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  • everything_uh 5d

    Love is silent

    He said I'm yours and always will be, "Forever'" but, love is silent..

    They say communication is the only key in any relationship but, love is silent and it's the gesture which understands the love of togetherness.

    Holding one hand by saying,"I do" means a lot for me and I found my world in him when he also said, "I do" as love is silent and it's in a way of just being with eachother and forever.

  • da_scribbling_pen 7w

    If only

    There was a time filled with fear and now it is with remorse,
    For I long your presence as much as I need that sunshine.

    Looking out to everyday, if only I can find you one more time,
    For I know not where I belong, like lost in ocean during the darkest of nights.

    There were days, and times which flash and go,
    Not finding you to share makes it harder even more,
    For all I care is if only we can meet again mom, to fulfill all your dreams.

    If only we can.


  • thehealer10 8w

    Bee Keeper

    I use to think it was funny how you'd use your words and drive through me like a snow plow.
    However the curtains closing and now its time for your bow.

    There was a time when like a bee I'd give you all my money but instead of honey I got the sting.
    I remember wanting nothing more than to give you a ring but now the fat lady sings.

    Do you remember the time I stayed up with you through the night,just to fight, with the hope that you just might see the light.

    Afraid to be alone so you let strangers in the home. I brought the smoke ready to break bones. Too late the hive was over thrown.

    Just to clear the air, there's no need to be ware, please my dear, just take care.


  • readitpoemlt 11w

    That fairy tale love

    You were like a dream ,
    When the path was more than I could bare..
    The path on which I fearlessly went out and searched for it.....

    Like a dream ,
    I'm fine with you as the only one..
    You are soo far ,
    Without being able to see you ,
    I have never once dreamed off.....

    You are something which I can't take my eyes off ,
    Becoz u always make me feel special as the way i am ,

    I'm afraid of being suspended a long time somewhere in memory ,
    I'm afraid , the more I try to wipe it out , the more I will be left yearning ,

    So I can't let you go And I won't because
    I love you...


  • darkerthanblack 18w

    Chapter 3

    Can we be here for some more time by doing nothing just staring at sky and a endless talk of us there was sigh of relief in my eyes . I was thinking all about the days which i lived once with some fate and some moments which i want to have but still craving to have some.
    Sitting next to me was looking at me to signify the depth of sleep that was need of the hour to her but for sake of mine we are sitting here under showering stars.
    Due you mind in saying things aloud other signed me with a extravaganza in voice . You should say sorry to him i mumbled , all was my fault i shouldn't said him like this , should i call him and say sorry? I Know he is not sleeping she said. Leave it, talk to him later he is not going anywhere other i said to her and a smile aroused on both faces .
    You know what is good in you? she said to me , with a sudden response i said what? There are some tensions that you couldn't dilute you just flash a smile so adorably cute that next person sitting with you will forget about all the problems. I wish i could see words behind your smile so i could put them in quote and show this to entire world, she said in excitement . I was amused by her words i was confused whether to smile or to cry but this things she said were like invisible force pulling me from both side.
    I wish i could stop her from puffing another cigarettes but it makes her feel relaxed and make her away from all her anxiety, I could stop her today but from tomorrow i will not be there to say her to stop ,i was tensed all about her depression of being broken apart . I wish i could help her
    She again said do you mind saying aloud what you are thinking, with a false smile i said you know me very well i think alot.
    Her phone ranged, a rush of blood to head said it was his call and she flunge to see, a nauseate feeling came when she saw another name on the phone. In depressed tone she talked and as soon as she hanged up. I said who it was? with a low voice she said mother's call I don't want to talk to her she will easily get that my heart is craving .
    Her phone was not leaving her alone at all,this time a friend called her to ask will she is coming back or just be there,she said what's​ the time ? 3:30am voice came from the another side and she hanged up the call. Oh my fucking god we here at terris last 5hours, you should make me aware of it you are going back to dehradun and your train will arrive at 9:30 and you haven't had a sleep for a while she said to me at arguing voice .
    Today was the last day in this jail other call it hostel . See how we came to this jail hating and now going away with a love for it i said .
    You worth to be in memories SHONAli she said...

    " #SHONAliphile #scribblechapters #loveyouSHONAli #nisar #writing #try #shortstory #loveofmylife


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    I wrote it back in 2017


  • darkerthanblack 18w

    Chapter 2
    "can we talk nisar"she said to me, I nodded. "Tomorrow is my birthday you are invited " she said."sure I Will" i replied to her with a smile and she left.
    In my mind, battle was just started, battle for the best gift, different ideas were struggling to come out, but none of them were as good as she is. I was thinking of something that makes her smile, something she would love to have, something that makes her feel what i felt for her.
    Whole day I was searching for that special gift from one shop to another, from ornaments to shoes but I didn't get that special gift. After loosing hope I came to home and waiting for clock to strike 12, each and every second felt likes ages.At 12:00am I tried to call her but it was responding busy, finally at 12:15am i reached her and I wished her. The call was very short as she was busy with others. Whole night I was thinking what to give her.Finally I surrendered my thoughts and decided to give her a letter attached to a chocolate.
    At the birthday party, everyone came with big surprises and gifts for her. I was feeling kinda embarrassed,as I didn't have as compared to all gifts she was received. So I hid myself from her and sat around some corner so that she can't recognize me, but destiny doesn't want me to sit idle as she was aproching towards me, after seeing me. "You are sitting alone, I was waiting for you only" she said. " I also searced for you ,but you were sourrnded by people, so I thought i will meet you later" I said in clarification. "So, where is my gift?" She asked. "I didn't brought anything, i am sorry" I said in low tone."then what are you hiding at your back" she asked. While hiding chocolate from her I said "nothing, i am not hiding anything" she tried her best to catch what I was hiding and finally she succeed by finding chocolate, "how do you know I love chocolate?" I was stood silently "a letter for me with a chocolate, this is the best ever gift I got, let me read what it is in letter" she said in excitement.
    After reading letter, a tear drop rolled down over her cheeks and she hugged me and said "best ever gift i got,this letter will be next to my ❤️" #SHONAliphile #scribblechapters #loveyouSHONAli #nisar #writing #try #shortstory #loveofmylife

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    I worte it back in 2017


  • tausifh 18w

    Forever was an understatement, I dreamt eternity with you, destiny seemed to be destined with you, every bit of happiness came from you, seemed to take the road not taken with you, didn't ever knew I might never walk the same path as you, our roads crossed everything pointed to converge, little did i know it'd might diverge into infinity. Ever did I know that there will be fault in our stars, even if we twinkle the most together, as said forever was an understatement, I'd twinkle for eternity looking towards you, with millions of light years between us, yet we will be the brightest finite stars in this infinite universe, okay ?

  • mimzchishi 18w

    My love

    No matter how Livid I get at HIM the entire day, At the dusk,when I hear him sleeping so peacefully as if there's nothing in the world to stress upon or worry about:) I realize, that's how much He feels Safe to be with me :)
    I throw away my entire pain and agony, forgets just everything and remain super elated and grateful to God Above for blessing me this very man,the Dandy man snoring so loud and clear while I'm still there on the call I just long for the greatest Wish, which is to eradicate all rages, eliminate all the distances between us, sleep beside him, cuddle him so tight and sweet, Blow a gentle kiss on his forehead,caressing him on his Head and Whisper slowly in his ears "Goodnight my Babe".
    It is indeed an extremely inexplicable thing to say how enormously big I cherish this Human being in my life

  • tingesofhysteria 23w

    As I walk through the door alone ,
    I don't feel that profound void anymore
    And I have this feeling so peculiar that this pain
    Won't be for evermore

    No hallucinations of you ,
    no ghosts of you
    Only me and and no longer nights spent dreaming of having you hold my hand by the seas
    And my stitched heart that no longer aches
    Maybe I'm healing
    Maybe the cracks on the ground sucking me in are sealing
    You off
    Maybe the indelible imprints you drew on me like tattoos are getting effaced
    But I still miss you

    And though I do , it's not the same anymore
    It's not lashing and whipping me now
    I take this vow
    And I have this feeling so peculiar that this pain won't be for evermore

    So I walk through the door alone ,
    Awash in an immense essence of you that exudes you like a light
    Not the sunlight
    Not the moonlight
    But a light that I saw gleam in your usual-mixed-with-unusual eyes
    How it told me," it's just a joke "
    And back then I
    Chose that joke over truth

    I look out the window , to the people forging new huts out of the ruptures of their old ones --
    They have absolutely no idea what it's like to miss someone who was never yours
    I do
    I could go on and on writing letters that I'll never send you
    But watching these people refurbish their homes seems way more fascinating

    I'm levitating from you
    Off this city that can't tame my love
    Cuz my sky is vast and to leave it un-navigated would be a sin
    And it's blue
    Not the blue you painted my roof
    Blue like the untamed tides that shatter icebergs like ceramics
    And slowly but surely I'm mastering the art of self-love
    Guess this feeling that my pain won't be for evermore is true

    So I walk through the door alone to a place
    Miles away from you and your contagious smile and your cancerous coquetry that ensnared me like an hare
    Where your scent dread to tread
    But I'm terrified of the prospect of never letting go of what we had
    And everytime I'm terrified ,
    I'll plant irises in my garden that's already impregnated with millions of irises .

    ----- this peculiar feeling ( inspired by Taylor Swift)
    #poetry#mypoetry#taylorswift#poemsporn#poetsofmerakee#poetrycommunity#mypoems#love#writerscommunity #loveofmylife#writersofmerakee

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  • jaasmin 24w

    Nobody's like you!!

    Nobody's gonna love me like you do...
    Nobody's make me cry like you do...
    I have Weeped, whined, depressed for u..
    I have felt joy,smile , happy, childish with u..
    Nobody's gonna gonna be crazy like you...
    Nobody's make me wonder than you...
    I wet the pillow covers with endless tears..
    I have waited all night for one phone call...
    God knows how many nights went by thinking all night of u....
    But, nobody's gonna love me like you do...
    Nobody's gonna be as crazy as you..

  • _harmony_in_the_dark 28w

    If only I could keep you close to me all the time. You are the brightest star in my life and I only want to see a smile on that face. It's hard to be so away from you and also to not cry but I'll wait for you because you are mine. I hope we make through this and I know we will because you will never give up on me and I'll never stop loving you. Tonight I just want your presence, just seeing you before me or touching you would have sufficed. I'll wait for the day when we finally can be together. I love you with all my heart ��
    @readwriteunite @mirakee @mirakeeworld @mirakee_words @poetrydelivery #love #loveofmylife #poetry #poet #stars #nightsky #tenderisthenight #atticus #johngreen #poetrycommunity #loveforwriting @writersnetwork

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    Light of the night

    I kiss you in my dreams and hug you tight,
    Hoping there's no end to this night.
    I know everything and yet this heart yearns,
    With such strong passion, it so brightly burns.
    This empty space will be filled, I'll wait for the heavenly day,
    But tonight watch the starry skies, I'm sending my love your way.

  • aish002 32w

    Being with him is all that I wish for.


  • pilgrimian 33w


    Oh! my Dear self
    Please don’t be a hypocrite
    Have your standard for love
    Which you will know if u live it
    “Many will come, many will go”
    Thats how this world thinks and flow
    But you are not the part of the world
    Love only the Girl who hates this world
    Don’t fall for the fantasy
    That lust will welcome love, because
    People have forgotten the True value of love,
    They enjoy the wind of lust that touches their body
    Which stirs their life with guilt
    And at the end they suffer the pain and shame
    That lust brings with it.

  • ananya2212 33w

    One day

    One day someone else will steal your heart And it will happen One day I will be angry with you forever but I will not be able to say anything Because you didn't do anything wrong I don't wanna do anything that will make you uncomfortable when you come with someone else you have to make Distance from me I love you and I didn't want to hurt you My heart will be broken to see you with someone else The good is in our separation And by the way we both are no longer together.We both know that many people came to my life But in my life love is you and you will also be for always...❤️

  • jagroop 34w

    Acclaim charm

    Beauty found in rare places
    And she is one from them,
    Her face has made by god
    And eyes are like real gem,

    I have no words for her praise,
    She's mine ! it is my own craze
    I don't want to lose her in life,
    If i'm watermelon,she's a knife

    It's hard for me to control myself,
    When she's around me,i am melt
    I'm like metal & she's my magnet,
    If she's moon then i'm fragment,

    Make a relation it's not difficult,
    In love,there's no place of insult
    Make strong it,very hard for one
    If both put efforts,it's have done


  • shubhi__vishwakarma 38w


    I'm always happy
    When I'm by yourr side
    Holding yourr hand
    Hugged you tight
    Watching you happy
    Feeling your warmth
    I don't know whats happening??
    But my heart beat's on top!!
    When people say your name
    I feel it deep

    Your smile makes me smile
    your name makes me blush
    My mind went slow
    My heart's on rush
    Is it hard to believe??
    My love and trust
    I feel so alive
    when i feel your touch

    Happy together
    Never apart
    Life seems meaningless
    if you're not it's part
    Am I dreaming
    or is it true ??
    And Yes...
    I feel so safe
    whenever I'm with you!!!

  • aarushisood_as 38w

    New year wish...

    Smile in his face and stars on shoulder I want him to achieve his goal and be the most happiest person.
    I want us happy and forever for eternity ❤️

  • thehealer10 38w

    Somethings in life are impossible to understand through mear explanations. You must experience them for yourself, there is also something very freeing about discovering the truth for yourself.

    #love #loveyourself #hope #lovequotes #lovelife #lovers #loveofmylife #lovemylife #lovestory #unity #hotels #letgo #flame #lies #flames #twinflame #murder #twinflames #letgoandletgod #letgoletgod #twinflamejourney #hashtagr #twinflameunion #twinflameseparation tags by @hashtagr #letgoofthepast #twinflamehealing

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    From a single spark the Flames of the Undying ignite ,A Life spent divided fighting for the Dream.

    Glance at the mythical magical dance of two flames, Sin surrounding them as they accept full blame.

    When your aim is off, it separates you further
    These Flames can cause murder.

    This Flame that Burns Direly Nurtured by a Decadent Fan of Inticing Flattery.

    The Scared Landscape grows more Grotesque with each tick of the Clock, I pray it runs out of Battery.

    Unity died in their name, such a shame
    I wonder if the first Flame remained still,
    Would the second Flame be Real?


  • thehealer10 41w

    unfledged (part I)

    Your love is what holds me together
    By myself I thought I'd make it through this storm,now left here only to mourn
    Thoughts of you have me feeling like a feather
    Why am I like this, stay until my welcomes worn

    Your love isn't a drug
    Yet a yearn for your hugs
    The sapiencne gained I can never repay
    Haunted by the moments stuck on replay

    Frozen in place too egotistical to ask you to stay
    Mesmerized by your mystical gaze
    Now I can only cherish the moments of play
    I'll Build an unburnable bridge communique.


  • thehealer10 42w

    Velvet Bullet

    I can feel it Happening
    Its been such a intoxicating dream
    The land is Blackening
    Ears Bleeding from the Scream

    Determined to remember this Time
    Racing toward that White Blank page
    When will I be Free of this Paradigm
    Wishing we met at a different stage

    Life, I refuse to squander mine Caged
    Found the real me swinging in the Tree
    2020 the Dawning of My new Age
    what started as a breeze
    Now fuels the Rage