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  • kalp_cloud 31w

    When your parents want you to change it's definitely in your interest, for your betterment. And if it's anyone else who wants you to change, believe me it's only in their interest, for their betterment.


  • jewels2 62w

    My Mother Got Some News Today

    My mother got some news today
    The doctor said, t'wont go away
    I know she's scared, tries to be strong
    Its hard when things are going wrong.
    I see the cracks, I feel her pain
    WISH I could make her well again
    The future who can ever know..
    NOW is all we have, ..and so..
    I'll love her now, and make her smile
    For I still have her for a while


  • ava123 67w

    Maa baap

    Na jaane hum kew badal jate hai jo maa baap hume unchayi tak puhchate hai...Bechad jate hai hum unn se jese woh kbhi humare thy he na !

  • scar_ofthe_wind_ 70w


    Her hands held me gently from the day i took my first
    Her hands helped me to guide me as i took my first
    Her hands held me close when the tears would start to
    Her hands were so quick to show me that she would take care of it all.

  • janvi2901 92w

    My first love
    I think
    Love is blind
    Because my mother starts loving me without seeing my face
    And my father has given his name without thinking anything


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    #loveyourparents #respectyourparent #respect #mirakee #writersnetwork
    Thank you for your support and love to my page, keep supporting and loving my page, it’s give me motivation to write

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  • sanjay89_official 103w

    (�� Plz Must read This�� )
    This is not a poem or quotes it is a true story of mother with her children's ��
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    वो अधूरे सपने जी रहा
    भूख के मारे आँखे नम था
    चेहरे पे मायुशि लिए माँ..
    अपने किस्मत को कोष रहा |

    बच्चों को दिलाशा दिए
    चूले पे पत्थर सेख रहा |
    माँ बोली... थोड़ा इंतज़ार करो
    खाना अभी पक रहा |

    बच्चें सो गए.. इस आस मे
    कि खाना अभी पक रहा |
    उठ जाएंगे थोड़ी देर बाद...
    जब माँ पुकारेगी... बाचो खाना पक गया |

    यही आस मे... दिन-साल निकल गए
    कोई पूछने तक ना आ रहा |
    कि सासे बाकी है... माँ के
    आँखे नम थी उसकी
    चेहरे मे मायुशि छा रहा |
    आखरी वक्त मे भी माँ
    अपने बच्चों के लिए दुआ मांग रहा |


  • ravishankar123 113w

    इस दुनिया मे कोई ऐसा इंसान नही है जिसने आपको धोखा न दिया हो , क्या सब पर यकीन करना छोर दोगे यकीन मानो दुनिया मे सब आपका साथ छोड देंगे लेकिन अपने माँ बाप पर भरोसा का कीजिये वो आपको हमेशा आगे बढ़ाएंगे ।

  • amorymirror 121w


    Sometimes I become the wall
    in front of you
    Sometimes I become the answer
    To your questions
    Sometimes I become sorrow
    For your laugh

    Remember when you fall down
    I was there
    When you were scared
    I was near
    you made me promise you
    To not to leave you

    But my child
    Why you left me
    Only because I am "old"

  • poornimagowda 124w

    Never Ignore And Hurt Your Parents Because They Are The Only People Who Love, Take Care, Protect, Support And Most Importantly They Stand By You Whatever Difficulty That May Come To Your Life...They Will Never Leave You... Even If Nobody Is There

    ©Poornima Gowda

  • musings26as 125w

    I hope the coming year brings out the best version of yourself, away from all the sadness and grief, no longer clinging onto the things that hurt you in any way.
    I hope you find joy in little things that you do and make yourself as a priority.
    Forgive wholeheartedly everyone who has hurt you (including yourself) and forget about all the failures and worries.
    Let's do a fresh start, try to make yourself and your life better and stronger than ever.
    Life is really short let's keep the past behind and just welcome the whole brand new year 2020 with a happy heart.


  • shadow8002 128w

    Please read the whole and please dont ignore it
    #loveyourparents #hindi #pleasereadit #truefact #love #inspiration #life

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    Mata aur pita ka pyar aur beto/betiyon ka dur byabahar ...

    Iss kahani ki shuruaat
    Maa ke kokh sei hoti hai ...
    Jaha ek bacha apni maa ke kokh mei
    Apni 9 mahine gujarta hai
    Aur phir 9 mahine bad
    Agman hota hai uska iss duniya mei
    Jaha woh maa ke kokh sei jata hai
    Apne pita ke goodd mei
    Aaaa kya hasin paal hota hai woh.
    Dhere dhere woh chalna sikhta hai
    Phir dorna
    Aur phir bolna sikhta hai aur
    Phir suru hota hai uska asli pariksha
    Jaha abb woh ek apni pehechan banane nikal padta hai Arthat asan shabdo mei bole toh woh ab school jane lagta hai
    Aahh kya hasin jindagi hai
    Khel khud/ neye dost ...
    Maa ta pita ka pyar aur
    Joo maango woh mil jata tha ..
    Aahh kon bhula payega woh paal...
    Phir ata hai ek esa paal jaha
    Woh abb chala jata hai dur apne
    Mata aur pita sei...agee ki padhai
    Chalu rakhne ke liye...
    Akhir mei uski maa aur pita ki
    Kasht pareshani arthat mehenat rang
    Lati hai aur unka bachaa safalta oo ki
    Akhri mukam tak pohuch jata hai..
    Par uske bad ghatta hai ek
    Dardanak ghatna
    Jaha woh apne mata pita ko bhej deta hai
    Old-age home ya kar deta hai apne sei dur
    Bas ek parrai admi/aurat ke liye kissi ke gande sangad mei parkar..

    Kya yehi din dekhne ke liye uske maa aur pita
    Ne itna kasht kiya tha ...
    Kya yahi hai padkar safalta pane ka fall
    Jaha ham apne maa
    Aur pita ko ghar sei nikal dete hai...
    Haa mana ki sab esa nehi hote hai par
    Kuch to hai . Aur kya pata yenhi
    Kuch sei bohut mei badal jaye ...
    Kya pata kal kya hoga
    Par haa agar ham aj ko thik rakhe to
    Kall hamesha Acha hota hai...

    Akhir mei
    Apne mata pita ko khub pyar de aur kissi aur ke liye ya kamiabi pane ke bad apne mata pita ko na bhule kyuki apki kamiyabi ka raj wohi hai
    Hamesha apne mata pita ko kush rakhen aur unke budhape mei aap unka lathi bane joh unko sahara dei kyuki aap bhi nehi chahenge ki apka bacha apsei dur beybehar kare
    Abhishek karmakar

  • kitabezindagi 136w

    खोले दिल के दरवाज़े उस बाप ने कुछ देर पहले
    बेटे के घर की काल कोठरी में जो रहता है अकेले

  • renu_sujithshenoy 142w

    Love your parents more than anything in this world.

    For the love and life they have given to you.

    Where ever you are, how much ever old you are,

    You are still their lil one, their heart and soul.

    My mum is the one who asks about 'me', where the rest of the world asks about my children and their wellness.

    Don't go away from them as they grow old, thats when they need you,

    Love them, spend time with them as they are the ones who love you unconditionally.


  • swetashweta 143w

    #reallifeexperiences #loveyourparents #bethebetterversionofyourself #mirakee
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    Today's topic is very interesting as well as sensitive. Love is what you can't explain but express. You are surrounded by a lot of people loving you and they just want you to be happy in your future life. I don't think that I have to introduce them , they are none other than our PARENTS. But there is another kind of love existing called as being a boyfriend or a girlfriend. This love can be seen everywhere these days. This love may be pure or not, it's explanation will be the next topic.
    To be in a relationship is a very important step of our life as being teenagers it may be very soon. So it's an simple advice to you all that please think before taking such a step. I'll be here very soon, till then stay connected and stay motivated.

  • 160somi 144w

    ईश्वर का कर्ज़

    ईश्वर ने ऐसा चमत्कार किया है,
    जिसे मैं न भुला पाउंगी।
    माता-पिता रूपी कर्ज़ दिया है,
    जिसे मैं न चुका पाउंगी।

  • coffee_time_thoughts 145w

    The Sad Reality

    I grew up hating my parents because of public humiliation. I always felt disconnected with them and keep on wishing I was born with a golden spoon. I should have a better life. They don't even support me with my talents. They're so overprotective that I ended up being antisocial. All I can see is our poverty. I always imagined being a princess living in a castle with parents who will give me all I want. Then all I see are their flaws and keep on making solutions in my head that these are the things that they should have done. But then, nobody's perfect, we all have our flaws. I cannot erase the fact that they have given me life. Instead of blaming them, I should have become a better person. I should have ushered them and love them just as God wants me to do. They're now 62, but it seems like I only have little time to spend it with them. :'(

    #writersnetwork #ceereposts #love #family #familygoals #life #relationship #loveyourparents #time #turnbacktime

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    I've wasted 20 years hating my
    parents rather than loving them
    and accepting their flaws...


  • goodvibes 153w

    God's Gift to you

    Dear people, parents did so much for you... you can't say that it was their duty. They did because they loved you. Now it is the time to give them back for what they did. They don't ask for much, just give them love , respect and priority. Trust me even God become helpless in front of parents!

  • cozy_dozy 158w


    കുഞ്ഞായിരിക്കുമ്പോൾ എല്ലാവരും പറയും
    "ഇത് എന്റെ അമ്മയാ... എന്റെ മാത്രം അമ്മയാ..."
    സഹോദരങ്ങൾ തമ്മിൽ ഇതിന്റെ പേരിൽ വഴക്കാവും.

    വലുതാക്കുമ്പോൾ എല്ലാവരും പറയും
    "ഇത് നിന്റെ അമ്മയാ... നിന്റെ മാത്രം അമ്മയാ..."
    സഹോദരങ്ങൾ തമ്മിൽ ഇതിന്റെ പേരിൽ പിന്നെയും വഴക്കാവും.

    ഇതാണ് ലോക മാതൃ ദിനം എല്ലാ വർഷവും മുടങ്ങാതെ ആചരിക്കുന്ന നമ്മുടെ അവസ്ഥ!!

    ഇപ്പോൾ ഒരല്പം ലജ്ജ തോന്നുന്നോ??

  • lulu_na_marjani 158w


    Talk about affection,
    Mention about perfection,
    That extreme motivation,
    Love without limitation,
    They would stand by ur side,
    and always be your inspiration.

  • shubhii_meera 160w

    Treat your parents with utmost love and care,
    Give your undivided attention and time to them ,
    Treat them with huge respect,
    You will only know their value when you see their empty chair ..
    One day you will feel they are lost in the blink of an eye ..
    But the regret can last forever...
    Your ears will yearn to hear their voice..
    Your eyes will swell with tears to get a glance of them..
    Your arms will cry in grief to hug them..
    Realise their importance before its too late..