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  • ishant_615 36w

    When God Created Her

    When God was done creating the world,
    While looking at his best creation, humans,
    He saw something that caught his eye,
    And had a feeling that wasn't so nice.

    One of this disciples came close and said, "Oh Lord,
    What is it that you are so worried about."
    "Oh, there is something missing, I sense."
    Replied God, ever so tense.

    "What is it Lord ?", asked the disciple,
    And God's answer was pretty simple.

    Someone who could possess a heart full of love,
    so unconditional,
    Someone who could be so caring and so very gentle.

    Someone who could protect her child from all the dangers out there,
    Someone who would never let them sink into despair.

    There, while saying so, God created his masterpiece,
    What was just an imagination seconds ago, was now mankind's dearest need.

    "Oh Lord, what a beauty." said the disciple admiring God's creation,
    But what is her name, was his question.

    "The mortals shall give her a name they like,
    But 'mother' she'll be called around the world alike."

    And so we got our beloved mothers,
    Who always had love in spare.
    Always thankful to you mom
    For your love, support and care.

    Ishant Arora


  • poetsru10 36w

    You made her into this world,
    You guided her into glittering stars,
    You buried her tears into roses,
    They said, she could never rise up,
    They left her solo in to darkness,
    There you lit the flame of smoking candles,
    Which could ignite into a perfect kick...
    Without you she would fall back
    Somewhere between life and hell!

    Oh mom, you were the woman constant....
    Always & in forever....
    Happy mother's Day

  • nazm_e_ranjish 36w


    Mere naam ke sath bale judta tera naam nahi,
    Par maa, tera Aks hu main aur tu meri Pehchaan hai,

    Shayad hi koi mukaam ho jo tere ashirwad hone se na paa saku,
    Wo khuda nahi dekha maine, par mere liye to tu hi bhagwaan hai..

    Tu hi mera bhagwaan hai...

  • sou_scribbles_ 36w

    To all the Mothers of the world.....may be we don't always say it, but WE LOVE YOU��
    #dedicated #mothersday #loveyoumom
    @writersnetwork @writerstolli @mirakee

    The Earth would have been another lifeless planet
    Without you, mom.
    Without you, days would have been scorching hot
    And nights would have been darker.
    Dawns, without you,
    Would just be another new war
    And dusks would be just a prelude to darkness.
    God, without you, would have been just another word
    And Devils would have been for real.
    I would have never known Love without you, mom
    And vices would have guided me to Hell.
    What would I have done without you, mom?
    For without you, I would have lost
    And Life would have been a scary maze...

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    Dear mom...

    God, without you, would have been just another word
    And Devils would have been for real.


  • lunalight 39w

    Art and Artist

    If loving us till my end is an art
    She is an Artist
    If taking care us is an art
    She is the Artist
    If teaching us good things is an art
    She is an Artist
    If making us comfort is an art
    She is an Artist
    We are just Art
    She is the Artist
    Mom is the Real Artist.....

  • amrin_sadik 47w

    I love you Mamma

    Mamma You are my
    My care taker
    Center of my heart
    My whole world
    Without you am nothing
    There is nothing without you mamma
    Mine entire future depends on you Mamma
    I love you mamma more then myself

  • scar_ofthe_wind_ 52w


    Her hands held me gently from the day i took my first
    Her hands helped me to guide me as i took my first
    Her hands held me close when the tears would start to
    Her hands were so quick to show me that she would take care of it all.

  • writers_inspiration_bureau 62w

    Happy Birthday Mumma!

    In the world of Cadbury,you are my melody
    In the world of pains,you are my remedy.

    I love you mom❣️


  • shiddatquotes 63w

    Mother is the true queen of every home......

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    Maa ❤️❤️❤️

    Jalta falak hai,,,,
    Jalti zameen hai....

    Tere bina maa ❤️❤️
    Kuch bhi nahi hai....


  • shiddatquotes 65w

    Abhi zinda hai to qadar kar lo maa ki jab duniya se chali jayegi tab maafi ka koi fayda nhi hoga...

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    (Maa माँ )

    बेवजह दुआ देने वाली एक ही हस्ती है ,,,
    और वो माँ है..🥰🥰

    Love you mom ❤️❤️

  • thegirlwithpinkcheeks 67w

    The Empty Room

    "Mumma!!! There's a butterfly here! Do something! You know I am scared of butterflies!", I shouted as hard as I could. With a broom and a lot of laughter, mother came in and hushed the butterfly away from the window. While she couldn't stop laughing the whole time she said, "Children of your age play with these butterflies."
    I made a poker face and ignored.
    Mother, with a sense of weird accomplishment and humour, left the room to continue with her other chores.

    Today, as I woke up, I saw the butterfly resting right on my blanket! Oh my heart skipped a beat! I shouted again. Carefully this time so as to not make the butterfly fly. I shouted, "Mumma!!! Why again!! Make this thing go! Mummaaaa!!!"
    As I waited, neither was there any laughter nor did mother turn up with her broom. I waited nervously. The butterfly gently fluttered its wings and flew away by itself. But that didn't relieve me for mother hadn't shown up. While I came back to my senses, I rubbed my eyes and I realized, it had been a couple of days that she had left me now... My heart ached.

    I have been in the same room since... The room that had me but not my soul... The room which was otherwise full, couldn't be more empty now...


  • nasdaily 68w


    यूँ तो ज़ुनून इश्क़ का हैं पर....!
    सुकून माँ का ही अच्छा लगता हैं।


  • amrutha_writtings 70w


    Enjoy the time you spend with your parents, once you are out of their hands reach,
    the happiness is gone, gone forever.

    Trust me, you will miss them.

  • writer_zora 82w

    The key to eternal peace lies in mother's lap.

  • _broken_boy_lines_ 88w

    True Love

    Mom From The Time I'm in You To
    The Time I'm in Your Arms
    I Stepped Down By Shading My Tears Down
    Many Around Me
    But Still Unable To Stop Me
    Than You Got Me Up in Your Arms
    Found Those Stars in Your Eyes
    And Seen That Smile on Your Face
    Recognized That Sweet Voice
    And That Precious Touch on Me
    Than Looking At You I Smiled
    Got To Know That You Were The only One
    Who's Love And Prayers is A Shield For Me
    At All My Times That Protects Me
    You Gave Me Birth And
    Brought Me Up With All Your Love
    And You Taught Me The Best
    Mom You Are My Rest

    Mom You Have Sacrificed
    Everything You Love
    To Get Me Higher
    I'm Everything For You
    And No One Above Me in You
    Mom All The Love What You Are Giving
    I Go Keep on Consuming
    Never Got The Feeling of My Heart is Filling
    With All Your Loving
    Mom You Are My Blessing

    Mom You Were Always By My Side
    When The World Turned Around Me
    You Pushed Me Up on To The Top
    All With Your Love And Motivation
    When I Was To Fall on To The Groud
    You Got A Mighty Heart
    To Forgive And Forget All My Mistakes
    Mom Your Faith Upon God
    And Your Tearfull Prayers
    Has Picked Me Up over Here
    Mom You Are The First One Who I Call out
    And You Will Be The only One
    Whom I'm Gonna Call You on My last
    Mom I Love You, You And only You
    And No One Above You


  • madalasa_priya 88w

    There is no good or bad parent, it's parenting style might be right or wrong, it's always perspective based...
    Moreover don't symbolise behaviours or actions as character of a person. They are always objective in nature depending on situations, problem and other persons behaviour.
    As parents they are perfect, their love is genuine and they are our life.
    Love them, understand them never question them.
    As we don't have right to question them for their sacrifices.....

    Love you mom and dad...❤❤❤

  • thatimmaturepoet 88w

    Happy mother's day mom!
    There are things I cannot say to directly, as I have this 'Being tough' act going through, but every word I have written here is just so true! Mom, I really love you!

    @mirakee @writer_paradise @writersnetwork
    #mothersday #loveyoumom #toallthemothers #motherslove #love #poetry #poem #dearmom #mom #happy

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    Dear Mother!

    I know no one stays forever
    You will be going away too
    And there will still be many thing
    Left to say to you
    It's been 28 years, I am still not through
    Keep in mind, mother
    I will never be over you!
    Your love, care and upbringing
    Has made me what I am today
    I am not the best
    But I am good to be true
    Keep in mind, mother
    I will never be over you!
    I haven't seen god
    But you are the closest of few
    Believe me and my words
    Even though they are not new
    This world try to find perfection
    Though fault is what they brew
    But I have witnessed perfection
    In mothers, and specially you!
    You never complaint,
    Or brag about the work you do
    A holiday-less twenty-four hours' job
    God has put you to
    I know I do not thank you enough
    I am kind of half-screw
    But mother, keep in mind
    I will never be over you!
    Even though a day you won't be here
    Transtioning to a different realm, or a life totally new
    I would still be missing your love
    Till my life lasts, no matter how older I grew
    You may not have a single memory of me
    But I will preserve every memory of you
    Dear mother, I know I say this less
    But I love you too!

  • tista_mahendra 88w

    Show some love~
    This one is for all the moms out there!!

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    Statue of love~Mother!!

    From the day I saw you, you always had smile on your face,
    And from that day, I am trapped in your love~like a remorseless maze.
    Every path of the maze has contrasting sights
    Sometimes it's intense love,
    And sometime those trifling fights.
    Whenever I see you, my confusions and worries condere themselves within my mind,
    And you know,my love for you will always be blind!
    You are someone, whom my words can't describe,
    For every pain, your kisses and hugs are what I prescribe.
    I want to be trapped in you lovely maze~forever and ever,
    And will always be with you no matter whenever and whatever!
    You are someone, I can entirely rely on,
    And it's just that , I love you so much mom!!

  • baby_paanda 88w

    happymothersday #loveforever #mom #momlife #loveyoumom Happy mother's day to all beautiful and powerful mom's.she's our real happiness, whole family's pride,support,lots of love,considers our favourite as he's too,from one we can expect happy tears, one who can even wash our poop with love,one who's there with us through everything, one who can sacrifice anything for our smile,one who feed with same love as of that we are an infant.Love you mom to the moon and back♥️♥️♥️

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  • anjaan_an_expression 88w

    On the occassion of mothers day few lines in my Mother tongue Marathi. Happy Mother's Day ����

    #happymothersday #marathipoem #marathikavita #marathiwriters #loveyoumom #mirakee #writersofindia #love #life #poetry

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    बोट धरून चालवते तशी इंटरव्ह्यूलाही पाठवते
    आई स्वतः त्रास घेऊन आपल्याला घडवते
    चार भिंतीत राहून जग दाखवत असते
    पहिली गुरु आणि मित्र आईच असते

    ती रागावण्याची भीती आयुष्यभर वाटत राहते
    तिच्या त्या रागातही आपलीच काळजी राहते
    आपल्या सर्व चुकांसाठी तिथे क्षमाच असते
    आईपेक्षा देवपण वेगळे ते काय असते

    या गर्दी मध्ये एकटेपण नेहमी जाणवते
    मोठे झालो तरी दुःखात तीच आठवते
    काही लागलं की आईकडेच धाव असते
    अनोळखी शहरामध्ये हक्काचं ती गाव असते

    आपल्या नुसत्या चाहुलीने तिचे आयुष्य फुलते
    जन्मण्या आधी पासून आपल्यावर प्रेम करते
    जग बघण्या आधी आपलं जग असते
    ते सुंदर जग म्हणजे आई असते