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    This is a repost of mine (originally written back in November of 2018), that I wanted to share during Pride Month.
    Gender is a temporary, transient phase, lasting only for the duration of the incarnated soul's lifetime; because the moment we're free from the physical body we inhabit, we are genderless, as all pure Spirit is. Due to that, such focus and importance need not be placed on gender, all of which should be viewed with equal respect.
    Those who choose to change their gender should also be regarded with the same importance, worthiness, and respect; because they are a soul, a living being of divine origin which cannot be defined by or limited to any one particular gender. A spark of the divine is present within them, as much as it is within any of us. Changing their gender neither reduces nor negates that spark.
    Happy Pride Month to all, and may all souls be free to live and love however they may so choose. ❤��️‍��

    #miraquill #writersnetwork #mirakee #originalpiece #pridemonth2021 #loveoneloveall #unity #tolerance #oneworldonepeople #loveisall

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    by lovenotes_from_carolyn
    For a time, I had a daughter
    Oh, but she was beautiful!
    Truly the light of my life!
    She was a living manifestation
    Of the constant outpouring of love
    That flowed eternally from my soul
    How grateful I was
    To have her in my life
    Then one day, borne of a desire
    To have the outer world
    More accurately reflect the inner
    My daughter became a son
    And oh but he is beautiful!
    Truly the light of my life!
    He is the living manifestation
    Of the constant outpouring of love
    That flows eternally from my soul
    How grateful I am
    To have him in my life.
    ©lovenotes_from_carolyn 11/12/18

  • beautifultraveler32 79w

    #NoBS #EndTheHate #EndCorruption #LoveOneLoveAll

    The heart is strong in many ways...
    The body is trapped, hopeless clawing at the hope of a better world...
    The mind wanders in a wonderland...
    The spirit is drawing the line.
    Clashes between what she said and he said...
    Flashes of the newly dead and the barely fed...
    She speaks...
    Trying to find a reason, a purpose...Something to explain it all.
    She finds it.
    The hopelessness is driven by false news, the fear is driven by twisted views, the heartache is driven by the heartless...
    All of this led to...
    The crash. The winding blows of hatred and unrest. The rage is festering in our hearts like a deadly infection.
    Yes, viruses may kill...But the fear kills faster.
    Yes, that spreads faster.
    Hate spreads faster. Violence spreads faster. Corruption is the biggest disease on this plane.
    We crash from the intractable pain. We crash from the washover of feeling drained.

    But we get back up. No matter how severe the crash may be...

    Get the fuck back up.

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  • dwordspeaks 207w

    You know what is the difference between you and I
    You love my body
    I love your soul