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  • sinjanb93 29w

    Perplexed to go

    Soon just like a dream it will be gone, and I will again rest upon a cloud.

    For when my world bursts, there will be nothing but a drought.

    If I ever struggle against the tempest, be sure to serve me some shelter.

    It was the sand in my eye, that lead me astray and caused my reality to alter.

  • spiritsoul 51w

    Why I loved

    Had to leave a marriage because the guy was a yakuza psycho......sorry for using the term psycho.
    No matter how sweet
    He was to me
    I had up and leave
    After that I haven't heard from him
    It will hurt me more if I remember
    And our love

  • sadgurl_scully 59w


    Dear molamin Keith
    You are the reason why I can’t
    Trust men
    You are probably
    F**king some German girl
    You just want against
    You race and every coloured
    Person there is
    Do not I am not stupid

  • midnightwanderings 72w

    I found you, you found me. We both had each other, but we both agreed to lose each other. And now both of our souls have been watered by tears.

    #lovelost #lonely #lovegonewrong #poem #timedlove

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    I'm okay was a lie I didnt realize I had told myself.

  • midnightwanderings 74w

    Plugged Heart

    I want to feel it.
    I'd told you so.
    I want to know how it felt when you said those words.
    You told me I was like a sister.
    If only you had said a friend.
    I'm not sad,
    But I wish to be.
    I cant feel the pain normal people would feel,
    When you told me what you did.
    I'm smothered by what isnt there.
    My heart is empty,
    Nothing goes in or out,
    And yet you slipped in,
    But I didnt notice you slip out.

  • chaos2art_and_backagain 75w

    The Day You Walked Away

    What did you feel that day?
    Was it as if the clouds had finally burst to let the sunshine through?
    Did the air smell sweeter, could you, at long last, take a deep breath for the first time in ages?

    Did you see your reflection and actually recognize the person staring back,
    Or where you torn between the bittersweet smile on your face and the hint of sorrow that lingered in your eyes. 

    Does your heart still feel heavy with the weight of loss even though your mind insists you did the right thing by walking away. 
    Do your eyes beg to break the dams and flood you with all you have held back for so long. 
    Do you still weigh the good and bad from each memory; not knowing if you are trying to remind yourself why you left or convince yourself to go back. 

    Where those few shing lights in that darkness of it all enough to have persevered, or would it just have led to a more broken version of you.

  • aparajitaapra 169w

    Falling out of love is easier than falling in love

  • jadajennings 172w

    One Day At A Time

    When he wanted to,
    he made my life unbelievably great.
    And when he didn't want to,
    all I felt was the wrath of pure hate.

  • hemzila 173w

    I could carve my heart out for you and you'll only complain about the spilled blood on the floor.

  • karma_tenpa 175w

    The creep couple.

    One night in the darkened autopsy room two lovers use this creepy place as their love nest. Freaks you may call them or creeps. They were two out cast pathology students bright but freakishly odd, Lea and Fox. Lea was a skinny messy haired blonde no body who what thin straight blond hair. Fox was a skinny little no body too. They too where interested and fascinated in creepy and dark things in life. Since they were bullied by the others they weren’t with eachother at the day and went their ways. Though at night grosem twosome went to their usually place in the morgue and they would make out and talk about autopsying their tormentors or selling their organs. Lea told Fox that they couldn’t make love until they left school.
    But one night Lea and her lover got into their making out heavely. Lea went know the table, bringing Fox closer while kissing. He got on top of her as the kiss and explore their bodies and then in the heat of passion, Lea received Fox. They both lost the virginity. The mistake was that they fell asleep on the autopsy table and was found out.
    That day in school their was talk of the odd balls caught in the act. The two stayed together in the day so they could cope with being called freaks and creeps to santanic demons. They are rumours they thought... who saw them. They were just rumours except to the pair. Lea and Fox wanted to be partners for the activities. Which warranted dirty looks by the other pathology students. To the normal the rumours might have validity. But during gross anatomy class they Lea and Fox were whispering over their cadaver when she begun to cut in, Fox told her to stop and they kissed. Some one called them fucking sick and professor had to separate the lovers and gave them new partners. The girl the Lea was paired with called her a sociopath. Lea smacked her and stormed out, Fox following. When the professor tried to find them they were gone. They went to the morgue doing god knows what.
    The girl that Lea slapped was on there trial and when she found them ; she over heard the conversation they were having, Lea cried saying that she suffered from scikophrenia and the her lover was bi polar.
    The girl left them alone and didn’t say anything. Those odd balls had noticed her. Lea started complaining about her and that she wanted to Autopsy the bitch while she was alive. Fox looked and kissed Lea, as in agreement and out of love.
    That night the two drugged the the young woman’s drink and when she passed out she was in a nightmare.
    There was Fox and Lea laughing at her and her terror. Lea went and said that they were going Autopsy her and sell her organs.
    Both Fox and Lea made out and then went to their horrid business. When the disposed and clean up they made love of the table as if what they did was romantic. Maybe to them. For the time in school Lea and Fox were madly in love and had autopsying and harvesting the organs of their bullies. If the two were really sick mood they experiement on the tormentors as well. No one knew until it was too late when the freaks graduated medical school. Then they become MEs and husband and wife. Their sick twisted love life when on until they were caught in 2012. After the two psycho MEs were never heard of again. It was said that they killed themselves or ran to Mexico.

  • karma_tenpa 176w


    Lola met her lover many times in emergency while being in an immature and abusive realationship with her high school sweetheart. Her ex was never sweet heart. Those those many time she over looked him thinking he was part of the scenery. Lola at 25 had serious complications from her abuse and abortion at the insusoof her ex. She developed sever pain in her stomach.... watch was an untreated staff infection and cancer. There was talk of surgery and end of life counseling. She chose to fight back.
    That was when she went to meet the man in the scenery. A 40 year old physician who was a gifted surgeon and pathologist whom she came to know him as Nickolai Roman.
    The appointments where professional for the first few times then Nickolai couldn’t help but notice Lola’s beauty and soon got distracted and attracted to her. This kissed in his office though Lola was hesitant but took to his advances.
    During the appoints Lola would cuddle with Nickolai as he kissed her neck and telling what was going to happen. When she heard him talk about everything his voice started to quiver in sadness. She said she loved him and they made out for a while.
    When it was time for the surgery Nickolai said that he had to preform an autopsy. He couldn’t bare citing into his lovely Lola so distracted himself. Nickolai asked to be called when Lola was out of surgery. After a whole day doing postmortems and crying he got the call that he was waiting for... Lola was fine. Nickolai secretly visited her at night she was still delecate so there was just talked. Mostly about what he did during the day since she was out. Forensic pathology and as he talked about his day or about his extra career as a pathologist. When she got stronger he would come and cuddle breaking the rules but he wanted to hold her. Then Lola said that she would like to visit Nickolai in the morgue when she well and make love to him.
    Lola was visited by her lover many times just to kiss and be in eachothers arms. Soon she said she felt no pain or stings he took her to the morgue to make love to her. All the whole when he wasn’t kissing her he asked if she was ok. But the smile and tears of joy said enough.
    This fling in the autopsy room continues for a year. Then Lola said that she wanted to spend her life with him.
    He slowly backed off and there love making sessions in the morgue ceased. She felt like she was being abused again. Thinking this was the ultimate she went back to his work at his morgue or clinic and gave him his favourite drink and watched him passed out. The she went to find a powerful sedative and a needle and snoke back into his office and gave Her beloved Nickolai a lethal injection. And ran off.
    This was a simple case of if I can’t have you then no one else will. Lola was surprisingly never caught and got a way with it.

  • karma_tenpa 176w

    Misha Gogol

    Misha was a disturbed middle aged woman when I first saw her kiss the dead body of her lover before autopsying at the corpse. I to her from the scruff of the collar and punched her saying what the hell is your damage. I kept the crazy chick under my control until the police came to arrest her.
    That I was fascinated by her and grosem behaviour. So I visited her in jail after the trail and her medical license was taking. She looked puff of blonde hair in a jumpsuit. I asked what went on in her life. She said that she was in an abusive family in Russia and fled to the states to fulfil her passion which was martial arts. She abject poverty though she cought afford the internet and food for her belly. She had little clothes and wore her karate uniform as street clothes. When she had free time she went on vampire freaks to talk to a tibetan Lama who was skilled in Tantra and kama sutra. They talked about Buddhism and spirituality. Some they exchanged pictures. He was 73 at the time and she was a mear twenty. But to her love was just an number.
    She said that within a month of the affair they started make tantric cyber lover on a daily bases.
    Soon she lost contact but kept the picture. With three years almost forgetting her lover she went to class as usual and then a special guest came in, a tibetan Lama who oddly familiar. While he was telling his story she pulled out the picture of her lover and it was him. Only he had a non functioning hand caused by polio. As she was leaving the Lama who was Tenzin Mina tapped on her shoulder and hugged her.
    On the way to her place they kissed as if they were young lovers.
    When they go back they proceeded kiss haveily and started to have tantric sex while making love. He caused her climax many times each time she screamed Om mani Padme hum out of pleasure. One night after he kissed her womanhood her lover said that he had to leave back to the mustang but he wanted to have her come with him and be his companion. She could not say no and kissed him.
    She spent five wonderful years with him then there was a fire killing half the people in the region. And she saw that her compassionate tantric lover was gone. She waited for two weeks before learning that he was gone. At that time she went back to the USA and started to study to be a medical examiner but she had many psychotic breaks and fights with other girls over guys. Though gifted they over looked the fights allowed her to graduate medical school.
    Her behaviour was on the decline when she killed a woman at night. She was committed, and was rehabilitated and was left to go about her career as a pathologist.
    When Lama Mina was in town to do a lecture he was killed by a white nationalist and she was not informed until she was told that a Lama Mina died. Her eyes welled up but was in denial. She kept the picture still.
    But when she saw that face in the picture on a dead body she lost it. As screwed up as she was misha kissed him on the lips, that was when I came in and snapped. She was crying when she was finished the kiss and started the autopsy.
    Back in jail Misha had lost her license and was going to die in feather row as a serial killer and for sexual contact with a dead body.
    I left her in the room to let her cry.
    Then one morning I read that misha Gogol was exicuted by the lethal injection at mind night. Her last words were “I am sorry and I loved him” only in tibetan. Not the way to start a day. But I had my question answered... what became of her.

  • lions_heart24 177w

    Dirty Laundry

    Public breakups are messy affairs,
    An affair might be the reason you got there,
    Or some light stalking,
    Both of you yelling, not talkin',
    Y'all got to wash your clothes often,
    No one wants to hear or smell your dirties,
    That shit gross like herpes.

  • _twitterpated_ 181w


    You stayed quiet, waiting.
    I waited, quietly staying.
    Neither broke our egoes.
    Igniting dark fires and woes.


  • karma_tenpa 181w

    Poppy and Nigel

    In the thirties a middle aged Brit named Nigel Williams when all they way to the Nepal to climb the tallest. To prove to his family that he was not a black sheep of the family. He was tall and blonde who was fiercely passionate and handsome although his track record with women left something to be desired even his drinking. Too much whisky.
    When he packed his stuff to leave he packed his whisky in between his clothes. When he arrived he was just gearing up to accent when I young sweet sherpani caught his. - he asked her name was. Nigel was surpized to that she spoke English but was illiterate. She said that her name meant Poppy. So he called her Poppy- that’s when the two feel in love. They ended up living in a love nest in Kathmandu away from her strict family. They lived in bliss and made love every chance they had which was multiple times a day. Nigel would come back their nest drunk. Usually that is when they made the best love. When he wasn’t around Poppy was still fascinated by the mountaineer
    So she would go through his stuff. Yet when he was there he was passionate though gently when loving her. He taught her all that he new of his culture and to read and write and she taughter him Sherpa and Tibetan as they made love. Soon her belly swelled with their love child. She was frightened because she was ment to be a consort to a older monk.
    They would kill her she thought. So Poppy ran off to tell her family only to be disowned and banished from her home.
    When Nigel fought out about this he got enraged with the young girl and slapped her hard. This did not frighten her until he threatened he with an ice axe that he brought for the mountains. That finally frighten the young Poppy. After that he solely kissed her and whispered that everything was going to be fine. They whispered sweet nothings and made gentle love. The next night everything went horrible, Nigel left drunk leaving her alone after slapping her. Poppy cried and cried until she tried to poison her self when that didn’t work she managed to stick the ice axe into her spine killing her. When Nigel came a few days later he was shocked at that his young love had killed herself and their child. Only then he felt remorse, loss, love and sadness for his love. He returned to London with her picture and memories of her haunting him for the rest of his life. He straightened up not telling about the romance in the Himalayas. The picture of his lover was enough to remind him of the beauty was isnow lost to him forever.

  • ajokeh 187w


    You did not know, how much you've broken me.
    You have no idea, how deep the hurt has gone.
    You used to say the finest words to me,
    But now, you're gone, making my tears come out so raw.

  • jadajennings 190w

    Metallic Tastebuds

    My heart desires you and me,
    My body yearns with ecstasy,
    My spirit extricates gracefully,
    My mind knows it's a fantasy,
    My soul mourns our memory.

  • honest_soul 192w

    The alchemy

    So much is my love for you
    That I can't leave your side
    So much is your ignorance
    But I still can't hate you..

    Tearless cries
    And unexpressed emotions;
    What I am left with is
    No ways and no solutions..

    I remember the time
    When you were mine;
    And every presence of yours
    Made my life divine..

    I still wonder
    What went wrong;
    Am I at fault
    Or your feelings are gone?

    But such is the alchemy of my mind
    That it does not let me forget you
    Keeps me telling that I have hopes
    Maybe from a possibility or two..

  • ashaynale 198w

    So here's the second part for 'Twist'. Be sure to check out the first part in my protfolio in case you haven't yet!! Cheers!! ����

    @writerstolli @writersnetwork @readwriteunite #ballad #partbypart #poem #poetry #tale #twist
    #twistinthestory #originalpoem #originalpoetry #lovegonewrong #writersnetwork #writerstolli #readwriteunite

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    Twist Pt.2

    What if the characters,
    Were in fact,
    Completely opposite; polar,
    To how the legend told?

    The dragon was never the demon,
    The prince's valor was manufactured,
    And the princess was never,
    Kidnapped or captured?


  • papyse 204w

    Engagement turns Fashion.

    Bought engagement ring to propose to her. Two days before then, she called it quit.
    Just one thing, bought the ring online n love the freaking thing, and though it brought back nasty memories, am still gonna keep it.
    So whenever you see two different rings on my left hand index finger...

    You know why!