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  • sayaliparkar 2w

    [Love letter from the stars to you ]

    We often wonder /
    How does it feel/
    To be so radiant /
    That even the darkness /
    Kneels down and whispers /
    'You are the light' /believe
    It or not /we always /
    Wish upon you.

    -Sayali Parkar

  • zainab_saeed 3w

    So, this was a spur of the moment kind of poem about ✨feelings✨


    This emptiness inside my chest
    Plagues me—suffocating tendrils of bitter desolation
    Crawl up my oesophagus—
    Forgive me,
    I had left you too soon.
    I know now I am my own regret.
    I am my own mistakes.

    Sweet Tragedy of mine,
    I cannot breathe with this hole
    Between my ribs
    As I drown beneath this cascade
    Of salty tears and bitter words
    I can never say out loud
    So I say them here:
    I miss you.
    I miss you.
    I miss you...

    I'm sorry,
    I gave up too soon.
    I am my own guilt.
    I am my own sorrows and despair.

    Would you hate me
    If I wrote you this letter, spelt my guilt
    Across white paper and smeared ink,
    And told you, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
    I miss you. I'm sorry."

    Would you hate me
    If I said nothing at all?


    Tis late, but I hath been inspired. Here's the result of that.

    #poetry #guilt #regret #loveletters

    Image: Pinterest

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    Sweet Tragedy of mine,

    do you hate me?


  • precisel_unheard 4w

    Stained portrait

    I tainted her beautiful
    portrait of love
    with a stain of guilt

  • precisel_unheard 4w


    should I wait or u
    shouldn't I??
    can I cherish you
    maybe I can't!!
    may I look after you
    maybe not
    awaiting the nod
    awaiting the nod
    they said quick rejects
    leaves u no regrets
    yet this Necheli
    leaves me no expanse
    to either suffer or to adore
    what should I do??
    when these warm summers are irking me already...
    she is taunting me with her calm voids
    and I don't know should I linger over here or no??
    should I push her a little to make me she's
    should I not knock on her fragile one
    yet Am worrying for my brittle little heart
    that raising and falling in the affair or awaiting...
    I never thought waiting for a nod would be this twisting
    what to do??
    what to do??
    except awaiting
    until the moon turns to
    crescents and rounds.....
    when she makes me wait
    done counting the stars

  • anetita 4w

    A Vow

    I'll ruin your life,
    But I'll do it beautifully,
    With passion and force behind every word.
    No skin left untouched,
    No stone left unturned.

    I'll be your dream,
    Living proof lying beside you,
    Freeing the nightmares from your mind.
    We'll walk hand in hand through your hell,
    And ascend to heaven every night.

    I'll make mistakes,
    But I'll stumble into your arms,
    For only yours will carry me right.
    No other will compare,
    No other love but mine.


  • anetita 5w

    A Myth

    You deem me ice cold,
    Modern-day Medusa,
    Goddess of the Gorgo.
    To gaze into my eyes,
    Shall turn one to stone.

    Serpentine hair,
    Spellbinding smile,
    Reptilian skin,
    Suitors for miles.

    Neither victim nor villain,
    A mortal being I am,
    Full of mistakes and misfortunes,
    And a life rife with sin.

    Yet you despise me all the same,
    For a secret I maintained,
    Locked away for your protection,
    Per the very essence of my name.

    Evil requires intention,
    And I never sought your pain.
    I only wished to guard your heart,
    Earn any love there was to gain.


  • pakhi1738 5w

    Jane walked through the gallery smelling like a leftover tragedy and went straight to her grandmother's room. She knelt on the floor and lifted the lid of a glass jar kept in the corner. Letters tied with jute threads, dried roses and old photographs, all looking like someone just took them out straight from a broken hearts museum. A museum to store memories that made her grandma cry and smile at the same time until her last breath. They smelled of love and her precious tears.
    They were from her grampy. He was a handsome sailor who died 40 years ago. He was madly in love with grandma and she told her that he used to write her every time he went to the sea. He told her everything about the places he visited, the people he met on the way, the terrible food he had there but most importantly, how much he missed her. They met in high school and decided to stick around for some time while all their other friends left that small town to study in their dream college. Grandma got pregnant after a couple of years with Jane's father and Grampy got his dream job as a sailor to see the world. He wanted to stay back with grandma and help her through the pregnancy but she insisted that he shouldn't give up on his dream. He kept surprising her by visiting her every now and then and they would go visit their old spots to freshen up some old memories and fabricate some new ones for the parting days. They would make their own fairy world with them and all their kids travelling together some day and how they would complain about being home sick every month. Grampy died after his ship got caught up in a really bad storm and grandma decided to never leave that town.

    Jane, with her shaking and wet hands, opened up the jute thread. In that moment, she remembered how every time she asked grandma if she could read those letters, she would just laugh and say, "well, of course love. But only after I die. Till then, these are just mine".

    With tears rolling down her eyes, she opened up one of those letters. It was dated 17 February 1869. That was the last letter he wrote. It was old and a bit worn out at the folds.


    "My beloved Paige,

    I am in London right now. Yes, you guessed it right. I am visiting the beautiful Buckingham palace, first thing in the morning. I still clearly remember you told me how much you loved London after you returned back from your last field trip back in school. Now I see why these streets fascinated you so much. Oh, my love! In this moment, I can give up anything to be with you and to be able to hold you in my arms. This, touring around, visiting all these beautiful, remarkable places all over the world, it's all completely meaningless if you are not with me. I miss you so much. I have decided to come back to you and be with you for rest of my life. I had so much to tell you when I began writing this letter but now I am getting carried away with the thought of being with you, forever!
    See you soon my love!

    Yours and only yours
    Finch S."


    Jane sat there for a while with that letter, held close to her heart, tears rolling down her eyes and a faint smile on her face. Having shared such an important part of her grandma's memory, she felt even more close to her in that moment. She finally gathered enough strength to say her final goodbye to her sweet grandma. She got up, went to the open casket to tell her how much she loved her, carefully placed her favorite lilies in her beautiful, pale hands and read all those letters to her one last time.


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  • anetita 6w

    If Only

    What if I was the happiness you deserved, but never chose to know?
    What if our bond was so deep that it sunk into our bones?
    What if our time together previewed a saga untold?
    What if we never even gave our story a chance to unfold?
    What if we go our whole lives trying to fill a void?
    What if that hole could have been filled if we loved instead of destroyed?
    What if you were my one, and I was yours?
    What if we wasted all our energy fighting this war?

    We could have peace if we tried.
    No wasted years, or any more tears cried.
    Help one another see, where once we were blind.

    In the end...
    If it's meant to be, it's only me you will find.


  • kichu_parameswaran 8w

    വെളുത്ത കടലാസിൽ മഷിതീർന്നൊരു പേനകൊണ്ട് ഒറ്റവരി എഴുതണം എനിക്ക്..

    പലതവണ എഴുതിയെങ്കിലും ഒരിക്കൽ പോലും
    നീ അറിയാത്ത എൻ്റെ

    എൻ്റെ പ്രണയലേഖനം..


  • blue_cascades 8w

    I was a poem of yours , intricately penned ;
    Inked with tremendous love on the off white pages of your notebook.
    While an ebony silhouette of yours , always remain casted against my heart's shimmering orange sky.
    Enchanted dreamers we are and our dreams morph into one; sketching a lover's embrace.
    Oh! that feeling of kaleidoscopic rainbow strobes painted around me just by your presence.
    Your love is captivating , breathtaking and alluring.
    Sweet words enveloped into love letters ,
    adoration wrapped into a bouquet of roses ;
    Thousand miles apart , yet this love is beautifully transcending.

    @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork @writersbay
    #love #loveletters #storiestotell

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    Kaleidoscopic strobes of love


  • chaos2art_and_backagain 9w

    Love Letters I Haven't Written Yet

    One day I may pen down all the reasons I adore you.
    How your eyes crinkle when you flash that cat like grin, leaving me falling through time and space all over again. 
    The way the sunlight reminds me of your gentle kiss or how the rain brings the feeling of your arms around me strong and secure.
    The way your laughter echoes in my ears like my favorite song, I will never tire of that joyful sound.  

    You make the mundane extraordinary by simply existing in it. 
    You are walking poetry, the likes of which I could never dream to write. 
    You are small sighs in the morning light and whispered secrets in the dark of night. 
    You are fields of wildflowers and endless summer afternoons; a beautifully hazy daydream.
    You are the vastness of the sky on cloudless nights, even the moon and stars marvel at you. 
    You are dancing barefoot in the kitchen at midnight and cups of coffee at sunrise. 
    You are a flurry of emotions and my rock when my world seems to crumble around me. 
    You howl with wolves, yet sing me to sleep with a voice like a lullaby. 

    I wish to write every quote that swims in my head.
    Every glance that causes me to feel weak after all this time. 
    Every moment I fall all the more in love with you. 
    I would bind each page with care and wrap it in hardcover. 
    I would trace each word as I went, causing the paper to thin from all the times I re-read it.
    Oh but my love, the world doesn't hold enough paper for such a feat.
    Nor is there a publisher savvy enough to make the volumes needed to hold such words.         

    Truthfully, I don't believe I can summon the courage to write so bold 
    So instead I will write them on my heart and here they shall stay, but to others they shall remain unread. 


  • anetita 10w


    Bullseye on my heart,
    Yet love always missed the mark.

    Affection or affliction?
    They both look alike in the dark.


  • sim_kaur 11w

    Chitthi teri ke intezaar mein marr rahe the
    Jeena sisak sisak ke bhool rahe the
    Dill lejana ata aur jaan lutana khoob ata hai tumhe
    Khumaari mein tumhari
    Bhoole hai sab hum
    Sab hum
    Hue khatam hai
    Hue tere hai hum
    Teri chitthi
    Ke intezar mein hai hum ❤️

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    Pyar mein chitthiya na likhi to kya ishq kia
    Kya pyaar kia agr maheeno unka intezaar na kiya

    ©from the love of my life

  • anetita 13w


    You are etched on my heart,
    The loveliest of any scar.
    Piecing me together, just as I fell apart,
    I will remember you forever,
    My "forever" from afar.


  • artenitz 15w


    Mounts of letters
    and unread;
    It's filled with
    Pieces of
    My broken heart.
    I stare them
    All hopefully;
    If they will
    Walk by themselves
    And reach your home.
    Your home amidst
    All the pale
    White clouds.
    Your home
    Over there
    In the very

  • anetita 16w

    Tangerine Dreams

    Meet me in the poppy fields,
    Of a sunshine state.
    Golden echoes of your dream,
    Foretelling our technicolor fate.

    Flowers asway,
    In a gentle breeze.
    Fingers interlaced,
    Fondness flourishing between.

    Lazing in the warmth,
    Of these tangerine hues,
    Blonde tendrils on your chest,
    Unwinding as we do.
    In a flood of coral wishes,
    And amber-colored visions,
    My love blooms for you,
    As the poppies do.


  • lover_of_minne 17w

    When I think of our moments, my lips make a smile, no matter what condition.
    Alone the thought of you makes me the happiest person of this time.
    You can not believe what you trigger in me.
    You are like drinking champagne, in the moment when the tingling water touches the lips you want more of them.
    As if to reach for the stars, that's how it is with you.
    Stop is not available because you can not.
    Every night when I wake up and lie next to you, I just watch you.
    Your beauty, which you are not aware of.
    I believe you are not aware of anything that concerns you.
    Your beauty, your charming character, your beautiful smile.

    You give one the reason to stare permanently, the eyes can not let go of you.
    You can not keep your hands off, even if you want to.
    To think of you, to touch you, to watch you laugh are the three most beautiful events that can happen to you.
    There is no point in resisting it.
    I want you now, in 10 years and even when I'm old and ugly to same.
    You made my heart blossom right the first day.
    I was searching all the time and now I found you.
    There is no better than you and never will be.
    I can confirm that to you 100 percent.
    As I told you before, it is a privilege to love you but also to be loved by you and I am more than happy that I may be the ones.
    Without you, life is meaningless and empty. Like the depth of the sea.
    To look in your eyes is like the starry sky.
    There is no choice but to look into it.
    Your smile you lose in this.
    There is no choice but to smile with you.
    Your laughter are the most beautiful sounds this world has heard.
    There is no choice but to laugh.
    Your voice is a unique tune.
    There is no choice but to listen.
    Your touch is like a soulful dance on the skin.
    There is no choice but to enjoy it.
    There is no choice but to love you.

    Found in google and loved it


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    Better you confess


    Holding long


  • anetita 18w

    A Promise

    I'll be the hammer and chisel,
    Chipping tirelessly at your hardened heart,
    Until the stones begin to crumble,
    And its frozen shell falls apart.

    Your polite request: "Be gentle with me."
    I know you've been hurt before.
    Perhaps the heavens sent me along,
    To help settle the score.

    I'll cradle your heart as my own,
    With a feather-light touch.
    For you are,
    And forever will be,
    More than enough.


  • anetita 24w


    Worlds apart, yet somehow joined by a string,
    I am discovering you,
    While you are discovering me.
    Tethered by time, transcending vast, open seas,
    Envisioning salty ocean air,
    And the two of us riding free.
    I miss you, although I've never met you,
    Felt your imaginary touch,
    Your delicate caress,
    Your insatiable eyes devouring my form,
    Peering over your shoulder,
    While I undress.
    I catch a hint of your voice in every minor chord,
    Every lyric worth hearing on a 2 a.m. drive,
    Reverberating through me, within me,
    Like I wish you would do.
    Until you, I never felt so alive.


  • lovingpunk 27w

    Love letter 1

    My sweet and loving josefes
    As salaam aliekum 
    I writing to say that I wasn't too talk to you.  Habibi,
    All I want you take me in your arms
    Cuddle me as you quote and teach me more about the quran 
    And shower me with loving
    While doing so
    Habibi, it brakes my heart that I couldn't talk to you beloved imam.
    I missed your good night kisses

    Your little Habibi