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  • rupal_kaur_anand 1h

    Love is irreplaceable ❤️
    No matter what circumstances are
    The one you love will always be in your heart

    #love #feelings #loved #lover #emotions #loveisbeautiful #lovedhim

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    It will always be him
    The only person I found peace with

    ©Rupal Kaur Anand

  • mastoi 6h

    I seem to have loved you in numberless forms,
    numberless times,
    in life after life,
    in age after age, forever.

  • trisss 14h

    OK, It's not a poetry
    I just tried to write a letter for my imaginative #lover

    यूँ तो मैं कहती नहीं कभी मगर सच में
    सिर्फ़ तुम्हारे साथ जिंदगी बिताना है


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    हाँ, मोहब्बत नहीं है मुझे तुमसे
    सिर्फ तुम्हारी बाहों में सुकून मिल जाता है
    तुम्हारी आँखों ने देख ये दिल सब समझ जाता है
    तुम पास ना रहो तो जानें क्युँ मन बेचैन हो जाता है
    तुम्हारी एक मुस्कान से हर ज़ख्म भर जाता है
    तुम्हारे चेहरे पे शिकन नहीं देखी जाती मुझसे
    तुम्हें दूर जाता देख रूह कांप जाता है
    हाँ, मोहब्बत नहीं है मुझे तुमसे
    बस तुम्हारी बाहों में सुकून मिल जाता है

  • vibzofvibha 1d

    Safe haven!

    Its not the words that makes you feel better,
    Its the arms that hold you.
    Its the ears that listen to you,
    Its the eyes that wants to see a happy you!

  • dreameryader23 2d

    Jotted this when things were unfathomable between us. Now that he's gone I can at least share it here. #lover #heartbreak #betrayal #writingcommunity #sadending #life #love #prose #story #writersnetwork

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    a note to my lost love

    26.12.2018/babe, I can never imagine being alone without you in my life. For we've grown together in these past years. We've been through ups and downs but we both know that this was a part of our life. I can't thank you enough for being such a perfect partner. Never had I seen such a beautiful soul like you.

    I've got plenty to jot when it comes to describing you, babe. I kind of feel weird when I relate sad things to us, but you know it already how I like to compare  different situations in our world. haha jokes apart, babe you know how much I love you❤️. I know I get stubborn sometimes but I like it that way when I'm with you. I get childish seeking more attention and affection from you, not willing to share any of it with anyone, (not even with your mates). Oh, babe, I love you so much.

    Your love has changed me for a better person, I feel lively, except when we clash amongst us. You've taught me to live my life, you've respected my decision(in whichever way), supported me throughout. oh lord thank you for bestowing me an angel like you.

    Although I do disappoint you sometimes say in most cases but you need to understand as well that despite this we've got our life as well say being independent. At times I get caught up with some work which is why I declined most of your invitations which was completely unintentional. It is what it is. (This was what we had to  improvise).

    This year has been the worst for you and I am sorry for everything that I've caused you. You're grandpa's sudden demise, your girlfriend cheating on you, even though she loved you immensely, what not? I know you got broken there but thankfully we could cover it all at some point.

    How could I forget that night when I got hit hard on my cheeks LOL (that was funny when I think about it now). but at that moment I was literally broken. After all, I got what I deserved.

    Time passed by...

    I tried my best to gain your trust back and was happy that I succeeded in it too. soon holidays approached. we made plans to go on a trip to Mussoorie.


    explored every new cafe, tried different menus (that's when I had my first prawns). How do I forget the night when we made love gazing out at the perfect city view in front of us. Those chilled glasses where I held myself to hold on. (That was a dream come true moment).  Also, venturing out for night walks on the mall road, grabbing each other tightly(as if someone would kidnap us). And later,kissing eachother goodnight.


    On opening my eyes I saw you sleeping peacefully next to me (reminiscing). That's when I kissed you and woke you up❤️                                                    

    01/01/2019.  Thank you for being the perfect soul that I lost. I love you.

  • kritu_22 3d

    I look at you my honest lover,
    your eyes are already here.

    While smiling they turn smaller,
    can't help but lovingly stare.

    Am convinced of happiness that is true.

    I look at you my bad liar,
    your eyes wander here and there.

    Eye contact forces a sketchy smile,
    erased when face you purposely cover.

    Convincing me of happiness that is untrue?


  • moon_pearl 3d

    #lover #ancient #heartache #mirakee #writersnetwork (a lame one again..I time travelled a bit to feel it and write it•_•..but the pain remains same TT_TT)


    You left me without a bidding farewell,
    leaving me in a maze where's no way out.
    The lotus pond is no longer willing to bloom,
    sympathising with my pathetic heart.

    The hairpin you gifted now hate my hairs,
    making 'em wave like a silk threads in the air.
    Mine robes are craving for your fragrance,
    wondering if it will ever drench me again.

    Those bamboos just mock me all day,
    while gazing at the turquoise sky.
    The wind sings me a song of a lonely love,
    howling in my chambers longing for the warmth.


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  • _teal_ 4d


    To my Lover,

    Letter writing is considered as nothing more than a relic of the past, for me it is the purest form of expressing my undeniable love for you. My lover, my best friend.

    Four years ago I closed my heart to friendship and caring for anyone other than myself, I had one goal. Going to class, going home until i get through all these college years. But you came in my life like a tornado to blow me off my feet, you my dear lover showed me what it meant to be in college and young.

    The first year, I learnt to lie with ease as a way of getting out of trouble. Okay that might not sound good but really it is a skill I will need to use. That same year you showed me what it means to have friends and being loyal to them. I admit that was a concept that took a lot of time to clearly understand but I'm getting there.

    The second year, I grew distant with you, new town, new friends I forgot you were the reason I was open and friendly. That year without you in my life I lowered my standards and dated men who shouldn't have had me. Yet you never gave up on me. You never failed to pull me on the side and check me, yet still believed I would make the right choice. You were my guardian angel disguised as my first best friend, I did make the best choice later but at a great cost I had to spend a year without you. What a waste.

    The third year, we reconnected and you showed me that our mutual friends never gave up on me, you made me believe that I could be love unconditionally. It is in this year that i completely acknowledged how blessed I was, that I have always had a bestfriend all along but I was too stubborn to see it. Our third year was when I dated a woman and loved her so much but never told you the truth because I was scared to lose you.

    In the fourth year I realised I was judging you harshly you wanted the best for me even when that included coming out, you knew before I told you that I liked women and men and you were happy that I was finally accepting myself, I had my glow because of your support, without you my character development would have never happened.

    I know with you I will always have a great time, a good life. We always joke about this, saying you are the friend parents don't want us to have but really you are the friend, the best friend I needed you are my family. I know I'm taking it to the next level but seriously though we have to become sisters at some point.

    When you get to read this, it will be in a month and six days. I want you to remember the thursday afternoon we spent together I was calling you, telling you I love you, blowing kisses to you across the room, I was happy we were spending quality time together. Given you were re-watching the vampire diaries and I was writing this letter but it was magnificent.

    I love you lover, you are my sunflower.

    #gratitude #lover #mirakee #wod #writersnetwork

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    To my Lover

    It is the fifty percent tease I have with you, that reminds me how precious you are to me. My sunflower.


  • author_sahil_katoch 4d

    हम दीवने है आपके। ������������

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    रात जब गुज़रेगी तेरी मेरे बाहों में,
    ईश्क का ज़लज़़ला उठेगा ।
    लहरे डुबा लेंगी हमें
    और इक सवेरा झिलमिला उठेगा ।।

  • redlostgirl 5d

    My heart melts for you but I don't let you touch the soft side of it.

  • naaz_ke_alfaaz 1w

    I'm not gonna snatch you from someone's future,
    I'm going to earn you through my prayers

  • sinnerssaint 1w

    Almost a Religion

    I smiled and said you're almost a religion to me,
    I've put more faith in you then any God.

    You'll be the color and I'll be the reason you see,
    Let me be your weakness, your best & only flaw.

    No shame in getting lost in eyes so big & blue,
    You're the song that echoes, I know each & every part.

    No sin in dreaming of lying in bed next to you,
    With you nestled so close, head over my heart.


  • jaingeet88 1w

    Our relationship is different from others...
    I know we can't meet monthly or weekly....
    But I can feel you everyday everytime, every second of my life......
    But u can't understand....❤️❤️
    Never or ever........

  • shreyarath373 2w

    I can see familiar footprints on the pages of my halfwritten letters,
    footprints walking away from this web of my naive words of love,
    with promises of a quick return embossing the paper with mud,
    stopping the flow of decay with their departure ignorant of heavenly plans that differ.

    There are a few fibres of a snow white sweater left behind in the wardrobe,
    a warm memory that is slowly losing the owner of it's warmth,
    packets of crystallised blue addiction to longing appear in corners of the room,
    I consume with small sniffs, he replenishes in large batches of moonlight.

    There is a small square window somewhere high up in the ceiling above me,
    between entangled glinting spider webs and dancing swirls of dust,
    it let's in steady stream of sunrays that have touched his fingers and his arms,
    I wrap myself in the embrace of these phantom hopes coming through a glass I can't see.

    The wire from the socket to my bed seems too short for me to reach out,
    so I watch the battery drain and his notifications turn dumb through the day,
    time moves in concentric circles on the ornate face of my taunting wall clock,
    imprisoning our love to digital signals behind a fluorescent blinking screen.

    There is a shadow of a ring on my left hand yet it feels strangely empty,
    a portion of this shadowy emptiness also lies somewhere in the folds of his lone palms,
    he plays a staccato rhythm of his yearning on his shins with trembling fingers,
    and my ears ring with the beats of unspoken love and slowly spoken 'miss you s'.

    There is no limited edition stamp that couriers our need for each other to us,
    there is no permit that allows time to flow through these streets of our happy meetings,
    under the same despondent starred nights we both wonder leaning on our edges,
    "������ �������� �������� �������� ������������ ���� ������ �������������� ������������ �������� ������������ ���� ���� �������� ����������?"

    #poem #poetry #love #lover #lovepoetry #distancepoem #longdistancerelationship #relationshippoems

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    Waiting For A Lover


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  • ricoben03 2w

    My Caffeinated Baby

    It is cold outside and I'm with you
    To keep me warm inside,
    I want to stay with you
    Under the sparkling lights
    Until we see the sunrise
    I will kiss you
    I will always be your coffee
    Good morning my beauty


  • the_blank_page_ 2w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork ...

    Word drown from real life stay up always...

    #emptyminded #broken #lover

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    She was the Everfound love in his life and he was the curtain that closed her from the outer world

  • rhythmic_beats 2w

    Just a try #katuata


    Keeping it simple because I have seen the best poetic spring when a dead lover sheds his autumn hues from his heart ����

    Maybe poetries are meant to blossom when the heart still wants to keep alive the love, heart still wants to keep the hope alive in love.

    Though the heart is wounded million billion times, still the heart wants to ink the blood beautifully, like a warrior queen♥️

    Poetry is magical land where a dead lover is blessed to love his beloved without any fences.

    No lover will die, as poetic spring will keep blossoming in the moonlight too when night will cuddle your peaceful pages and stars will fall down as twinkling words✨

    #love #life #dead #lover #poetry
    #rhythmic_beats #mirakee
    Thank you @writersnetwork "♥️"

    Image: Instagram

    Will read and reply soon.

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    Poetries blossom
    Spring, when heart sheds autumn hues,
    Healing wounds of dead lover.

  • sannu_writes 2w

    #moonie #moon #wod #katuata #writersnetwork
    #mirakee #flower #lover #love
    Pc- Unsplash
    @writersnetwork @mirakee
    @fromwitchpen @inked_selenophile @myvoices_14

    Dear moon �� I moon you (moon - Love)

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    Dear moon,
    I want to wear your darker side so that,
    I can't be in someone's eyes

  • unbeknownst 2w

    Tum he vo

    Phele Insaan ho jisne mughe

    Dusri zindagi dee mughe hansna sikhaya, tho tumhe chod kar mai kisi

    Teesre Insaan mai khushi kaise dhoond sakta hoon