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  • the_half_soul 10w

    And with the end of F.R.I.E.N.D.S's season 6, I knew how much I wanted you to be here.
    Here with me, watching it together, looking at me the same way Monica looks at Chandler.
    Here with me, laying on my side and realising how pure this love is.

    And I know some day, this won't be just a dream.


  • shiksha_inks 11w

    I planted these roses
    Like you planted love in my heart.
    A love letter along with a bouquet
    As fresh as our love.
    I watered them
    Little by little everyday.
    Singing a lullaby at nights
    To end the days.
    Watching it blossom
    And diving in its charismatic appearance.
    Waiting for it to dry out
    Like me in my newly wrinkled skin.


  • namrata_rathi 17w

    Tried one more poem for mummy-papa on Their special Day
    Happy anniversary mummy papa��������



    #love #happy #life #lifeline #natural #nature #forever #everytghing #loveoflife #mood

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    Dev mile hai dharti par
    Mummy papa ke rup me

    Prabhu rkhna salamt hmesha inhe
    jisne jivan daan diya hume

    Kitna kasht sehn kiya oohnone
    Rakha khushhal hmesha Hume

    Agar jo bhul gaye Karj maa-papa ke
    To yeeh Jivan nhi kisi kam ka

    maa-papa Hai dev Hmare

    in devo ko dukh dekar
    chain kaha tu payega
    kitna bhi paisa kamalo tum
    Sukh na kabi Aayega


    mera to sab-kuch hai maa papa mere
    Ha inpe muze gurur hai

    Na koe Inke jaisa
    na hi koe mel hai

    Mile janm hmesha Kokse tumhare
    yahi prabhu se hamesha manga hai

    prabhu kya dev bheje hai dharti par
    Ye to maa papa k rup me devo k bhi dev hai

    Mummy-papa apko apke shaadi ki saalgirah ki bhot bhot Shubhakamnaye

  • simreensheikh 18w

    Unspoken words

    A glance at you is necessary for me like prayer. Your words strike me like a soothing instrumental music . I never get enough of it. It amuse my heart ❤️.
    If others look at you, I may hide you in my eyes...
    If you don't mind I shall hug you.....

    "God has showered his choicest blessings on me"...☺️

    "I am so fortunate to have you as my love".

    "My only desire is to spend my Last breathe beside you"..

    "If others look at you , I May hide you in my eyes"...

    "If you don't mind I shall hug you"...

    "Without bothering a bit, I shall sacrifice the entire world for you" ...

    "Oh my love, do me a favor by being mine for the rest of my life"..

    "May God grant me with everything to have an endless relationship with you"..

    "If others stare at you , I may hide you in my eyes"..

    "If you wouldn't mind, I would hug you"...

    "It feels like I am dying. When you are not around"..

    "It gives me life to hear from you"...

    "I am always afraid that I might lose you"..

    "I may hide you in my eyes if others stare at you"...

    "And if you wouldn't mind. Immediately I will hug you"...

  • the_dreaming_words 19w

    If I were a moon

    If I were a moon
    Then never let you be, in the dark.

    I would be your canopy
    When you walk upon, the winter night.

    If you cry in your room
    With the lights off, at night
    I will be there too
    For you, as a fire-fly.

    If you sit, in the roof
    Alone and depressed,
    I will accompany you
    As the star of the night sky.

    If you ask. Why?
    Then I'll reply —
    "Because I love you".


  • ions0206 21w

    Someone else

    "It hurts to know that
    The person you love the
    Most is in love with someone
    Else and you can't do
    Anything about it because
    The person doesn't know
    You are in love with him.. "

  • gaurisarswat 21w

    तेरे जिस्म को चीरना चाहता हूँ ऐ ज़िंदगी
    जानना चाहता हूँ किससे है तेरी बेरुखी
    कौन तेरी मोहब्बत है ज़िंदगी

    सुना है बेरुख़ी तो बहुत समेटी है तूने अपने अंदर
    जानना चाहता हूँ किससे तेरी मोहब्बत है, ऐ ज़िंदगी

    क्या साँसें हैं तेरी मोहब्बत,
    जिन्हें पाने के लिए तू हर जतन कर जाती है
    या मौत को मानूँ तेरा प्यार,
    जिसे पाकर तू ख़ुद को भूल जाती है

    खो चुका हूँ खुद को इस कशमकश में,
    कि कौन है तेरी मोहब्बत
    और किससे है तेरी बेरूखी
    आज मुझे बता दे,
    आज बता दे ऐ ज़िंदगी


  • teju_royals 23w

    Affection × Love

    In the streets of love
    I found you
    Actually I was going to buy some affection and lost my way to it because of you
    As I found love in you I realized affection is a part of love and on the way I found both of them free of cost in you
    With that money I brought a small gift for you called kisses and hugs for lifetime subscription
    Your heart is a great place to leave in !
    On a rainy day, the rain droplets melted our souls and got us together and then we are never apart by heart
    Distance may divide us physically
    But mentally I am in you and you are in me

    I love you !!

  • agrimagupta 26w

    Tum jaisa koi nhi❤

    Tum jaisa koi
    kbhi mila hi nhi..

    Jaisa ishq tumse hai
    Aisa kbhi hua nhi..

    M mannat mangu teri
    Iske alawa kuch jarurt nhi..

    Tum jo na ho jindagi me
    Mere hasne ki wajah hi nhi..

    M bhej du apne saare sukun tere pas
    Ki tere sath ke bina ab mujhe chalna gi nhi..


  • kittuhopeful 26w

    I told you once

    You know that very well
    Your presence around me give me goosebumps
    When you hold my hand..
    It feels like you
    Free me from all worries of my world
    When you hold me in your arms...
    I don't care about no-one and I feel safe
    When you kiss on my forehead
    I believe that there is someone who cares for me
    At that time i become careless..
    When you show your possessive side
    I feel that you fight with me for me
    I'm really very lucky to have you in my life..


  • iamrajan 29w

    Mere khayaal se ab hum tere khyaalon mein bhi nahi rahe...


  • moesha 29w

    None pages

    None pages,
    Could be it.
    Twas they lie,
    On the lore of winds,
    And for I, couldn't sing,
    Just some time,
    When he is with me
    Some felt ugly,
    Of blobs and scratches,
    Few i wrote, some he did
    Some still written by me,
    Till they seem nothing.

  • iamrajan 34w

    Don't be wait...

    If you want to do big ...
    then start and don't be wait,

    If you want to do best...
    Then do and don't be wait,

    If you want to achieve some..
    Go on it and don't be wait,

    If you want to express you feelings..
    Just express and don't be wait,

    If you want to crack those competitions..
    That is your last and don't be wait,

    If you want to purpose you love..
    That is your moment and don't be wait,


    If you want to make your name..
    Go on your goals and don't just wait.


  • innocentheart 37w


    जो पल तेरे संग जिया हु
    उनसे ही जिंदगी सजाया हु ।
    जो वक्त तेरे संग गुजारा हु
    उनको ही जिंदगी बनाया हु ।
    हरपल तु मेरे, मै तेरे संग रहु
    बस यही तो मै खुदा से मांगा हु ।

  • _dil_vibes_ 40w

    Usse bin dekhe uski tasveer iss dil mein kaid Karli h,
    Na jane wo kaun h jisse ishq karne ki gustakhi humne bhi Karli h...

  • angelinedaniel 44w

    Ask Back

    Never Ask Someone Back When You Already Left!

  • sakshi_saxena 48w

    क्या लिखूं मैं उनकी तारीफ में जिन्होंने खुद मुझे लिखना सिखाया है, जिनकी शान में अल्फाज़ खुद मौन हो जाते हैं और इक्कीस तोपों कि सलामी देते हैं।

    क्या लिखूं मैं उनकी तारीफ में जिनके आगे ख़ुदा भी नतमस्तक हो जाता है, जिन्होंने हमें इतनी बेहतरीन ज़िन्दगी के साथ-साथ दुनिया कि सबसे नायाब संस्कार और परवरीश दी है।

    क्या लिखूं मैं उनकी तारीफ में जिन्होंने हमें ज़िन्दगी शान से और सिर उठाकर जीना सिखाया है, जिन्होंने हमें ज़िन्दगी में कभी ना झूकना, ना रुकना, ना हारना और हमेशा हर मुश्किल के आगे डटकर लड़ना सिखाया है।

    ऊपरवाले से नतमस्तक होकर बस इतनी प्रार्थना है कि वे आपको और पापा को बेइंतहा प्यार, खुशियां, स्वास्थ्य, सम्पत्ति, ठहाकों, इज्ज़त, अपनों के साथ, ऊपरवाले के आशिर्वाद के से ताउम्र नवाज़े और आपका आशीर्वाद हमारे सिर पर हमेशा बना रहे।

    यह वादा है हमारा आपसे कि कभी भी आपके मान - सम्मान पर कोई आंच नहीं आने देंगे।

    जन्मदिन मुबारक हो माँ ❤️ आपकी उम्र हर सदी से भी लंबी हो।

    Happiest Birthday My Universe❤️My Ma ❤️ we are blessed and honoured to have you as our life and it's your birthday so it has to be celebrated as a festival ����

    #mother'sbday #happiness #proud #honoured #blessed #biggest blessing #loveoflife #lifeline #universe #strenght #inspiration #motivation #backbone #life #joy #smile #festival #birthdaywish #mostspecialday #god'sgift

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    Happy Birthday Ma❤️


  • sheisthelife 53w

    Meri sakhi

    Sakhi jo har waqt tera sath nibhaye
    Sakhi jo koi bhi pida tuze akele na bhogane de
    Sakhi jo tera uchit margadarshan kare
    Sakhi jo tuzse prem kare
    Tuze tere kartavya se vakif karwaye
    Jab pura sansar sath chode
    Tab jo sansar banke tera sath de
    Wo sakhi.
    Jo har sakha ke jivan me hoti hai
    Sakhi jo krishna ki pranpriya hai
    Jo narayan ki narayni
    To kabhi shiv ki shakti hai
    Sakhi wo jo har nari me basti hai
    Iss sansar ki sancharini hai wo sakhi hi hai.

  • __aiishhhh_ 54w

    Have heard that true love means sacrifices...

    But never knew that sacrificing our loved ones is actually a true love .....


  • kanikayadav 62w

    True Love

    I'll miss u, but never kiss u .
    I'll wait , at the last stage .
    We will cross eachother,
    Like day & night together.
    We are tired , but never wiered.
    we will explain ,with smooth plane.
    Cut all down ,until both fawul.
    Start session, with refreshing seasons.
    Talk in installments , with some updates.
    Download new version,
    for some specific reasons.
    Let the life walk ahead ,
    that never ask our fame.