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  • differentlywired 42w

    The Interference

    A single waveform cruising through space,
    Reverberating to a curvy polynomial,
    Picking up variables on a free pass,
    Splicing dimensions as if it could straddle the universe,
    Powering up in a delusion that it's asymptotic,
    Reveling in its own differential harmonics,
    Gaining momentum like a juggernaut,
    Stretching so much that even the red shift couldn't keep up,
    Branding itself on a realm woven by its own frequency,
    A colossal polymorph existing only through transformation functions,
    But then came a sweet and simple binomial,
    A compelling, unassuming expression that just had to be assimilated,
    For how could a sphere not encompass a line,
    But the mathematical monstrosity faltered,
    With every attempt to synchronise,
    Decomposed and leveled by a mere interference,
    Wondering if Occam's Razor prevailed.