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  • relatabletales 11w

    To my Chucho

    When I say, I need to talk to someone right now
    It is you, who I'm referring to
    When I say, I always have a firm support
    I'm talking about none other than you
    When I say I have the most precious gift
    sent to me by the God,
    that gift is you and it's really true
    I have many people in my life for sure,
    but like you, not even two
    I feel lucky to have you by my side,
    to have shared so many memories
    of life, in all the shades of hue
    You and I share so much in common
    that even our mood swings grew
    high to low, view past view
    Not only just sisters, birthday twins we are too
    Since childhood till now
    we have grown together, be it in old times or new
    I wish the happiest days for you my little sister
    Be it any phase of life,
    today, tomorrow or any other day
    I'll stick by you