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    सूखे गुलाब

    ये जो सूखे गुलाब है बस यही उनकी आखरी निशानी है,
    यादें तो इनकी खुशबू की तरह कब की खत्म हो चुकी है।।

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    अगर उन्हे पा लेते तो किस्सा इसी जन्म
    मे खत्म हो जाता,
    खोया है.......
    यकीनन कहानी लम्बी


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    Frayed up silk, it was winter time
    Candles burned, you were my December card
    Keys folded behind those back drawers
    I found your letters and they smelt like those lost love stories!
    Sitting under the cold chandelier,
    I walked through the vincent cities we once travelled!
    The leaves rushed,
    it reminded me of the sea seamlessly trying to figure out it's velocity.
    Lavender slipped from this letters,
    Just like the way our gravity discharged silence!
    I found a salmon coloured pen,
    with spoiled ink inside
    It took me back to the pistachio lawn
    and silvered art of sunsets and beaches!
    This half crumbled last page,
    narrated me about the nights we would spent
    to shuffle words like these
    which we would write for each other.
    The dawns which faded in the name of regrets,
    transformed into irrelevant melancholies
    when I reminisced, you,
    holding my hands through this letters.
    Oh, this letters, they still smell like your cologne
    Seems like my breath, it found a rhythm!
    Capsulated with your entropy
    I still get choked by pillars of random voices,
    but this letters, they starve me to not end me.
    It negotiates with the Pacific running relentlessly
    to get sangfroid just because,
    I'll find you garden fresh in this letters,
    no matter if decades passed, I'll still tear apart reading you!


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    Lavenders slipped from this letters,
    just like the way our gravity discharged silence!

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    It is the greatest pleasure,
    to find a home.
    And I am sad,
    as I am homeless!

    Lucky are those who find a home,
    find a place,
    find a niche inside a little heart.
    Staying in someone's heart is the greatest pleasure one can have.
    Being inside someone is all that the poetic souls crave for.

    Wrapped inside the cages of a heart,
    being a prisoner of love.
    It's strange to find peace inside a cage!
    But this peace is all that a poetic soul crave for!
    Peace that we only find in home.
    The peace we find within the walls.
    The security,
    the sense of belonging,
    the feeling of being wanted,
    the feeling of being waited for,
    Just as a mother waits for her child to come home!

    Souls travel from place to place.
    Staying awake whole night,
    lighting cigarettes,
    telling stories.
    reciting their lives.
    I too am fond of that!
    But at the end of the day,
    I need a home of my own!

    How long will I wander,
    searching for a home?
    A heart to occupy,
    to rest.
    How long can I stay in someone else's home?
    How long can one be in a rented house?
    How long can one sleep in pavements under the streetlight?
    Some are generous to provide shelter for the homeless,
    till they find home in some other place!
    Finding homes in each other is the greatest pleasure souls can have!
    Home is the most beautiful place to be.
    And I am sad that I am homeless!

  • thawarriorpoet 5w

    A shot of rum, that dulls the senses,
    A glass of wine, to pass the time...
    And now his lips part
    the way her thighs do,
    His tongue flutters
    the way her eyes do,
    This climax marking
    an end to another beginning...
    King Faro
    providing the melody
    that she rides to....
    Down goes the remaining rum...
    Down he goes again...

    ©Tha Warrior-Poet

  • thawarriorpoet 5w

    You have my undivided attention.
    There are few things in life
    that could possibly
    matter more,
    than the way
    your skin glows
    bathed in the colors
    of sunset.

    ©Tha Warrior-Poet

  • _soul_talk_ 5w

    The way someone looks at you,
    The way someone talks to you or
    The way someone interacts with you
    Doesn't even give a glimpse of their actual personality,
    It is just one side of the image that reciprocates
    what you show them

  • _soul_talk_ 6w

    Has it ever occurred to you?
    That you love someone so much,
    but deep inside you know
    that you can never be together.
    So your subconscious just pushes away that person
    and make space for someone else.
    But your consciousness cannot accept the fact that you can't be together...

  • _soul_talk_ 7w

    Let go!

    She held on to that one rock,
    Which she thought was strong,
    Which she thought she could hold on to forever.
    She looked around her and saw branches,
    Those were looking at her with helping eyes.
    She resisted them because they didn't look strong outside.
    She looked at the rock again, so strong, so affectionate!
    She started to slip, but her faith in the rock held her on to it...
    The branches looked at her helplessly again,
    Only she would realise it sooner.
    She lost her balance and fell off the cliff...
    And when she hit the ground, she realised,
    The body doesn't define anything, the heart does!
    The rock did not just make her fall, but
    It let her slip away from the branches too,
    The one's that could have saved her...

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    Jane walked through the gallery smelling like a leftover tragedy and went straight to her grandmother's room. She knelt on the floor and lifted the lid of a glass jar kept in the corner. Letters tied with jute threads, dried roses and old photographs, all looking like someone just took them out straight from a broken hearts museum. A museum to store memories that made her grandma cry and smile at the same time until her last breath. They smelled of love and her precious tears.
    They were from her grampy. He was a handsome sailor who died 40 years ago. He was madly in love with grandma and she told her that he used to write her every time he went to the sea. He told her everything about the places he visited, the people he met on the way, the terrible food he had there but most importantly, how much he missed her. They met in high school and decided to stick around for some time while all their other friends left that small town to study in their dream college. Grandma got pregnant after a couple of years with Jane's father and Grampy got his dream job as a sailor to see the world. He wanted to stay back with grandma and help her through the pregnancy but she insisted that he shouldn't give up on his dream. He kept surprising her by visiting her every now and then and they would go visit their old spots to freshen up some old memories and fabricate some new ones for the parting days. They would make their own fairy world with them and all their kids travelling together some day and how they would complain about being home sick every month. Grampy died after his ship got caught up in a really bad storm and grandma decided to never leave that town.

    Jane, with her shaking and wet hands, opened up the jute thread. In that moment, she remembered how every time she asked grandma if she could read those letters, she would just laugh and say, "well, of course love. But only after I die. Till then, these are just mine".

    With tears rolling down her eyes, she opened up one of those letters. It was dated 17 February 1869. That was the last letter he wrote. It was old and a bit worn out at the folds.


    "My beloved Paige,

    I am in London right now. Yes, you guessed it right. I am visiting the beautiful Buckingham palace, first thing in the morning. I still clearly remember you told me how much you loved London after you returned back from your last field trip back in school. Now I see why these streets fascinated you so much. Oh, my love! In this moment, I can give up anything to be with you and to be able to hold you in my arms. This, touring around, visiting all these beautiful, remarkable places all over the world, it's all completely meaningless if you are not with me. I miss you so much. I have decided to come back to you and be with you for rest of my life. I had so much to tell you when I began writing this letter but now I am getting carried away with the thought of being with you, forever!
    See you soon my love!

    Yours and only yours
    Finch S."


    Jane sat there for a while with that letter, held close to her heart, tears rolling down her eyes and a faint smile on her face. Having shared such an important part of her grandma's memory, she felt even more close to her in that moment. She finally gathered enough strength to say her final goodbye to her sweet grandma. She got up, went to the open casket to tell her how much she loved her, carefully placed her favorite lilies in her beautiful, pale hands and read all those letters to her one last time.


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    No more words,
    Only my touch,
    No more senses,
    Only your heart,
    No more tools,
    Only the love,
    To celebrate the feeling of entire...

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    Simplicity is beautiful❤

    Some love stories are just beautiful without any special reason.
    They don't have the love at first sight moments,
    They don't have the butterfly moments,
    They don't have the clicking moments,
    They don't have anything that we name as 'magical moments'.
    They are just simple life stories where, two people respect each other,
    Value each other,
    Understand each other,
    & most importantly,
    Both of them are loyal to each other.



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    He loved listening to her talks, she was too talkative to stop. She loved the way he smiled, he was too silence to utter a word. The meetings of their eyes was the only contact they both shared, he sat in the corner of a class and used to look for her in every possible crowd. He was too shy to tell her how he felt, she was too curious to know what he felt. There began her love for him, his silence, his smile, his moustache, his struggles. He loved her eyes, her talks, her anger, her hairs, her care. Everyone else in the class knew they both loved each other except for both of them.


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    hope keeps my love alive for you
    hope that we will meet someday
    hope we will have that same love
    of past that we had earlier
    inside us but we cant speak about it
    but now i am just waiting for that moment
    when you just hold my hand with
    hope for which i can finish all
    the obstructions that are ahead of us
    and will be holding your hand till
    last breath of mine and will
    hope to that we hold it after that
    forever and ever........

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    Worlds best lover❤️

    hope keeps my love alive for you
    hope that we will meet someday
    hope we will have that same love
    of past that we had earlier
    inside us but we cant speak about it
    but now i am just waiting for that moment
    when you just hold my hand with
    hope for which i can finish all
    the obstructions that are ahead of us
    and will be holding your hand till
    last breath of mine and will
    hope to that we hold it after that
    forever and ever........


  • _soul_talk_ 11w

    High School
    Chapter 8

    I was shocked, scared mostly. I have never seen Zane so angry that my eyes filled with tears. But I managed to hold it back.
    “Who the hell do you think you are?” his face was red with fury. I couldn’t reply. Words won’t come out of my mouth. I was thinking about how we had that one moment, where everything just faded away. The fight, the anger, the pain... Now it was all back. He is now humiliating me in front of the whole class full of my enemies.
    “If you want to say something, say it on my face. If you don’t have the guts for it, then rot in hell”. I could feel his anger surging on each of his words. And adding flavour to the scene, everyone in the class who hates me started clapping hands and whistling. Wow! Didn’t expect that one. Adam was in the front row of the show going on. That hurt me more. Suddenly Damian came into the class and asked for Zane, but he was too busy trash talking to me. When Zane didn’t respond to Damian’s call, he came inside and poked him. Zane looked at him for a second and turned to me again.
    “This would be the last time I speak to you. Hereafter I don’t even wish to look at your face even to fight. Because that’s how much hatred I have for you. So mind your own business and stay away from me.” That was it. He just walked away in between all the clapping and whistling. If it was in a movie, the slow-motion would have suited the situation. Whatever heroic moment Zane and others thought it was, Damian was pissed. He came to me and asked, “I suggest you write me a complaint, do you have any?”
    And before I could respond, Adam from the back said, “even if she has, what’s the big deal? It will be a suspension to an extent; Zane will be okay with it”.
    “I don’t”, I said blinking back the tears.
    “That’s settled then. Back to class, where were we, Coding?”
    I was thinking about the reason why Zane was pissed at me. He seemed fine before the ceremony. What might have triggered him so much? Ahhh! There you go.
    I remembered the conversation I had with the cabinet girls just before the ceremony began. I think I might have told them his only nickname nobody knows, or nobody knew. I used to call him ‘Boo’ when we were dating. And I was the only one who called him that. So he didn’t need to investigate much on who published that name to some girls in Biomaths. I didn’t do it on purpose and I regretted it the moment it came out of my mouth. But it was my fault. I shouldn’t have said it. Those bitches! I turned around to see Zane staring at me, he was still angry. I don’t know how or why, but I mouthed “I am sorry” to him, and his expression changed. I think I saw a glimpse of a smile on the corner of his lips, but that was it. He turned his head back to class before I could make sure of it. After class, I took my things and waited for Rose at the basketball court. Matt came to me.
    “Hey Mad”. He started talking to me with a small smile on his face.
    “ohh you weren’t there,” I said and chuckled.
    “Nope, but I heard.”
    “Isn’t that obvious?”
    “He can be an ass at times, you know that”
    “He wasn’t, this was my mistake. And I learned my lesson. Never try to be friends with people who hate you”
    He smiled and asked, “so you re okay?”
    “I have been at worse, so no big deal. How are you holding up? I am sure they mock you for being friends with me.”
    “They do, as a matter of fact. But they did the same in my case also. So there is hope”
    “They didn’t talk to u for months, not for years. It’s been 2 years, so I am not hopping anything. But I am fine.” I said with a fake smile. I saw his eyes shifting to someone. I could predict who it was in an instant by that look. It’s Jules, his girlfriend. Matt and Jules got together in 9th grade. They are a bit cheesy but perfect for each other.
    “I will be back in a minute”, Matt said to me shyly.
    “Its okay, Rose is here, I will be going. Seeya”. He gave me a quick hug and left.
    “I didn’t know you and Jules were the same course”, I said to Rose as she came laughing towards me.”
    “You didn’t?” she said acting confused and then she started laughing again.
    “Someone’s in a good mood huh?” I asked casually
    “Yea, I didn’t get any scolding today. Usually, I will be outside the class for most of the period. Today I got to sleep in class. You know that’s progress!”
    I didn’t say anything. I just stared at her with my ‘wtf’ expression.
    “Heard about the little show off in class by Zane”, she sighed. I didn’t respond again.
    “I am sure he is feeling a bit guilty right now. I could sense it in his face.”
    “Oh, Mr Zane Cooper felt guilty? That’s new and odd”. I mocked.
    “Come on! Come let’s buy Sipup”. I and Rose went back to being our crazy normal.
    I was getting ready for bed after the dishes. I got a message and I took my phone to check it. I might be dreaming. Its Zane.

  • lalitha_l2 11w

    She left my hand,

    So I catched her in memories!!

  • inkdeep_hakeem 12w



    When the sun goes down
    When the band won't play
    When dusk wont let dawn
    And the moon too jelous to let the sun ray
    When love shoots it's cubic arrows
    And they turn to be poisonous
    When the pain gets deep to the bone marrow
    And our story loses its adventures
    Words that we say to each other lose flow
    And we get caught in the change of the airflow

    When you'll walk out and leave
    And wont remember how [YOU] ;
    i always received
    Gave everything to your satisfaction
    Even if it meant my self wasn't relieved
    When my promises dont make sense anymore
    And u stop to believe
    When i succumb to grief
    Tears in my eyes
    but you just turn back and wave

    And ill say thats just your game
    Look you started the flame
    Im the one who gets burnt
    again and again and again
    Shame but ill keep your name
    Yes you needed your space
    Now the ink has fade
    Guess i have to let go the pen
    And get hold of this pain
    Till dusk lets dawn
    Till the moon lets the sun ray
    Till back you find your way.

  • _soul_talk_ 12w


    Darkness filling me,
    Anger consuming me,
    My subconscious,
    thwarting my consciousness,
    I can't breathe,
    I can't hold much longer
    Should I give in?
    No! Have faith, this time will pass,
    I assumed.
    But, it went on and on
    In the end, I lost my grip,
    and I gave in.

  • _soul_talk_ 13w


    She was alone and desperate.
    She suffered and lost.
    Loneliness was worse, she realized
    Love couldn’t help her, but words did.
    She fell in love with the letters,
    that made her look deep, and in between each word,
    she created poetry with her heart
    Because that what helped her express
    when she couldn’t, alone!

  • _soul_talk_ 13w

    High School
    Chapter 7

    I was getting ready for the cabinet ceremony. We all were. It was so congested in the girls' room that it was really suffocating. Beads of sweat slipping down my throat. It felt like a steam bath, except for the noise, sweat smell, and above all, it was a washroom. I got out as soon as I finished my hair. Cool air blew over my face and god! That's the best feeling ever. I went back to class. There was no one there. Everyone went out for the general assembly. The ceremony was after that. I went to my seat, took the water bottle from my bag and started drinking when I heard footsteps approaching. I was turned away from the door. Someone came into the class and was standing close to me. I put the bottle back in my bag and turned around abruptly. It was Zane. His seat was 2 rows in front of me. And he was taking something from his bag, maybe the vows. I barely noticed. I was concentrating on his looks. He was so hot in his suit and the sweat beads on my temples were back. He caught me looking at him. And what the fuck am I doing? I was looking at him as a puppy waiting for his master to throw a ball to fetch. He came close to me never taking his eyes off me. For one second I saw the old Zane through his eyes. For one second I thought he was mine. And I was his. And now he was standing so close to me that I could literally feel his breath on my face, a warm breeze. Though it was warm, it was like an ice cube on the back of my neck and I trembled. He held out his hands to my side and leaned in close.... and took Adam's bag from the side, turned around with one side glance at me and left. And I... I let myself out a long breath which I didn't know I was holding all this time. I sat there, as memories flooded back to mind.

    9th grade

    We were having a free hour. I think the substitution was Chemistry. But the teacher wasn't here yet. Zane was looking at me from where he was sitting, but I didn't look back. I was so shy to catch him looking at me. But I could feel his eyes on me. And knowing that made me smile.
    "Chemistry lab. Now". Our then chemistry teacher came to the class and said. Everyone was forming a line to go to the lab. I couldn't find my record. It was here. I saw it a few minutes ago. Where did it go?
    " Madi, come on", the teacher said.
    "Yes ma'am, will be there in a minute."
    And they left. I was checking everywhere for my record. My bag, my desk, under it, Jill's bag (the girl who was sitting next to me) and I couldn't find. Suddenly there was a bang on my desk that made me turn around, terrified. Zane was standing in front of me with my record in his hands. I tried to snatch it from him, but he grabbed my hand, leaned in and kissed me. It was shocking/surprising. I didn't even have time to look around to see if someone was in the class. But obviously, Zane checked that out already. Like he wasn't planning to kiss me while I look for my record which obviously he took so that I will be alone in the class so that he can come and --- and yeah -- do this. My heart started sinking inside and my knees felt weak. I was melting on it. When he pulled back, it was like some part of me was taken away from me like I suddenly became incomplete. And I realised that part was him.
    He was resting his forehead on mine. Breathing hard, he said
    "Thanks for the record, see you in the lab." And left. I sat there, feeling his sweetness left on my lips.

    I let myself cool for a minute and I went out for the ceremony.
    House 4 captain was Elec. But he got into a fight with some of the seniors and got suspended for 3 days and was removed from the cabinet post. And I missed it while I went with mom for her joining. Good for him. I mean a bit good for me.
    Matt came to me.
    "You look pretty! Are you wearing lipstick?" He asked casually.
    "Nope, just some gloss". I replied by dramatically pouting my lips and patting my hair back on my shoulder. He smirked.
    " you look good yourself". I said to Matt. And yes he was. His straight, light Auburn hair was all set up and his forehead was visible. Usually, he puts his hair messy and we could barely see his eyes. Why has he covered all his beauty so long? I wondered.
    "Thank you". He said, slightly blushing.
    Everyone was looking good. To be precise, everyone was looking decent. I went to the girls' cabinet members and blended into their conversations. The ceremony was over and I couldn't wait to go spend some time with Rose. I miss her so much. I came back to class and everyone was there. I got in, packed my things and was going to leave when Zane came inside the class and started shouting at me in front of the whole class. I have never seen him this angry, not even when we broke up.