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  • ions0206 2h

    Koi ho aisa jo apko sunne ko
    Har pal taiyar ho doston aur
    Parivaar ke alawa bhi ek
    Sansaar ho jiske liye apki
    Choti-choti baatein bhi khaas
    Ho jo musibaton me apka
    Hosla bane aur uska hona hi
    Apki khushi ki wajah bane
    Koi ho jo hummein humse
    Behtar jane aur apke dil pe bhi
    Usi ka raaz ho jo apko bure
    Waqt mein bhi hasan paye
    Aap jaise ho waise hi apko

  • ms__writer 2d

    The universe was only made for us to meet eachother


  • munazza 1w

    Second chance

    When life brings you to the same situation where you made wrong choice and then this time you chose a different option, that is when you have actually grown up and out grown all those spaces. The spaces where you were suffocated under the smoke of your wrong decisions. Second chance is a miracle in itself. If you get any, never dare to lose it without trying the side of the coin which you missed earlier.


  • niklassonlena 1w


  • thehealer10 2w

    Memories, all those little experiences make up the fabric of our lives and on balance, I wouldn't want to erase any of them, tempting though it may be.

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    Nothing more than a cliche; you remind me of my days hanging in the breeze way. Turned away by the rubbish you would bloviate. My gates protected me from you insidious plot, Lorelei.

    Sweet nothings susurrate around me as I ruminate on all the lies, not one slither of anger or regret, all I feel is a bliss. Guardian Angles preserve your memory, they handed me the holy
    aide-memoire, divulging no one out runs karma but promising not to harm ya.

    Mata Hari, you would tell me not to worry, I aimed to see your every desire come to Fruition, Sin. In the end all you wanted was an opportunity to achieve felicity.

    I'm calm, amused by the way you offer yourself as a concubine. You'll never see the flaw in that Proposition. My light has removed your viel jezebel.

  • moya_lyubov 2w


    I miss you looking at me,
    Far away from the crowd, in parties,
    Those protective eyes watching me,
    Where I go, whom I talk to.

    I miss you holding my hands,
    In the mall, in life,
    Telling me "take another dress."
    Telling me years back "stay in India if you can."

    I miss you holding me from behind,
    Walking with me into the crowd,
    In a rave
    or entering a gurudwara.
    Protecting me always,
    Raved all night by looking at you only,
    And maybe it was only me,
    Who every first day of the year told Babaji,
    I have my happiness beside me,
    Give HIM everything he desires for.

    I miss being in love with you,
    Do you miss loving me?

  • madinah_writes 3w

    I went to the sea of emotion,
    I plugged a flower of devotion.
    I brought this flower to you,
    Even though I hardly speak, I know it's you.

    Letters inked down, that can't express.
    Words can't flow, I can't compress.

    Somethings in life, can't be explained.
    My love for you, is always at mind.

  • maknhr 4w

    always U

    Travelling is fun Home is sweeter
    Holding the dearest hand whilst
    Watching the clouds is flicker
    Sun sets in, the moon chuckle
    Pleasant recline in you, whilst--
    I could die 1000 times cackle
    One in million, still still pile

  • his_camera_ 5w

    Just I wanna say that I don't want to be in a relationship but I wanna be in a deep relation with your heart more than bf or love something kind of odd and different one with you such that being in there you will always feel my love ❤️ to your heart ❤️. Twinkle twinkle little star you are a sweet star ✨


  • his_camera_ 5w

    Hello Bebe ❤ I hope everything is going on well. You know your voice is a kind of painkiller to me which heals my wound always and fill it with your care and love and your words are like the sweet poison that goes deep in my heart and pinch me always blushing was not my thing until I meet you ✨ love was not my type until I got connected to you date was not for me until I date you  I was having only one selfish feeling but now you are my self and I am in a selfish love it's mine first time such that I can feel myself locked in you...


  • n_i_m_o_1 5w

    True love

    If you truly love someone just give what he/she wants the most....

  • yours_fortune 5w


    Aries : Cheekbones and nose
    Taurus : Seductive eyes with a weird smile
    Gemini : Youthfulness and chubbiness
    Cancer : Emotive eyes and perfect lips
    Leo : Beautiful hair and fair skin
    Virgo : Gentle features and perfect body shape
    Libra : Dimpled cheeks or cleft chin with a giggle smile
    Scorpio : Deep intense eyes and best smile
    Sagittarius : Glowing smile and shining skin
    Capricorn : Bone structure and perfect nose
    Aquarius : Beautiful features and perfect jawline
    Pisces : Hypnotic eyes and cute smilr

  • amrin_sadik 5w


    I wana to sleep by seeing you beside me
    I wana to say ur name all the tyms even when am sleepy
    I wana to see you everyday
    when i woke up in early morning
    I wana to share every single cup of coffee with you
    I wana be your's one and only your's
    For my entire rest of my life
    every single min...sec
    i wana to be with you...
    with your memories...
    Everyday every single sec my love increases for you

  • charveekoyada 5w

    What's happening

    What's happening I don't know anything.
    I don't understand why what is it.
    Why people leave us suddenly.
    Why they start ignoring us hmm..
    Why they are so annoying...
    Please please stop ignoring me.
    I am fed up with this...

  • the_half_soul 5w

    And with the end of F.R.I.E.N.D.S's season 6, I knew how much I wanted you to be here.
    Here with me, watching it together, looking at me the same way Monica looks at Chandler.
    Here with me, laying on my side and realising how pure this love is.

    And I know some day, this won't be just a dream.


  • mariateresa 6w

    Melting into you, Melting within me

    Every heartbeat echos with your name
    I have followed you forever, nothing this wild can be tamed
    Where I end is where you begin
    Timeless is our love cascading into deep pools of blue
    I remember your face for it glimmers inside and within every memory
    Calling out to me with your bright eyes and gleaming smile
    A magical scene of ecstasy awaits me in my dreams
    Soon it will paint reality's most joyful delights to the extreme
    There is nothing we can't face or conquer with our love's beam
    Powerful forces granted by angels above
    Sky so colorful splashed with the most grand of rainbows
    The closer we get to living our soul's promise
    My heartbeat grows louder
    For I am yours and you are mine
    Melting into our hearts, ageless and in our prime


  • anuradhasharma 6w

    लज़ीज़ पकवान , कोई इलाज़ नहीं ।

    जब दिल का ज़ायका ही , ख़राब हो दोस्तों ।


  • thelostone_ 7w

    Let me know in the comment box should I write part 2 of it.
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    And went offline...

    It was a Saturday morning when I heard two birds chirping on my window. As it was the month of October I opened up my eyes and with a blur vision, I saw a couple of sparrows sitting there close to one other. I just closed my eyes and started to listen to their chirp. It was somehow very soothing to my ears. Just when I  was having my time someone was banging my door so hard that I almost felt my heart came out of my mouth. "Hurry Up! It's almost 7 o'clock and you're still in your bed. Don't you have your classes in one hour? You lazy head wake up! " Yelled my mom outside the door.
    "I'm coming. Just give me 15 minutes and I'll be there by time." I said.

    I got up from my bed, went for a warm shower and got ready in 15 minutes as I had told her. In this rush, I realised that this morning was not usual. I felt something different, something that I felt after a long time, I felt good, I felt happy. This feeling was unusual for me for the past four years. It was somewhat strange for me now. I felt that warmth in my chest because of happiness. I was cheerful and relaxed.

    I had a problem of low appetite, so I usually used to skip my meals but, today I was forced to have my breakfast. It wasn't good at all. I headed towards my room while adjusting the taste of my mouth. I started my class and it was history. History is the mother of all subjects and was the reason for my low appetite because remembering all those dates and events, used to take the maximum space in my stomach and there was no space left for the food. While we were studying how Napoleon Bonaparte lost the battle of Waterloo on Sunday, 18 June 1815. Here my mind was losing its capacity to bear this class anymore. Finally, it got over after 10 minutes and now I was a little bit at ease. But this comfort didn't last long. I had to attend another class and it was English. Although, It wasn't boring but I was tired because of history.

    While I joined my class I came to know it was combined with the other two sections. First of all, I was completely pissed off. I was sitting on my chair and messing around, going back and forth, until I heard a voice of a boy with a low pitch but the heaviness in it. I started looking for my phone around the table. It was under my books which I was reading just when my class started. I picked it up and I saw the green colour going up and down on the mic of the boy. I felt my heart was beating three times faster than usual. I hadn't felt like this before, not at all, not for anyone. This was the first time I felt like this.

    My heart was beating at a high rate. I almost thought is this a thing that happens before a person experiences a heart attack? My chest was warm because of happiness. Happiness that I have never felt. My eyes were welling up. I wasn't sad but something was going on in me which was stimulating all these feelings that I was feeling in me.

    I looked at the right side of the mic and his name was displayed there "Aaron Brooks". I started reciting it as a verse of my favourite poem of Robert Burns, 

             "O my Luve is like a red, red rose

               That’s newly sprung in June;

               O my Luve is like the melody

               That’s sweetly played in tune."

    I kept reciting it until the class got over. Just when the class got over I opened up my Instagram and went to search his name. I typed his name on the search icon and it showed a lot of stuff but my eye catches the second person on the list. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Here is he. O My God! I can't believe I got it!" I screamed out with joy. I clicked on the follow button and my follow request was accepted within 6 minutes. I was amazed to see that he had requested back. I accept the request and started to look into his profile. Unfortunately, there was nothing in it. 199 followers with zero posts. But his profile picture was quite attractive. Anyways, I put my Mobile phone down and it beeped. He sent me a text message. I opened it and he had texted "Hey! " I replied with a normal "Hi" hiding my excitement and then we started to talk.

    He then asked me, "Have we met before?!" And I told him no. But he didn't stop there he went on and on. He started giving me his whole introduction and introduced me to his choices, what he likes and what he doesn't like. He told me to tell him about what I like. What are my choices in life and all? I felt at home while talking to him but there existed sadness deep inside him. He made me laugh out loud for the whole day but I was able to feel sadness coming from his side.

    I asked him if he was alright? He told me just a body ache and nothing. He told me not to worry and he was feeling sleepyhead so he wants to sleep. I didn't insist him to tell me what was wrong. He sent me a goodnight text and went offline...


  • sukoon_thoughts 7w

    Khona nahi chahta tha tumhe
    isliye to rishtey ka naam
    Dosti diya
    But fir bhi..........

  • thelostone_ 7w


    I will choose to stay in dark for rest of my life but I won't even dare to go out in light without you!