold winter air on the bridge.
    I am not proud of why I was there last night - I was there to end my life . I had grown weary of the troubles I was facing and decided that life was just not worth the hurt and pain. I wouldn’t be here writing today had it not been for you . Your uncontrollable weeping and distressed person stopped me in my tracks. I couldn’t look away from the insurmountable suffering I could clearly see on your face. You were inconsolable.
    Your hysterical crying also put into perspective the triviality of my own problems. I was in pain yes but was that the reason for my wanting to end my life ? No. All of a sudden I became acutely aware of the littleness of my being and the fact that I was simply running away from the inevitable pain I had foreseen .
    As I climbed off the edge of the ledge of the wooden bridge, I knew I had been put there by fate that day to console you , to help you . It was fate, us meeting .
    When I stood next to you and gently put a gloved hand over yours, I knew in that moment that you and I were destined to meet and that we were there to bring each other comfort and relief .
    The chilly night air hung heavy between us and we stood absorbing the warmth of each other’s presence. As your crying gradually stopped and reduced to sniffles, I knew in my own way I had done my bit and that you and I wouldn’t forget this night ever.
    I had often heard that it is easier to talk to a stranger sometimes than to someone you know because you’re free of thoughts of being judged. After the death of my fiancée - the love of my life , this week , all of a sudden there was no merit in living anymore or so I felt. I’m glad I opened up to you last night. I’m grateful that inspite of your own disheveled state, you offered me kind words of wisdom never once talking of your own pain. I’m happy I didn’t insist on you talking too, that wouldn’t have been right on my part. Not only did you listen, you were there when I felt I had no one else.
    I owe you my life dear stranger and I’m eternally grateful for having met you yesterday. I hope you overcome whatever it was that was causing you so much distress. I hope I was able to bring you some solace . You are not alone. You are not the only one. You are worth more than what you’ll ever know. And if you overcome whatever this hurtful situation is today, it will turn out to be a tiny blip in the larger scheme of things, a road bump .
    Thank you for being there yesterday. Thank you for restoring my faith again. I shall never forget your advice and gracious manner that helped save me from eternal damnation and irrefutable death. Thank you for being the reason for my second innings, a second shot at this wonderful life. I will count my blessings from this day forward instead of the pains and never forget you . You’ve done more for me than any friend ever could.



    15th of February, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • zeee_zephyrs 71w

    To The Unknown Grandfather

    Dear grandfather,
    On a crisp winter night, my eyes were travelling through those big lilac to raspberry bushes and sometimes gave a glance to the orion above.
    While walking in that silent street with no vehicles, my eyes fell on the wide smile coming from the other side of the street carried on those wrinkled face and still looking beautiful. My legs still were kinetic but my eyeballs being at the inner most corner, staring that smile till the last angle. It was an incident of seconds but my mind was whirling in thoughts of that smile.
    The boy, in all likelihood was your grandson. The sight of you both was evident of you both sharing a great bond. In those chills of winter, wearing a thick jacket, your smile gave a soft warmth.
    With death standing at the doorsteps to convert that smile into a deadpan, the snow white hairs narrating your life experiences but you valued the ride of the wheelchair drived by your grandson.
    The true essence of life was seen in those giggles of the grandson and thank you for passing by me and making me notice a beautiful bond.