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  • priyaa123 7w

    You Cannot
    truly love
    another until
    you know how
    to love

  • d_angel 137w

    Your Inner Beauty

    What is beauty?
    Is it the looks of those models on tv?
    I'd like to know what it is so I can change myself into it.

    What? Are you crazy? You want to change your beauty?
    Why do you have such low self-esteem?
    Don't you know how beautiful you are?
    Your eyes shine as bright as the sun,
    Your smile will brighten anyone's day,
    Don't let what man's view of beauty make you feel bad,
    They don't know what true beauty is anyway,
    Your inner beauty always outshines "physical beauty,"

    You are beautiful in your own way,
    And that is the way it should always stay.

  • in_other_words30 220w


    Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful
    .... becoz in this world of all Fake Faces, who will say many things to you n try to make you feel low , but you just have to piss them off by giving them a smile on your face and show them proudly that they are nothing to you and people like them can never ever break or even imbalance your self confidence because you are beautiful in your own way and your own style. Love yourself the way you are!

  • shabd_shar 231w

    This is all about me!

    He wants a trophy girl who will be standing beside him wearing an hour glass figure dress!
    And I am a girl who wins a competition, gets a trophy and flaunts it!

    He wants a girl who will posts her check-ins on facebook and pictures on instagram!
    And I am a girl who posts on mirakee!

    He wants a girl who will do hell lot of PDAs!
    And I am a girl who silently write poems about him!

    He wants a fair one who applies red lipstick!
    And I am a dusky one who applies kajal!