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  • lovingdead 2w

    I'm attracted to the souls with damage,
    Those with stories in their scars.

    Tear soaked and blood stained.

    The fires of their pain though tragic, have left them without a toxic and prideful ego to muddle their beauty.

    They are pure and graceful,
    Often ignorant of their strength,
    And their kindness is nothing short of magic.

    They are new growth from the ash.
    They are rainbows after the storm.
    They are stars in the darkness.

    They are heroes,
    they are hope,
    they are inspiring.

    What's not to love?


  • lovingdead 3w

    Lights wane,
    echoes fade,
    Truth reveals,
    the fools charade,
    Promises broken,
    edges frayed,
    Time steals away,
    memories made,
    Everyone left,
    yet emptiness stayed,
    Faking smiles,
    souls afraid,
    Another effigy,
    in the masquerade,
    Dreams forgot,
    hope betrayed,
    Another death,
    in an endless crusade,
    Pains remain,
    as hearts decayed,
    Blood meets tears,
    and skin meets blade,
    A day in the life,
    each escapade,
    Till the final pawn,
    in the game is played.


  • lovingdead 22w

    A growing resentment for the truth,
    the stormy tide within us swells,
    Contempt for bitter breaks,
    cancerous hate inside us dwells,
    We long to numb our pains,
    to fall blissfully under their spells,
    Yet nothing quite kills us so fully,
    like the lies we tell ourselves.


  • lovingdead 35w

    I'm the poems never written,
    I'm the secrets not confessed,
    I'm every road not explored,
    I am the love unexpressed,
    I'm the goals not chased,
    I am the smile unworn,
    I am the laughs unheard,
    I am the dreams unborn,
    I'm lifes paths not taken,
    I'm each opportunity missed,
    I'm every hand never held,
    I am all the lips never kissed,
    I am the what ifs never asked,
    I'm the option not given a second glace,
    I'm the broken heart still beating,
    Just waiting to be given a chance.


  • lovingdead 38w

    The hurt, MY hurt

    the pain, the scars, the trauma,

    it follows me, like a shadow.

    the weight of it,
    my baggage,
    my story thus far.

    It drags behind me,

    Like a plow carving a wound
    into the flesh of the earth.

    A contentious struggling against the tides of time.

    Forever battling the inertia of fate.

    May the tears cried in my past nurture seeds that slumber in the soil.

    I hope to leave forests where once stretched only empty wastelands.


  • lovingdead 39w

    You are the one I admire,

    You are whom I adore,

    And a life without you in it,

    Is a life I care not for.


  • lovingdead 44w

    Spilled ink and a broken spine

    I use to be an open book,
    so happy to be read,
    able to share my stories,
    and the contents of my head,

    A gleeful tome was i,
    people coming, people going,
    sharing the essence of my soul,
    with each new visit my stories growing,

    Then came unknown strangers,
    wearing smiles so divine,
    whispering words of love and friendship,
    as they tore the paper from my spine,

    And new approacher's ceased,
    I was sad, I must confess,
    as I lay upon the pavement,
    feeling the numbing of loneliness,

    Left out in the elements,
    the frost and wind and rain,
    crying tears of ink as I fall apart,
    the only stories I know now are pain,

    I used to be an open book,
    now just a broke and bleeding husk,
    unable to find my pages,
    not knowing who to trust.


  • lovingdead 44w

    When I long for a smile I visit you,
    Not the real you of course, but a memory.
    From back before your lies and betrayals. Back when I was ignorant, happy, and hopeful. I visit the old you.

    The one problem with those memories is I know how the story ends, the evil wins, the lights fade and darkness consumes all.

    In the end it's not so bad I guess,
    yeah I'm broken,
    yeah I'm numb,
    yeah the loneliness crushes me a bit more each day.

    But I'm alive, sort of, if you call this living.

    The worst part is despite it all, the coldness still seeps in.

    I wish memories could hug back.


  • lovingdead 48w



    Last seen - Drifting through some long forgotten memory.

    Physical description - An infinitesimal ember faintly glowing in the ever reaching darkness that is time.

    Answers to - Those sly little smiles that peek their arms out as they pry her lips into that picture perfect grin,
    The sparkle that glimmers in here eye as she realized I was gazing at her with that foolish look on my face,
    That split second moment after she spoke and studders her breath where she awaited my reply.

    Reward - Anything

    If you or someone you know has any information, please contact the last of the hope I can muster.


  • lovingdead 48w

    I lay awake at night,
    and into thoughts descend,
    struggling through memories,
    of foes disguised as friend,
    obsessing over the unknown,
    of horrors that could impend,
    adding to the traumatic disorder,
    just another wound that will not mend,
    yet what if I'm the monster,
    a beast from which I cant defend,
    cursed to never escape,
    unto my own heart perpetually rend,
    my fears begin to flash,
    as pains slowly distends,
    I've tried to expel this emptiness,
    via poems so brokenly penned,
    so I lay awake each night,
    and with these truths try to forever contend.


  • lovingdead 51w

    Die of fate, long ago cast,
    Faded, not meant to last,
    A broken heart,
    Destined from the start,
    Pain still echoes from that past.


  • lovingdead 85w

    Sometimes when lost,
    We can sometimes find ourselves destitute in happiness,
    suffering from a disease of the soul,
    trying to cure the sickness in our heart
    As it begs us to feed their addiction,
    hungry for the venom of poisonous people.
    gaunt and starving for that special one of a kind pain that only they can offer.


  • lovingdead 92w

    Upon the jagged cliff face grows a single flower. Tightly it clings to the rocks, through the thrashing of waves and blusters of the winds it survives.
    I ponder, how had this come to be?
    Surely at one point that poor seed who by some odd happenstance ended up stuck there and was convinced that there is where it would perish.
    The tears it shed lost to the ocean below.
    An entire planet of blossoming buds, so many destined for sunny fields, soft meadows, and forrest clearings.
    Yet here and now, this one, was for some unknown reason forsaken to hell.
    Though despite the odds it sprouted, and not just that but grew, flourished even.
    The little flower on the crag, whose roots bore their way into the stone, petals beaming with brilliance, a beacon, its soft color a harsh contrast to the grey existence of the cold and lifeless bluff.

    Atop those broken mountains lives a flower, a tiny fuck you for all the world to see. surviving despite its circumstance, refusing to wither away and die.

    It may seem dark, scary, impossible even. But when you find yourself in those places, especially when you think it's all over. Just close your eyes and grow, hold nothing back. You have nothing to lose.


  • lovingdead 100w

    A presence one hopes to in be,
    A laugh one loves to hear,
    A star one wishes to see,
    A spirit one cant help but endear,
    A joy one longs to feel,
    Magic burning in their eyes,
    Through chaos this love endures,
    Perfection in disguise.


  • lovingdead 106w

    My heart an hourglass of memories and emotions, in time they all come back around.


  • lovingdead 106w

    He wondered, was he her “what if?”
    She would forever be his “if only”
    pondering this he sat alone,
    tired, sad, and lonely.


  • lovingdead 106w

    Life's easy, the hard part is when reality conflicts with the lies we tell ourselves.


  • lovingdead 107w

    Even the crows leave
    once there is nothing left
    to pick from the ribbed cage.


  • lovingdead 107w

    We open our chests for heaven,
    Yet with hells we soon are fraught,
    Mired in the maddness,
    For the heart has reasons that reason knows not.


  • lovingdead 109w

    The light of the year is fading,
    As the dark is setting in,
    The land readyies for its slumber,
    On the day we call Samhain,

    The harvest is upon us,
    To reap the years seeds sewn,
    Even those we plant within ourselves,
    As we gather in circled stones,

    We dance and chant and smile,
    The suns sleep about to begin,
    We remember and honor our dead,
    As the veil begins to thin,

    We offer our presence and gifts,
    Candles lit and corners cast,
    May we be protected and watched over,
    A blessed future as well as past,

    In this dark we must keep taking steps,
    For it's time our hearts discren,
    With faith and love which path to take,
    Until the light should return.