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  • devilfish 1w

    Se Mueve Como El Agua

    Quiero sentirme bien
    Quiero verte yo te lo dije
    Que soy completamente el tuyo
    Yá lo sabes y me llamas todavía
    Nuestro amor se puede continuar
    la desaparición
    La separación
    No me he cambiado el corazón
    Soy la misma persona que tú quieres
    My razón
    Por qué te juro que te amo
    And I'm not going to let go
    Te juro
    Te amaré
    Te juro
    Te juro

  • tingesofhysteria 3w

    I became your sun giving you all I had , but you avoided me like an infected ray of sun .

  • tingesofhysteria 4w

    As the clock chimes midnight ,
    you're on my mind , in every nerve cell like a song I know every word to .
    You're the nocturnal temple I inhabit in gelid nights like this one , when you inhabit my prayers like you inhabit my long lost lullabies.
    I'm wearing your touch like a totemic ornament so as not to forget you,
    despite knowing that forgetting you is my only therapy -

    Love ,I'm closing my eyes
    and painting you inside my head slightly better than Leonardo Da Vinci and writing romantic rhapsodies
    about you slightly better than Wordsworth

    Love ,
    lately I've known the universe too is a hard-hearted stone emblematic of a null entity--
    it sees my eyes ooze teardrops emblazoned with your essence , screeching ,"I need you",
    but won't bring me to you like it does in my hallucinations and fantasies , in hypnosis .
    Memories of your contagious smile enfolds me like a shaggy shawl and hovers like a phoenix that will not burn ; but, love , the universe is a great entity, you know ---
    I have faith in the stars , the golden daylight that blooms like poppies and the moonlight that looms so astoundingly like a nightly rose ,
    and I believe in the kindness of the people I have never known .
    I have faith in the healing ki of the galaxies and the seismic energy of the solar systems .

    Yes, I have loved and known that to love is to feel free until it entraps you in its maze , but I believe I'll break free.
    I'm free ,for it turns out freedom ain't nothing but missing you at midnight
    and holding onto to your finger like a baby
    Or probably I'm lying to myself to distract myself from the fact that you hold me hostage in your big old mansion
    Probably I'll never be free from you.
    Probably this is exactly what freedom is --
    the freedom to feel bound by a sense of belonging to someone who could never belong to you.

    Letter at midnight. #love#lovepoem#loveletter#midnight#poetry#poem#poetsofmerakee#poetrycommunity #writersofmerakee#writerscommunity

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  • arshu_inks 4w

    It was when the time slowed down,
    The beauty of what I felt, learned and experienced,
    Was in the darkness of dawn,
    I saw you,
    With the ray of hope,
    You, As the angel in my eye,
    I controlled my breath,
    Which was like an explosion,
    I ran to you,
    To get closer to you,
    To make a sight into your black iris,
    I ran to you,
    I was irresistible,
    And I blindly knew you felt the same,
    As an evidence of your eyes,
    I realized,
    I fell in love with you,
    Irresistible I was,
    To see you,
    In you, with you,
    With the promise to stay, FOREVER,
    I confess that,
    I love you!

    #love #him #miss #you #loveyou #missyou #him #her #dawn #angel #eye #eyes #blind #realize #irresistible #loveletter #promise #see #sight #ran #forever #near #darkness #evidence #confess #confession #iloveyou #breath #explosion #control #black #iris #fell #felt #experience #beauty #rays #hope #time #slow #down #evidence

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    Love letter

    Irresistible I was to confess YOU!
    With the evidence of your black iris,
    I say,
    I love you!

  • akela_lisianthus 5w

    Well I don't know your name. Because you never existed. I don't know what it takes to love someone, but if I love you you'll never regret it. But don't make me regret instead.

    I'm not that girl you see in movies, ads or whatever. Not a dream girl or an angel. I don't wear fancy dresses often. Baggy street wear is what I prefer. Learning to drape saree though. Not much of a make up person. You'll see me only in kajal and transparent lip balm. Dating is really not my thing. But we can chat 24/7 on a rooftop or watch Mr.Bean's holiday movie.

    Enough about me. See I'll read books for hours, might be laughing hard on BTS run episodes, and will be adoring their mvs from my mobile screen. But if it comes to my other half, yeah that's you, you have my world and you have my word.

    You might want to be a Romeo for me, but all I ever want is Augustus Waters or a Jacob Black, who loves my love. I love to write rather than being vocal.

    We can be there for one another. Be it shaping our careers, health, life.... We would probably start a fight ending up with foolish laughter and apologies. I always keep my expectations at bay because I have lots of worst experiences. So it won't be a big deal for you to keep me happy.

    And don't think I'm shy. You know that I'm a little bag filled with so many moods that are overshadowed by introvertness. I'll take every effort to see that glimmering smile on your face that brightens up my grey world. But you can expect those efforts on unexpected occasions, 'cause that's what I am. I've never been in a relationship to know what it's like. But one thing I want to be sure, that you will be my first and last forever. I know forever is just an illusion but let's just keep it simple, as long as we're alive. I'm not longing for love rather I do for a caring soul. To give me atleast a string of hope when I'm at the edge of world from which I'll only fall to an abyss. Who can make me giggle at some crackhead jokes while my eyes are blood red and tired of letting out so much tears.

    Let me make myself clear. You are my everything. That everything affects everything about me. I might be that night sky you wonder what a mysterious puzzle it is. But I know only you can solve it. Getting poetic. So let's just stop it right here.

    I don't know why the hell I'm missing you so much. Which ended up in this useless letter.

    Anyway love ya!

    - Akhi ♡


    Well if you have reached this point, you must be a legend. Thank you so much for reading my terrible letter.
    You know what, these are all the effects of being single since my egg has hatched�� Not my fault��

    Yeah that's it. I'm going for hashtags and credits. Boboi��

    #loveletter #love #diary #life #akela_lisianthus #bts_army #bts @anirockz7 Thank you for supporting me����. It keeps me motivated for writing ��

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    A letter to my boyfriend


  • heav_en0 5w


    She so chaotic she's a bizarre thing she can't hold the guitar pick she can let her heart sing
    Can't find one song to have supersonic feelings for. Like walking on never ending toxicity floor. She's chaotic like a erotic comic though. Crazy enough for a psychotic cigarette flow. Ain't ever enough smoke. Shit didn't go. Couldn't feel shit with a arm poke. Letting them down like a bunch of leaves falling down the sky. Couldn't see shit because i punched you in the eye. Last words wasnt goodbye they were why.

  • serinktherapy 5w

    Dearest Somebody

    I feel so alone. Truth is I am.
    Knees on the sand with tears in my hands.
    Fighting in the darkness, fighting against time.
    Finding a way to keep lit, this little light of mine.
    Dearest somebody somewhere please hear my plee.
    Help me find peace in this world, help me remain me.
    Share your life stories, teach me all that you know.
    Listen to mine, be there for me as I grow.
    I feel so alone, Truth is I am.
    Accepting nothing seems to go quite like its been planned.
    Almost as soon as I get excited.
    The darkness gets delighted.
    Ive noticed the pattern, so walk a different path.
    Still see lifes flames, still feel its wrath.
    I tried to continue on for as long as I can.
    But I no longer see a way, Ive ran out of land.
    Goodbye my loved ones, sunshine, rain.
    Goodbye universe, the sea and my pain.
    So many times it was written, my apology and my goodbye.
    Each paper smeared with tears I had cried.
    Even with no response, my deepest feelings I would share.
    I was sure some how someone some where would care.
    It became a ritual though even now the reason why im not certain.
    But Id tell the universe often how I felt like the biggest of burdens.
    How the weight on the world has me brought once more to my knees.
    How if I could be granted more strength Id be still willing to please.
    For I have enough hope, its positivity I need.
    Ive sacrificed all I have, and Im willing to sacrifice myself.
    All I ask is that my kindred be happy and remain in good health.
    But maybe theres a way to grow out of my present self.
    End a phase and start a new book for lifes shelf.
    Maybe being so lost just happened to be fate.
    Maybe theres some magic to knowing how to wait.
    Lately its been a challenge just to stay focussed.
    As I fell under a ferocious hypnosis that has me feeling atrocious.
    But im certain my absence not one soul would notice.
    Then I overcome this overwhelming feeling, inner song plays a new beat.
    Refusing to be under the category labeled defeat.
    I raise to my feet, with head held up high.
    I know my limits are those beyond the sky.
    Regardless of speedbumbs my soul will continue to try.
    And Ill cherish each memory, the dark with the light as they both pass me by.
    Watching the probable and impossible Intertwine.
    Odd against me seem astronomical but ill keep trying.
    Fight with all I have to stop my soul and this world from dying.

  • ardha_nagnar 5w


    "ചിത്തം നിലയ്ക്കുന്ന കാലം വരേക്കുമീ
    ചിത്തത്തിനൂന്നുവടിയായി മാറുവാന്‍,
    കവടിതൻ പത്തുപൊരുത്തമിലാതെ
    നിന്‍ നെറുകയില്‍ ചെമ്പൊട്ട് തൂകുവാൻ,
    അനുവാദം നല്‍കുമോ കട്ടുറുമ്പേ...."

  • ashbin 8w

    My First love Letter

    Your eyes are like twinkling stars
    And your twinkle makes me mad
    Your lips are like half red moon
    Which makes me stare all time
    When I see you,I'm not here
    I am flying like a butterfly
    And I want to drink your honey
    Because you are the prettiest flower
    Your smile is like moonlight
    Which makes me swim in dreams
    You are like a Cleopatra
    But I am nothing , not even a prince
    But the only thing I know
    is that I love you with all my heart

  • kritikakiran 9w

    .....मुझे नहीं चाहिए तुमसे महँगे तोहफ़े या हीरे की कोई अँगूठी या फिर फ़िल्मी डेट या डिनर। अगर तुम कुछ कर सको, तो लिख लिया करना, कभी कभी, मेरे लिए, सर्द, अकेली रातों में अलाव की तरह जलने वाले, कुछेक प्रेम पत्र!
    इंतज़ार यूँ तो बहुत असहज होता है पर ज़िंदगी में कभी, किसी मोड़ पर, हमसे कोई ऐसा मुसाफ़िर आ टकराता है जिसका इंतज़ार करना भारी नहीं लगता। हमसफ़र के साथ या उसे सोचते हुए बिताया गया एक एक क्षण, पूरे दिन का सबसे सुखद समय होता है, सबसे खूबसूरत। मेरे लिए वो मुसाफ़िर तुम हो और तुम्हारे शब्दों की प्रतीक्षा कर सकती हूँ मैं; उम्र भर नहीं भी तो लम्बे, बहुत लम्बे समय तक!

    - कृतिका किरण

    #love #letter #wait #loveletter #kriti #kritikakiran

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    // छोटे प्रेम पत्र //

  • therejected 10w

    Love letter

    I hate you for all the ways you made me feel that you are so right for me.

  • dhaamini 11w

    A thousand years of love - part 2

    He is the one I've been waiting for.
    He is the one.
    But he comes with a flaw.

    He shares his smiles but not his frowns.
    He shares his happiness but not his sorrows.
    He shares his thoughts but not his worries.
    He shares his humour but not his dark side.
    He shares his pleasure but not his pain.
    He shares his hopes but not his fears.
    He shares his laughs but not his tears.
    He shares his gifts but not his burden.
    He shares his hugs but not his pressure.
    He shares his mind but not his anger.

    He would give his girl the wonders of the world
    but he'd never let her feel the slightest hints of pain.

    Yes, he's the one I've been waiting for.
    Yes, he is mine.
    My Knight in shiny armour.

  • arunpsb 13w

    To My Love,

    I can never express in words, how much you mean to me, but since we are separated by a fairly long distance, I give this opportunity to this letter of mine, to express my love to you.

    My darling, we have come across almost all kinds of emotions together, and sometimes this distance feels disgusting, there are times most happiest, and times quite low, but I always find you with me by my side, thank you for staying with me in all my ups and downs.

    I cherish you and any thought of you, and all our memories that rise from the depths of my mind. Life has become so wonderful with you, and I want you to stay forever with me, as my better half.

    You are my Happiness and peace, you are the centre of my world, and my world starts and ends in you. I live in you. I live for the day, when our physical separation will no longer be.

    Until that moment arrives, I send you my tender love, my warmest embrace and my most passionate kiss.

    I Love You Dear Better Half,
    I Love You

  • himayan_writes 14w

    You are ink flooding out on paper each night.
    You are the poetry I write.

    I struggle with your rhyme sometimes.
    Unmatched syllables, scratched out lines.

    You are monotonous and tedious at times
    Or completely out of rhyme.

    The wrong metre drives me mad.
    When I try to fix, it turns out bad.

    No matter what.

    Whether you rhyme or you don't.
    In the end I am happy the way you are.
    I'll always know you by heart.
    Even when you are away somewhere very far!



  • thebleedingmeteor 16w

    ‘You are supposed to help me!’ Triveni said, pulling Jasmine by the hair.

    A shriek of panic escaped the victim’s mouth. ‘No, I’m trying. I’m really trying to help you.’

    Triveni peered at the face in front of her. The room was dark and she could only see the outlines of the face. She put Jasmine as her emergency aid, her back-up option, and yet, she was failing.

    ‘Today is the last date for submission,’ Triveni said, her voice monotonous.

    Jasmine said nothing. Sitting on the floor, her ankles exposed from her red frock, she felt revolted. A pencil-thin light ray from a torch on the floor fell on her face. She jerked her face away and closed her eyes.

    Losing her cool, Triveni dragged Jasmine on the floor to the nearby wall and said, ‘I’m going to extract the idea out of you if I have to.’

    Jasmine’s body shuddered. She wanted to shout, but her throat was closed, barely letting the air in and out of her lungs. ‘No, no, please Triveni. Don’t do this. I swear I’m trying. Please. Give me one more chance. Please—’

    Although she put on some weight, Jasmine felt lighter in Triveni’s hand. Then, a gush of wind crashed through a windowpane above that wall. Neither of them lifted their heads.

    The pain shot through Jasmine’s body as soon Triveni hit her head to the wall. The world revolved before Jasmine’s eyes. Before she could pull back, Triveni hit her to the wall again. This time a dark fluid splattered down her face quicker than the pain. Her red frock took a thicker shade of red.

    Jasmine’s body remained motionless on the floor. She wasn’t dead. Yet.

    ‘Give me the damn thing,’ Triveni hissed, bending forward to Jasmine’s body.

    ‘Wake up,’ Jasmine mumbled. ‘Wake up, Triveni.’

    Triveni stared at her victim, muddled. ‘What the hell are you saying?’

    Jasmine didn’t reply. She was unconscious. Before Triveni could stand up, her body rose against gravity, and she toppled backwards. Her tiny torch flew into the air too, twirling and shooting its light everywhere. Then, the room tilted forward like a closing chess board and she continued falling backwards.

    More light erupted around her; the light was so bright, she feared it would make her blind. It took only twenty seconds for Triveni to wake up in her classroom, middle of the psychics class, toiling to open her eyes. She was glad that she got an idea to write and not lose the competition. But her head throbbed as if someone had kept hitting her to a wall.


    Okay, it's dark. I KNOW.

    New hashtag - #thenamedstories

    #writersnetwork #loveletter #life #mirakee #pod @mirakee @writersnetwork

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  • thebleedingmeteor 16w


    Dear beloved,

    It has been a while since I wrote with a hand. Perhaps, my hand forgot the curves it should take and force it must use while writing. Not a problem, your love still can regain them. You are always a strange girl for me. Strange enough to remember daily. I must admit, you have your selective seasons in you. When you smile and it sends a shudder in my heart I consider it as a frigid winter. And when you weep my conscience burns like a ceaseless forest fire resembling a torid summer. Rarely, but when fetchingly you blush what a beautiful spring it would be. I guess that not a speck of beauty was wasted by the god in making you. You have a gift dear, an enthralling and affirmative nature to make people love you. It will always be my love that loves you gratefully and vivaciously.

    Your love.

    ©the bleeding meteor

  • abhisheksolitude 16w

    Heart acts then it aches ;


  • thehighghalib 20w

    Dear Donna,

    Do you smell the air doesn't it smell of flowers and look, the evening sky it matches that cherry blushon you've got, maybe it's just me or do you see it as well or once again it's just me.

    The first time it happened was the moment I saw you in the coffe shop at campus, you were dressed in a beautiful breezy and airy cold shoulder dress in majestic shade of blue you had my breath, since that day my love has just transcended for you and I can't walk away from you while you tried to know more of me I spent time getting lost in you. Unsure if you were able to find my flaws as I wallowed in your pristine beauty.

    I have always been curious about how you know me more than I do, I guess I could never take our the time I had been mystified by you.

    Somedays when you get off on the wrong side of the bed I love that side of you too but I guess could never confess that to you. I fail to make you understand that I want the best for you but never understood why you want the best of me. While you were deciding to commit to me I had already been committed for life to you.

    I have been in love with you, however you always had the brains and you still loved me too.


  • thehighghalib 20w

    My Dear Girl,

    It has been a lustrum already, how magical it has been.

    It has been so much fun me trying to find you and you trying to reach me amidst zillions of living beings, you have made me travel to mountains and beaches, dense forests and wasteland peices, even skipped a border or two and left a piece of me there for you.

    You may like riddles so this one might be for you, collect all the pieces and it may just lead you. In case you don't I'll make it easier for you, how about an open letter in a pirate's rum bottle for you.

    My google maps tell be I have been around the world twice, how come you have never met my eyes.

    Oh dear are we going to play this long, let me assure you I will just play along. Untill you find a letter or a piece let's just continue untill we meet.

    How about we take few years more let the love build up even more, we would love not just ordinary we will love till the eternity.

    Untill then let's keep playing our hide and seek, you stay hidden and I'll try to peek.


  • shimayughh 18w

    A letter to my love.

    You never knew how much i love you. But for sure i do. Even though youre not as clingy as the "others",
    you're not as handsome as cole sprouse,
    you're not as sexy as noah,
    but to tell you i still love you with all of your imperfections.

    I still love you and your fats,
    I still love you and cute face.
    i dont care.
    I won't say that I'm lucky to have you but i am super blessed that God gave me you.
    This may sound cliche but i want to let you know over and over again how glad I am to let you be part of my life.

    You still dont know me that well but only you can handle me in my darkest times,
    you're way too perfect for the guy in my dreams.
    Indeed you're my happy pill.
    You're so cute,cuddly and caring.
    I know this is so corny but i just find myself writing this stupid piece of shit.

    Thankyou so much Mariel,
    for being the best late birthday gift and the best advance Christmas present.
    Thankyou for being the best part of my 2018, and i'm looking forward for you being the best part of my future years. I love you so much.