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  • shanthi_yella 15w

    Vathi met Vaathi

    At 8.00 pm, my laptop was locked. I could not understand. I thought Shenoy was telling me to have dinner.

    I had dinner and came back. As I opened my laptop, I typed Hamsa143 in the password area. But it said the wrong password. Your new password hint is Vathi143.

    I typed a new password and it opened. I checked my social media accounts. Again, I saw Smrithi posting questions in my Quora digest account. Again weird questions.

    Question 1
    A girl called her boyfriend 100 times. She is so cozy. Do you know her?

    Question 2
    A 33-year-old man is traveling from Shimla to Bangalore tonight. Did you ever meet him?

    Question 3
    The Andhra Pradesh police started an investigation in the case of pregnant women who died falling from a hill in the Nallamala forest.
    Aarav Goswamy, an investigative journalist started a debate on this topic on a news channel.

    Question 4
    Which forest is near Ellamandhu?

    I thought what are these questions. I'm unable to understand this woman. What is she trying to tell?

    I don't know the answers to the first three questions. But I know for the fourth question.
    The forests near Ellamandhu are Nallamala and Ananthagiri hills forest area.
    But Nallamala is very near.

    Thinking about it. I slept. I was tired of studying for 13 hours on that day.

    A glance from my ebook vathi met Vaathi @webnovel. Google Vathi met Vaathi to read and look at the trailer in my IG account @yellashanthi

  • shanthi_yella 16w

    Vathi met Vaathi

    Francesca reads the book written by Vathi.

    "After completion of training, I went to Goa University for PG. My parents accompanied me in the joining procedure. I took a room in a shared flat with Sufiya and Crystal. Sufiya is my classmate. Whereas Crystal belongs to Science.

    I shifted to Goa after 4months from the day I said yes to Shenoy's proposal. We planned to get married after the completion of my PG. We call our relation a Live-in but never meant to be in a physical relationship. Shenoy always supported me in education and I supported him in his work. Our relationship is about sharing responsibilities and friendship.

    Shenoy took me for a drive, lunch, and amusement park in Bangalore before I left for Goa.

    After two months he came to Goa. He always had a busy schedule. So, he could stay for only 1 day in Goa. He used to come on the morning flight and leave on the evening flight.

    Usually, I pick him from the airport. We went to our flat. I, my roommates and Shenoy cook meals together often.

    A glance from my book Vathi met Vaathi @ webnovel

  • likwidsay10 20w

    #Love #Lovetriangle

    Here's something that took two days to write. Just finished it. I like to write at night. No disturbances and you can look stupid as you put yourself in the mood to write, no one will judge you and ask what's wrong? When you're looking ugly from crying or crazy from rocking. Which, both, I do when I write.

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    The Unattainable

    She said
    Just let him go
    He'll never love you
    I know, you know
    What I say is true

    Just let him go
    Find somebody else
    You know, I know
    You knew how I felt

    He's the unattainable

    Why won't he just leave me alone?
    He's always messaging me on the phone
    I always see him at least once a day
    Now tell me what do you gotta say?

    Do you think I'll give up easily?
    Good things come to those who wait
    I have his heart in my hands,
    You own him physically
    But you're telling me it's too late
    I don't think you can comprehend

    I'll still be there
    After you and him are done
    I'll still be there
    I'm going to be his only one

    She said
    Just let him go
    He'll never love you
    I know, you know
    What I say is true

    Just let him go
    It will stop the hurt
    You know, I know
    It's not what you deserve

    He's the unattainable

    She said,
    Let him go, it's not love, your obsessed
    Over something that you'll never have
    You don't have him, now you're depressed
    How can you cry over what you never had?

    If you really knew what real love was
    You'd know you'll love them forever
    One hit of love is intoxicating
    My love for him has no cause
    My heart said one day we'd be together
    So I sit in my sadness just waiting

    I'll still be there
    After you and him are done
    I'll still be there
    I'm going to be his only one

    She said
    Just let him go
    He'll never love you
    I know, you know
    What I say is true

    Just let him go
    You'll never have him
    I know, you know
    Your chances are slim

    He's the unattainable

    Is it wrong to cry
    Because of the love you'll never have?
    This flame burns without fuel
    The burns are painful

    Is it wrong to cry
    Because I just can't stop loving him?
    This flame burns without fuel
    The burns are painful

    She says
    You'll never have him
    He's the unattainable
    He's just slightly out of your reach
    I bet I can have him
    He's now available
    What new lows can I possibly reach

    All three of us sat at a table
    Where she sneered at me
    He's the unattainable
    When we fooled around secretly

    I said
    Just let him go
    He's going to be mine
    I know, you know
    It's a matter of time

    Just let him go
    What you have won't last
    I know, you know
    That you're just too fast

    He's the attainable~


  • dnswords 20w

    pyar bhari

    अपनी kahani ka मे President....

    उसी kahani की तू प्रधानमंत्री प्रिये.....

  • rose_quill 26w

    Writing Exercise #2

    I'm caught between two boys, and I can't decide which one to choose.
    There's Charlie, the blonde sweetheart with a big smile and a heart of gold.
    And then there's Danny. The brooding bad boy with tight jeans and an air of mystery.
    I go back and forth between the two, but I just can't seem to make a decision!
    This would be really awkward if either of them knew I existed.

  • midnightwanderings 29w

    My first time having my feelings returned. We knew it wouldn't last. You had two hearts, and only one was for me. The other was for my friend. This was a first for me, a different first for you. You and your other heart fought because my heart should have been cut, but I couldnt feel any sting. You fought for, and over me and how I felt, and yet you cared so little about my feelings.
    #lovetriangle #love #broken #emotions #emotionless #poem #poetry #poetsrant #rant

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    Sick and Tired

    I'm so tired and sick of this tension.
    I'm sick of not feeling what I should be feeling.
    I'm sick and tired of the contention.
    I should be hurt, not either of you.
    You make it about me, and then cut me out completely.
    I should be hurting but I put it aside, for you.
    You and what we had.
    I want to be furious, distressed, in pain, something.
    I want to give in to it.
    But I can't.
    As much as I may try, I can't give in.
    I'm so tired of it all.
    You care so much about my feelings, but yet you fight for someone else's and your own.
    So do you really care?
    Or am I just a stepping stone to get you what you want.
    Just because I can't feel the hurt dosent mean I dont hurt.

  • ___ronnie2003___ 33w

    I Miss u

    My ears missing your loving
    voice for a long sleep

    My eyes missing your blissful smile
    Without seeing you, I can't asleep

    My nose trying to smell the
    Frangrance of your love

    My fingers want to feel
    The Pure beauty of your body

    I miss u in the blank sky
    I miss u in the silent of nature
    I miss u in the soothing night of forever


  • aakriti_vaidya 36w

    A Love Triangle

    Has anyone noticed the Love Triangle
    between the Earth, Tree & Wind?

    Whenever the wind blows, The branches of the tree flows..
    Seems like the tree is in the love with Wind..

    But the Earth hold the roots of the Tree
    And never let the Tree flow...

    Cause deep down there, The Earth loves the Tree & can't let it go


  • anetita 43w

    Part 1

    Triangles seemed far less complicated in geometry...

    #poems #poetry #love #lovetriangle #confusion #heartbreak #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    Two + One

    You were opposites, yet the same.
    At one time, the best of friends,
    Now bitter rivals, in many ways.
    For one woman, in particular,
    You both shared a taste.

    Soon enough, I found myself placed,
    Perched upon the pinnacle,
    Of this trilateral shape . . .

  • mysterious_soul__ 64w

    Love Triangle !?

    There, it was him who gave me all the scars;
    And here, it's him who accepted me with all the scars;
    And that's the difference between,
    'The Love of my Life',
    And 'The Necessity of my Life'.
    And the cycle of pain continues...

  • zara_abdin 71w

    The heart wanted someone els to love...
    But someone els filled it with love.


  • takeoff_to_my_imaginations 72w

    One wrote the love story
    The other coloured it with the vibrant colours
    But she stood aside
    For not making herself
    The eraser for the
    Beautiful love novel the
    Two love birds wrote
    For every lover to read
    But unknowingly she made
    Another mesmerizing example of love!!


  • zayanacullen 72w

    "He was the North Pole and the other was the South. They were completely opposite but shared the same love with equal intensity for ice."


  • vakilankita 75w

    Love Triangle

    Badalne chali thi mein usko,
    Aur na jante badal baithi khudko.
    Kya isse hi khete sacha pyaar?
    Pucha aise maine apne yaar ko
    Kya pata tha iss nadan dil ko,
    Ki ab teen dil judd gaye ek taar ko.

  • akankshagautam786 75w

    क्या वो भी पढ़ लेती है
    तुम्हारी आँखों के
    वो सारे सच और झूठ
    जो मैं पढ़ लिया करती थी
    हमारे हर लाज़िम हुई
    मुलाकात के दौरान।

    ©Akanksha Gautam

  • barbatos 85w

    He asked, "Me or your bestie?"
    She said you, and so the early morning texts, phone calls where ignored making the bond of friendship apart but never did she thought she'd lost the most valuable person of her life on been busy with her relationship.
    Where did everything go wrong, she kept asking herself again and again until she realised the messages unseen were the feelings her said.
    She asked why didn't you said it earlier? He said, "If it was said then the beautiful bond of friendship from just friends to besties would have never been existed."
    He still thinks on how time changed from strangers to friends to besties and back again to strangers, all due to a third person in life.
    If she had never ignored the messages maybe from besties they would have been the best ones for life but all she did was kept listening to her heart that pleading for love and not the soul which wanted the right person.

  • eva22222 91w

    Love triangle should be converted into square
    Problem solved


  • hopespeaks 93w

    Once upon a time

    Sky and earth were in love
    Ocean was earth’s best friend
    Sky cheated with the ocean
    The earth saw the ocean reflecting as the sky
    So she grew grasses of green
    Contradicting the sky’s blue
    It was a broken love triangle
    She pushed the ocean away
    Creating sand filled beaches
    The ocean pushes herself as waves but is never able to touch the earth
    Once in a while the sky cries in regret
    He begs in thunderstorms
    rain in tear forms
    making it up to her by making the earth’s green grow

  • kristi_nil 94w

    Does this happens in every relationship

    Is that third person always neccessary ?

    I don't want to leave your hand
    Cause I feel comfortable
    But I have to..
    As I am not sure
    What should I do...

  • bwirael 105w

    So, this is the continuation of my first piece entitled "Lost Earphones. " You can check my profile to read it. Thank you!

    #music #song #poem #writing #love #sadlove #crush #lovetriangle

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    The Earphones

    I used to always hear you sing.
    Your voice was my favorite song.
    Now, all you do is talk with her over the phone.
    Gone the sweet and gentle music to my ears.
    Thank goodness, I already have found my earphones.